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T'odaluk Tia Toadieprofile3.png
Personal Data
Real Name: T'odaluk Tia
Known Aliases: Toadie
Race: Miqo'te
Age: 38
Eye Color: Amber and gold
Hair Color: Green dreads
Occupation: Privateer and Bard
Birth Place: Southern Thanalan
Voice Claim: Jason Momoa


When the world tries to break you
just keep moving forward.
- T'odaluk Tia -

Everything you need to know



Toadie is built much larger and broader than what is usually expected from a Tia. His green hair, twisted into dreads and often sporting flowers of all color, hangs over his face and occasionally obscure his eyes. His right eye, a bright gold, is a striking contrast to the more muted amber left eye with both lined with eyeliner and tribe specific tattoos. Alert ears swivel around with the left one sporting a deep notch, an older injury from his younger years. Gold glitters from his ears with odd numbered earrings lining the outer and inner edges, some dangling lower than others and not one single matching pair. A deep voice that rumbles like distant thunder is smooth to the ear, and his honeyed words carry a melodic quality to them when he speaks. Most often he has quite the debonair grin while watching others go about their business, but to those who look closer realize his teeth are filed to points and his smile stops looking as friendly.

His typical style of dress is casual and loose with most of his clothing being very colorful and bright. He often wears a bandana to keep his hair in check with several strings of beads and gil dangling from his hair and cloth. A decorative choker sits around his throat, but several necklaces of various lengths drape lower on his chest including a carved bone condor pendant with spread wings. Several gold bracelets sit on his wrists with multiple rings decorating each of his fingers with some inlaid with gems or intricately engraved or embellished. None of his jewelry match anything in particular and more so looks like he fought a jewelry box and lost.


Aspects That Stand Out:
His right eye is a striking golden color that almost glows.
All his front teeth are filed to points giving him a shark-like grin.
There is always a rumble in his throat that effects his speech.
An Inventory of Stuff:
A coin pouch
A heavy dagger made from a tooth of a large creature
A small bone flute
A rigging knife
A Marlinspike
Tattoos and Trinkets:
Woadlings: Aetheric tattoos that often move of their own accord
Cracked Bone Charm: A recognizable T-Tribe charm that shows you've survived one of Condor's teachings
Aetheric Channeling Rings: Two sets of seven gold rings inscribed with runes


Quick Facts:
Often found taking bets in back alleyways, he loves a good gamble and is always up to making a deal.
He looks more like a bruiser and will capitalize on people assuming he intelligence.
Unnaturally lucky.
Known Affiliations:
The Siren's Bounty
Limsa Lominsa
Goldsmith's Guild
Potential Plot Hooks
I love to develop relationships through interactions, but I am also open to having pre-existing acquaintances with your character. If you need a reason to walk up, or don't know how to start a scene with me you are more than welcome to use any of the following to start up RP!
■ Toadie is a corsair that loves to chat people up and drink.
■ He used to be a fighter in outer Thanalan underground rings, and made a name for himself as a brutal and bloody fighter.
■ Using the handle as 'Luck', he's always got a job or a request as the middle man for organizations.
■ The Siren's Bounty traffics a number of smuggled goods from here to there, and Luck is always happy to provide the service.


Toadie is the type of man that will greet a new acquaintance like an old friend, and his enemies with amusement. Never without a smile, his devil may care attitude makes it seem like he might self destruct without others to keep him in line. He holds himself as a large beast, comfortable in his space with an ever present rumble as he lounges. There is an air of confidence that comes with his size, and he is difficult to rile up past a warning growl or two. Physical altercations are rarely started by him, but he is well known for finishing his fights. Always actively avoiding physical conflict, he navigates most trouble through diplomacy and honeyed words. However. when the first punch is thrown he turns into the monster that everyone expects.


Born a rather large miqo'te for his clan, his natural physical prowess landed him as a favorite to vie for a position within the council of Nunhs. Despite his own wishes, his father pushed for combat training and mastery through weaponry as a guard. A traveler at heart, he never enjoyed staying within the Roost and openly participated in joining up with the traveling caravans. Eventually having enough of sedentary life, he left with a caravan only to vanish and leave without a trace. Leaving his family to assume his death.

Never once looking back, Toadie valued his freedom above everything else. Nieve and alone, he was easily taken advantage of and convinced to join a crew sailing to Limsa. However, it was quickly discovered that he was no longer a free man sailing the seas. In fact, his immediate role would be as a slave to the underground fighting rings. Trained in a style that relied on grapples and take-downs, Toadie learned to take advantage of his size and built himself up for raw power over speed.

