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(Magefist Forms)
(Magefist Forms)
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The Agents composed of Cerina, Autgar, and Zachary as the melee specialists. Louma, Dylan, Suwan and Reks the magick experts. Martin, Geofri and Bones provided firearms and long range tactical support.  
The Agents composed of Cerina, Autgar, and Zachary as the melee specialists. Louma, Dylan, Suwan and Reks the magick experts. Martin, Geofri and Bones provided firearms and long range tactical support.  
[[File:fightmother.jpeg|300px|thumb|left|Advent Agents vs Mother]]
The group faced off against a seemingly endless tidal wave of undead cultist. Dylan bended earth to protect the Agents by creating a large pillar of stone. Louma used ice and fire to banish the undead. Meanwhile, the Mother spun a tapestry that depicted the Agents, she wore it like a cloak as she attacked with giant golden shears. Autgar and Martin fought her as she danced around. Cerina cut her with her Axe while Geofri summoned his Magitek robot to support the team. Bones threw windmills from the shadows.  
The group faced off against a seemingly endless tidal wave of undead cultist. Dylan bended earth to protect the Agents by creating a large pillar of stone. Louma used ice and fire to banish the undead. Meanwhile, the Mother spun a tapestry that depicted the Agents, she wore it like a cloak as she attacked with giant golden shears. Autgar and Martin fought her as she danced around. Cerina cut her with her Axe while Geofri summoned his Magitek robot to support the team. Bones threw windmills from the shadows.  
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Suwan stayed to make sure no lingering dark Aether was present. Reks and Cerina gathered the other Agents and took the injured back to Viktor for mending.
Suwan stayed to make sure no lingering dark Aether was present. Reks and Cerina gathered the other Agents and took the injured back to Viktor for mending.
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Martial arts enhanced by Astromantic magick. Each fighting style matches the characteristics of the corresponding Element, Gate and Deity.  
Martial arts enhanced by Astromantic magick. Each fighting style matches the characteristics of the corresponding Element, Gate and Deity.  
Opening the Gates to the Heavens and Hells is one aspect. Learning the style and movements is the other. The foci for the magick is the body. Meditation under the constellations help with Gate opening.  
Opening the Gates to the Heavens and Hells is one aspect. Learning the style and movements is the other. The foci for the magick is the body. Meditation under the constellations help with Gate opening.  

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Sharlayan.jpg Suwan B. Mindwalker
Gender Male
Race Hume, Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Sharlayan
Affiliation Astral Advent (Current), Astral Agents (Former)
Title Occult Curioso Owner (Current), Occult Sub-Department Headmaster (Former)
Nickname Strange Mage

Recent Development

During the attack on the Schism Temple where the Levinfist Tournament was being held. Suwan used his Barrier Magicks to protect the injured and civilians from attackers attempting to storm the Temple. Suwan realized he could only hold the line, he wanted to be out in the battle fighting alongside the Monks, Warriors, Ninjas and Pugilist. He was inspired after seeing the epic battle. He was Thunderforged.

Suwan has spent most of his adult life messing with Forbidden Magicks in an attempt to control things. To the point where he was cursed and turned 17 again. The now young mage is looking at his situation not as a curse but rather another chance. To not make those same mistakes and truly learn from them. He has a new focus to bring balance to his physical form, mind and spirit.

Suwan the Magefist

Suwan has spent an extended period of time traveling and training. He has met with old and new allies. Training with Sharlayan Pugilists, Geomancers from the far east and studying with Ninjas. Suwan has developed his own martial technique. A Martial arts enhanced by Astromantic magick.

Character Overview

Suwan Buwan Mindwalker is a de-aged Sharlayan mage who specializes in Space and Time Magick. He is also gifted with a strange ability to see, hear and feel the thoughts of others. Suwan is also Aether sensitive, he can see the flow of Aether just by looking deeply at a person or object. His abilities have made him an expert at realigning Aether pathways of individuals who have Aetheric blockage or damage.

Suwan is often seen in different age bodies. This age alteration and body swapping is a side effect that can occur when using extreme forms of Time Magick.

