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Very much a work in process. Only Recent History will be posted, at a later time.




Aren Tensard is cursed with the malady of ever-changing shape, and is considered a strange man. Toting knightly chivalry and valor, despite what forms he takes, Aren strives to bring peace to Eorzea. Born in lands of conflict and war, Aren has never been ignorant of battle and how easily life is lost which fuels his heroism. Rebellious and cold toward stifling traditions, Aren is a man of the world that lacks sympathy for the purposely close-minded. However, he is not an anarchist despite being considered a hellion and overall oddball by those that know him through hearsay. A veteran Adventurer, Aren Tensard commits his energies and blade to the defense and preservation of Eorzea despite his issues with its politics.

Aren was blessed with the Echo, and tends to keep such information about his "gift" to himself and only trusted relations.

Disclaimer: I treat the Echo as a tool to aid in story-telling, not some means to meta-game Wiki-knowledge. I will never use it to make Aren remark about things he should not know about other characters before they ever have met. With that, this is not an invitation to use Aren's Echo as your personal tool to engage or force his sympathies. RP is mutual writing, so work with me if you want to involve this trait of his.


Aren's appearance is ephemeral, often leading the people at large and the adventurer's guild to investigate and question individuals seemingly using the name as an alias. But some traits between his appearances remain, namely his ice-blue eyes and azure colored hair. His height tends for the taller average, and his constant training leaves him fit and muscled.
Aspects That Stand Out:
Tends to always dress in blue colors.
Usually wears armor everywhere he is seen.
Generally carries a singled handed or two-handed sword.


Aren generally carries himself in public with a reserved, if not stoic, demeanor. He acts polite, courteous, and apologetic as befitting of a Ishgardian Knight. He does not get violent when angered, tending instead to defuse or resolve such conflicts with words or disengaging. With close-relations, Aren is much more personable and jolly. His humor tends for self-deprecation to express his natural humility, and his sense of humor is great. Generally charitable, Aren enjoys helping those in need (great or small.)

When in stressful situations, Aren tends to withdraw into knightly mannerisms and speak overly politely to all present. In combat, Aren is decisive and reckless, throwing himself at the enemy to attack as well as intercepting blows intended for others. If something or someone gets Aren sufficiently worked up, such as blatant injustices, he becomes passionately enraged and takes a very long time to fully calm down. Aren is generally blunt, but is polite about it (he is somewhat more polite and delicate with women.)

Aren is terrible with money, as he always tends to buy the best instead of settling for what would be adequate.


Traveling. A soul in transit, Aren is most alive on the roads.
Adventuring. Helping others, and being paid for it. Much more gratifying that stifling knighthood.


Traditions. They can easily become chains to unjustly restrain people, and the pain they cause is often ignored.
Racism. Aren abhors this, and anyone attempting to justify it.
Injustice. The quickest way to make Aren violent and hate someone.
Katana Swords. He refuses to hold or wield one ever.


Riding. On chocobos or mana-cutters, Aren loves to feel the wind across his face.
Exercise. More of a lifestyle, Aren does indulge in the odder training regimens he thinks may produce results.
Gardening. Aren grows flowers for tea and to spruce up his estate.


Confidence. Aren knows himself, his limits, and when he can break them. His will is not easily shaken or broken.
Wisdom. Experience gained from others and his own lets Aren thrive when others have fallen.
Chivalrous. His manner and polite tones have served him well in spite of his oddities.
Empathetic. Aren cares for others to a reasonable degree, and this patience has opened doors for him.
The Echo. The Boon of the Mother Crystal allows Aren to fight Godly Beings without being enslaved to their divine will.


Easy to Read. Aren is terrible at hiding his intent and his body language often betrays him despite his stoic face.
Lonesome Heart. Aren easily becomes sullen if left by himself with nothing to occupy his mind, impeding his judgment for the sake of companionship.
Morally Fluid. Aren's open-minded attitude often has him excusing and encouraging certain sorts of behavior that society would otherwise abhor. Additionally, it can make him unappealing self-righteous when calling others out on their own morals.
Irefull. Aren can forgive, but those that gain his Ire will never be fully trusted again.
The Echo. The Burden of the Mother Crystal weighs on Aren, which leaves him tired and antisocial at times.