Spending a long time within the circuit, he managed to earn a name for himself as a bloodied fighter that knew how to play a crowd. Opponents were not fond of him nor his bloodlust, but the crowds knew his name and gladly chanted it. He came into his own in the pits, enjoying the praise of the crowds and the gifts from his master. Toadie’s freedom was hard fought, but eventually through his viciousness and a blood stained contract he left that life behind him.

Eventually, through fate and fortune, he found himself part of the crew of the Siren’s Bounty. A place where your past means nothing and the merit of a man is judged by his actions within the crew made a perfect place for him to rebuild. Understanding the power of teamwork and the intricate workings of a crew of pirates, he managed to manipulate and gain favor with his people to win the position of captain. Taking his position seriously, he will do just about anything for his crewmates.

Free and in control of his own legacy, Toadie is a much smarter, deadlier man than he ever was. He considers himself one of Condor’s shattered bones, and acknowledges his past misfortunes as a direct result of his selfish desires. However, he understands it was a necessary toll of claiming how own luck and fortunes from the Goddess Nymeia.


Hearty Food
Strong Drink
Bar songs
A good bar fight


Empty threats
One-sided fights








Discovering all of Eorzea


Toadie prefers being up in his opponents face with direct and powerful attacks rather than quick strikes. He relies heavily on grapples, holds, and decisive hits to vulnerable areas in order to incapacitate his foes. He will gladly take a hit if it means he can get in close or secure a hold that would end a fight. Toadie is also one to put his entire force into a single action, so quick strikes and twisting angles are not his forte. He trains his body to take heavy strikes and to withstand a sizable beating in order to allow him that singular critical blow However, he sacrifices a lot of speed.

In more stealthy setups, he has a sharp eye with the bow and can often hit his mark dead on from a sizable distance. Daggers are another unfair advantage he keeps for those fights where an upperhand is necessary, though his strikes are more brute force than finesse. Trained as a guard, he is also very capable with a staff or a spear should the situation call for it. Finding that he would rather just use his hands, he is no longer as apt with polearms as he once was, though still able to hold his own for the most part. Weapons training was very important within his tribe for those members who were part of the guard, and keeping those skills honed is still a favored passtime for him.

Aether is a touchy subject for him, and most outside of his crew know about his abilities beyond a bit of earth, wind, and fire. At no point does he consider weapons or magic part of a fair fight, and typically only uses them for bounties and hunting.

Fighting Style: Grappler and brawler

Weapons of Choice
His fists
Elemental Magic
A long bow


~✦~ While not required, I do enjoy putting a little flair into the style of my character's extra skills. No ability is ever used without the permission from everyone involved in the scene.~✦~

Ode to Luck: With a namesake that alludes to his good fortunes, Toadie has a way of shifting the odds in his favor. Be it a barely missed swipe, or chance obstacles in the way, Toadie is usually on the lucky end of the fight. ~~ Toadie shifts the odds in a scene to favor the lucky, once. Typically it’s a [DM sanctioned] reroll in a scene, or forcing the enemies to take the worst of two rolls.
Leading the Flock: Years in the gladiatorial rings has taught Toadie the value of acting as one against larger foes. Focusing on a single goal helps take down larger prey or protect a greater number of people. ~~ Using the turn to specifically help another player, Toadie can shift his success onto another person. Through DM permission, the success is applied to the other player as Toadie’s action is simply part of the overall emote.
Dragon’s Breath: Through different configurations of the rings he wears as a focus and the manipulation of aether, Toadie creates elemental effects as if he had a breath weapon similar to a dragon. Most common is fire, ice, and wind, but he is also able to cast lightning at a higher cost to himself. ~~ He must spend an entire action preparing his spell that has a visible component others can see. After each breath, he must rest and can only dodge his next turn. Lightning makes him miss two rounds instead of one. Wind, his natural element, doesn’t cause him to pause at all.
Elemental Discordance: The rings on Toadie's hands serve to channel his aether into his weapons to give it more of a bite in combat. Any of the elements can be called forth to envelop a weapon or become aspected aether ammo for his bow. ~~ The elemental damage replaces the normal physical damage the target would have taken. In some cases, others can choose to allow more effects like knock-back for wind, or burning for fire.
Berserker's Rage: On rare occasions when the ambient aether is high on the battlefield, Toadie can unleash his rage and lose himself in the fray. A last resort tactic, when he loses himself in the bloodlust it’s best to keep to his back. ~~ In this state Toadie goes after anyone he can reach. His elemental focus becomes a shield to help him reflect incoming blows, but cannot be used in his attacks. More importantly, there is no filter between friend or foe as he simply revels in the battle.