Suwan is extremely intelligent and is analytical at his core. He has strong deductive skills. Logic motivates his actions and he enjoys solving problems. His intellect has enabled him to excel in the study of various Magick Arts and a mixture of Sciences. He spends his free time reading mystical tomes and tinkering with various gadgets. He often travels to the Skysteel Manufactory and Athenaeum Astrologicum to keep current with the latest findings in those fields. His grasp of assorted Magick and Scientific techniques have helped him create OSD Talismans, Recording Crystals, Mystic Orbs and modified Astromantic Devices.

Suwan use to rely too heavily on Magick to solve all his problems. He was impulsive and sometimes acted on self-interest. He now shows more self control over his Magick and greater respect for the natural order of things.

Story Overview

Raised and adopted by an elemental mage, Suwan grew up as a child magick prodigy. He has an innate ability to store vast amounts of Aether in his body. After his adoptive father's untimely death he left the elemental mages and sought out more mystical knowledge. He studied various magick disciplines across the lands to try and find the right magick to bring his father back to life.

Suwan as an adult fell in love with a gunslinger who led him to join an Agency of sellswords who at the time were looking for mystical artifacts. Suwan’s unique psychic abilities helped the Agency and was offered a position. Quickly Suwan went up the ranks and found himself leading a group of eccentric mages who focused on missions dealing with the supernatural. His base of operations was/is his magick shop; the Occult Curioso.

As Suwan’s quest for finding the ritual to raise his father from the dead continued, Suwan found himself practicing forbidden Time Magick. This would lead Suwan to offering his adult age as a boon to a time god. For a time Suwan would revert between being a teenager, grown man, to a pre-teen and even a child. Eventually Suwan would meet his lost siblings who would help him stabilize his temporal age to that of a teenager.

Suwan spends most of his time running his Magick Shop the Occult Curioso and teaching Mages in his publicly Hidden School for the Gifted.

Story Arcs

Mindwalker Family

The Mindwalker, is a magus family bloodline that date back several generations in Sharlayan.

The Mindwalker, got their family name moniker due to their unique mind magick. Some have theorized it is some form of the Echo power, though the family itself believes it to be of their blood. Regardless of origin, all members of the bloodline have some variation of psionic like power. Being able to hear, feel or see the thoughts of others.

In the current era, the Mindwalker family live in the northern nation of Sharlayan. The current family house are owners of the Occult Curioso, Magick Shop that seems to exists in a multi location point.

Guided by Suwan, the Mindwalker family has sworn to fight off the Circle of Anterus.

Suwan as an adult.

Education of the Magick Arts

On the 6th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon an orphaned baby boy in the Everschade of The Black Shroud of Gridania was found by a Lalafell Conjurer named Buwan. The baby boy had a white brand much like a tattoo on his cheek and top right eyebrow, which was actually an Allagan barcode. The baby would eventually be adopted by Buwan and the child would be named Suwan.

Suwan started his study of Conjury in his early adolescence; his adoptive father was part of the Conjurer’s Guild and was the first to notice Suwan’s innate ability to manipulate Aether and rapid Aether recovery. After Suwan's adoptive father’s untimely death, the young Suwan moved out of Gridania and as he grew up the white tattoo on his face faded. Suwan then studied Arcanum and Thaumaturgy during his teen years. Many of the Mage guilds were impressed with Suwan's vast Mana Pool and Aetheric recovery rate at such a young age.

Suwan would spend most of his late 20s isolated from people, he delved further into the different Arts of Magick. He never admitted it to himself but Suwan was trying to find a way to see his adoptive father again or somehow save him from death through Magick. Suwan also studied Astromancy and Sharlayan Arcana as he traveled north to Ishgard. At the age of 35, Suwan began to practice and study forbidden Time Magick.

Despite all of Suwan’s knowledge of the Magick Arts, he came to the realization that without proper discipline and respect for Magick he was nothing more than a 3rd rate magician. Suwan has performed several forbidden spells and rituals. He has invoked Gods and otherworldly beings to perform high levels of Magick. He had a tendency to tamper with the natural order of things - just because he wanted to see what the results would be.

Change - Astral Agents - OSD

Suwan has gone through several changes since he joined the Astral Agents. He originally joined on Balthius Stark’s recommendation for Suwan to aid in finding the Crystal Tomes. Suwan eventually set up a Magick shop, the Occult Curioso to gain Gil for starting an Occult Sub Department within the Agency. Suwan then requested Berrod Armstrong for official approval in forming the OSD. The OSD quickly grew; unfortunately Suwan discovered he lacked the proper leadership skills to manage such a large group. All the while Suwan did not realize his relationship with Balthius was slowly waning.

