Yune Tabrisviel

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Yune Tabrisviel
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"What's one thousand minus seven?"
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Nameday 22nd Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Age 29
Orientation Heterosexual
Marital Status Single
Alias Nisse, Sola

Basic Info


High places
Horchata Rum




Reading Adventure novels and Fairy Tales
Making Gelato/Baking
Collecting Journals and Books

Appearance & Personality

          Yune is a woman of no extraordinary height or stature, measuring in at just under five fulms tall. She makes up for her lackluster height by bearing what some may call "pleasing curves" in a tapered waist set between a generous bust for her petite size and flared hips. The woman's skin is fair--pale by the standards of some--and hints at low exposure to the sun despite her current residence being located in the tropical locale of Mist.

          Yune's notable physical traits are few but are just enough to set her apart from most others in a crowd. Once-vibrant bubble-gum pink waves have faded over time into a more washed out hue, with low-lights of crimson to help add depth to the faded mantle of soft tresses. Beneath the long bangs, a set of bright honey-gold eyes are somewhat empty at first, almost apathetic to the world until something of interest catches her notice. Despite the brilliant hue of gold her rounded eyes bear, they are often swimming with shadows and deep thoughts. The scar slashing its way down her left cheek, having cut the soft pink brow in two whilst very luckily missing the eye, could be called a small disfigurement that prevents her from bearing a perfect and untarnished beauty.

          "Quiet" would be a simple way to describe her. Hardly the life of a party, she won't be one to carry on an exciting conversation unless the topic is something she is particularly passionate about. It would be more likely that she is the one seated in the corner occupying herself with her own thoughts, or playing with someone's pet. When important matters come up however, Yune is very attentive, even if she has little to say aloud. By appearances alone, many might assume she were the meek sort or easily frightened, but those may find themselves surprised to instead see a calm and reserved woman who, despite bearing a dreamer's disposition, is very down to earth and focused once needed. Once riled however, she can turn into quite the little spitfire with enough steel in her spine to get by when the going gets tough.

          It may be noticeable to some that the Keeper is a rather emotionally driven individual who fights like hell to keep her feelings to herself, and she'd rather show her tears to no one--a reason for her keeping her peers at arm's length perhaps. For though she puts on a front of calm and collectedness, she is truly quite a mess within.

Identifying Marks

Pink hair w/ crimson lowlights
Scar on left cheek
Henna-styled tattoos on both hands and fingers
Crippling patterns of scarring on back of hands
Black tear-drop tattoo on the center of her forehead


Empathic - Yune is rather in-tune with the emotions of those around her--at times even the energies of the land--, and they have a tendency to affect her own mood depending on their intensity. This trait is both a blessing and a curse as can interrupt the growth of her confidence if she becomes too absorbed in the feelings of others.
Mood Swings - Perhaps as a result of her Empathy, Yune's mood can change rather quickly and spontaneously, giving those around her very little time to adjust to the shift in her often-docile temperament. There are times when the shifting moods can seem so extreme that she is like a completely different person. Perhaps there is a deeper issue here to be discovered.
Untrusting - While it may be easy to assume by her nature that she is too trusting or gullible at times, Yune's smiles are often guarded or altogether false as she consoles those around her, for even as she speaks kind and encouraging words to others, her heart is tightly enclosed by thick walls, leaving her in a state of pessimism towards others, or a complete state of apathy.
Resisting a Darker Nature - Yune has struggled with the calling of Black magic, causing a bit of an identity crisis within she who had always sought to stand in the Light.
Physically Weak - Due to circumstances from her childhood, Yune's hands have suffered tremendous damage and never found proper healing. Because of this, her hand strength is very low, and as she was coddled most of her life for this handicap, she never developed any further physical strength to rely on.


Nurturer - A seemingly gentle nature compels her to show kindness to others, whether it be in pleasant conversation, healing, or when she acts as the shoulder to cry on. She seems a good listener, thoughtful and considerate to others, often seeming to put all others before herself.
Loyal - Earn her trust, make a friend of her, and Yune will never betray you.
Good Cook - Coinciding with her "nurturing" nature, Yune enjoys being in the kitchen and learning new recipes, though she is mostly adept with country cooking and baking certain sweets for those she cares for.




Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC if you've met Yune before!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Sweet little thing, that Yune. Strange to think of her good ol' Ma and Pa as some short-folk Lalafell, but they're good people. Twelve knows how that girl would've turned out raised by her own kind."
"Too sensitive, that one. Like them Hearers in the Shroud. Think she sees ghosts too?"
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"What's wrong with her hands? She can barely grip anything. And those scars..."
"She zones out a lot, that one. Wonder where she goes? Her eyes go all dark and flat... It's very unsettling."
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Ugh, can't trust that little runt. Don't let her pretty face fool you! There's blood on those ugly hands. I wonder if she enjoyed it."
"I swear I saw her catch fire once, hands all burning up like torches. And she was laughing! I ain't never heard nothing creepier in my whole life!"
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Yune is such a sweet person. I adore her and consider her one of my best friends."-J'Maaira Tuhl
"Um... I think... She seems nice and stuff... Er... Maybe, um... Well, what I, you know... What I think doesn't really..." - Jihl Wilzuun
"A very kind woman who does not ask strange questions like 'Why is that arrow sticking out of your ear?' It's a personality trait I very much appreciate." - Verad Bellveil
"One of the quieter members of our company, but a very important one. She helped me get my freedom back, and for that I will forever owe her a debt. I'd happily hurt anyone that bothered her, and I would certainly give my life to protect her." - Lan Darklyn
"Yune gives best head pats." - Kurumimi Kurumi


👪 Family 💛 Platonic Love 💗 Romantic Interest 💕 Crush
Good Standing Poor Standing Neutral Standing

👪 Rurudoa & Ninihe : Yune's adopted parents, both Dunesfolk Lalafell originally from Ul'dah. While Rurudoa served valiantly as a member of the Sultansworn, his career eventually met its downfall when faced with the corruption of some of his peers. To protect his family, Rurudoa uprooted his wife and daughter, Maemaere, to find safer shores in La Noscea, where Rurudoa now serves as a dutiful member of the Maelstrom. Ninihe spends her quiet country days weaving and acquiring more gray hairs from the stressful antics of her two daughters.

💛 Davoren Shayde : Born D'aven Tia, an exile from a La Noscean tribe from the chaotic days of his youth, Davoren had been a constant guardian after he assisted in liberating her from the bonds of slavery. He was a friend, a teacher, a brother, but has returned to the Lifestream as a result of the bloody battles of his people who had sought his help in freeing themselves from the control of a tyrannical leader. Father of D'avos Tia.
💕 Nyx Ashkala : Yune's relationship with this Seeker could easily be described as complicated. Like Davoren Shayde, this Miqo'te was one of her saviors during a most terrible time in her life, and with other past experiences behind them, Yune continues to remember him as "her Hero". Because of this, he has the safest place in her heart, and if their paths ever crossed again, she knows she would always come running if ever he needed her.
Kurumimi Kurumi :
L'Rinhi Kett : The Matron of the Wayfarer's of Eorzea and proprietress of the Wayfarer's Rest, Yune met this lively Seeker by chance at Bronze Lake and soon found herself following after someone who had seemed to be a fated friend at the time. Though she has not seen Rini for many moons, Yune remembers the younger woman fondly.


Face Claim/Reference : Park Hye Min, 2, 3, 4, 5


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