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Take this blade and make for yourself a future to be proud of.



BIRTH NAME: Ezrah Kiam.

INFORMAL TITLES: Ez, Ezzie, or Kiam.

RACE & CLAN: Hyur Midlander.


AGE & NAMEDAY: Twenty-seven. 26th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon.

ORIENTATION: Heterosexual.

MARITAL STATUS: Single but courting.



COMPANY: The Emberlight Venture Company.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Goblet 6th Ward Subdivision, Apartment 78.

OCCUPATION: Commander of the Emberlight Venture Company.

PATRON DEITY: Oschon, the Wanderer.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: Stands at 5'10”. His weight is 160 ponze.

ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good, Passive Type.

Ul'dah-transparent.png Ezrah Kiam
Ul'dan Mercenary
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 27
Height 5’10”
Nameday 26th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Sexuality Heterosexual
Marital Status Single


Born the son of a Thanalan merchant in the hamlet of Waymeet, Ezrah is very much a child of the desert. Under the guidance of his mentor Ronik Argonar, Ezrah learned the mercenaries trade within the city-state of Ul'dah by taking various contracts from the Immortal Flames as well as private contracts for guards and escorts through the dangerous Thanalan desert that surrounds the city.
After Ronik retired from the company, Ezrah adopted the role of commander, and has spent the past couple of years trying to keep the company together. After years of establishing themselves as reliable retainers, his concerns have grown about the state of Eorzea once again. With stories of war and conflict finding their way to Ezrah's ear, and fresh sightings of Garlean scouts moving along the borders of Thanalan from Bluefog to the Sagolii desert has caused Ezrah no end of concern.
Ezrah in his traveling gear.


Physical Characteristics

Ezrah is a tanned Hyur male who stands 5 fulms and 10 ilms tall. He has a lean, athletic build shaped by his time in the military and as a mercenary. His black hair is roughly cut, short stubble grows on his chin , and his eyes are emerald green. His left cheek is marked by a jagged burned scar that’s he’s carried for the past five years.
On the right side of his chest, below his arm, there is a scar caused by a blade, and both of his hands bare various nicks and scrapes from sword combat.
He writes with his right hand, and adapts a combat stance with his right foot dominant.


Living as he does as a sell-sword, Ezrah often finds himself in need to appropriate battle attire. Typically wares a set of steel armor plates over chain mail when he goes into combat.This armor is well tended to, but shows signs of frequent repair of the steel plating, the leather flaps that protect his sides, and the chain rings that protect him beneath.
When seen around Ul'dah, Ezrah wares a dark blue shirt of local style, open in the front and lose around the sleeves. To keep the puffy ends of these shirts from interfering with anything, or accidentally knocking over his glass, he tucks them into the cuffs of some fingerless gloves. He also typically wares thick twill riding pants over his cotton leggings, and simple boots on his feet.
If the situation calls for it, Ezrah also owns Ul'dan formal attire, but he doesn't often find an occasion to warrant it.
When traveling abroad, Ezrah wares a thick doublet over a long-sleeve wool shirt for warmth. Around his waist he carries a belt suitable for traveling, with pouches for anything he may need at arms reach.
As a contractor for the Immortal Flames, he possesses a blue soldier’s coat he'll wear when the need arises. Typically, when he has occasion to ware this, he'll put it on over his normal set of armor.
He doesn't typically ware any baubles or trinkets on his fingers, neck, or ears.