Balthius Stark had taken the title of Headmaster of the OSD as Suwan had been missing in action for several moons. Suwan left his former Lover and older sister to watch over the OSD.

Sometime ago, Suwan returned from his long sabbatical earlier than planned. His Cards gave him a premonition that his presence in the Agency would be needed in the following Suns. The shadow of a former Magickal threat loomed above the Agency. It was later revealed the threat was Rysswilf.

Suwan in Grave Shadow's workshop.

Time Magick - Teen Mage

Suwan would eventually get sent to another timeline through misuse of Time Magick and then sent back to the normal timeline. Much of his time in that alternate timeline left Suwan with both mental and physical scars. Those events would lead to him cheating with Berrod Armstrong.

Suwan later turned to forbidden Time Magick again in an attempt to alter space and time to “fix” his past mistakes (specifically his adultery with Berrod). This Time Spell incidentally reverted Suwan to a younger age. With the help of Grave Shadow Suwan was able to reverse the Time Spell and return to his true age. These events would then lead to Suwan’s break up with Balthius.

Berrod Armstrong continued to teach Suwan Leadership skills. During this time The OSD became an official sub group of the Astral Agents. As the OSD grew it became less of a place of learning and more of a specialized group that focused on supernatural cases run by Suwan.

Suwan with his brothers Noel, Tim and Wong.


Suwan had sensed a psychic calling from the Collective Unconscious a few moons after he was returned to his normal age. The calling brought him to a young man named Wong who looked almost identical to a younger age Suwan and had displayed mysterious psionic abilities. Suwan would then hire Wong to work in the Occult Curioso as a steward.

Suwan would later get another psychic call from the Collective Unconscious which lead him to finding Timothy. Timothy not only looked virtually identical to young Suwan and Wong but also possessed similar psionic abilities. In fact when Timothy and Wong would hold hands their psychic powers were strong enough to the point where they could search the continent for supernatural disturbances, which greatly helped the OSD.

It was no coincidence that the Twins looked like Suwan’s younger self and had similar powers as him. Suwan decided the two Twins would work for him until he could determine what Fate had planned.

Eventually the three Hyurs realized that casting a Synastry Spell between them had the side effect of amplifying their Magicks and Psychic abilities which gave Suwan a vast amount of Aether to pull from. Using this side effect Suwan was able to transform to his younger self yet again but without tampering with Time Magick. With the the three Hyurs now all the same age they could easily create a psychic and aetheric link upon holding hands or being in close enough proximity.

The Buwan Brothers from Left to Right: Runo, Suwan, Wong, Tim.

The Triplets, located a fourth who had a similar Aetheric energy signature as them, which led to Suwan meeting Noel. Noel looked just like the other three but has yet to show if he has similar Psionic abilities. Suwan theorized that their combined quadruple power would be greater than its sum. Suwan also questioned why there were younger versions of him spread across Eoreza.

Noel has since officially joined the Astral Agents and works in the OSD. The four brothers work in unison locating supernatural disturbances and banishing otherworldly creatures.

Somewhat recently, when the Occult Curioso was destroyed and teleported away by Suwan due to his mental safeguards being shut off by moko grass given to him by Koh'li Delanoes. All of the Buwan brother's aided Suwan in locating the missing Magick shop. The Buwan Brothers ended up fighting off mystical creatures in a Tower located in the middle of the Aetheric Sea.

Circle of Anterus

With all the Void banishing the OSD has done, they have recently gotten the attention of a group that call themselves the Circle of Anterus. Little is known about the group outside of fairytale like rumors from Voidsents. The OSD has on more than one occasion been attacked by Voidsent possessed humans who warn the OSD to stop banishing their kind.

Suwan shared with Balthius and Noel something he found interesting while looking at old unsolved cases. In the last few moons there has been a large influx of unsolved missing persons OSD Contracts. All being children who all seemingly disappearing out of thin air. Suwan also pointed out there is a pattern to the missing children.

Suwan, Noel and Balthius demon hunting.