OOC information for YOU

Below is useful tidbits should you ever be interested in trying to attack/spar with Toadie. I am huge on communication, and while I am not opposed to taking severe damage I do require out of character discussions and decisions before anything goes forward.
Freeform/Honor System: I love combat, and typically I'm not opposed to having open ended attacks hit or miss. Communication is key, and I strive to give as much as I receive when it comes to getting hit or deciding a resolution for the combat. If your character would be stronger or larger than mine, I try to consider these factors in our combat. Again, communication is the most important factor with this kind of battle system.
Roll Battles: The RNG is a fickle beast, but ultimately the most unbiased form of combat. Either we hit or we don't, and I'm okay with this for quick battles and bar fights. If you ever have a roll that fails, but I believe you should have succeeded, I'm never opposed to just giving you the hit regardless.
PvP Combat: I'm not the best at PvP, since I'm still learning the ropes. However, I'm not opposed to this sort of resolution. The only downside is the relocation required before we can start. I'll still accept, but I'm not a huge fan.



Not everything you hear on the streets is 100%, and more often then not are fabricated by the party in question. Reputation is everything in places like the underground, and sometimes things are not what they seem. Just like the people they represent, stories can change from location to location. Keep in mind that some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
He loves a good drink, so if you plan on challenging him to a drinking match be ready to kiss the floor.
He's a good sailor, knows every thing you might need includin' maps. He's actually a learned feller, if'n you believe it!
He's like a dog with a bone, when it comes to gil. If you have it, he'll smell it on ya! If you try and bluff him, it's like the little demon knows you've got nothin' and will just bleedin' walk off!
His voice is like velvet and his honeyed words will strip you of your gil and decency before you even realize he's gone. The after glow is nice... But the bill is expensive!
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
I hear he used to be a fighter in Ul'dah. Doesn't talk about it, but you can always tell the type.
Corsair? Pfft, that's just a fancy pirate with papers. He's still stealin' and wrecking lives for coin. Pirates don't change colors, they just sail under a different flag.
He walks around like he has so much money, but you know that's all an act. You don't walk around with your fortune, unless it's all you have.
If you really want to get to him, talk to the smaller male he's always with... That one has a softer heart.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
His ability to control elemental aether is astounding... And terrifying.
Some say he's more beast than man. Not like, a beastman or some racist miqo'te shit... But an actual monster!
A collar like the one he wears? Yeah, I've seen it before... In the underground pit fighting rings. You know, the illegal kind.


A community can really help to build up the caliber of character. I enjoy when others give a little flavor to my characters, and here are just a few known rumors that could be heard in RP from some folks Toadie spends his time around..

◢ Player Character Rumors -
"I hear Toadie once chokeslamed a sea wolf straight through a table. " — Liu Long.
"Toadie once took a pirate ship on a joyride " — Ehn Harmonia.
"I hear he once stole someone's clothes while they were standing at the bar, and they never even noticed. " — Liu Long.
"I hear he adds a coin to his hair for every drinking contest he wins, at the cost of the loser." — Belael Fateh.
"He'll make a fair deal with you, until you cross him... I wouldn't want him for an enemy. " — Rhilyn Suunjari.