Ezrah is generally agreeable. He doesn't take offense easily and usually tries to keep a level head. He keeps his problems and opinions to himself unless he’s asked. When asked, he is honest and direct with his opinion, wanting to be absolutely understood. He has a love of absurd humor and will often laugh or make light of situations he finds strange.
To those whom he considers friends, Ezrah is generous and candid. He keeps his word, as well as any words shared in confidence, and always strives to fulfill his promises. He will come to the aid of his friends at a moment's notice, and he'll do what ever he can for them.
For people whom he does not know well, Ezrah can seem distant. He sits back and takes his time to gage new company, and often asks probing questions to get the measure of people. He is rarely rude, but has been known to be terse with those he finds offensive or annoying. Once Ezrah makes a decision about you, whether friend or no, it can be quite difficult to change his stance.
When going out in the field, Ezrah is adaptive, and is quick to come up with alternative plans if something goes badly. He follows orders if he feels they make since and if the commander appears competent, but he will be critical of anyone whom he feels is incompetent.


He’s trained in a variety of martial areas and can wield a sword, spear, or dagger with competence, but his skills in magic on the other hand are nearly non-existent. He is most proficient wielding a sword and shield, and typically caries a thin steel sword nearly a yalm in length. The sword originally belonged to the mercenary commander Ronik Argonar and has been recast several times over its decades of use.
Ezrah Armor.png
Ezrah maintains a relatively simple suit of armor consisting of a vest of steel plate supplemented with chain mail bound together with leather patches along his sides. This suit has been repaired several times, and signs of mending of the chain, stitching of the leather, and forged patching of the armor are apparent to anyone with an eye for such details. Despite the worn appearance, Ezrah takes pride in his gear, and he treats it well, knowing it has saved his life on numerous occasions.
Ezrah Sword.png
The sword Ezrah carries looks a bit long to be wielded with one hand, as if it was made for a larger person, which it was. Originally wielded by his company's founder, the Arganar Blade is a tempered steel sword nearly a yalm in length and sharp along both edges. Its tang is encased in an ashwood handle fitted with iron facets, but the guard and pommel are both forged steel. The blade itself has been broken and reforged a few times in its life, and each time the blade has come back stronger. Ezrah treasures this sword, as it was a gift from not only his commander, but from the man who took him in after he traveled to Ul'dah. He keeps the blade honed and oiled, carefully storing it in a leather scabbard when not in use.
Ezrah Shield.png
The shield Ezrah typically uses is larger than he had been used to. He claimed it from a supply cache the Flames had set aside to reward independent contractors, and it carries a bit more decoration than Ezrah would prefer, but at its core it's a solid shield with a steel outer layer folded over oak and leather. It bares many marks from use, and many signs of repair over the years.
Ezrah Greatsword.png
Lately, Ezrah has taken up the use of a greatsword he recovered from a stash of recovered gear hoarded by the Amalj'ah South of Little Ala Mhigo. The steel blade itself is well over a yalm long, with the hilt and pommel coated in golden brass. The large grip of the sword, as well as the first fulm of the blade, is covered in dark, desert drake leather.
Ezrah Lance.png
When the need calls for it, Ezrah is trained as a pikeman as well. He prefers an iron-tipped ashwood spear, and often carries one strapped to the saddle of his chocobo, Scratch.
Ezrah Knives.png
Not wanting to ever be caught empty-handed, Ezrah keeps a pair of steel daggers tucked into the sides of his boots. More often than not, he uses them to idly carve bits of wood into poorly made shapes, but they have been used in combat before.
Ezrah keeps a lucky gil coin tucked into his front pocket. This coin was the first one he earned as a freelancer. When bored, Ezrah will often take the coin out and spin in idly on a table, watching the light catch the metal.
Ezrah Journal.png
Tucked into his pockets is an old, leather-bound journal that has seen seasons of use. Its deep brown cover is un-decorated but oiled with care, and the pages within are filled with entries and sketches of Ezrah’s travels.
Ezrah Triad.png
Tucked next to his journal is a pack of Triple Triad cards. They are older cards that have seen their share of play in the taverns and campsites around Thanalan. Ezrah does not play the game particularly well, but he enjoys playing anyway.
Ezrah Papers.png
Ezrah also typically carries a bundle of pamphlets of various jobs and hunts he’s collected for work. He will often seek out jobs his company can do.



