The Siren's Bounty

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The Siren's Bounty
{Getting it done, one contract at a time.}
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Highly skilled at Aggressive Negotiations.



Vital Information


CURRENT CAPTAIN... Sen'ra Tayuun

COMMANDING OFFICERS... T’odaluk Tia, A'bacus Tia, Feng Long


Other Statistics

OCCUPATION... Mercenary group

ALIGNMENT... True Neutral

CITY STATE... Limsa Lominsa

FLAGSHIP... The Wistful Muse

"Providing freedom to those looking to pave their own future"
The Siren’s Bounty is a mercenary group under the flags of Limsa Lominsa, with smaller holdings in other city states including Hingashi. Despite each holding offering different opportunities, the bulk of the Sirens and their workload are found at their headquarters in the Siren’s Call. Located in Limsa Lominsa, it houses their main members while offering a wide variety of jobs to take on. The crew considers itself separate from the Lominsan city-state with members working as freelance guards and tradesmen throughout the realm, despite the majority of them being stationed within the Mists.

The Sirens view themselves as a fully fledged ship crew with ranking officers and a dedicated captain at the helm. Currently, the crew is commanded by a Seeker of the Sun who values freedom and the chance to pave your own future above all else. He strives to keep his people from being bound by the shackles of politics and gil, while offering a place to start fresh as they take on bounties from around the realm. Gathering from the downtrodden, desperate, lost, and alone; the Sirens offer the chance to forget the past and the constant daily struggle to survive until the next sunrise. Taking in those who are willing to fight for their freedoms, the Sirens prove that fate and destiny are forged not blindly handed out to the highest bidder.

The crew itself is made up of mostly ex-gladiators, sellswords, treasure hunters, and runaways which means that the motivations of the members often differ wildly from one another. Tensions can sometimes rise, and small bar brawls and disagreements are not uncommon between the Sirens themselves. Each hailing from different locations, many of whom also come from widely different walks of life, sometimes suggests they often won’t see eye to eye. However, despite all of this, one thing remains constant between all of them: The Siren’s Bounty is where they came to build a new future. Within the Sirens, your past is already forgotten and the only thing that matters is what you do with the here and now.

Freedom at any cost.
Our Crew
The Fighters
Ex-gladiators, retired soldiers, and even the exhausted medic find refuge in the Siren’s Bounty. Most who have come seeking freedom from the constant war, but have little skill outside of their fighting natures. It’s not likely that a trained medic or fighter is going to find a soft comfortable life outside of their bloodied past, but at least within the Siren’s crew they can pick and choose when to utilize their abilities. Not everyone works well together, and sometimes it’s enough to kill a few beastmen for a pouch of gil to keep the drinks flowing and forget all about the past. Sometimes it’s about wanting to feel that fire in battle over and over again without the constraints of the bloodsands. Whatever draws the skilled battle weary medics and warriors to the Siren’s Call, it’s the freedom to live out their lives as they wish that keeps them here.
The Treasure Hunters
Scholars, adventurers, treasure hunters, and the really curious find a good home within the Sirens as they travel with the recovery crews to ancient ruins and battlefields across the realm. Not every job is about killing the other guys faster, as recovery and rescue are also really important side jobs. That being said, items not bolted to the ground will easily find themselves in the pockets and bags of the Sirens who have a keen eye for the really valuable. Sometimes the joy of discovery and travel is enough to draw in curious parties, sometimes the chance to line your pockets with gold from a lost ruin is all the motivation you need. The Siren’s Bounty offers up a freedom that most research teams and grand companies will not, and that’s a chance to discover your future fortunes with adventure and a little danger along the way.