Guided by Suwan’s Locator Spell the two OSD Agents (Suwan and Balthius) ended up traveling to a small farm settlement in the Shroud. The pair began to investigate the farm. All seemed fairly normal except for the animals seemed uneasy, the air was eerily cold and the smell of sulphur was present. When night came the pair heard farmers screaming and saw them running away. The two discovered two wraith like creatures floating around a mystical portal. After the pair banished the wraithlike shadow creatures Suwan sealed the portal closed. Moments after the portal was closed two children appeared where the shadow creatures were banished. Suwan, Balthius and Noel sealed another Dimensional Portal in Eastern Thanalan.

The OSD met with the Leader of the Heirs, a group of demon hunters to discuss matters regarding the Circle of Anterus. Koh’s mentor Verner gave details regarding Five Weapons which are mystically hidden. The Weapons also have demons sealed inside them. If the Weapons are combined they will summon Anterus a demon lord. The group deduced the Wraiths are looking for the Weapons.

Balthius suggested they find and destroy the weapons. Then be done with all the Mystical stuff and move on. Koh and his Alpha suggested to destroy all traces of the Circle of Anterus and wipe their kind out. Suwan suggested to banish the ancient demons and Seal them again. In the end no final decision was made. However, Suwan made it clear to the Demon Hunter that the OSD are here to help people like the missing children, not make global wide choices with unforeseen consequences.

Suwan used his Magicks to reveal the past to OSD members by using the Occult Curioso fireplace’s flames to project images. Suwan showed them that The Circle of Anterus is still very much at large, kidnapping children and still searching for the weapons.

Most recently, Timothy and the other younger Buwan Brothers are all currently based in the Occult Curioso with Suwan. Susan has left a note informing her siblings she is going to hunt down the Circle of Anterus and will leave the care of the Occult Curioso to Wong. The Buwan family has made it their focus on shutting down the Circle of Anterus.

I Touch the Fire

Suwan called for Balthius and gave him a book. The Allagan book Balthius was looking for originally when the pair met many moons ago before Suwan joined the Astral Agents. Suwan was acting oddly and Balthius picked up on his somber demeanor immediately and called him out on it.

Suwan shared with Balthius something odd he discovered during their last mission against the Mudmen. Suwan put his hands in the flames of the fireplace and the flames did not burn him. Suwan then explained to Balthius that his body has been going through several changes. Suwan feels less human as the moons pass by. Fighting Rysswilf had forced Suwan to push his powers to their limits causing him physical changes. Which also effected his siblings. Suwan let out all his fears to his ex lover as he looked for acceptance.

Suwan then pointed out a page in the Book that spoke about Allagan chimerical creations, Suwan theorized that he might not be human. Balthius assured Suwan whatever is going on with him, he is still himself and that he accepts him for him. Balthius then pointed out and reminded Suwan that the OSD is full of Supernatural people.

Suwan then asks Balthius to help him travel to the Aetherial Sea to cast a Ritual to see into his Past. Balthius agrees. Suwan tells himself and Balthius that Fate will guide him to the answers he seeks. The two end up embracing. Suwan then teleported away in starlight.

Balthius continues to be Suwan’s rock even after all this time.

Psychic Operation

Retconned away to the Void.


Suwan traveled to the Fringes. He went to support his boss Berrod Armstrong who was running the Levinfist Tournament. Suwan saw a grand spectacle when he arrived at the Schism. Pugilists, Monks and various warriors gathered in large numbers to partake in the tournament. Several non adventurers were there as spectators as well.

The crowd listened to Berrod making his tournament announcements. Suddenly the Monk coughed ichor and collapsed in front of everyone. Suwan unsuccessful in awakening Berrod with his magick took charge asking the other Advent Agents to help. Confusion and panic took over the large crowd. A sword wielding man fell from the sky and then began attacking people. Several other terrorists appeared attacking both combatants and spectators alike. It was chaos.

Suwan quickly cast a shield around himself and Berrod’s body. He coordinated with Autgar and Balthius to get the injured and civilians into the Schism temple. Suwan sealed the entrance with his Magicks. Several of the casters and warriors stood guard outside his magicked barrier. A sword wielding terrorist appeared and summoned an army of shield maidens. Working together with strangers Suwan directed those capable to protect the innocent and injured. The group of mages and warriors held the line, keeping the host of attackers out of the temple. Inside Balthius watched over Berrod’s body while strangers helped sustain the Monk and healed the injured.

Meanwhile, a grand battle raged on across the battlefield in front of the Schism. Spells and explosions visibly scattering across the scarred Fringes. Monks, ninjas, warriors, healers and casters working together to fight off terrorist attackers.