The Emberlight Venture Company was originally founded by Ronik Argonar as Ronik's Blood-Moon Argonauts several years before the Calamity. Ronik gathered a select group in individuals to help keep border settlements in Thanalan safe from Amalj'aa raids and, later, Garlean incursion. Originally the group consisted of displaced Highlanders like himself, typically Ala Mhigan refugees, looking for work, but soon his numbers included ranging Miqo'te from around Thanalan and the Black Shroud as well as savvy Lalafells from the city proper looking for excitement and a chance to travel beyond the stone walls of Ul'dah.
It was during this time that the Blood-Moons raided a coven of cultists experimenting with aether along the border of Mor Dona. Reports from the border settlements said people had been going missing along the road, and when Ronik's company came upon the cultists, the only living victim they could find was a young Miqo'te with dark skin and fair hair chained to the wall surrounded by half a dozen robbed men, all dead. Refusing to speak of what happened, Ronik took the young man in, hoping to find some way to help.

Battle of Carteneau

When the call went out from the Flames for all able bodied men to march against the Garleans at Carteneau, the Blood-Moon Argonauts were amongst the number. Many of their number fell on the field, by both the sword and by the flames unleashed by Dalamud. Afterwards, only Ronik and a handful of others remained. Returning to Thanalan the group came upon the town of Waymeet bestroyed by Amalj'aa. Within the inn, they discovered two lone survivors, the barkeep and another refugee named Ezrah. Together, they returned to Ul'dah with worries of what the future would hold.

Arrival of the Ishgardians

After the threat of the Garleans seemed to be behind the nations of Eorzea, the forces of Ishgard returned to their isolationist policies. One group of warriors, known as the Dragonwatch, expressed disapproval of this decision, causing their exile. These Dragonwatch Exiles, led by a woman named Simone Reveille, consisted of a number of well trained soldiers, including some from prominent families. At a loss of where to go, the exiles dispersed amongst the other city-states, doing what they could to continue their mission of helping the people. Eventually, Simone Reveille and her chosen guardsmen, made an alliance with Ronik, coming together under the Blood-Dragon banner for the first time. Together, the pair helped keep roads clear and people safe as Eorzea recovered from Bahamut's wrath.

Change in Command

Tragically, Mme. Reveille was struck down by an Ixal arrow as the company was journeying along the paths of the Black Shroud. A harsh blow to the Ishgardians who had remained under her command, many of those who remained took their leave. Among those who stayed was her second in command, Raus "Ghost-eyes" Delacroix, along with his apprentice from Gridania, Beausoleil Duboisvert. Exile never set well with Raus, and as he stepped into Simone's position within the company, his desire to return to Ishgard only widened the rift between the Dragonwatch Exiles and the original Argonauts.
Perhaps sensing his own waning abilities, Ronik Argonar soon relieved himself of his command, transferring the office to his young protege, Ezrah Kiam. This did little to help relations within the company, as Raus resented taking orders from the younger Hyre, and soon the Dragonwatch remnant operated under the Blood-Dragon banner on paper only. Ezrah accommodated his Ishgardian counterpart, and only interacted with the Elezen when business demanded it.

Traders of Limsa

Seeking an opportunity to stabilize his band of sellswords, Ezrah invested in a trading company operating out of Limsa Lominsa called The Azure Road Trading Company, run by Nanomi Nomi and Claudia Kenny. The two traders quickly established a warehouse in Ul'dah and began importing delicacies from the coast that suited the growing merchant class while exporting Ul'dan wares. This partnership has kept the Company going when contracts run thin, and is overseen by Orobino Dalabino.

A Setback, and a Revelation

With the failure of Ezrah to pursue the wayward Dragonwatch members beyond the borders of Ishgard, the company returned to Ul'dah to regroup. While going through Ronik's old files, Orobino discovered records of the company that dated back further than Ronik had led them to believe. Infact. it would appear that the company originated as a company of brothers serving as armed escorts for traders traveling between Ishgard and Ala Mhigo. Among these papers was a ledger recording an open business deal between Ronik and an branch of the Fortems family. This revelation may serve as the key that gets the company through the gates of Ishgard.

