K'unari Vehn

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Garlemald Flag.jpg K'unari Vehn
411 × 616 pixelspx
"A song, a dance with you, death? Yes. There is no love here."
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Garlean
Place of Birth Paglth'an
Guardian Azeyma
Nameday Date 15th day of 4th Astral Moon (Age: 19 )
Marital Status Single
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Height: 57 ilms

Hair:  Shoulder length and ebon black

Eyes:  Blue

Clothing Style: Dark and slightly tom-boyish, K'unari's style has been influenced by the pirates she grew up with. Mostly she wears comfortable but sturdy breeches or trousers with heavy boots and a simple shirt or bathing suit top. Occasionally she likes to dress up, but there has to be a good reason; K'unari prefers to be comfortable and flirty in her own way.



  • K'unari doesn't have many hobbies, but she does like to collect compasses and fills books with pressed flowers


  • thunderstorms
  • dancing
  • festivals
  • pubs and taverns
  • explosives


  • Peeling vegetables
  • animal cruelty
  • snowy or just very cold weather


  • Color:  Purple
  • Food: Acorn cookies, Apple bread
  • Drinks: Rosehip tea
  • Scent: Honey and mint.
  • Place: Sunny beaches and verdant forests
  • Festival: All Saints' Wake and the Starlight Celebration


Outwardly K'unari appears to be most concerned with wealth, but her motiviations and aspirations are much deeper and known only to her. 


Chaotic Good



  • K'unari believes whistling while at sea is bad luck and can bring about a storm


  • Slow to trust new people
  • Secretive


  • Being imprisoned or enslaved in some way
  • Losing the very few individuals she cares about


  • K'unari has quite a talent for lying. She is also very calm under pressure and has made use of these skills before as a spy of sorts.

Family and Relationships


K'amah Vhuer - mother (deceased)


Regnum Garlemald

Music Themes

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[1] Crystallize - Lindsey Stirling

[2] Storm Song - Phildel

[3] Rose Red - Emilie Autumn


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Name and Lifestyle

Name Etymology

Her name is K'unari Vehn - the K prefix indicating her birth into a Hipparion tribe of Miqo'te Sun Seekers. Unari is her given name and the surname Vehn comes from the Nunh who sired her.


None yet.

Current Residence

K'unari lives primarily in Limsa Lominsa but has safehouses near Ul'dah and in the Black Shroud as well.


Birth and childhood (0-12)

  • (0-1) She is born into a tribe of Sun Seekers near Paglth'an. Her mothers disdain for the Nunh of their tribe leads her to flee shortly after giving birth.
  • (1-2) Her mother travels far to the northeast, eventually ending up in northern Vylbrand.
  • (3) Her mother is murdered during a trip to Limsa Lominsa. She is found by a Sea Wolf Roegadyn named Greinskyf. He is the captain of a pirate ship called The Widow's Wail.
  • (4-7)She spends her early years sailing with pirates. Under the captain's protection, she is taken in and taught to cook. She also learns to read and count.
  • (8-12)Her duties grow to include caring for the wounded and ill members of the crew. At age 10 she has her first encounter with an elemental spirit, who is drawn to her innate healing talents and begins to teach her the intricacies of ancient healing arts.

Teen Years to present (13-19)

  • (13)Her tutelage with the Elementals of earth and water continues in secret. Unknown to the rest of the crew, her powers grow.
  • (14)Dalamud falls. At this time, The Widow's Wail is sailing through the Sea of Jade and encounters the roughest storms any aboard had ever faced. Eventually the battered ship arrives at the southern shores of Ala Mhigo near Rothlyt Sound. Here they discover a young Hyur Midlander laying, near dead, in the sand. After reviving him, the Hyur says his name is Edmont. Then, just like K'unari years earlier, Captain Greinskyf takes Edmont into the crew.
  • (15-17)She becomes romantically involved with Edmont who is close to her in age and has much in common with her. Eventually he reveals to her that he's a Garlean refugee with plans of eventually rejoining his kinsmen and restoring his homeland's glory. Being deeply in love by this point, she vows to help him achieve his dream. Months later, their ship is attacked by a Lominsan Naval fleet on the Rhotano Sea.
  • She is one of only four to escape the siege. Edmont and Captain Greinskyf aren't so fortunate. She follows the convoy of prisoners back to Limsa Lominsa only to witness helplessly as they are hanged for piracy and a slew of other charges. Heartbroken, she has no idea of what to do now. She remains in Limsa Lominsa.
  • (18-19)She dedicates herself to strengthening her magic, supporting herself by hiring out her healing talents to traveling merchants, parties of adventurers, and even pirates. She also begins delving into alchemical studies, teaching herself what she can from books and experimentation.

Other Notes