Truth and Justice - Aren acknowledges there is no real true justice, but knows seeking and delivering both will make the world a better place.
Retirement - Aren attempts to save for an easier life in his later years, and rewards easily move him forward.
The Echo - The False Deities summoned must be slain, and the Echo reassures Aren of his path.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Mother and Father (Parted Ways)
Aren's Thoughts: "Live well, and do not harm others."
Exiled by his family from his home long ago, Aren does not concern himself with his family but does not bare them ill-will.
Prisasaso Saso (Business)
Aren's Thoughts: "I would be all the more poorer, and have spent more time in gaols without her knowledge and aid."
Aren's official handler and "boss" from the adventurer's guild. He surrendered custody of his Free Company to her, unable to shoulder the bureaucracy along with field work. He is completely unaware of the love she has for him, nor has she ever admitted it.
EA Sangrid (Complicated)
Aren's Thoughts: "Do you live? Do you hate me? I wish to know, but we left each other for our reasons. I bet your are still a stubborn, stubborn woman."
Previously romantically involved, Aren takes blame for separation due to their personal criminal histories and his lonesomeness. He feels he failed her.
Morrina Kahkol. (Involved)
Aren's Thoughts: "It was sudden, impulsive, and foolish. But you remain, despite my curse."
Aren's current lover, though mostly remains a mystery to him. He minds her privacy, and welcomes her forward nature despite her wishes to keep her history to herself.
Nonora Nora (Presumed Deceased)
Aren's Thoughts: "I failed to protect you, or my state drove you away."
Aren's first long lasting relationship when his form was of a lalafell. He has mourned her, but has moved on .



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Aren Tensard? That lalafell that claimed to be an Ishgardian Knight?" Ul'dah Smallfolk
"That blue 'knightly' fellow got in trouble with the Brass Blades again. Sent the three guards flying before running off. Heard it was all to protect some beggar-thief." Ul'dah Smallfolk
"I could have sworn that was that Tensard fellow headed off with that dancer. But then I saw the miqo'te tail, and was certain I was mistaken." Quicksand Regular
"No, I am certain Aren Tensard is a Sea Wolf Roegedyn. Crashed an airship into the Twelveswood, the dullard!" Proper Gridanian Dame
"Please direct any fellow named Aren Tensard to the Conjurer's Guild or any Twin Adder. We have questions for him." Gridanian Conjurer
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Oh, 'Ser' Aren Tensard. The murderous Knight-Errant. Still, t'was amusing what he did to the Rhut Family. I bet the son had that knight slaughter his parents for the inheretance. " Ishgardian Gossiper
"First proper and decent Xaelan man I met. Who could have thought such savage people could be taught proper chivalry. " Open-Minded Knight
"He was so dashing and exotic! Never had I seen a man larger and stronger than the temple knights! A shame he was too straight of an arrow... " Improper Scholasticate Girl
"Aren Tensard? I heard he was raised by dragons! Not the Steppe folk, but an actual dragon! It is no wonder he aided in the reformation of Ishgard's government!" Excited Liberal
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"The man was a sky pirate. Fled after claiming some Allagan tonic that warped his appearance. Considering all the killing he's done, probably wanted a fresh start. " Former Sky Pirate
"If you happen to see a knight garbed in blue enter forbidden areas of the Twelveswood, inform the Twin Adders stationed nearby. Do not attempt to stop him yourself." Hearer of Gridania
"What a curious thing that Knight has. To have walked so many lengths of life, past and present? I wonder if he change this month as well, hm hm hm..." Suspicious Miqo'te Scholar


Request personal rumors added here from in-game or on Discord.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.



Player Note
I am an adult man that plays a lot of video games! Before FF14, I helped manage and provide story-based events in various RP communities. While I do not manage or hold such events often, I still enjoy telling involved and character challenging stories. The greatest bane to RP is mixing emotions from IC into OOC feelings, and having suffered that several times myself I know not to do that to others.
Personal RP Limits
I am generally opened minded toward most things, and will welcome most interactions or discussions in-character or otherwise. However, I cannot tolerate silly or exclusive RP habits very well. I prefer my RP to remain immersive as much as it can, and do not appreciate character's acting 'modern' or speaking out of context like they are from the internet.
I will play most kinds of RP, but ERP situations will require a fade-to-black. I personally prefer mature role-play, with characters constructed for development and the creation of stories. Having a character completely established and maintained in lore is not demanded, but it does help preserve immersion. Temporary character injury I will tolerate if you ask about it before hand.
I won't play situations that ensure my character's death, permanent physical or mental injury, rape and other sexual crimes/deviations, or player-character murder. I do not enjoy ultra-dark RP, or RP that breaks the established lore utterly. I do not personally enjoy male/male romance so do not approach me to request for such. I do not particularly enjoy /random combat, but will comply with it in order to complete a scene where fighting cannot be avoided. But I will not cripple my character or destroy his equipment because of a /random number. Nor will I compromise my character with /random or allow others to do such without my permission.
Please keep these in mind when contacting me, thank you very much! The best way to contact me is in-game or on the Mateus RP Discord!
This is the internet and lying is very easily done. I will not disclose any personal details beyond what I have shared here, and rarely do so in private conversation. I created this wiki to provide information and structure to promote RP, not to invite meme-posting, twitter-nonsense, or be someone to vent your life's frustrations on. Please do not abuse this RP net-working as rando-chatroom stuff. I want to make stories, not invite social media dribbles and drabbles!
Writing, thus Role-Play, is strictly a hobby for myself. I do enjoy discussing character details OOCly, but if you message me for more information about Aren my reply is going to be 'Approach him and RP when he's IC!' Or tell you to start an RP scene in Discord. I also tend to create RP logs of sessions I particularly enjoy. Naturally I would share those chat-logs with those that participated in them. If that makes you uncomfortable, you should voice it early on and request I do not save such.