Cold Sundering

A decision by emberlight.
After crossing into Ishgardian territories in search of the wayward Dragonwatch Exiles, Ezrah found himself swept up in the roaring conflict of the Dragonsong War. He followed the trail left by the returned Ishgardians through the cold north until he at last came upon their camp north of the Steel Vigil. There he found the remains of his men, broken by dragon's anger and frozen by Coerthas cruelty. In the months following this Ezrah lost all contact with his allies beyond the borders of Ishgard and he found himself once again alone in a strange land.

A Flame Awoken

Near the end of the Dragonsong War, Ezrah was sought refuge from the howling winter storms in the Forgotten Knight tavern. As he sat close to the dying fire, he reflected on all those he had known who were not lost, and those who remained scattered to the wind across the realm. He would return to Thanalan soon to retire the company he inherited from Ronik and accept what future the fates would give him. Staring into the glow, Ezrah had not noticed the approach of a small Elezen girl. She came to the fading fire with a pair of tongs and took from it a glowing red ember carefully placed in an iron bowl. “What is that for?” he asked her. “Momma will use it to light the fire in our room,” she responded before quickly departing, less the heat fade entirely.
It was in this moment that Ezrah felt a sense of renewal. The fire of the Blood-Dragon had been spent, but a few embers yet remained. He would take those embers and rebuild the company once more, but this time it would be his. He departed Thanalan as the adopted commander of the failing Blood-Dragon Company, but he would return as the founder of the Emberlight Venture Company!

People of the Company

  • Ronik Argonar - Founder, retired.
  • Simone Reveille - Commander of Dragonwatch Exiles, deceased.
  • Ezrah Kiam - Current commander of the Emberlight Venture Company. Negotiates and delegates contracts as well as leads in battle.
  • Makaib'a Miaoko - Officer and Ezrah's second. Gathers intelligence and handles stealth or assassination missions.
  • Chester Liddel - Appointed officer and representative to the Maelstrom.
  • Raus "Ghost-eyes" Delacroix - Officer and commander of remaining Dragonwatch Exiles stationed in Northern Gridania and Coerthas.
  • Orobino Dalabino - Manager of the Company. Takes care of the office and ensures messages get to the people they need to get to. Handles the day-do-day business of the company.
  • Nanomi Nomi and Claudia Kenny - Suppliers and provisioners of the company. They ensure the storehouse has what's needed for operations as well as handling the companies various investments.

Guild Website

The Emberlight Venture Company Website



Ezrah outside of Ul'dah, enjoying the sun.
  • The rain.
  • Warm weather.
  • Spiced Ul’dan wine.
  • Music played by locals on the streets or at festivals.
  • Listening to people's stories.


  • The cold.
  • Politics.
  • Courtly or fancy gatherings.
  • Loud drunks.
  • Fools or immature people.
  • Mornings.


  • Enjoys carving wooden figures with a small knife, but they're generally rough and discarded once he feels he's butchered the wood enough.


  • Strives to keep his commitments and promises.
  • Guards his reputation and strives to maintain it.
Romantic Interest Family Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing


Aelfric Kiam - Ezrah's father, worked as a trader until his death.
Yuri "Lilly" Tsukano - Ezrah's mother, born in Doma and married young to a foreign trader. She is also deceased.
Graciea "Grace" Kiam - Ezrah's older sister, whereabouts unknown.