The Runaways
You don’t get to pick your blood family, but the chance to choose your adoptive one makes a world of difference. Not everyone is born to money, or has the benefit of learning skills to help them secure a better life for themselves. There are others who just don’t want what their families, fate, or higher power decided for them and so simply ran from their problems. Those who found their way to the Siren’s Call have made the choice to learn skills that place them on equal footing to the other crew members. Not everyone can be a master fighter, or learned scholar but that doesn’t make you any less useful to the crew. The Sirens will always find a place for anyone with the motivation to better their life.
Business Deals
The Siren’s Bounty, while being a group of mercenaries, is first and foremost a place of business deals. Many people with low income can broker a deal with the Sirens, or those looking to do jobs that are not always on the level can find willing mercs to take the work. Hosting a bounty board in the main establishment, the Siren’s Call, they offer up lesser jobs and act as a go between for adventurers to pick up a little gil on the side.
One of the Crew
Becoming one of the crew is being accepted into a dysfunctional family of pirates, sellswords, and treasure hunters. The crew itself is loyal to their namesake, and while they aren’t going out of their way to cause suffering, they aren’t going to seek out good deeds either. There can be bickering as everyone is not going to always get along, but that's to be expected with a group of mixed ideals and morals. That being said, one thing is very clear: Mess with their people, and you’ll find yourself ripped to the very bottom of the sea.
Out of Our Pay Grade
The Sirens are well aware that they are not envoys of the Grand Companies, and will quickly reconsider if something is too far out of their realm of pay. That being said, there are times when a rival group or a cult goes a little too far in their search for revenge and seeks to harm the Siren's crew. Despite trying to keep their heads down, they are not push overs. Many have found their groups in ruins after tangling with the Siren's Bounty, forgetting the origins of such a crew proves the downfall of many would be assassins.
The Establishments
Siren's Call
Mist ward 12 plot 59 : Holding their main headquarters in Limsa Lominsa in an Adventurer's Guildhall called ‘The Siren’s Call’, the sirens broker many tasks to fellow mercs looking to turn a profit. Asking only for a small ‘finder’s fee’ in return for lucrative jobs and tips, the Siren’s Call helps to fund a number of important services that the Bounty Crew have at their disposal such as informants and vessels. This is also the location to their archives, a library of logs and journals from previous Sirens through the years.
Shirogane Outpost
Shirogane Ward 7 Plot 40 : This location serves as a trading hub in the Far East, and a permanent location for Rhilyn's personal side business selling hard-to-find substances of the herbal variety. Most of the work done here is through contractual work smuggling in items that are usually heavily taxed. An eclectic array of goods, anything left for sale is typically items never picked up or forgotten on the docks.
The Auspicious Fish
Shirogane Ward 7 Plot 46 : A neutral refuge with an opulent restaurant and bathhouse, offering the perfect meeting place for private dealings. Owned and operated by the Siren's Bounty, the front provides the crew with a source of revenue to keep the far east side of the company in working order so far from the core. Neutral grounds, the location provides a space for all kinds to mingle and creates a very unique atmosphere conducive to finding better and more profitable work handling local affairs.
The Remedy
Lavender Beds Ward 11 Plot 34 : ...

