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Keep safe what’s dear to you, and the rest will handle itself.



BIRTH NAME: Orobino Dalabino.


RACE & CLAN: Lalafell of the Dunesfolk.


AGE & NAMEDAY: Twenty-five. 25th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon.

ORIENTATION: Heterosexual.

MARITAL STATUS: Engaged to Nanako Nako.



COMPANY: The Emberlight Venture Company.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Ul’dan Appartment.

OCCUPATION: Manager of the Emberlight Venture Company.

PATRON DEITY: Nald’thal, the Traders.

HEIGHT: Stands at 3'1”.

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good, Type Two.

Ul'dah-transparent.png Orobino Dalabino
Keeper of the Company
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 22
Height 3’1”
Nameday 25th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Guardian Nald’thal, the Traders
Sexuality Heterosexual
Marital Status Engaged


Orobino is a young, friendly Lalafell native to the Ul’dan area. Growing up a merchant’s son in Drybone, Orobino knows his way around a deal as good as anyone. Despite being born into the merchant class, Orobino was always amazed by the adventurers who passed through town, and he spent what off-time he could manage at the city watching the gladiators in the ring and listening to stories in the Quicksands. Sensing a calling, he signed up with a mercenary company with a good reputation and was soon appointed a manager of their affairs within Thanalan. He handles deals with merchants as well as seeking out contracts for their commander Ezrah Kiam.


Physical Characteristics

Orobino stands three fulm, one ilm tall, not counting the crest of red hair that grows wild from his head. His skin is tanned from the harsh Thanalan sun and the nature of his green eyes mark him as one of the Dunesfolk.


Orobino often wares loose clothing fitting desert life. Clothes fit for work and travel that are carefully tended to and mended.
When the need calls, Orobino also has formal Ul’dan garments for when he attends trade bazaars and merchant meetings in the city.


Orobino is a young, wide-eyed lalafell with big aspeations. He is friendly, approachable, and always fair in his dealings with people. He is eager to learn, and will often listen in on stories or lessons he happens to overhear. He will go out of his way to visit the coliseum to see a fight or to witness a demonstration of Thaumaturgy.


Orobino has practiced with both the militia around Drybone as well as members of his Company in martial skills, wishing to emulate his heroes. He struggles to wield larger weapons, but is deftly agile and a natural with short swords, daggers, and fist weapons. He also has a talent with channeling aether, and can be often seen practicing spells he’s seen in Ul’dah or read in a book he’s had shipped in.


  • Orobino wields short swords often checked out of the company stock. He is most comfortable using the short spatha style blades of bronze or iron.
  • Orobino also keeps a pair of knives tucked into his kit for defending himself along the roads of Thanalan or in the alleys of Ul’dah. They are simple, steel stabbers that he keeps well sharpened.
  • Tucked in the depths of his bag he keeps a short focus rod for use in practicing magic as well as a book of spells he studies from.


  • The feel of the Sun on his face
  • Triple Triad
  • Listening to stores whenever he can find them.


  • Cold weather.
  • Being cheated, or feeling like he’s getting the short end of a deal.
  • Negative talk about the Sultana.


  • Practicing his martial skills.
  • Playing or watching others play Triple Triad.


Romantic Interest Family Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing


Papadino Maradino – Father and merchant from Drybone.
Lalana Lana – Mother and lover of desert flowers.


Nanako Nako – Fiancée and love of Orobino’s life.
Ezrah Kiam – Mentor and leader of Orobino’s company. Gave him his first big break and an opportunity to work his way out of Drybone.

Common Rumors

  • “He’s Papadino son isn’t he? Don’t see him around the shop much anyore.” – Drybone workman.
  • “He’s always sitting around here, drinking his water slowly and listening to anyone who’ll let him get close enough to hear.” – Waitress, Quicksand.
  • “Yah, he usually makes the big fights, but I haven’t seen him around too much lately.” – Vender, Ul’dan Coliseum.
  • “Every time he comes around, it’s ‘Have you seen Nanako?’. Boy’s got a one track mind when it comes to that girl.” – Innkeeper, Silver Bazaar.

Moderate Rumors

  • “I’ve seen him training in the yard in the mornings.” – Brass Blade around Drybone.
  • “When I was looking for an escort along the road from Ul’dah, he came up out of nowhere and pointed me in the direction of a couple nice young guardsmen for hire.” – Traveling magister.
  • “I’ve seen him playing that Triad game with some of the youngsters near the merchant stalls. Waste of time if you ask me.” – Ul’dan commoner.

Rare Rumors

  • “I was told I’d be meeting the manager of a mercenary company, but I didn’t not expect this guy to walk into the room! Turned out alright though, got what we needed and for a decent price.” – Merchant Guild representative.

PC Rumors


Out of Character Information

  • Server: Balmung
  • Time Zone: US Central GMT-6

Personal Roleplay Limitations


  • Mature content including violent themes, sexuality, and drug or alcohol use or abuse in so far as it adds to a plot-driven encounter.
  • Mature language.
  • Temporary injury and incapacitation.
  • Temporary captivity or imprisonment.


  • Romantic or Erotic Role play.
  • Permanent death or any long lasting injury to my character that I have not approved of.