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Goblin Tribes

"The goblins are short little monstrosities, though amicable enough. Time was they could often be seen throughout the streets of Ul'dah peddling wares. You will certainly know one if you come across them. They never take off their distinctive masks, and always bear seemingly unbearable packs on their back. But I fear you won't come across them. None have, in fact, for quite some years now. Some say they only make one great pilgrimage every hundred years to the cities of man. But who is to say? Perhaps the recent rise in adventurers such as yourself among us will bring them back once again." - Vavaki, Ul'dah

Strange gas masks and large backpacks are the trademarks of this tiny beastman race, the Goblins. Many are gatherers (Disciples of the Land) or crafters (Disciples of Hand) and they helped support the economy of Eorzea from outside any city walls. However, within the past few years, it seems that the entire race of Goblins has embarked on a pilgrimage undertaken by their people once every hundred years.

Important Figures

Mutamix: A Goblin that introduced the other races to the art of creating and melding materia.

Qiqirn Tribes

"The Qiqirn look, for all intents and purposes, like rats. They are known to have tremendous appetites, which they will sate by feeding on nigh anything -- from rotten meat to hot trash. More than once I've taken one to the Phrontistery, only to have it steal away to the storerooms and gorge itself on medicines until its stomach burst or its heart stopped or some such ridiculousness. All the same, they are exceedingly clever things. They know their numbers as well as any scholar, and have a gift for merchant trade, as well. The Phrontistery even employs some to keep their books. In fact, there's a funny story about that. For no more than a dodo egg, the gluttonous things will even let me stick a-- Oooh! Nevermind that last part." - Vavaki, Ul'dah

Important Figures

Kokoroon Quickfingers: A multi-talented qiqirn thief, it is said that Kokoroon Quickfingers is so nimble that he can empty a man's purse and have the pouch back on his belt quicker than the blink of an eye. Originally from La Noscea, Kokoroon earned fame in the Sailors Ward of Limsa Lominsa where he would use his deft digits to strum jolly tunes on his lute, luring audiences into absent-minded revelry. Then, during intermissions, he would mingle with crowds, laughing and sharing tales, all the while snatching coins from the pockets of his unsuspecting victims. Needless to say, it was not long before Kokoroon had a bounty placed on his head by the Knights of the Barracuda, and was forced to flee across the Strait of Merlthor to the parched deserts of Thanalan where it is said he still wanders today, lute in hand, ever in search of his next victim.

Sahagin Tribes


This aquatic race of beastmen reside in a city built at the bottom of the Indigo Deep. Known for attacking ocean-faring ships and dragging sailors screaming into the murky depths, the Sahagin are often the subject of angry and fearful curses on the streets of Limsa Lominsa. Despite this, the Sahagin have a following known as 'Serpant Reavers', a group of pirates with connections to the Sahagin and composed of the five races, who operate within La Noscea. It is unclear how they became allied, though it is said they are turncoats, forsaking Limsa Lominsa to work for the Sahagin. They are given a wristlet upon induction, marking them as a member of the clan.
Since the advent of the Seventh Umbral Era, these hostile denizens of the sea have taken to seizing territory along the Vylbrand coastline in order to establish new spawning grounds. The sahagin worship Leviathan

Kobold Tribes

"The kobolds are stout, mole-like creatures who live inside the fiery mountains of O'Ghomoro situated in northern Vylbrand. Because of the way they are built, it can appear they run on four legs, which leads people to believe they are closer to animals than they are the five races. However, this could not be farther from the truth, as the kobolds are devoid of most any barbaric traits.
They are, for one, known to be extremely pious, and consider ores and metals to be the carnal manifestations of their patron deity, Titan. They also possess advanced knowledge of smelting and armoring, utilizing techniques to rival even the renowned smiths of Naldiq & Vymelli's." - Merewina, Limsa Lominsa

The kobolds are a race of mole-like creatures who have excavated a warren of tunnels beneath O'Ghomoro, a mighty peak rising in northern Vylbrand. Believing the ores of the earth to be a gift of the primal Titan, these subterranean beastmen seek to divine their deity's teachings through the arts of alchemy and metallurgy. Despite forging a peace agreement with Limsa Lominsa, recent conflicts over mineral deposits have led to a resurgence of hostilities. The kobolds idolize Titan.

Amalj'aa Tribes

"The Amalj'aa are a lizard-like race of nomadic beastmen who inhabit the environs of Paglth'an to the north and east of Ul'dah, where they subsist by hunting the region's wildlife. They are comparable in size to even the largest of Roegadyn, and possess near inexhaustible stamina. They could be an immensely valuable ally -- if only they could be trusted... But there is certainly no hope of that in the near future. Since no more than a year past, there has been widespread talk of the Amalj'aa amassing their forces for an assault on Ul'dah. My research to develop a drug to counter their -- Oh... Oh dear. Best forget I said that." - Vavaki, Ul'dah

The hulking Amalj'aa are a race of nomadic beastmen who inhabit the grasslands of Paglth'an, where they subsist by hunting the native wildlife. These worshippers of the primal Ifrit believe that the region of Thanalan has been purified by sacred flame. In their efforts to reclaim this holy land, Amalj'aa warriors have clashed time and again with the forces of the sultanate of Ul'dah.

