Yuda Buduga

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Yuda Buduga
Enenra Embodied
Basic Info
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Nameday 6th Sun, 6th Umbral Moon
Age 24 years old
Guardian Deity Menphina, the Lover
Height 218cm / 7'2"
Weight 92kg / 203lbs
World Server Balmung


Yuda is a male Au Ra Xaela. He is tall and lean with an athletic build, strong arms, broad shoulders, slim waist, a bubble butt, thick thighs and long legs. His skin is a dark reddish hue with patches of black scales on his body, horns protruding from his head and a long, spiny tail from his lower back. His hair is crimson red, his eyes are emerald green and have a soft glow to them. His teeth are sharp and pointy with slightly longer fangs and a long blue tongue. His nails on both hands and feet are black as his scales, and somewhat claw-like.

On his upper back at his right shoulder-blade, Yuda has a tribal tattoo made in black ink, appearing as a puff of smoke. He sometimes paints his face and body with ink, in commemoration of his past being in a travelling Kabuki troupe.

Character Traits


  • Neutral Good: Yuda is a loving and caring man who wants to do some good in his life, but has a narrow sense of what that might be. He is not one to fight for world peace, but rather cares about his surroundings and the people he meets on his way. He does not have much to offer, but is willing to offer aid to those he befriend, whether it is to offer a place to sleep, make a meal, lend his ear (or horn, as it were) to a troubled friend, or otherwise offer a hand whenever he can. He can indeed be considered altruistic in nature.


  • Anatomy Knowledge: During his training as a ninja, Yuda was taught about the weak-points of other humanoid creatures and how to take advantage of them. This knowledge has also proved useful in his work as a masseur, knowing how to relieve tension from sore muscles. He also knows the art of acupuncture to some degree.
  • Dagger Proficiency: Yuda is well-versed in fighting with daggers, which is his weapon of choice. Having been trained by a master ninja, Yuda has a great understanding on how to wield them to their full potential.
  • Chakram Proficiency: Yuda spent some time in Thavnair where he was tutored in the use of chakrams. He can channel his aether through the weapons in order to throw them around and have them return to his hands at will.
  • Ninjutsu: When under the tutelage of a master ninja, Yuda learned the art of stealth and assassination. Being able to use the dark of night to hide in the shadows, move silently and strike with deadly precision, Yuda is a foe to be reckoned with.
  • Enenra Ninpo: Yuda has learned several techniques that includes manipulating smoke to his advantage in combat, imitating the demonic smoke yokai known as the Enenra, one which Yuda uses as part of his ninja identity. Amongst the techniques is the use of smoke bombs, thin grapple hook on a string and even channelling his inner aether to turn himself into smoke to avoid attacks or dodge out of tight situations.


Life at the Buduga Tribe

Yuda was a young child when he was kidnapped into the Buduga tribe, having no memory of his parents or tribe before it. He was scrawny and weak as a kid, and almost died the first couple of winters he was with the Buduga. However, an older boy called Taban protected him from the harsh winters and trained him to become a hunter when the weather eased up. As he got older he grew stronger and taller, working to do his part for the tribe as his skills as a hunter grew with him as well. Taban was the closest to family he had, the two of them having grown very close. But unfortunately, Taban suffered from a blood disease which slowly degenerated his body, and the year Yuda turned 8 winters old, Taban died from his illness.

The Toshin Kabuki Troupe

Soon after Taban had died, Yuda ran away from the tribe in the middle of the night. He ran across the steppe to the Reunion, a great marketplace where travellers come from all over the world to trade with the Xaelan tribes. But as he arrived, he was denied access, as a little boy like him had no business being there. As Yuda looked for a way in, a Doman man who was on his way to leave the market saw him. Yuda begged him for help, but instead the man brought the boy with him as his slave. As it turned out, the man was called Master Toshin and he was the leader of a travelling Kabuki troupe who travelled all over the Far East to perform. For years Yuda was forced to work for Toshin, and was given food and shelter in return. However, though Toshin was not a kind man and even abused the boy, Yuda never complained, as he found himself enjoying the travels and the work.

Path of the Shinobi

When Yuda became a teenager, he quickly grew into a tall and strong young man. Master Toshin had become fond of Yuda, and since the boy had never once tried to flee or complained about how Toshin had treated him, the old Doman started to teach the boy some skills. Yuda was taught anatomy, how to heal it and where the weak spots are. He was later taught how to wield blades, the ninjatoh, as well as ninjutsu, the art of stealth and assassination. Master Toshin had used the Kabuki troupe as a front for hiding his true self as a mercenary ninja, killing people for coin, and the entire troupe was part of it. And because Yuda had finally found a father figure who actually seemed to care for him, Yuda was quick to accept his current life. He trained hard and studied the path of the shinobi, until the day when Toshin took Yuda with him on a job. On that night, Yuda killed his first target. As he returned, Master Toshin told Yuda how proud he was of him, something Yuda never thought he would hear from a father figure. Toshin then gave him the code-name "Enenra", after the smoke demon of folklore, which made him officially part of the Toshin clan.

Embers of the Enenra

The day came when the Garlean Forces came to the Far East and Master Toshin's Kabuki troupe was invited to perform for the imperial viceroy. At first Yuda didn't ask questions, but followed his master as he had always done. But he soon learned that Toshin and the troupe were hired to become assassins for the Garlemald Empire, acting as their servants in Doma. The target they were assigned to kill was none other than the Doman King Kaien and his forces. Though Yuda had killed a lot of people at this point, he didn't feel right about working for the Garleans. But as he shared his concerns with his master, Toshin threatened to kill Yuda himself should he ever defy him. At that moment Yuda realised that Toshin had no love for him, but had only used him for all these years. So the night before the attack on Doma Castle, Yuda murdered his master in his sleep and burned down the entire Kabuki troupe. He then fled using the skills he had learned from his now former master and like many other refugees from Doma, Yuda ended up in Eorzea.

He has since then reconnected with the Buduga tribe, but continues to live in Eorzea.



  • Buduga Tribe: Yuda's affiliated tribe.
  • Taban Buduga: Yuda's closest friend from the tribe who died from a blood disease.
  • Master Toshin: A Doman Hyur who was the master of a travelling Kabuki troupe.


  • The Desiderium: A free company Yuda used to work for.


  • Yuda has excellent eyesight and can see in the dark, though only in grey tones.
  • Yuda is double-jointed, being able to contort his body in almost impossible ways.
  • Yuda considers Doman as his main tongue, but knows some Hingan and has re-learned his mothertongue. He's also learned to read and write Eorzean (aka the common tongue) during his time there.
  • Yuda recently learned that Master Toshin performed a ritual on him which sealed an Enenra's spirit deep into Yuda's soul in order to control him. This also gave him the ability to use his smoke ninpo.