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 Skaen Byrg
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Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolves
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 30
Marital Status Single
Occupation Guard for hire
Height/Weight 6 fulms 5 ilms
Orientation Homosexual
Alignment Chaotic Good

Skaen had a different childhood from most other Roegadyn children. He came from a town on a northern island that was renown for their naval combat adepts. It wasn't a surprise when some of the Roegadyn from this town turned out to be pirates. In their younger years Skaen and his brother's parents were both pirates themselves, commanding their own vessel and exerting their maritime brutality. Luck, however, wasn't on their side during the battle that capsized their ship and ended both the parent's lives as well as the entirety of their crew. When word of their parents got back to the brothers, both Skaen and his younger sibling Swyg knew that it could always be a possibility and vowed not to follow in their parent's footsteps. The brothers wanted the names and notorious deeds of their parents to be written in history, so the two studied to become scholars. Both brothers knew to become better scholars they'd have to cross the sea and go to Limsa Lominsa, and on their journey there,the vessel was taken over by a notorious group of sea wolves. The moment the captain came aboard wearing what seemed to be their father's captain's hat, Swyg fell victim to his own bloodlust and went after the captain only to be shot and thrown overboard. Skaen went after his brother's corpse in the ocean unable to find it and passing out from exhaustion atop of some driftwood. Luckily a fisherman off the coast of Limsa Lominsa found Skaen and brought him into port. From that point on, Skaen hated water and what it brought, so he traveled far and sought out the desert atmosphere of Ul'Dah where he joined the pugilist guild in order to learn to be stronger and protect anyone he cared for.

Basic Info


Not only does Skaen love hearing other people's jokes, he especially loves
his own. The Roegadyn likes to keep in good spirits, so forcefully trying to
come up with a joke is not too unexpected from him. "If it wasn't funny
I wouldn't have said it to begin with!"
A challenge
It's not necessarily about winning or losing (although Skaen does enjoy
a well deserved victory), but instead it's about how Skaen can learn to
improve himself from said challenge. Conversely, he dislikes it when
someone isn't giving it their "all".
Skaen hasn't met a person who could outdrink him.
There's something about trees that intrigues Skaen. Strong immovable ones
and weak saplings. Both give him insight on his own strength and
determination. Plus, he also likes to take a nap from time to time
under them.


Both the ocean and rain remind Skaen of how he lost his brother. Both forms
of water make Skaen somewhat sad and a little angry as well. He'd rather
distance himself from the ocean, and be indoors during a rainy day.
People that try to make him feel dumb
He doesn't like being teased about his smarts, he already knows he may not be
the smartest person out there, but he's willing to learn from it. Push him too
much about this and he may lose his temper.
Most upperwear
None of it really fits well at this point! Not having a lot of gil lends
itself to the problem of not being able to get something custom-made
by any weaver. All the upperwear Skaen comes across is ill-fitting
so instead he now uses them as a rag.
Skaen has somewhat of a double standard here. While he thinks his
parents were courageous and adventurous, he refuses to see past
the gang-mentality of the group that killed his brother.


Skaen has developed a large amount of discipline and determination.
He will make sure to achieve his goals however he can. Skaen also has
no problem asking someone he knows to help him do so. "Fall down seven times, stand up eight!"
He likes to think he can make a friend out of anyone. Typically Skaen
may forget some info about the person after meeting them, but it'll
stick after the first reminder.
Don't like to go into something head on? Ask Skaen! He's more than willing to be your front-line, he'd just like to believe that whoever
he's with will back him up in a pinch.
He may not be the most stylish or skilled fighter, but he's got the brawn to back it up.


Skaen can easily be distracted. Be it a couple of birds flying by
or stopping to see if someone needs help with something.
Skaen may be a liability because of his large size or his forgetfulness. Not
to mention he sometimes acts brashly and wings a situation.
Fired up
Seeing a challenge ahead of him, no matter the difficulty, gets
him very excited and he's been known to rush into things without
any regard for whether he can actually come out alright.

Appearance & Personality

Standing tall and broad, Skaen's muscles have now been defined after a rigorous entry into the pugilist's guild. His skin is a dulled ivory with a hint of green spread throughout and his hair is kept short and black. Skaen's hands have been worked extremely hard and are considerably strong and scarred, but pale in comparison to the upper body strength he has developed. Skaen's iron-like torso is dusted with black body hair up to his pectorals, and his aversion to what seems to be ill-fitting upperbody-wear leaves him generally shirtless. He particularly likes this because it keeps him cool. Veins are noticeable rippling through his arms, and he supports his upper body with trunk-like legs. It's also apparent that Skaen's nose is not properly aligned after some previous spars.
Skaen's personality has changed over time. After the loss of his brother, Skaen was focused on becoming a stronger, but having been in Ul'Dah for a little while, he has become more lighthearted and playful. Skaen is typically not phased by comments about his size and is typically smiling in return. Skaen loves the idea of comradery, and is a very friendly person. He's known to find his own jokes very funny and laughs boomingly loud at them. Nobody can forget his wide full-toothed grin that makes his eyes almost come to a squinting close. He is always up for a drink, or two...or three, and he loves to eat. It's also very apparent that Skaen is not as smart as his brother was, and can typically be found being corrected on facts, or just generally somewhat aloof. His nature tends to give him a childlike naivety towards some situations.



As a child Skaen and Swyg were inseperable, the two brothers were only 2 years difference in age. There parents weren't around very much, and they were raised by the people of their town. Their living was taken care for by the two's parents, and Swyg would always make the two of them meals. Swyg was always very adventurous and Skaen never objected to following behind Swyg's lead.


The two boys rarely saw their parents at this point in their lives. When Skaen was 18 the boys learned about what happened to their parents. They began their scholar training then under the guidance of a Roegadyn woman in their town. Swyg immediately excelled past Skaen, but Skaen was never too proud to ask Swyg for help. The both of them began to shape up into fine scholars, but knew they had to have proper training which was when they set out to Limsa Lominsa to join the Arcanist guild. This trip was delayed by a few years so that the two brothers could acquire the means to travel across the sea. Afterwards, Skaen lost Swyg to the pirates that had their father's hat.


A while has passed since Skaen arrived in Ul'dah. After joining the pugilist guild and learning to become stronger, the Roegadyn has made a few acquaintances, but not many close friends. He can typically be found in The Quicksand bar before or after he's had his share of drinks. He is also starting to look for work now that he is more confident in his strength.



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Never arm wrestle the guy. He lives for that stuff!" - Ul'Dah urchin
"I think he grew..."
"He's so full of himself, not wearing a shirt and all" - Disgruntled arm wrestling loser
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"I saw him lift a thief off the ground by his neck for touching his ring with a blue jewel!" - Momodi of The Quicksand
"Once I saw him fight a man bigger than him. Skaen kept getting knocked down, but he wouldn't stay down. He just kept going until he was knocked out cold" - Pugilist Guild member.
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I think I've seen him pissing around the corner here a couple times" - Quicksands Patron
"I was there when his nose was broken. One of his first few spars. He went ballistic afterward, I swear!" - Shady resident
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)


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