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<td style="padding-right:10px; text-align:right; font-size:10px; font-weight:bold; color: #000000; text-transform:uppercase; border-right:1px solid">Romance info</td>
<td style="padding-right:10px; text-align:right; font-size:10px; font-weight:bold; color: #000000; text-transform:uppercase; border-right:1px solid">Romance info</td>
<td style="padding-left:10px; text-align:left">Taken - Polyamory.</td>
<td style="padding-left:10px; text-align:left">Single - Poly - Uncaring.</td>

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Ꭰαυɢнтer oғ Ꮢн'eтĸι

“These flowers are all fangs. Comfort me, fury. Wake me, witch,”

A puzzling thing with a wild heart is how she'd prefer to present herself. The luster of her hair upon an ocean of ink black waves and curls, toppling and freely unraveled over her disciplined, feminine features. History of conflict riddle her palms and face; rituals and soul binding vows course through her veins and curse her eyes to forever glow a ghoulish celestial and rose hue. A strange pure-bred Keeper, she. Misfortune wears her as an accessory, earning her titles that vaguely suit her. Muse for Hire. Bounty-Hound. Kinslayer.

Race Miqo'te.
Clan Keeper of the Moon.
Age Twenty-Three ~ Twenty-six.
Nameday ???
Deity Azeyma, The Warden.
Romance info Single - Poly - Uncaring.
Occupation Petty Assassin. Huntress. Singer for hire.
Height Approximately five fulms.
Build Boyish, lean, and muscular.
Language(s) Fluent Rhino; Seeker & Keeper Huntspeak; Passable Common Eorzean.

— appearance —

Turning your attention to the woman, her eyes are often the first feature that's noticed. A kind, warm pink claims the left eye. While a peaceful, brilliant green has the other. Both mysteriously emit an unearthly glow wide enough to reflect off her tan cheeksbones.

While she hosts many scars on her body, the most visible is the long, unevenly healed scar on her left eye starting from her upper forehead and curving into her cheek.

Rhuaza often wears an annoyed, outwardly jaded expression. Without this, her looks can easily cause misconceptions of her mannerisms being approachable and polite. She counters this by adopting masculine fashion and carrying weapons openly at all times. This, in turn, gives her a specific charm.

Presenting at five fulms high and moderately built, Rhuaza's not shy about flaunting her body. She supports light muscles from biceps, abs, all the way to her calves. Her form is one of a young, fit woman; though missing the allure of defined curves or bust. Often she'll keep herself in shape through regular excerise to maintain agility for hunts and sellsword missions. Otherwise, her slim lion's tail is directly responsible for her quick speed and efficient balance.

On uncommon occasions, casual picked city clothing will squeeze against her form. Her style embraces masculinity and boyish flare, and is either tightly fit, with just enough freedom in the joints of the clothes to leave her agility unaffected; or she's draped in black robes, organized and sharp from the neck down.  

VOICE : Singing Voice. Speaking voice: Raspy, Boyish, Tough, Mature.


☋ Mark of Rhino . . . To honor her previous tribe, Rhuaza dips her pinky finger into dark smear, and dashes the painted pad of her digit. It appears as a small Rhino horn. As the last of her people, she wears this out of respect and mourning.
☋ Sisters of Gold . . . On her ankle, this mark is hidden under thick gauze. It's a common symbol worn by a young servant girls. This typically meant they were not allowed to be touched and could only be dancers, caretakers, and house cleaners. It was a time she would rather forget, and often doesn't speak about. She stayed in this entertainment house for a cycle.

— ✖ —
— personality —

Stubborn. Hot-headed. Devoted. Rhuaza is a woman of common sense and pride; most of her decisions are hardly ever made from whims. This applies to trusting when faced with new people as well. She experiences a moment of insecurity and reluctance until a bond is made overtime. As a friend, she's determined to bend over backwards to meet their needs, often forgetting her own.