Friends (Balmung Canon)

Nina Rune - A young woman from Gridania whom Ezrah has been trying to get closer with.
Makaib'a Miaoko– His right hand man in his mercenary group. Ezrah values his friend’s discretion and efficiency.
The Zed Brothers, Z’hotin and Z’agota – Two trouble-making Miqo'te who have made their home in the Black Shroud.
Raus "Ghost-eyes" Delacroix– An Elezen from Ishgard who’s been living in the Shroud since his family was exiled from their homeland over internal politics.
Nanomi Nomi – The lalafellin woman who keeps his bunch of mercenaries supplied and fed.
Chester Liddel– A young man from Limsa Lominsa who has a talent for the arcane. He’d be a real asset if he could be pulled away from his many distractions.


  • Scratch is the ever faithful chocobo companion of Ezrah. Liberated from a caravan sacked by the Amalj'aa, Scratch has light golden feathers that end in yellow-orange tips. He bears several scars along his neck and right thigh which resulted from injuries sustained during the attack on the caravan. When accompanying Ezrah in the field, Scratch's saddle is strapped with traveling gear as well as several weapons including Ezrah's spear, bow, quiver, shield, and sword. This makes the bird rather noisy as it travels the dusty roads of Thanalan and beyond.
Ezrah and Scratch

Ezrah's Apartment and Office

Ezrah keeps a residence in the apartment tower of the Goblet high on the 7th floor. The flat is small, but comfortable, with a small living and dining area at the front and two private rooms at the back. One room he keeps as his private chambers, while the other operates as the office of the Emberlight Venture Company. The chamber’s small chandelier leaves the chambers dimly lit, but Ezrah has small lanterns spread around the flat to provide a comfortable amount of light.

Common Rumors

  • “Isn't he that Ul’dan merc always complaining about the weather in the common room?” – Server from Dragonhead
  • “He’s always first to volunteer for recon runs. He really knows his way around the patrols.” – Flame Officer, Camp Bluefog
  • “Yah, I think I saw him wearing a Flame coat waiting in the tavern down the road for someone. Kept to himself mostly.” – Brass Blade patrolling Central Thanalan

Moderate Rumors

  • “I wonder who he’s always meeting with at this hour? My wife said she saw some Miqo'te skulking around, I hope he isn’t got caught up in something illicit!” - Barkeep
  • “I offered to make him something for that burn on his face, but he didn't seem interested.” Lalafellin alchemist
  • “He didn't leave a man alive! We were just ordered to intercept the scouting party, but he put every last Garlian to the sword. Afterwards, he kept to himself, but asked me how could any of them keep fighting for a monster… he was well into his cups by then.” – Ul’dan mercenary, Northern Thanalan

Rare Rumors

  • “I don’t remember seeing him around before the Calamity.” Ul’dan local
  • “He said he was from a town sacked by Amalj'aa. Not many survived apparently, and the others were tempered… poor bastards.” – Waitress, Ul'dah
  • “We was all getting’ blessed before headin' into the field, but he seemed a bit irritated. Boy needs to learn to make time for the Twelve.” – Older Merc, Revenant’s Toll

PC Rumors


Ezrah does not poses the echo himself, but that does not mean others with the gift could not catch glimpses of his past. Echo events of Ezrah’s past are experienced in brief flashes from his perspective. If your character wishes to have an echo experience of Ezrah’s past, please let me know. I will decide if a vision occurs as well as which vision below is seen by the player character.

Echo on Flame

You vision is filled with flames, and your ears the sound of roaring and screaming. You feel burning heat tearing at your chest until you see your hands tearing off the chest plate and send the smoldering metal piece into a shallow stream of water nearby, casting steam into the air. You crawl over to the water and pull yourself over to look into the dark stream and see a face looking back that is barely recognizable as Ezrah Kiam. The face is covered in soot, and the eyes wide in shock, and the skin on the left cheek charred and smoking. The scream is almost drowned out by the rest of the chaos.

