Dimah Synae

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Dimah Synae
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Patron Diety Halone, the Fury
Age 22
Marital Status Single
Height 5'1"
Weight 115lbs
Orientation Straight
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Dimah was born in the slums of Ishgard, she lived with only her mother, as her father had left before she was born. As a child, she was afflicted with a terrible physical illness that prevented her from functioning in society. She was often ridiculed and teased for her illness. When she was about twelve, her mother brought her to see a miracle worker, whom healed her illness with a single touch, for the first time in her life, she was whole. This however made no difference to her bullies, she was still a victim, easy prey for those stronger or cleverer than herself, they beat her when they could, using her for their sport. When she turned 16, the inquisitors of the Orthodox church, arrested and executed Dimah’s mother on charges of heresy, Dimah only narrowly escaped with the help of a family friend, a down on his luck soldier, who lived nearby in the Slums.

During their sojurn, he was injured many times, and with no physical ability of her own, she managed to patch up his many wounds using only bandages. They arrived in Camp Tranquil, where her as-so-far guardian left her in the hands of the Padjal. Here she dedicated herself to trying to learn the ways of the white mage, so that the next time her wandering soldier comes to take her somewhere, she would be better able to help him.

8 years later, she currently resides in Uldah.