Command, Structure, and Offices

The Commanding Officers
Captain: Sen'ra Tayuun - A man of unassuming stature that has a very clear hold on the Sirens and control over their holdings. Stoic and calm in the face of danger, he comes across as aloof, but clearly cares for the benefit of the crew. Carefully managing the volatile nature of a bunch of mercs, he keeps close council with his quartermaster. It’s clear that, despite his demure nature, he is not one to be trifled with on any level.
Quartermaster: T'odaluk Tia - Second in command to the Captain, he is first in line to take over should Sen’ra be otherwise indisposed. A capricious man that has the physical brawn to back up the orders passed down by the captain. Personable, he keeps watch over the general mood of the crew and helps to stamp down hot tempers before they turn deadly. Not opposed to getting his hands bloody, he will take any measures necessary to protect the integrity of the crew.
Bosun: A'bacus Tia - A field officer for the Siren's Bounty, their duty is to ensure safety and security of the crew during missions. Charged with watching over the preparations and deployment of bounties, they keep in close contact with the hunt groups and their leaders. They are also in charge of the maintenance and upkeep of the ships the Sirens have under their command. They are also one of the Sirens in charge of keeping the moral of the crew up and in favor of the captain’s orders.
Treasurer: Feng Long - The money aspect of the company, she is in control of the flow of gil through the company by means of profit, payouts, and payroll. Required to remain within the main holding of the Siren's free company buildings, it's rare that she will be sent on missions if at all. However, she remains as the least biased of any of the officers, with her mind fully and completely geared to the pure profits of the company itself.
Working for the Sirens
Bounty Hunters: Members of the Crew looking to pick up some gil through the Bounty Boards. These are the ones going on the missions provided by the company itself, and splitting the payout between all those who joined up. Many of the members form hunt groups that regularly tackle jobs together, while also still involving themselves in the much larger job callouts sent in by the leaders. All members of the Siren’s Bounty are issued a room and meals are provided through the company’s canteen, as well as covering the cost of medical through the Siren’s own infirmary.
Maintenance Crew: The workers who upkeep the various holdings and ships the Sirens have under their name. These are the carpenters, engineers, schematic designers, and janitors of the Siren's Bounty. They know the ins and outs of all the various mechanical and tech work that goes into keeping the company in tip top shape. Most, if not all the maintenance crew fall under the Bosun's command and work directly with them.
Support Crew: Many of the crew that stay within the holdings like medical staff, secretaries, and barkeeps are still very much part of the Siren's crew despite not going out into the field. These members are under the direct orders of the Treasurer and work closely with visitors and crew members that frequent the establishments. Personnel that understand bounty acquisition, navigation, travel and information are also classified under support crew and work very closely with many of the Bounty Hunters on the field.
Shipping and Handling
The Wistful Muse: The Flagship of the Siren's Bounty, this ship has been with the crew since before the current captain took charge. Offering a number of strange quirks that have helped the Siren's Bounty crew a number of times, her hull still holds secret ledgers and journals within hidden compartments and lofts. Smaller than one would expect a flagship to be, the Muse was built with speed in mind. That being said, she manages to support a hefty number of people when needed, but can survive on a skeleton crew in dire situations. Still sea worthy despite her age, she remains one of the fastest ships on the open ocean.
The Melancholy Dreamer: Gifted with the skilled artistry of ship making, the Sirens managed the power and skill to secure parts for an airship of their own to aid in their travels. Standard modeling, but a few extras from their treasure hunting parties, means the Dreamer is a bit of a hodgepodge of tech and man power. Not built for anything beyond speed, the minimal weapons on board are only enough to distract as an all out fight would be disastrous. An open deck allows the crew to survey their surroundings and give them a feeling of escape, as the lower decks provided the living space, cargo hold, and engine.
The Scoundrel: A smaller ship that docks sidelong to the Dreamer, she is the one you take on short trips. The quick maneuvering drifter that can carry persons needing to get somewhere fast without much cargo. This is the Siren's personal air taxi, and a quick way to gather up those who might be wounded in battle. Not equipped with any artillery, this ship is akin to the rowboats on the sides of larger pirate ships.
Ranked Missions
Scripts: Bottom tier jobs that offer little to no combat and typically the lowest payout. Rarely do these jobs require more than one person to complete, and are the most common bounties found tacked to the boards in the bar.
B-Rank: Dangerous jobs that can be tackled by one or more members in a team. These jobs typically have some sort of combat element and can contain situations where certain skills are required to complete the job.
A-Rank: [DM'd event] High risk jobs that come from both the underground organizations and grand companies requesting aid with local threats around the realm. Often consisting of a recon member of that organization, these missions have a high threat of danger, possible death, and require organized teams to complete.
S-Rank: [DM'd event] Top tier missions taken by the strongest and most skilled members looking for the highest payouts. These jobs are only given out to selected members and often times must be tackled in multiple large organized groups.
The Siren's Code
Respect the Bounty: "The client is both payout and reviewer, so when all is said and done, the job gets finished one way or another. Too many unfinished jobs, or situations that go sideways makes for bad business."
Protect the Crew: "That being said, you're team is your life line. If the crew is in danger, you drop everything. Ignore the job, forget about the client, drop the treasure, and make sure your people are safe. Our people are priority number one, no exceptions."
Leave None to Suffer: "We aren't out to do 'good', but we aren't looking to cause anyone undue suffering. Clean shots, quick interrogations, and no blood sport. Leave all that black karma for the cults."
Leave the Past to Rot: "The Sirens don't give a shit about your past, so when you join all of that goes away. What matters now is what you put forth to the crew, so earn your keep and live a better life. Betray us, and suffer a hell beyond your imagining. Your choice, your future..."
Rules for Hire
#1: We don't traffic in people, of any sort. That means no beastmen, no voidsent, or people of any kind. Period. [We don't do slave trade RP. Don't ask.]
#2: A-rank and S-rank jobs pay 50% up front. No exceptions. If we are going to die, we are going to die rich. [DMs absolutely need to know the perimeters of the event. No exceptions.]
#3: Payment will always be given for services rendered. Either through a second party or directly, the Sirens will get paid. No debts. Failure to pay can result in deadly consequences. [Dates and times must be decided and all events require at least a two week period to allow folks time to plan and prepare both IC and OOC.]
OOC Note
While we don't actively seek out buyers and sellers for our bounties, we often post up player made bounties for groups to go out and RP together. These are simple one-off events that are easily expanded upon, and are free for the taking. If you have ideas for an event or would like to participate in any of ours, feel free to contact any of the officers within the FC.