She is noticeably quiet and collected. Very rarely will the woman open her mouth unless it's something of importance or an insult. She prefers to observe and analyze people before engaging...when she's calm. Her anger makes her reckless, arrogant, and brutal. Without hesitation, her childishness will push her to use her strength irresponsibly, whether it be for saving a comrade or petty revenge. Her close combat expertise—though something she's not proud of, comes from having frequent fights in her adoptive tribe. Granted, she fought without form or purpose. Her behavior was nothing more than a child finding an outlet. Nevertheless, she took these basic skills and converted them into a channeled talent as a pugilist in her late teens.

The older she becomes, the less rampant her emotions are. She has better control over them with practice and patience, however, her temper is still something she continuously works on. She's a shy, unsure woman underneath the beaten and bruised surface. Time has taught her to thicken her skin and sharpen her tongue. Occasionally, her sweeter side will reveal itself to those she cares about.

✧singingA once scorned hobby that turned into a beloved skill of hers. She uses her voice during any mood, be it to uplift her sorrows or to match her bubbly mood.
✧plum wineEvery. Damns. Time. Rhuaza will always order this drink if it isn't water. Her deep, borderline obsessive fondness for this drink is hardwired, and she isn't open to share why.
✧people watchingHer eyes are always sizing the room. After cycles of observing city folks in her youth, the habit of watching others' outings or perk an ear into conversations develpoed its hidden pleasures.
weaknessIn both her tribes, weakness is looked down upon and, in some cases, punished. She grew up learning that endurance and fearlessness will keep her alive. Anyone who accepts their shortcomings is seen as a waste of time to her.
heavy armorNever will she fit herself into heavy chainmail. Like most Miqo'te, her fancy lay with ceremonial robes, agility enabling clothing, or airy gowns.
gunsLoud. And almost useless for hunting. She does not yet understand how to operate one...and she's content with this ignorance.
alignmentchaotic neutral
faultsaether manipulation, morbid, tempermental, smoking/drinking habit, arrogant, thrill-junky, loyal to a fault.
favorite foodsspicy, vesty, soups, meats, shroud fruits.
favorite colorpink.

— ✖ —
— soundtrack —


❦ ArcheAge - Izu Theme ❦
Context: Main Theme

The Verve - Already There
"I thought my best days had left me
My best years had left me behind
Then I felt them come back (to me)
All the wild eyes know what I mean
// 'Cause I'll be hearing music till the day I die"

Shawn James - Through the Valley
"I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
And I'll fear no evil because I'm blind to it all
And my mind and my gun they comfort me
Because I know I'll kill my enemies when they come
Surely goodness and mercy will follow me
all the days of my life
And I will dwell on this earth forevermore."

St. South - We Washed Texas
"Lonely, is how you know me.
So here's the journey,
of how we slowed.
Run 'til your legs break.
Love 'em 'til your heart leaks.
Never thinking old."

Rideaux Lunaires by Chilly Gonzales
Context: Hidden kindness being shown

Chilly Gonzales - White Keys
Context: Somber Theme

NIER OST - Blu-Bird
Context: Rage; feral fighting

NIER OST - Gods Bound by Rules
Context: Main fire & ice magic theme

— ✖ —
— ooc —


▹  Pleased to meet you and thanks for checking out my RPC! I'm open to many scenes that range from casual to R-rated. I require the player & OC I'm role-playing with to be 18+. Underage of any kind will be ignored & possibly blocked.
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▹  I am not walk up/tell friendly. On the spot role-play is only offered to friends. Instead, please set up a date with me if you want role-play.
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▹  balmung & mateus server, cst, american

personal limits

▹  I will play . . . Mature and/or dark content and themes (violence, sexuality, drug / alcohol use). Coarse and explicit language. Injury and incapacitation.
▹  Ask before . . . Using OOC knowledge of Rhuaza in RP. Including my character in story missions, public arcs, or multi-day scenes. Long-term and/or permanent injury and disfigurement. Captivity or imprisonment, either long or short term.
▹  I won't play . . . ERP/sexual themes. Permanent character death.

— ✖ —

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"She is dangerous when she is hurt. She can easily destroy everything around her, but she doesn’t. Instead she destroys herself." - Aletta S.