As the battle at the temple found a pause, Suwan quickly directed those capable to care for Berrod’s body. Working with his new allies Suwan led the injured and civilians out to safety to the nearest settlement. As Suwan left the Schism, he could still see explosions and battle raging on. He prayed to the Heavens for everyone’s safety.

The Mother

Astral Advent agents joined forces to fight off the manifestation of the Spinner Cult’s goddess, Mother. Jessie Wildflower and Geofri’s actions indirectly set into motion the Mother's summoning. Wild unnatural Aether covered the skies above Camp Overlook. Suwan deduced that once the manifestation starts to siphon off the land’s aether there would be nothing in their power to stop a fully formed primal. Cerina quickly ordered the team to face off Mother while the window of opportunity was before them. Viktor handed out supplies to the Agents before they left to fight Mother.

The Agents composed of Cerina, Autgar, and Zachary as the melee specialists. Louma, Dylan, Suwan and Reks the magick experts. Martin, Geofri and Bones provided firearms and long range tactical support.

Advent Agents vs Mother

The group faced off against a seemingly endless tidal wave of undead cultist. Dylan bended earth to protect the Agents by creating a large pillar of stone. Louma used ice and fire to banish the undead. Meanwhile, the Mother spun a tapestry that depicted the Agents, she wore it like a cloak as she attacked with giant golden shears. Autgar and Martin fought her as she danced around. Cerina cut her with her Axe while Geofri summoned his Magitek robot to support the team. Bones threw windmills from the shadows.

Using a connection to the Ewer constellation the Mother brought down a miasma of red and black Aether attack. Suwan attempted to contain the massive attack with his Magick Barrier while Geofri used his Magitek node to help with skits own shields. Overpowered the Agents were washed away by the dark aetheric water limit break.

Working together the Agents defended against her attacks and also disabled the Mother’s connection to the stars. Once the Aether link wash cut the Agents were able to disable Mother. The aetheric anomaly faded away above Camp Overlook as the manifestation of Mother frayed away like thread from a spindle.

Suwan stayed to make sure no lingering dark Aether was present. Reks and Cerina gathered the other Agents and took the injured back to Viktor for mending.


Suwan has has three real loves.

One. Suwan joined the Agency because a rather handsome gun wielding man with rooster like hairstyle showed up at his Magick school many years ago looking for books on Allag artifacts called ‘Crystal Tombs’.

Suwan was swept away by Balthius’ chiseled face, determination, work ethic, muscles and love for his father. He actually lived with Balthius and his father in Limsa for a few months, before meeting Berrod and joining the Astral Agency full time. Suwan created a sub sect group of mages (the OSD) in the Agency with Balthius Stark co leading. Slowly this would lead to their separation. Balthius was Suwan’s first real relationship and the one who showed him the world outside of his books. Suwan had a difficult time balancing his work and personal life. Moreover as Berrod trained Suwan on being a leader, an attraction grew for his boss. This would cause Suwan to step out on Balthius. This would eventually cause a chain reaction which led Suwan to use forbidden Magick to try and erase his mistake. It didn’t work but instead back fired causing Suwan to be a teenager. Balthius and Suwan separated not long after. But after all these years when Suwan is in trouble both physically or mentally Balthius is always there for him. He still remains a rock in Suwan’s life.

Two and Three. Suwan poured himself into the OSD full time after his break up with Bal. He would eventually meet Sergei Harlenk, a tall and handsome Magick expert. He was the perfect boyfriend for Suwan. Sergei was smart, military trained, had a research lab and enjoyed talking about Aether. He was also very caring and loving to Suwan. The two mages immediately sparked. They casted spells together and worked co leading the Mage Department. Eventually this relationship would be Suwan’s first poly type relation. The mages both fell for a very attractive, scruffy, woodsman mage who commanded the elements, enter Viktor.

Long story short Suwan wasn’t good at sharing and he shouldn’t have jumped into a poly Relationship. He eventually teleported himself away because he didn’t know how to handle his growing desire and jealousy. His older sister ended up taking over his responsibilities at the Agency while Suwan went on and stayed at their family home in Sharlayan. Suwan eventually left Sergei and Viktor with a lengthy letter of apology. Years later Suwan would even attend their wedding and support their union. He is on civil and professional terms with Sergei and Viktor. He admires their resolve and respects their love.