Family Romantic Platonic Physical Crewmate Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Affiliate Enemy Neutral
Sen'ra Tayuun, Companion. ( )
Character's Thoughts: " Such a beautiful Keeper. He had my heart the moment I caught him as he fell from that tree. I would give my life for him."
Despite it never being said in the open, Toadie is extremely devoted to Rhilyn. He is often seen traveling with the other male, and the pair can be extremely dangerous in a fight. Rhilyn is someone who can temper Toadie's rage in a fight... That is, if the Keeper actually cares enough. Toarhi.png
S'kedah Taav, Sister. ( )
Character's Thoughts: " She's my favorite sister, so if you want to keep your head and all your limbs intact I suggest you listen to her."
A relationship built through bloodshed and hardships, the pair respect one another to do what's right for their family. Never asking more than what the other can offer, they keep ties but ultimately spend more time away from one another than not.
T'nuka Jihn, Daughter. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "She's my-- It's complicated, but she's family. I will protect her and her right to stand with me, but that doesn't mean I have to like it."
An absolute firecracker of a woman, she holds a grudge against Toadie for what he did to her. He deserves every kick, punch, glare, and harsh word she gives him. The relationship between them is unknown to all but maybe three, and she still believes him to be a conniving snake of an uncle. For the most part, she's not wrong.
Livia Dreamspell, Fairy Fighter. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "I haven't met someone I could match blow for blow like this in a long time. She's got the power to keep up, and I really want to see if she's able to kick my ass."
A powerhouse of a fighter, Toadie has found someone he can push the boundaries with in his training. Interested in what this nerd can do, he's made it a goal to push her as much as she might push him. If they are lucky they'll both learn a thing or two from their all out, knock out sparring.
Llewannth Bonheur, Fast Talker. ( )
Character's Thoughts: " The man speaks my language, in more ways than one. I don't mind his ways and how he comes and goes like the wind. I enjoy every time the tornado races through the Siren's Call."
Llew has proven his wit well enough with conversation and deal making. Calling himself a wanderer, Toadie knows the value of traveling words. Offering the man specialty jobs, Toadie has developed a unique brotherhood with the other that could very well be the death of him.
Edmelle Pasdevillet, Shield. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "A quiet, contemplative woman who is very careful with what words she openly speaks. Not afraid to call Toadie on his bullshit, he's learned that it's wise to listen, and listen well."
A sellsword who came from the Bloodsands, she's become a loyal individual within the Siren's Bounty. Toadie is aware that as little as the woman speaks, she makes up for it in awareness and perception of those around her. A good ear, a good eye, and a sharp wit make her presence within the crew invaluable to Toadie.
Feng Long, Treasurer. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "The man is a terrifyingly good accountant. Do your best not to upset him."
Quickly rising up the ranks of the Siren's Bounty crew, Feng has taken on a great many personal jobs for Toadie. Proving his loyalty to the crew and captain, his facade of gentle smiles and good manners belie a dangerous ally that Toadie will do anything to prevent his ire.
Rysk'a Bajhiri, Seer. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "We have an understanding."
Through a tense negotiation, Toadie has developed a crude business deal with the seer. Despite the uneasy truce between them, family bonds tie them close and Toadie would protect his cousin with his life, expecting Rysk'a to do the same. Ryskabahjiri.png
Chagatai Ejinn, Bouncer. ( $ )
Character's Thoughts: " Secretive, silent, and deadly... I'm glad he's on our side. I'm pretty sure his daughter is the only thing he cares about, so as long as I can provide for them we've got ourselves one hell of a bouncer for the bar."
A large and intimidating Xaela, Chagatai works as a bouncer for the bar and occasional fix-it man when folks break things. Being the quiet type has made it hard for Toadie to get a real strong idea of the man, except that he's very protective of his daughter.
T'alang Bayani, Drifter. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "Bunso Alang? They're a trip. Big smiles, big greetings, big drinking. I think they travel as a hobby, but I don't know where they stay..."
A younger sibling of some kind, Toadie looks to T'alang as a kindred wandering spirit. They go where Toadie can't, and bring back wonderful tales and items for the monthly market gathering of the Condor. One of Toadie's closest 'siblings', they can get in to quite the bit of trouble when left alone for too long.
Jiro Koda, Swordsman. ( )
Character's Thoughts: " I love working with this man! He's a riot and a good swordsman. I've come to really trust his blade to keep my tail safe."
Adventure and danger haunt the antics of this man, and Toadie will gladly follow behind to join in. A samurai hired in the wake of another's untimely death, Jiro has quickly become Toadie's partner in crime. If there is mishaps and shenanigans to be had, these two will always be at the forefront. Sirensjiro.png
T'orjah Nunh, Master Merchant. ( )
Character's Thoughts: " One of the caravan masters from my tribe. He's a good leader, but also a good example to why you can't turn your back on one of my kin. The smile is honest enough, though."
A Nunh of Toadie's tribe, Orjah is under Toadie's brother Jinh within the hierarchy. Skilled in magic and leader of the caravan that deals with trade near the Shroud, Orjah's caravan is a shining example to the bardic prowess of the Canyon Condor.
Prana Akash’ruha, Scribe. ( $ )
Character's Thoughts: "Quiet, but she has a presence about her. I would trust her with my life's savings."
Prana is a bookkeeper for the Siren's Bounty. Toadie has full trust in her abilities to help manage the company's finances and the company's paperwork. Hired direct from the Arcanist's Guild in Limsa, she's been one of the greatest assets to the crew. She's privy to a lot of information that very few within the company see or hear about. Sirenprana.png
Fenser Perrin, Cartographer. ( $ )
Character's Thoughts: " The man has impeccable aim with that polearm of his, and I've seen more than one man meet his end skewered to the end of it. Proper to a fault, this guy seems like he would be just at home in the courts of Ishguard as he is on the battlefield."
Hired in as a cartographer, Toadie uses Fen's skill and griffon riding to help with various jobs around the realm. Considering a deadly incident some time ago during one of their jobs, Toadie has been watching the man for any signs of unusual illness. He feels personally responsible, and is trying to do everything he can to help Fen recover.
Tefh Ganajai, Vagrant. ( )
Character's Thoughts: " She's a sharp tongue and a lot of anger pent up in such a small package. I'm curious about her past enough to want to offer her a future."
Curious about the Keeper that has taken up residence within the Call, Toadie has offered to bring her into the fold if for no other reason than to get pack that which he is owed. She currently works as an errands runner, but there is room to advance her within the Sirens if she proves herself to be useful.
Phrhya Zhwan, Scribe. ( $ )
Character's Thoughts: "A quiet, yet sharp girl who can spot patterns in things previously overlooked by those of us too close to the battle. Sharp as a tack, even if she's a bit shy."
Another scribe within the Siren's crew, she often found listening to the adventures of the members who pass through the Call. Writing up journals for the Sirens, and ultimately keeping the libraries in order she maintains the books. Commenting on the tactics and faults of other's plans, she is a good reminder that we always have more to learn and improve upon.
Viora Val'doran, Scribe. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "Quick to discover the answer to our problems, I'm curious to what end she plays her cards. I'll hold for now, and perhaps if I'm lucky she'll show her hand."
A newcomer to Toadie's crew, she has shown a great deal of promise with her ability to understand ciphers and riddles. Her skills lie with her knowledge and wit, and that's something Toadie holds in high regards.



