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Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of Dunesfolk culture is it's traditional dwellings - structures affixed to the backs of large beasts of burden. The luminous eyes of the Dunesfolk are the result of a glossy, protective layer which covers the pupil, an evolutionary response to the glaring sunlight of their home region. Many individuals wear a small gemstone on their forehead, representing their zodiacal sign.

The Dunesfolk can be found on the scorching sands of Thanalan and other such arid areas. As the founders of the merchant city of Ul'dah, they are famous for their obsession with commerce. A natural inclination to transform ideas into action has served the Dunsefolk well in their business dealings.

Additional Notes

Transcribed from Vavaki in Ul'dah

I myself am a Dunesfolk, as you may have noticed. Our kind is a feisty little bunch, with a long history of life in the desert. From an early age, we are made to drink a traditional herbal concoction to raise our resilience to poison, as nearly all the plants and animals in our native lands are venomous. But since migrating to Eorzea, this resilience seems to have absolutely no effect--an interesting fact of Eorzean toxicology!

And please, take note of my eyes. There is what appears to be a thin layer covering the pupil, yes? That too is an evolutionary response to the environment--our body's way of protecting the eye from the harsh rays of the sun and errant grains of sand. Unfortunately, it limits detailed ocular research to Dunesfolk cadavers.

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