Echo of the Sun

The hot desert heat beats down on the cracked earth of Thanalan. A large older man with long white hair stands ready with greatsword raised and a smirk on his face, “One more time?”. Your head nods and you rush forward with a raised blade of your own. Steel clashes as the large man deflects the quick blows of your smaller blade, but he is forced to make several steps back. Suddenly he turns his blade and your vision is filled with the blinding reflection of the desert sun. “Gah! Dirty tricks!” you hear echoing in your head. “To survive in the desert you must be prepared to fight dirty. Thanalan is unforgiving, learn from it.” You feel your head bow and raise your sword, “Again.”

Echo of the Shadow

This vision feels very different from the slice of life vision typically glimpsed through the power of the Echo. This vision is of something deeper, something primal within the soul of Ezrah. From a black, formless void comes the image of Garlean soldiers charging forward, then one by one hey are cut down by an invisible blade. Then another soldier forms on his knees, arms bound behind him. He’s crying, calling out for mercy. Hatred fills your mind, and the invisible blade strikes once more spilling the man’s intestines upon his lap. Slowly the red blood turns black as the intestines become tubes and wires. The slumped form begins to jerk and shake, his sounds taking on a certain mechanical tone. The figure rises from the sitting position and begins to awkwardly stumble forward. “FOR THE EMPEROR!” the creature screams in a robotic voice before it explodes in a shower of sparks and metal.


Early Childhood in Waymeet

Ezrah was born in the village of Waymeet, a hamlet in Thanalan along the road to the Black Shroud in the year 1550. Ezrah grew up in his father's shop, listening to merchants, tradesmen, and travelers as they passed though buying what they needed to selling what they didn't. Keeping a careful eye on the young Ezrah was his older sister Graciea, ever ready to swoop in to keep the young boy out of trouble, either of his own making or that caused by the other boys in the village. Ezrah enjoyed playing along the edge of the woods near their home, and would often try sneaking up on the militia watchmen.

Growing into Adulthood

When Ezrah was in his early teens, the reach of the growing Amalj’aa threat found its way to their provence. The militia would often patrol the roads, and merchants passed along the roads in fewer numbers. When he wasn’t helping his father, Ezrah would train for the militia with several of the other teenagers. When he was sixteen, he formally joined up with the Waymeet militia, taking a keener interest in martial skills than the merchant ones his father tried to instill in him. When Dalamud began to grow ever larger in the sky and the wilds began to become ever more dangerous, Ezrah answered the call of the Immortal Flames to answer the threat. He would march with them to the fields of Carteneau.

Aftermath of the Calamity

Ezrah's scar as it is today.
After witnessing the events at Carteneau, and receiving the injury to his face, he became entirely disillusioned and abandoned what was left of his company. He journeyed back to the village Waymeet just to find the aftermath of a major Amalj’aa invasion. He took up arms once again to help get the few survivors safe to Ul'dah, where he settled himself in and started his life over. He joined up with a small band of sellswords led by an aging Highlander named Ronik Argonar called the Bloodmoon Argonauts. Soon they merged a company of exiled Ishgardians known as the Dragonwatch Exiles led by a woman named Simone Reveille, and operated under the name of Blood-Dragon Company ever after. After a few successful years earning Ul’dan gold, the old man retired and command of the unit passed to Ezrah, as did Ronik's sword.

Recent Events

Recently, his company has been dwindling in number. Many members went their separate ways after an unfortunate change in the Flames policies towards contractors while others fell to Beastmen and Garleans while on the job. Now, their numbers are few, and rumors of trouble on the horizon have Ezrah concerned.

Most of this information is known to almost no one living in Eorzea apart from Ezrah himself. Knowledge of Ezrah that is possible to be known begins after he arrived in Ul'dah after the raising of Waymeet by the Amalj'aa and is reflected in the Rumors section.

These are the entries made in Ezrah's leather bound journal beginning on the 10th Sun of the Third Astral Moon, roughly six years since the Calamity.