I am a DM for my free company, The Siren’s Bounty, and work a fulltime job to pay my bills. I love making contacts, but I am not available on a 24/7 basis. I require my RP partners to schedule with me, to ensure we are both free and able to enjoy the game. I enjoy long storylines and simple gatherings to ‘hang out’ in RP. I prefer creating lasting contacts, and will gladly DM events if asked in advance to allow time for planing. My time is important to me, and I do not give it out lightly. Your time is important to me, so I will not ask for it lightly. Communication and respect is all I ask for!


Out of Character Communication
Communication is so important to me during RP, so OOC chatter is always welcome and encouraged. If you feel like something is not making sense, please contact me so we can work through the issue. I enjoy consistency and if something seems off in left field, I’m going to contact you. Please communicate with me.
I respect my time, and the time of my partners. I prefer to schedule RP, as I work fulltime. I don't mind walk-ups if I'm around, but most likely any long term RP will be on a scheduled basis.
I am not a mindreader. If you have an issue with my character or want to do something in a plot, I need to be informed. Don’t assume that someone else has told me. I require initiative in RP, and while I will try to be on top of things in the long run I’m not perfect. If I don’t respond to your message, it might have gotten lost in scroll. Please feel free to message me till I respond!
I am not my character, and my character is not me. If my character dislikes yours that does not mean I hold the same sentiment. Please let me know if you are worried that I am upset or agitated about a situation. I promise I will never be upset that you asked for reassurance or verification. I try to always be very upfront if I am unhappy, and try to always just have fun.


Personal RP Limits
I don't have very many hardcore limits honestly as I feel consequences must be adhered to when RPing any character regardless of whom they might be. However there are a few exceptions to this and they are as follows.
I won't play ERP only Plots or 2edge4me plots involving sexual assault or abuse for the shock value. [Seriously, it's not interesting and using a cheep trick for shock is poor writing.]


Most like:
■ Sinbad - Legends of the Seven Seas
■ Captain Charles Vane - Black Sails
■ Riddick - Chronicles of Riddick
■ Andy Dwyer - Parks and Recreation


A Character For Every AU
■ Wildstar: Todaluk Direbog
■ Guild Wars 2: Toadie Direbog
■ The Secret World: Siyokoy
■ Elder Scrolls Online: Do'Bahgrrar
■ Werewolf the Apocalypse: Toadie Direbog
Top 5 Songs to Set a Tone
■ The Jungle by Zayde Wolf
■ Hand Grenade by Jeffrey James
■ Fire by Saint Mesa
■ Danger Danger by Club Danger
■ In Darkness We Trust by Deadly Circus Fire


Tropes R Us


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