Sebastian Taylor

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Sebastian Taylor
Race Hyur
Clan Halflander (Midlander/Highlander)
Citizenship Region of Gridania
Age 23
Height & Weight 6 fulms 1 ilms, 180 ponz
Orientation Homosexual
Occupation Healer (Experienced Conjurer/Hearer, Inexperienced Astrologian), Beginner Archer, rising merchant
Nameday 19th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon, 1556 Sixth Astral Era
Server Balmung
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Basic Information

“Conjury calls upon the elements of earth, wind, and water and concentrates them to a potency at which spells can be weaved. Through practiced meditation on the essences of creation, conjurers draw forth and absorb aether from their immediate surroundings. Versed also in magicks that restore and strengthen, conjurers are regarded as accomplished healers.”

Sebastian is a half midlander and highlander with the constant need to protect those around him. Hailing from the far reaches of The Shroud, Sebastian has answered his life calling of caring for adventurers and ensuring the survival of his comrades. He journeys throughout Eorzea, offering his power of conjury and recovery to those needing aide.


Plum wine
Forest of Gridania
Triple Triad
Studying ancient books
Healing magic
Elements of Hydaelyn, especially water
Helping others
Midlanders and Highlanders


Being accused of something false
Inability to hold melee weapons correctly
Those who hurt his friends
Shady Miqo’te’s


Somewhat clumsy
Can be stubborn
Somewhat manipulative


Favorite Food: Baguettes
Favorite Drink: Plum wine
Favorite Color(s): White, Midnight Blue and Black


Michael(?) Taylor - father (assumed deceased)
Deborah Taylor - mother
Alexander Taylor - elder brother (assumed lost at sea)
Castus Allard - half-brother (assumes full-blooded brother)
Madison Allard - half-brother (assumes full-blooded brother)
Nylesa Tou-Allard - half-sister (assumes full-blooded sister)

The Taylor family was known for being major contributors of the village that they hailed from. They learned to give and take from the land, which enabled them to provide for their townsfolk. Michael Taylor was a traveling-merchant/mercenary while he was "alive." While Sebastian didn't really take after the mercenary trait, he learned most about his father from his mother, who raised both him and Alexander alone. However, Sebastian did decide to pick up after his father in the mercantile sense as he decided to become a merchant himself. Sebastian’s mother is still alive, however Sebastian does not visit her much due to his being busy assisting Eorzea in its troubled times. Sebastian was very close to his elder brother, Alexander. However, Alexander went on a sailing mission for his village and never returned. Recently, Sebastian discovered that his father had other children than himself and Alexander. After some digging, Sebastian discovered that he and Castus were related on their father's side, despite having different mothers. The same process occurred when Sebastian dug into the past with his other brother, Madison.


He is slightly taller than most halflanders with almost platinum blonde hair. While healers are usually more frail, this is not the case for Sebastian as he is very well-defined. These attributes are from his constant travels, along with his gathering skills. He is also quite tan from working out in the fields and deserts. Weighing in at 180 ponz, his muscular and swimmer's physique can usually be seen if he chooses to wear a sleeveless top. His eyes are a very light shade of blue, also almost appearing solid white in color. None of his direct family has this attribute, and his mother strongly believes that Sebastian was touched by some sort of Holy magic which permanently altered his eye color while he was very young.

While Sebastian does not try to wear too much fancy armor, the constant pieces that are constantly on his persona are his "accessories." These are metal shackles on his wrists with the embroidery of the Garlean Castrum Oriens, along with a metal choker with the number “182371” inscribed onto it. These “accessories” are remnants of a time that Sebastian was captured by Garleans and hauled off to the Castrum Oriens.


Sebastian strives to be one of the most selfless people on the realm, but he sometimes gets distracted by personal gains. He is usually quiet around newfound adventurers or friends, but once he feels comfortable, his humble behavior turns into that of a loyal protector. He is quick to throw himself into any dangerous situation to save his friends or assist in any way, even if the cost was his own life. Sebastian has a bad habit of sweating the “small things” and being a bit of a worrier. He is constantly afraid that he will fail his life mission as a protector or his friends.

Sebastian is considered very friendly, unless you give him a reason not to be. He loathes dishonest or rude people, especially unwelcoming adventurers or those who have no care for others. He is easy enough to get along with, especially after a drink or two. He is prone to find himself in embarrassing situations, but has the innate ability to laugh at himself which tends to serve him well in larger groups. He isn’t much one to flirt, but if he does find someone attractive, he may make subtle hints that he would expect the other to pick up on. Whether or not that is considered “flirty”, he doesn’t know.

Although he has devoted his life to the mending of others, Sebastian has trouble mending emotional scars within his own persona. The supposed death of his father and the loss of his brother have taken quite a toll on him, and each life failure makes him feel like he has failed them both constantly. Sebastian can get emotional at times, but only if he feels very strongly about something or someone. He tries his best not to let emotions get in the way of his duty as a healer, but he often finds himself grouped with his friends so his emotions often drive him to make sure he succeeds at any task.