Suwan has always been bad at balancing relationships and work. He should be smart enough to not date coworkers, your boss or employees. But he falls in love with who he falls in love with. Though he has tried to use Magick to fix mistakes and relationships in the past, he now has a better understanding of the natural order of things.

If things were different Suwan would probably try again with Balthius. Who in his heart is his true love.


Magefist Forms

Martial arts enhanced by Astromantic magick. Each fighting style matches the characteristics of the corresponding Element, Gate and Deity.


Opening the Gates to the Heavens and Hells is one aspect. Learning the style and movements is the other. The foci for the magick is the body. Meditation under the constellations help with Gate opening.

In place of spellcasting the martial arts movements command the Aether. An enhancement is gained by proper execution of a form’s style.

The Bole Stance

    • Gate: 1st Heaven/Hell
    • Element: Earth
    • Rulers: Althyk, Nophica
    • Form: The Sentinel
    • Powers: Enhanced Durability
    • Style: Stable movement with rigid stances. Arm lock holds and ground grappling. Hard upper body blocks.

The Balance Stance

    • Gate: 2nd Heaven/Hell
    • Element: Fire
    • Rulers: Nald'thal, Azeyma
    • Form: The Judge
    • Powers: Enhanced Strength
    • Style: Acrobatic movement with strong leg and arm stances. Explosive side kicks.

The Spire Stance

    • Gate: 3rd Heaven/Hell
    • Element: Lightning
    • Rulers: Rhalgr, Byregot
    • Form: The Breaker
    • Powers: Enhanced Stamina
    • Style: Sharp, fast and spring movements. Strikes are straight and direct.

The Arrow Stance

    • Gate: 4th Heaven/Hell
    • Element: Air
    • Rulers: Oschon, Llymlaen
    • Form: The Hunter
    • Powers: Enhanced Swiftness
    • Style: Circular and sweeping movements. Walking in a circle step ready to redirect enemy.

The Ewer Stance

    • Gate: 5th Heaven/Hell
    • Element: Water
    • Rulers: Thaliak, Nymeia
    • Form: The Wise
    • Powers: Enhanced Aether Recovery
    • Style: Smooth and fluidic movements. Soft shifting stances. Focus on breath control.

The Spear Stance

    • Gate: 6th Heaven/Hell
    • Element: Ice
    • Rulers: Halone, Menphina
    • Form: The Warrior
    • Powers: Enhanced Dexterity
    • Style: Deep calculated movements. Precise strikes focused on gaining control and hitting critical spots.


Suwan has studied several forms of Magick through the years and he constantly reads Magick textbooks to bolster his knowledge. He mostly exhibits Astromantic Magicks.

Suwan draws his Magick power from three sources: the invocation of powerful Deities, the manipulation of celestial aetheric energies, and his own mental resources.

Astrologian Cards

  • By invoking specific Gods/Goddesses and tapping into the power of the Six Heavens and Hells, Suwan can perform various augmentations and hexes. He uses his Divining Deck as a Focus for these spells.
    • The Balance Card: increase damage dealt.
    • Inverted Balance Card: decrease damage dealt.
    • The Bole Card: reduce damage taken.
    • Inverted Bole Card: increase damage taken.
    • The Arrow Card: increase attack speed and movement.
    • Inverted Arrow Card: decrease attack speed and movement.
      • Suwan uses the Arrow Card to amplify his Psychic locating ability.
      • Suwan has used the Arrow Card various times to amplify his Locator Spells due to the blessings of Llymlae.
    • The Spear Card: increases critical damage.
    • Inverted Spear Card: decreases critical damage.
    • The Spire Card: restores Stamina.
    • Inverted Spire Card: drains Stamina.
    • The Ewer Card: restores Aether.
    • Inverted Ewer Card: drains Aether.
      • Suwan has used the Ewer Card for various Mana Restoration Spells on other Magick users, most notably Lottie Forsaidh and Reks Blanc.
      • Suwan has used an Inverted Ewer Card on a Godlike Rysswilf. He siphoned the Divine Aether from Rysswilf and converted the Aether to bolster his own Magick spells. The Hex also set Rysswilf to his last threshold and fell from the sky.