10th Sun of the Third Astral Moon
The following is written on paper smudged by stray water marks
Got my papers today, I’m officially a member of the Harbinger’s company. After what happened with the Flames at Bluefog, I’m glad to be free of my contract and a few malms away.
It may take a few days for my affects to find their way to me here from the old office, but I decided to go on ahead and see the headquarters for the first time, unfortunately the sky opened up on me as soon as I got off the ferry.
Got to the building easy enough, trying to keep my papers as dry as possible, but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. The main hall seemed empty when I arrived, though I heard some commotion upstairs, sounded like someone was being tended to. I got my papers drying on the table just in case I need them when things settle down.
Found a bunk room that was free and figured it’d be fine if I settled in. This place is much nicer than the office we operated out of in Ul'dah! I’ll have to write M. and let him know what all’s happened, and where he can find me if things don’t go well on his end.
Hopefully this storm will pass, and I can get a chance to take in everything. In the meantime, I think I’m going to head downstairs to the cantina and see what I can scrounge together for dinner.
12th Sun of the Third Astral Moon
Got my apartment settled finally. It came with some basic furniture already, which was a welcome sight, but my effects from the Ul'dan office finally made it here. The remaining effects of Ronik’s Argonauts are secured in in the office, hopefully they’ll of use at some point.
I left word for M. at the usual location, hopefully he’ll get it. I’m not sure how he’ll take the news, but he’s adaptive, and he'll get the word to the others.
I mingled a bit in the downstairs tavern and got to meet a few of my new comrades.
17th Sun of the Third Astral Moon
All’s quiet.
I’ve not heard back from M. I know he’s most likely fine, keeping a silent eye on things, but I’d still at least like something. Possibly more worrisome is the lack of word I’ve received from Ghost-eyes in Coerthas. I’m sure, with the increase in dravanian aggression, he’s been busy, but that makes his silence all the more unnerving.
It’s been all quiet here as well, for me at least. I’ve managed to meet more of my new comrades, and the groundskeeper was kind enough to fill me in on how things are done around here to some extent. Still, sitting at the bar, drinking coffee in my chambers, M. would find himself with the rare occasion to give me quite the ear-full. And he’d be right.
Tomorrow, I'm going to set out South to see if I can rendez-vous with M, or at least get an idea on why there’s been no word from him.
Early night tonight, early day tomorrow. I hope all is well.
18th Sun of the Third Astral Moon
Started out before dawn for Thanalan. The manor was still quiet, as was the road through the forest. Dawn pierced the canopy and I thought about the stories I had heard about the Shroud, and the spirits that held dominion over it for so long. Such was their power that many who chose to live under the trees had moved under the earth as well, if what I’m told is true. If so, what happened? Did the calamity weaken their hold, or did they change their feelings on mankind living amongst the woods? Unlikely.
Breaching the forest’s edge is a most unique experience, the cool and the stillness trapped by the woods gives way to the wind and the sun. I've always liked the heat, and it reminds me of my journey south after Cartineau, but I things were different then as well. Not all change is for the better. I took lunch at Drybone, and heard a lot of rumors from the miners who worked there. Merchants, too, passing supplies west to Ul'dah talked of an increase in Brass Blade activity, but they all seemed nervous to speak with specifics.
Ul'dah brought more of the same, but with less hospitality I fear. Miners and merchants gave way to solders, grim and terse, especially to strangers. No sign of M. amongst them, and my inquiries were dismissed out of hand. Some of the sell-swords were a bit more open to talk, but they didn’t have anything worth telling. Orobino confirmed my guess that my messages had been picked up in the usual spot, but none had been delivered.
Moving north with a caravan to the Coffer soon. Keep the wagon safe for the price of room and board, although neither is likely to be much in that outpost. A cot and a block of cheese, cured pork if I’m fortunate. Hopefully I’ll get some news, something to make this trip worthwhile.
19th Sun of the Third Astral Moon
I’ve made a terrible mistake.