He isn’t one to push people away unless he needs to separate himself for thought or time alone. He tries to surround himself with as many friends as he can, and wants to avoid any kind of conflict, if possible. If a situation arises when two friends are mad at each other or someone needs to find another, Sebastian is almost always the first to volunteer himself for assistance. His defense mechanism is usually that of hiding his true feelings, only to spill them out later. He is trying his best to change that, but it is a habit that he has had since childhood.


Born of a highlander father and a midlander mother and raised in the far reaches of The Shroud, Sebastian lived in the small village of Palatka. The son of a merchant and alchemist, he quickly learned the value of hard work. He worked many suns out in his family’s fields, growing and harvesting many crops to help sustain his small and secluded village. At the age of 10, he would begin communicating with the forest. He would hear echoes and whispers from various parts of the forest when he would be traveling with family or playing with the other children. He dismissed it at first since he was but a child, but as he grew older, the whispers and echoes became much more apparent to him.

At the age of 14, he finally revealed what he had been hearing throughout the different regions of Gridania. His mother had read ancient literature on the subject, suspecting that her son had been different due to his hair and eye color. She sent him to the city-state of New Gridania under the supervision of a traveling caravan to be taken in by the Conjurer’s Guild. The Conjurer’s Guild would take them under his wing, teaching him advanced techniques of conjury and mastery of the elements of earth, water and wind. During his training, he would constantly find himself in a trance while in the forest. Members of the Conjurer’s Guild would take note of this and alerted the Padjal, which prompted them to keep an eye on Sebastian, as it was suspected he was born a Hearer. He wasn't sure what this would mean right now, other than the were others in the Hearer's group that would also communicate with the forest.

At age 16, Sebastian finally received a break from his training and was allowed to travel home to see his family. During his solo travel, he was abducted by a traveling band of Garleans that had been sent to scout the lands. They captured Sebastian and brought him back to Castrum Oriens, where they latched an unbreakable shackle onto his wrist and wrapped his neck with a choker labeled with his identification number. He remained at this Castrum for quite some time while the Garleans would learn of Sebastian’s power and try to manipulate and twist it for their own purposes of camp expansion. Their location was eventually infiltrated by an army regimen of Gridania that had been sent out on patrolling missions having learned that the Garleans were looking into moving further into their lands. When the regimen fought against a Garlean front that was protecting the Castrum, Sebastian was freed by some members of the regimen. After the battle, Sebastian was escorted back to Gridania without having seen his family. He was advised to hide under an alias to avoid re-capture by the Garleans, which he did. He began using the alias "Rey Hopebringer."

When Sebastian turned 21, the Conjurer’s Guild decided to advance him to the highest training available within the guild and Sebastian officially assumed the role of Hearer. As Sebastian became more attuned to being a Hearer, he found that he would hear the forest whisper and echoes becoming stronger and understandable. He discovered that these whispers were the ones of Hearer's past, letting him know for years that this path was his fate and he was destined to protect and heal others and any threats that were posed to the forest. He had finally understood what he was meant to do on Eorzea, and vowed to himself to be a protector of all citizens on Hydaelyn. Around this time, Sebastian also learned of the forbidden succor magics possessed by the white mages. While he was taught that these magics were strictly forbidden, he has taken a keen interest in learning more about it since it would afford him the opportunity to become a stronger healer. While this training is unavailable to him currently, he still remains a very experienced and powerful conjurer. During these times, Sebastian spent much of it in the company "Harbingers of Dawn" and eventually earned his way up to lieutenant.

With the unrest and the rumors swirling about in Ul'dah, as well as the increasing dragon presence in the north as of late, Sebastian has decided to stop using his alias of "Rey Hopebringer" and reveal his true name soon after his 23rd birthday. He has decided that it is time hold no more secrets from people, especially those he trusts. He fears that the Garleans will use the civil unrest and the distraction of the problems in Ishgard to advance their directives. While he is frightened that this may lead to his re-capture, he knows that he will stand steadfast with his friends to halt any assault as best as possible.

With Sebastian traveling into the Holy See, he was able to further hone his skills and practice further aether manipulation. However, a new guild within Ishgard quickly caught his attention, and he decided to begin studying under the Astrologian's guild. Around this time, Sebastian decided to take a personal journey into the surrounding lands to practice combat, study ancient ruins and take time for himself. This personal journey also afforded him the opportunity to dabble in arcanima and astrologic magic, becoming slightly more familiar with other various ways of healing than conjury. Sebastian has taken a very strong interest in these arts since they may also be used as healing magic. While his duties as a conjurer and Hearer take precedence, he has paid special attention to the ways of arcanima and astrology, preferring the ways of the Astrologian for studying purposes. He is finding himself quickly adapting to the various way of aether and arcanima manipulation to become a much stronger healer and to utilize these different methods to protect those dearest to him.

However, Sebastian experienced a myriad of problems, both personal and other, within the recent past. In a desperate attempt to solve everything at once, Sebastian attempted to disperse himself to the Lifestream only to be pulled back to the physical realm after his aether had wandered through the Lifestream. When he returned to the physical realm, he left the Harbingers and spent his time discovering why he had returned and what it meant. His time within the Lifestream helped him be more at peace, but also changed a few other things in the process...


