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X'tai Tia

"No man heals himself by wounding another."

X'tai is quick to forgive, and even quicker to come to someone's rescue, even a possible enemy. He will ramble on for hours when presented with the topics of magic or insects - two subjects at which he is most often found in study.

Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Age 23 Summers
Deity Oschon
Marital Status Taken
Occupation Adventurer/Researcher
Height 5 fulms, 7 ilms
Weight 160 ponzes

General ❧

■ Slender of frame but well-muscled despite the build
■ A fist-sized scar on his left side midsection, with a corresponding exit wound on his back
■ Lightly tanned skin, blue-black hair that is perpetually uncombed
■ Tattoos on left bicep and right side of his neck (Tribal swirls and sigil of Oschon respectively)
■ Scars covering his left hand that resemble scales

Clothing ❧

Tai's clothes are often simple; a loose shirt and baggy kecks. Anything that allows him to run away faster.
Often he can be seen in more flashy attire that his children or Athrun have picked for him.

Voice ❧

X'tai's voice is a rich tenor, smooth from years of singing.
As the seeker was disciplined in arcanistry, he chooses to manipulate aether through variations in vocal pitch and tone, singing his spells rather than using incantations. So unconscious is the effort now in raising magic this way that motes shaped like tiny moths tend to gather around him when he sings casually as well.

Habits ❧

Tai has a habit of idly chewing on quills, leaving his clothes on the floor and being generally messy.
In addition to this he also makes poor snap decisions and gets overly zealous when he's fixated on study - often to the point of not eating.
Tai sings when he's idle, which is often when he's out and about.

Tai's worldview centers around the idea that people aren't inherently bad. His ability to see the best in people, and perhaps he imagines that his generous nature lends itself to inspire others to be nicer to one another. His outlook does tend to occlude his ability to see the underhand dealings of some of his friends, though.


Cake and sweets
Study and research


Voidsent, flans and puddings (the creature)
Eating fish
Violently intense people
Snow, the cold


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Faults: Makes bad snap decisions
Favorite Flavors: Sweets, rolenberries
Favorite Color: Gold

Childhood ❧

From the Gyr Abanian Lynx tribe, X'tai was the first son born to X'arj Nunh. In the rush to flee the mad kin, Tai's still-pregnant mother took several huntresses with her to live on an island under the rule of X'aka Nunh in the Cieldalaes Isles. As shildren though, X'tai and his sister X'kett would swim together and surf, as well as explore the tunnels beneath the island at low tide. The tunnels were also inhabited by tunnel worms and the duo often had to flee back to the safety of their tribe.

Teenage ❧

X'tai was tasked with assisting his mother in teaching the youngsters of the tribe in their small makeshift school. When his mother disappeared, Tai was forced to take up her duties in order to earn his keep: catching and killing the various insects that threatened the crops. He discovered early on that the insect parts he gathered could be brewed into alchemical concoctions with the discarded brewers equipment he salvaged, and furthermore, he began a habit of observing and recording the behaviors of the insects. It has been hinted that Tai used a Diremite Pheromone to poison the pirates that were visiting X'aka Nunh in readiness to begin a shipping contract. His father's wrath at being the accused poisoner would be the cause of Tai's expulsion from the island, and exile to Eorzea.

Present ❧

About a year after his arrival in Thanalan, Tai dropped his tribal letter and took on a more descriptive surname, Aubade, meaning Morning Song.

After seeing his brother become injured so often from their shared adventures, the scholar decided he needed a more stable lifestyle and chose to open a free clinic in the Goblet. Despite Tai's intentions, life at the clinic was hectic, and plagues, strange mutations and even bloodcurses wreaked havoc on the tiny building.
After debt collectors hounded Tai into hiding the tia was forced to return to his tribe for a time, reuniting with his father and regaining his tribal name. He has since adopted three children and inducted them, and his partner, into the lynxes.

Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing


Notes ❧

🐞 I'm on the australian timezone
🐞 I am okay with almost all types of roleplay, including long-term mutilation and death (provided that it
makes sense ICly). However, I am not okay with rape or any type of non-consensual sexual scenario.
🐞 I am absolutely not okay with anyone approaching in attempt to get ERP, and that's a double no to anyone
who describes their character in fetishy terms such as futa or trap

In-Game ❧

I'm on Balmung sever and I'm available most afternoons in american time.
🐞 Tai is always happy to assist others in research
🐞 Tai can try to heal someone who's injured. Please keep in mind he can't do instant heals or miracle cures!
🐞 Tai is looking for a fencing teacher so any help is welcome!

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