Jeanette Lenoire

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Jeanette Lenoire
Fancy background, no?
Jeanette at Camp Skull Valley at night.
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Ul'dah
Fashion level Fashionista
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Basic Info


The Lenoire family is a line of black mages from mother (and sometimes father) to daughter and Jeanette is no exception. However, during her studies in the Thaumaturge guild of Ul'dah, she found that she greatly enjoyed the fancy clothes of the wealthy class, not to mention the parties and lifestyle that came with it all. Thaumaturgy being a respected art in the city, she used her natural talent to her advantage and has been working hard to gain influence in the city. Things however were moving slowly for her and the path to wealth was long and hard through magic alone.

One day, as she walked in the streets of Ul'dah, her train of thought was interrupted by a particularly moving speech. A speech about heroes gone to fight battles and those who stayed behind. About how those people deserved support and how those without the means to fight could help them win their battles. A talk about the birth of a guild of craftsmen dedicated to offer the best weapons and armors to those fighting for the future.

As a thaumaturge who risked her life a few times, she knew exactly what this woman, this Miqo'te meant. An adventurer, be it a disciple of magic or war, is only as strong as his weapon and only as tough as his armor. Indeed, the strongest heroes are born, not only from courage, but also from the harmony between the strength of their heart and the strength of their weapons, for without strength heroism became foolishness.

Impressed with the woman's intensity and words, she waited for the crowd to disperse and approached one of the men working on the large sign that would soon find its place over the gates leading into the main hall of the building. In large, proud letters, the sign read "There are no heroes. Only courage and good equipment." She asked the men the name of the woman who just delivered this moving speech from the balcony above and went inside to be greeted by the woman herself.

With a small bow, the tall Elezen returned the greeting and spoke those words. "Miss Dawnpride, even as I use my magic on the field of battle, I know I depend on my staff for power and my robes for protection. I would lend you my skills as a weaver to help not only myself, but my fellow mages become what is required of them in this time of need." She then added with a grin: "and looking good while doing what is required of them as well, while we're at it. After all, heroes are so much more inspiring when they have both quality equipment -and- great looks, wouldn't you say?"


While she was not born to wealth and isn't really wealthy now, Jeanette still acts like a high class lady. She is in fact more classy than some noble ladies of Ul'dah and isn't easily scared either, being a thaumaturge, delving into the abyssal secrets of destructive magic and all. She is usually rather distant, sometimes even cold, and typically ignores with disdain any negative comment on her duskwight heritage. She is equally at home, with a glass of wine and a beautiful gown in a party, a needle and working clothes (but pretty ones) in her workplace, or a staff and battle robes (but fancy ones) raining destructive magic on her foes.


None right now.

Other Notes

Ex member of the Silver Anvil and creator of one of it's slogan "To vanquish Evil, use Silver Anvil."

Also creator of the Lenoire Magewear brand and it's slogan "Destroying Evil never looked so Good."

Character Tropes

[[1]Kicking Ass In All Her Finery] is what she aspires to as a Thaumaturge/Weaver

[[2]The Fashionista] is half of her, with...

[[3]The Lady of Black Magic] being the other half.

[[4]Dark is not Evil] "I prefer to call it 'efficient'." -Jeanette

[[5]Combat Pragmatism] "Fighting with honor? Please! I aim to win, not inspire poems about my defeat." - Jeanette