During his travels, Sebastian has picked up various crafting and gathering skills that would allow him to further service the citizens of Eorzea. He peddles wares as a side business to earn himself extra money. Sebastian is quite versed in playing the piano and also singing. He practices his piano quite often and plays to himself whenever he gets the chance. He believes he can soothe the torment of the forest by the music he is able to play. He also uses the piano as an outlet for his emotions, especially the burdens of the souls past that he carries with him almost constantly. He generally plays alone and almost never lets anyone hear him play, although the people who have heard him have told him that he is quite skilled at the art.


Remember that these are rumours. Some may be true while others may not! Feel free to add your own rumours under the Player section!

NPC Rumours

"I saw him once conjure a globe of water out of thin air!" - random La Noscean citizen
"He has the tendency to argue with those who disagree with his views." - tavern patron
"This man is so clumsy that he consistently falls down stairs and drops expensive items." - shopowner in Gridania
"I have never seen someone with the heart that he has. He truly cares for those around him." - adventurer from Thanalan
"One of the best conjurers I have ever adventured with. He even saved the group as Death itself closed in all around us!" - member of the Adventurer’s Guild

Player Rumours

"Seb is one of my dearest friends, and I love him like the brother I never had. He is my brother." - Eorla Brynn
"Has a flare for spreading love, happiness, and goodwill to make your day no less gayer." - Orenji Kharn
"A valuable asset to the support branch." - J'maaira Tuhl
"Really knows 'ow ta charm a man good at fistin'." - Vinzer Reddard
"Sebastian is a man driven by passion in everything he does; from his devotion to duty, he never does anything by halves. I'm more than glad to have him as both friend and compatriot. There are few I'd trust to watch my back and he's one of them." - Syranelle Ironleaf
"He is like a brother to me and one of the most selfless people I have ever met. He has my complete trust." - Adelle Lunare
"Popular and loved by his peers. But to me...Intrusive. Full of himself. Too young to be good at what he does. But the Twelve work in mysterious ways, and that power They gave him---They might just take it all back. One way or another." - Nathaniel of Salem


  Romantic Interest     Platonic Love     Family     Good Friend     Friend     Acquainted     Disliked     Distant

Castus Allard
Madison Allard
Nylesa Tou
Xenedra Ambreaus
Adelle Lunare
Ardam Swifthawk
Botan Weston
Caewen Renn
Edda Vincents
Eminnette Valtinne
Eorla Brynn
Granamyr Artanis
Gwannes Oskwell
Irridias Velnyx
Kiera Hawkeye
Locke Fairwind
Lynell Blanchard
Orenji Kharn
Orren Chamberlain
Soleil Tsuwamono
Saraj Malqir
Syranelle Ironleaf
Titus Artorius
Vash Ashford
Anton Borneheld
Blake Forester
Celeste Xura
Chantelle Rondelais
Devereau Beauregard
Doctor Ozerov
Dogberry Himalspyr
Edward Calloway
Eugenie Merriweather
Faye Covington
Fiona Cooper
Flameson Hammersmith
Goryo Higashikuze
Graeham Ridgefield
J'maaira Tuhl
Kidd Hammersmith
Lore Lei
Liam Steele
Nayumi Deschain
Pepe Bandido
Solmund Whyte
Vakliar Akumala
Val Nunh
Vhalken Sven Leingod
Vinzer Reddard
Yurei Saionji
Allister Dedrick
Aruktai Olkund
Benathi Nightsong
Caelric Spadille
Lancelaux Fiermont
Lily Dawnsworn
Lucaell Tareth'eian
Lyse Croft
Nathaniel of Salem
Sereaux Voltain
Talon Wren
Tayn Zolin
Wilbehrt Irving
Anadl Tristan
Red Duck


Here are some small bits of information about Sebastian.

Sebastian has become quite proficient in some tradeskills, but constantly strives to become better.
Sebastian constantly tries to defuse tense situations and tries to make friends with everyone, despite some people just not wanting to be friends or rejecting his notions of peace.
Sebastian is a very skilled piano player, while his harp skills could use some work. He is also working on his singing next.
Despite not liking most Miqo’te’s and only being attracted to midlanders or highlanders, he finds that male Miqo’te’s tend to be very attracted to him for some reason.
He has been known to be taken advantage of in some situations, but he's quite the manipulator himself.


FF8 – My Mind (Sebastian’s Main Theme)
TPR – The Extreme (Sebastian’s piano piece of the emotional state of despair)
TPR – Flowers Blooming in the Church (Another of Sebastian’s piano pieces. This tune denotes when he feels at peace)
TPR - Jenova (Another of Sebastian’s piano pieces. This tune denotes anxiety and worry)
John Dreamer – True Strength (when Sebastian presses on, even in the most dire of circumstances)
Skrux – Hidden ft. Mona Moua (Sebastian wandering in the forest)
Resident Evil CODE: Veronica – A moment of relief (Another of Sebastian’s piano pieces. This is what he plays when he winds down from a rough day)
Skyrim – Frostfall (Sebastian wandering the city of Gridania at night by his lonesome, hearing the voices of the forest)





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