Suwan needs to vocally chant his spells for them to have an effect. They can be long incantations and some require complicated hand gestures. Should he be gagged or bound he will be unable to cast. Suwan also needs the Divining Cards to cast his Augmentation/Hex Spells.

Mind Magick

  • Telepathy / The Echo?:
  • Suwan can sense thoughts and feelings of others. He sometimes has a hard time with large crowds due to the influx of impressions. Physical touch increases the Psychic like connection. There is Psychic feedback when Suwan is being intimate with a lover. Suwan shares a Psychic rapport with his identical brothers, if they are harmed so will Suwan.
  • Locating and Detection
    • Suwan can sense most Spells if they are not hidden.
    • Suwan can tap into a Collective Unconscious to locate missing people. He was able to find his brothers this way. He amplifies this tracking skill with the Arrow Card or the large Crystal in the Occult Curioso.
    • Suwan can see the Aether around people and can tell their moods based on the colors or patterns. He wears glasses to diminish this effect.
  • Mind Links: Suwan can create Mind Links between himself and others. Suwan uses psychic like communication heavily during missions to relay covert information. Suwan was able to Link the minds of 8 Agents at a Masquerade ball and also perform remote telepathic like communication with Mikha Sunthistle who was across the continent without mental strain.
  • Memory Alteration: Suwan has erased Iyrnisil Aerstmerlsyn's memory of a demon attacking him and the events of an entire evening. Suwan was also able to restore the loss memory later. Suwan does not like to do this to others.
  • Mind Walk: Suwan has entered the minds of several people to aid them. Most notable was Suwan Mind Walking Sarij Rahzersyn. Suwan spoke to Sarij's darkness inside his subconscious. More recently, Suwan used his Magick and Psychic abilities to help realign Sergei Harlenk’s damaged Aether channels. The two shared a deep rapport as they experienced memories from their past.
  • Mind Control: Suwan has forced an enemy to vomit and urinate by tapping into his bodily functions. Suwan has also induced sleep on several occasions.
  • Psionic Barriers: Suwan can cast Psychic shields to block psychic attacks and mental intrusions.
  • Psychic Healing: Suwan spent several nights mending Caleb Agron's mind back together. Caleb was captured by enemies who brutalized him physically and mentally. Suwan was tasked by Sarij to help heal Caleb's mind. Caleb was in a catatonic state and with Suwan's psionic abilities was able to help him recover from the mental trauma.

Suwan manipulates Fate by drawing on Celestial Aether. This allows him to manipulate space, time and probability.

Time Magick

  • Temporal Manipulation:
  • Suwan can accelerate, slow and stop time to a degree.
  • Suwan has used Time Magick to alter his physical age thrice.
  • Suwan has traveled to 1 possible Alternate future timeline. He came back to the present timeline using his own power.
  • Suwan has displayed his Time Magick by slowing down time to halt large debris from slamming into Agents. The spell was large scale and Suwan needed to maintain the spell by being in a trance like state. After the Time Spell's duration ended Suwan had white patches in his hair.
  • Suwan has used Time Magick to STOP Rysswilf from attacking Agents. However the Time Spell had no effect on the God's eyes.
Suwan using Time Stop on Rysswilf's Shade.
  • Suwan has learned the payment for using forbidden Time Magick. Using large scale Time spells has caused Suwan to become elderly, revert to a teenager twice and recently turn into a child. Althyk restored Suwan to his true age and form after deep prayer. Suwan now visits the Keeper’s Stone every Moon. Recently Suwan has returned to the Agency as a teenager again.
  • Temporal Healing: Suwan heals by rewinding time to erase sustained damage from existence. (Regression of the target's state of health before damage was incurred.)
    • Suwan also heals by accelerating time to cause a rapid regenerative healing of the damage. (Accelerating the target's own healing factor.)
    • Suwan can also remove detrimental effects by rewinding the target's temporal state before the effect was cast. Suwan can also extend the duration of effects by manipulating Time.

Space Magick

    • Gravity Manipulation:
  • Suwan can move objects by controlling the gravity around them.
  • Suwan’s control over Gravity has granted him Levitation.
  • Suwan can create Gravity Fields and offensively crush, lift or repel enemies.
  • Suwan has used Gravity Magick to suspend attackers in midair. Most notable use of this was when Ulfarr was being mentally controlled to attack Suwan. Suwan held his hand up and Ulfarr simply stopped in the middle of the air unable to move.
  • Suwan manipulated gravity to move various debris and large size airship wreckage parts off the slain bodies of the deceased Yuki Clan crew.