Our Story


Once we were pirates. Our ships traveled the sea, and docked in ports that never asked for names or cared for destinations. The maps we carried marked islands that were unknown and hidden from the royalty who sailed between cities. Faded parchment that found its way into the hands of the treasure hunter or the struggling merchant were chances at money in exchange for services. We were messengers, the kind that brought good fortunes and news from around the realm to the people who were closed off from the world. We were thieves that stole the best jobs for ourselves as we listened to gossip and captured the bounties in exchange for freedoms and gil.

Songs and tales were our language, a secret code that told everything from trade routes to hidden coves. Few could understand the puzzle enough to crack the codes, but if you were brave enough to follow the old stories you would find an adventure worth your weight in gold. Music, a bard’s weapon, used for an unintended purpose. A lost art, that was abused for war and suffering then left to fade into obscurity, was picked up like jetsam on the sea. We could send a message across leagues to the ears of another to warn them, or turn whole ships towards the deadly rocks of our cove.

The songs we sang carried a weight that could not be explained by any sailor that heard them. Some tried to claimed that we sang dirges for the lost and dead at sea, and that our haunting voices should be avoided at all costs. Others spoke of bright hymns that turned their ships away from deadly rocks and cliffs, and swear by their gods that the songs were blessed. Neither was right or wrong as our whims shifted as violently as waves in a hurricane. We took when we wanted, and paid no mind to the lands or laws of those outside the pirate codes. Even then, we only did our best to stay clear of the others and their portions of the sea.

When the bargain was struck, we were standing against cannon and musket as we signed the treaty to bind our throats. The Pirate Queen turned her attention to our island and our bounty in order to bend knee to her will. She offered us our freedom for the use of our songs, and we agreed on the condition that we would never be forced into her majesty's war. Now our song brings jobs to those willing to take the risk within the confines of Limsa Lominsa. Our bounty is Limsa’s bounty as we offer up jobs to those who are looking to take. Once we were pirates, but not anymore.
Our History
The Siren's Crew
The Siren’s Bounty started as a band of Bards who grew tired of the old songs losing their meaning and powers. The bards, who became disillusioned by war, formed a pirate crew that would torment the trading routes between La Noscea and Thanalan, disrupting war supplies and navy travel. They used their abilities to lure the sailors into wrecking their ships on the coastlines, so the pirates could then come and reap the spoils sometime later. This inevitably lead to the claims of magic waters and phantom areas along the coast where ships did not sail without a ‘trained’ bard on board to counteract the superstitious magics that haunted the area.

Using the superstitions of sailor and pirate alike, the Sirens came up with a song that traveled over sea for yalms. Only the pirates that knew the proper responding call would prevent the ship from being attacked by the Siren’s company. Soon the Sirens had formed a way to line their pockets as ships would either pay the fee for their bards or pay the price from a supernatural attack. Thankfully for the Sirens, the thick fog and rolling mist that shrouds the Cieldalaes islands kept most would be heroes from discovering the true face behind the Siren’s Bards as they continued to squeeze profit from the ships that sailed their part of the ocean.

When the Malstrom gathered pirates to join her grand company, the Sirens came to the aid of Limsa Lominsa and signed their names over on the condition that they would be absolved of all their previous crimes. This lead to a sharp decline in the need to know and retain the melody used by the Sirens to call to one another over great distances. The Song of the Siren was not lost, but the voices able to recreate such a haunting melody grew fewer and fewer the longer they serve under Lominsan rule. Only a few still remain who know of the existence of the Siren’s Call, and even fewer still who can sing her haunting melody.

Secrets about the crew still circulate and rumors of an island where they hid all their treasure come up from time to time. Questions about the nature of their original crew and the reasons behind calling themselves sirens tend to have multiple answers, but one thing remains very clear: The Siren’s Call is still their most guarded secret.
The Bounty Bar
The Siren’s Call is a bar located somewhere in the mists, where local shiphands and merchants can go to find a friendly drink away from the eyes of the Maelstrom. The bar itself is a location where many adventurers come and go all hours of the night, which can often times draw unwanted eyes to the patrons of the bar itself. Keeping neutral, the crew of the Sirens offer protection within their walls to anyone who steps foot across the threshold so long as they obey the rules of the Siren's Bounty and her captain. Bar fights are not uncommon, but further destruction or any deadly force is met with swift recourse as the bouncers of the bar are well equipped to neutralizing any threat to the crew or her guests. There have been times when someone has caused great offense to another, but as the Sirens see it, there is no reason to interfere and once you cross over and off their property you are no concern of theirs. That in mind, most behave themselves while within the hospitality of the Siren's crew and while taking drinks at the Siren's Call.
The Wistful Muse
The Captain’s pride and joy, this ship sees the merchants duties as it travels secret routes from La Noscea to Hingashi. Considered one of the fastest ships out on the open ocean, she isn’t able to hold massive amounts of goods so her trips are rather frequent. Having worked out a side deal with the Confederacy, the Sirens have found a nice little deal smuggling between ports and outposts.