Sylph Tribes

"The sylphs are a wee folk of the Twelveswood, or Black Shroud as the outsiders call it, who speak the language of the trees. They may appear adorable at first glance, but when their fury is on them they lust for blood as deeply as any of the other beast tribes. Irreverent gatherers and hunters, and even wayward travelers stumbling through the trees are oft taken by the greenfolk and never heard from again. Yet we have come to learn that they mean only to protect the wood as we do -- in their own way. They are not considered to be absolute enemies as other beast tribes are. Indeed, Gridania even maintains some dealings and exchanges with the sylphs, though their lack of societal structure lessens any impact that might be had." - Properlain, Gridania

A diminutive people who dwell deep within the Black Shroud, sylphs resemble delicate dolls wrapped in vibrant leaves. By and large, these woodland folk hold favorable relations with other races, and have become an almost common sight since a trade in crystals was established. The Garlean invasion of the Black Shroud, however, has quickly soured the sylphs' view of outsiders. The sylphs worship Ramuh.

Ixal Tribes

"The Ixal are the sworn enemies of Gridania -- craven birdmen who live in the reclusive canyons and valleys of the eastern reaches of Abalatia's Spine. They oft breach the Hedge and trespass into the Twelveswood, foraging for plants or hunting small game. Theirs and ours is a timeless war. The scholars tell us that the stunted wings and coarse feathers of the Ixal are vestiges of a time when they could fly freely through the skies. But they were not content with their gift, and sought ever greater power to oppose the very winds that bore them. They learned to build ships full of air that allows them to move in great numbers, appearing suddenly from above to attack the unwary. For the nonce, it is all we of the Gods' Quiver can do to oppose them." - Prosperlain, Gridania

This aggressive mountain tribe claims the wind-blasted canyons of Xelphatol as their domain. Though their race has long since lost the capability for flight, the feathered beastmen are fervently proud of their vestigial wings. The Ixal stage frequent raids into the Black Shroud, and fell trees to offer in worship to their patron deity, the primal Garuda. Such behavior, however, leads to violent confrontations with the people of Gridania.

Moogle Tribes

"Good King Moggle Mog, to save his people, he lowered them to the promised land. But unable to lower himself, in the heavens he remained. All moogles await his glorious return." - Unknown

The moogles are a race of furry creatures with bat wings, and a pom-pom between their ears. Said to worship a legendary king of ages long past, Moogles are the friendlies of the Spoken, even moreso than Goblins and Sylphs. Moogles have two-part names that both start with the same letter. This letter is K for male moogles and P for female moogles. The last name of male moogles seems to often be one syllable, while all first names are two syllables for both genders. No name exceeds two syllables.
Examples of male names are Kupdi Koop and Kupli Kipp, for females Pukla Puki and Puksi Piko. Some moogles have names that deviate from the pattern - such as Moggle Mog XII.

Long reluctant to meddle in the affairs of men, it may be the suffering wrought by the Seventh Umbral Era that proves to be the catalyst which beckons the lovable creatures forth from their trees so that they may share their wisdom with the realm's people.

Important Figures

Good King Moggle Mog XII: Of the innumerable tales passed down through their race, there is one which claims prominence above all others: the legend of Good King Moggle Mog XII, which explains the origins of mooglekind. The legend holds that, in a time long forgotten, the moogles dwelled in the heavens alongside the Twelve. However, a great war broke out among the gods, and the celestial realm was laid to waste. Upon seeing this, the reigning moogle monarch, Good King Moggle Mog XII, lowered his subjects down a rope—the longest ever woven—to the realm of mortals, that mooglekind might again know peace. Or so the tale goes.
In contrast, our own histories mention naught of any such conflict among the Twelve, and scholars were unanimous in branding the tale a product of the imagination. Of late, however, events have transpired that serve to cast doubt on that conclusion. Recent moons have seen first-person accounts of encounters with Good King Moggle Mog XII being reported nigh without cease, and even the most orthodox of thinkers have been forced to reconsider their opinions on the matter.
By now, all Gridanians—and most adventurers—will doubtless be familiar with Louisoix, head of the Circle of Knowing, who has journeyed to our nation for no other purpose than to quell the mounting primal threat. The native of Sharlayan has identified the moogle monarch as a primal, whose voracious appetite for aetheric energy could end life as we know it upon Eorzea. Coming from such an authoritative figure as Louisoix, these tidings are grim indeed.

Dragon Tribes

(Detailed information about the Dragon Tribes will be added in 2.0)

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