Leaving the company, thinking things would sort themselves out while I made a place for myself elsewhere. I already have a place, and I’ll not let some shady politics cast that into doubt again.
I received word from Orobino that old friends are coming out, looking for us. I’m heading back Ul'dah, once more, to the castle of gold and sand.
I’ll send word to the Harbingers, have my effects removed and shipped back south to the old storage room they know all too well. Maybe I’ll get a chance to fight at their side one day, but it will be as a Blood-Dragon Argonaut, as it always should have been.
Renewed focus, we’ll need it in the days to come.
20th Sun of the Third Astral Moon
Not often do I have the chance to share a drink with both fate and irony.
Last night, upon reaching the Quicksands, I chanced to encounter one of the Harbingers I had made myself acquainted with in my brief stay within their ranks. W'zota Tia, of the Wolf tribe naturally. An accomplished fighter, if his boasting is any indication, and an accomplished drinker by my own witnessing. I’ve not had the opportunity to speak with many Miqo’te about their lives with their own kind. M.’s naturally quiet about most things, and his original people’s definitely amongst them. Even the Zeds chose not to share much about their time amongst the Ziz. As is their right, of course. I should be the last to begrudge someone for keeping a bit of their past to themselves.
But, he shared some interesting stories of his tribe’s struggle with the Garleans near Ala Mhigo. He was even in his cups enough to sing a battle song used to scare the troops before the attack, and I must admit, I’d hate to be on the receiving end of such a tune.
There was a woman as well, one from Ala Mhigo who had been conscripted in her youth but had not found freedom and a will to fight her former masters. To speak so freely about being a former soldier for the Empire, in the heart of Ul'dah. I found it encouraging, if not a little humbling.
Cheers to both fate and irony, may we all be in our cups.
21st Sun of the Third Astral Moon
Finally, we’re making some headway.
I was sitting in the Quicksands waiting to hear from Orobino about his search for M. when the man himself graced me with his presence.
He filled me in on the bad news. Ghost-eyes had made North, to Coerthas, about a month ago it would see. That line up with the rumors I heard around here – other exiles speaking of a “Pilgrimage of Halone”. No doubt the increase in dragon attacks has many Ishgardians thinking of home, and maybe hoping for a chance to earn back their place. M. and I are setting out soon in hopes of finding Raus before his head is decorating a pike along the Steps of Faith.
I should also look into the brothers. It was their job to keep an eye on Raus, and they have once again failed in that charge. M. suggests I find them work with the Adders, hopefully something that’ll keep them engaged.
Another thing M. reminded me of, my commitment to Nina. It’s been far too long since I’ve written here, and longer still since I’ve seen her. I was hoping, once things calmed down around here, to take Scratch and seek her out again in the Shroud, but it seems that is still to be a while yet, so a letter will have to do. I’ll pen it tonight, before making ready for the airship ride tomorrow.
27st Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon
Fresh page, fresh journal. I'm afraid the old book was confiscated when we tried to cross into Ishgardian lands chasing Raus and the others. Just one in a long list of failed attempts I'm afraid. Dark times followed, and I fear for my old friend's life. Word of dragon attacks reaching a fury, and of witch-hunts against "apostates" even spreading South to the Coerthas borderlands.
Orobino has been going through the paperwork from the old Bloodmoon Argonauts that Ronik kept in his personal ledger. It seems the old man kept some secrets even from me! Apparently the company dates back before the Garlean invasion of Ala Mhigo, when young Ronik and his brothers would hire themselves off as caravan guards for the road between Ala Mhigo and Ishgard.
Orobino found a particular ledger that may prove to be just what we need. Apparently, there's an old contract for labor between Ronik and a branch of the Fortemps House that he never collected on. If only I could use this to get past the gatekeepers, then we could resume our search for our missing companions.
I'll have to hunt down the old man, see what light he can shed on all this. I know he doesn't want anything to do with the Company's business, but I need some answers.


The Knight of Woeful Sorrow (Freya's Theme) by Abadoss, AndyP, and Fishy

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