RP Info

Where to Find Us
La Noscea - Limsa Lominsa - The center point of their operations, the Sirens are most often found in the pirate central of Eorzea. When there isn't a job to do, this is the default location to find her crew with an ale in their hand and a song in their heart.
Thanalan - Ul'dah - Merchant capital of the realm, the Sirens can be found in just about any market with gil and a deal on the tongue ready to make money for themselves and the crew. Usually the pickpockets and scammers find their calling out here on the streets.
The Black Shroud - Gridania - The shroud does not like pirates, poachers, or most shady folk and so the Sirens do their best to behave around the elementals and their followers. Smuggling happens the most here, as shunned groups live on the fringes begging for handouts.
Coerthas - Mor Dhona - Foundation - The icy plains and mountains of Coerthas are not often visited by the Sirens on a regular basis without a job on the line. The cold tends to keep vacations from being planned here, but a few still venture out for their own personal reasons.
Hingashi - Shirogane - A new frontier of trade has brought the Sirens to the locations of the far-east with promise of new opportunities to make a fortune and a slew of new jobs to pick up. Typically congregated at the Siren's Shirogane trade stop and the docks of Kugane, you'll find mostly shiphands and merchants.
What You Need to Know
The Sirens are known to be a group that deals in both Grand Company jobs and underground business across the realm. Something of unique quality to the free company is the leadership, with each having strong ties to musical talents not unlike the Bards of old. Their leader, often referred to as Luck, is known for his friendly and welcoming attitude towards strangers. However, the more knowledgeable visitor knows the danger that lurks for anyone out to harm the Sirens. The crew seems lazy and almost disorganized with some wondering how they ever complete a job, but when the gloves come off they have the power to leave vast destruction in their wake. Not a lot is known about the history of the Sirens outside of the crew, but for anyone looking to dig deeper it's clear they have been around for quite some time.
RP Hooks
Bounties: The crew is always looking for that next adventure, and they aren't opposed to taking other parties along for the ride. Either hiring the Sirens or being hired yourself, there is always a way to get involved in our plots.
Rumors: There are always times when the rumor of profit or adventure intersect with stories about the Sirens. A crew that is both fool hearty and gil driven to put forth maximum effort into any job, it's not difficult to imagine that there are quite a few outlandish rumors floating about.
Meet and Greet: The Sirens are all over the realm with holdings in all the major city-states and stretching as far as Hingashi in the far east. It's not out of the realm of possibility that on any given day people come in contact with the Sirens regularly in markets and even in open world.
Bar Nights: The Sirens love their drink, their loud boisterous conversations, and good company. It's never hard to find a group of them laughing in the front of the Siren's Call, or within down at the bar.

OOC Notes
Who are we? [OOC]
We are a very LGBT+ friendly environment, which means that we do not tolerate any forms of discrimination within the group itself. While we are all adults and discuss topics that are not always PG, we do not and will never allow hate speech. If it is brought to the group, all members involved in the conversation will be removed immediately. The GMs are too old and too tired to be dealing with such juvenile and idiotic bigotry.

We uphold a strict policy of open communication and require our members to talk to officers concerning any issues within the group. The GMs cannot aid in settling drama if we are unaware of the circumstances or problems being had within the FC. We expect that members will understand and read the rules set within the discord. Everyone here has the right to a safe and drama free experience within FFXIV!
The FC is not recruiting through the in-game system, as we require interaction to really build the teams. Occasionally we will pick up members from those who play with us on a regular basis, but as a rule we do not mass recruit. We are a casual RP group that spends a good amount of time in game and doing personal PvE goals. If you have interest in joining the Sirens feel free to contact either T’odaluk Tia or Sen’ra Tayuun in game.

The recruitie will be given a two week period in which interactions and activity will be a factor in the final decision to keep or let go the member. We would rather have members who are able to respectfully get along with one another, than to play a numbers game with the server. Quality is always worth more than quantity. Regardless, the choice to keep or remove a member is finalized with the GM and their officers final decision.
Our FC consists of an OOC Linkshell and a Discord that we use regularly to call for RP and organize events. Not all our members are part of the in-game FC, but reguardless are equal within the group.

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