  • Teleportation: By manipulating space-time Suwan can teleport himself and others. Suwan has Teleported large groups without much stress. If Suwan has been to a location he can Teleport there without use of an Aetheryte. Visually Suwan's teleportation is described as a dazzle of starlight.
    • Suwan showed the ability to create Magicked Rifts. They have the appearance of a large bright ball of light made up of starlight, one must simply walk into the light to be Teleported away. Suwan found this method of teleportation less straining on his Magicks since he needed to teleport over 12 agents to Azys Lla.
    • Suwan teleported half a dozen slain bodies of the Yuki Clan Airship crew who had crashed in Southern Thanalan.

Aether Manipulation

Magitek imprisoned by Suwan using force-fields.
  • Barriers: Suwan can cast multiple Astromantic Fields of various sizes to protect from magical, physical and various energy based attacks. The Fields are generated by tapping into the power of the Nocturnal Sect.
    • Offensively Suwan can generate Astromantic Fields inside objects and expand the Field so that the object explodes.
    • Suwan contained four bomb explosions inside Astromantic Fields to contain the blast damage.
    • Suwan's Fields seem susceptible to Time Magick. When Rysswilf cast a global Time Spell, Suwan's Fields held for only a moment before shattering.
    • Suwan uses the Bole Card to amplify his Astromantic Fields.
    • Suwan contained a Flare Spell inside one of his fields protecting him and Geofri, the Gunslinger.
    • Suwan created a dome of thickened aether to protect the Yuki Clan crew.


  • OSD Talisman: A metallic circular Mystical device that Suwan created. They function similar to Link Pearls and are used for long range communication between the OSD Agents. The Talismans do not use sound vibrations, it taps into the Collective Unconscious and stimulates Telepathic like communication to user who do not have such abilities, the Talisman projects thoughts and feelings to a degree. The Talisman does not function if it is not on one's person. The Talisman has been known to pick up stray thoughts. Suwan gives these Talismans to all OSD members and potential future members. Suwan can power down Talisman's remotely.
  • Sharlayan Goggles: A device that Suwan used to amplify his Detection abilities. Suwan used the Goggles to analyze Aetheric energy levels and trace signatures. Suwan's most notable use of the Goggles was during a mission where a Mystical Dome appeared around an Ishgardian Fortress. Suwan was able to discern the nature of the Mystical Dome and help coordinate Agents to bring it down. During combat Suwan will wear the Goggles and analyze the enemies and give data about their power levels. Suwan has shown greater mastering of his Aether viewing ability and no longer uses these goggles.

The Occult Curioso


The Occult Curioso is a Magick Shop run by the Mindwalker family. The shop sells various elixirs, mystical books and offers divination readings to the general public. It is based in Ishgard in the residential district. Though the shop seems to have a strange multi location aspect to it, it can be accessed from various points of entry. As if it exists in multiple places at once.

The Magick Shop is actually a facade to the entrance of a mystically Hidden Tower, named the Curioso Tower. The Tower is bound to the Mindwalker bloodline. Suwan B. Mindwalker is the current Master of the Tower. Suwan has commanded the Tower to be a welcome safe haven for mages and worthy guests. The Tower is a safe place for mages or other ‘gifted’ individuals to practice and learn how to control their abilities.

The Curioso Tower is also the base of operations for the Mindwalker family’s crusade against the Circle of Anterus.


The Occult Curioso Magick shop is located in Ishgard. The actual Curioso Tower floats in between space and time. It currently floats in the Aetherial sea and only accessible to individuals who possess a talisman or granted access by the Mindwalkers.


Only those with Talismans or Mindwalker blood can enter the Curioso Tower through a Magicked Rift in the Magick Shop.

The Tower is an ancient Sharlayan building that is a family heirloom of the Mindwalker family. The Tower was created and powered by generations of Mindwalker Magick.

The Curioso Tower has strange extra-dimensional rooms that defy physics. The rooms seem to magically change to the desire of any who’s blood is of the Mindwalker line.

There is a fully functional aetheric laboratory, a goldsmith room, a weapons chamber, a vault full of mystical artifacts, a vast library of Magick Tomes, a residence area and a cave like steam room. None know how many rooms there actually are.