Suija Angura

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 Suija Angura
Mountain Wolf
Basic Info
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Othard
Nameday 13th Sun, 2nd Umbral Moon
Age 21 years old
Guardian Deity Althyk, the Keeper
Height 218cm / 7'2"
Weight 92kg / 203lbs
World Server Balmung



Suija is a male Au Ra Xaela. He is tall and lean with an athletic build, strong arms, broad shoulders, slim waist, a bubble butt, thick thighs and long legs. His skin has a deep rusty tone with patches of black scales on his body, horns protruding from his head and a long, spiny tail from his lower back. His hair is raven black, his eyes are emerald green and have a soft glow to them. His teeth are sharp and pointy with slightly longer fangs and a long red tongue. His nails on both hands and feet are black as his scales, and somewhat claw-like.


Other than holes made in the root of both horns for earrings, Suija has his tongue pierced with a silver stud and has a silver ring adorned with a purple bead in his bellybutton. He has no other piercings as of yet.


Suija has no tattoos, but usually wears facial paint at his eyes.


Suija has picked up his sense of fashion from his time in Radz-at-Han in Thavnair where he was trained as a Dancer, which is clearly reflected in his choice of clothing. Since coming to Eorzea, he has tried picking up the local fashion, but keeps it simple.

Suija fashion Suija fashion Suija fashion Suija fashion Suija fashion

Character Traits


  • Neutral Good: Suija is a loving and caring man who wants to do some good in his life, but has a narrow sense of what that might be. He is not one to fight for world peace, but rather cares about his surroundings and the people he meets on his way. He does not have much to offer, but is willing to offer aid to those he befriend, whether it is to offer a place to sleep, make a meal, lend his ear (or horn, as it were) to a troubled friend, or otherwise offer a hand whenever he can. He can indeed be considered altruistic in nature.


  • Trained Hunter: Suija was raised in the northern mountains of Othard as a hunter of his tribe, where he learned how to survive in the harsh environments and to track his prey, how to move stealthy and blend in with his surroundings, amongst other survival skills.
  • Animal Ken: Suija has a certain respect to nature and all its inhabitants, having learned how to handle all manner of beasts and to somewhat communicate with them.
  • Spiritual Guidance: Suija is blessed by the kamui, a nature spirit, known as Setsuro - the mountain wolf. In times of need, Suija can tap into the spiritual connection he has with Setsuro for strength and guidance.
  • Kriegstanz Student: During his time in Thavnair, Suija became a student of Kriegstanz, the art of manipulating aether through dancing and fighting with throwing weapons known as chakrams.


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  • Angura Tribe: Suija is part of the Angura tribe which resides in the northern mountains of the Azim Steppe.


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  • Suija has excellent eyesight and can see in the dark, though only in grey tones.
    • He generally has some keen senses due to his training as a hunter.
  • Suija is very limber, being able to contort his body in almost impossible ways.