Potential Plot Hooks
May these facts about Aren's habits and fame/infamy help you engage or create a story we can mutually enjoy!
The Adventurer's Guild often guides new souls and those needing aid to the Lions of Eorzea. The prominent adventurer within the company, Aren Tensard, always welcomes those earnest in seeking advice or simple labors. Representatives of the Adventurer's Guild in Ul'dah and Gridania will all relate that Aren Tensard is reliable if odd (and they will always report, truthfully, what form he is at current.)
Aren Tensard suffers a very strange mallady: semi-consistent form changes to various shapes of mankind. From Lalafellian to Roegadyn, Aren has been sighted as a different shape of man. His handler, Prisasaso Saso, has covertly posted bills requesting the aid of mages and scholars to help solve Aren's problem. He is aware of this, and has opened up to those interested in his condition.
Aren has a deep history of rebellious actions and downright murder within Ishgard, and hardly hides his prefer method of combat: the arts of the Ishgardian Dark Knight. This paired with his experience and fame in dealing with things of occult or dire nature (like the Black Magic of Mhach, the White Magic of Amdapor. If your character seeks someone knowledgeable and comfortable with illegal or taboo knowledge, sources of information would direct your character to Aren for someone honest and reliable.
Aren, like many adventurers, has the Echo. This is a burden to him, for all of the expectations from Eorzea's people and from the small amount of visions he gains from this blessing. He has a tense connection to the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and has very thin associations with some prominent story-characters. If your character is interested in the greater conflict threatening the world, politics, or shares his gift/burden of the Echo and wishes to engage about that, it can be done in a serendipitous manner or by some other means. I will not tolerate your character immediately knowing Aren has the Echo, as it is a secret he does his best to keep.
Aren participated in the war against Alexander in the Dravanian Hinterlands, aiding the efforts of the Warrior of Light against the Illuminati Goblins. Aren does not personally know the Warrior of Light, who they are, what they look like, or even their gender. Aren has fought against Ifrit and Garuda as well, but not in the presence of the Warrior of Light. The Adventurer's Guild, Immortal Flames, and Twin Adders know of Aren's deeds and occasionally call for his assistance in matters of City-State security.
Character Lore Adherence
As from my own words here, I am very forgiving to how the lore is bent and manipulated to suit a story. If you can make it make sense to me, in-character, then I generally will accept it. If you feel you need to explain a nuance or bit of lore to better appreciate or understand your character, please do so out of the game. I am not a stick-in-the-mud about having fun with the game's lore, as I do that myself with Aren's shape-shifting because I am very fickle. With that stated, I do not tolerate player-made lore that would not 'realistically' fit into the game universe. I role-play in this game because I enjoy its lore and the world it has built, and I do not like inserting things from other games/fiction/show into it. Exceptions can be made, but those are quite rare.
Bottom-line: I will not judge or correct your take on the lore without your permission, thus expect the same from you. If you feel the need to criticize my RPing or characters, do so out of game and constructively. Keep your negative rants and remarks to yourself, please.

Name - Aren Tensard
Race - Elezan....? At least of Mankind.
Age - Late Twenties
Name Day - Sometime in the Spring
Deity - Nymeia the Spinner, Halone the Fury

Alias: The Blue Knight
Citizenship: Ul'dah
Occupation: Adventurer
Hair color: Azure
Eye color: Ice Blue
Complexion: Fair
Piercings: None
Marks or tattoos: None
Alignment: Neutral Neutral
Key Items: Dark Knight's Soul Crystal
Favorite Food: Beef Stew with Buttered Bread
Favorite Drink: Grape Tea
Favorite Color: Blue
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