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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Sihle Vahn
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keepers of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Place of Birth Ul'dah
Guardian Nymeia, The Spinner
Nameday 7th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon (Age:20)
Marital Status Single
Occupation Adventurer
Pronunciation Blue, like the color.
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Basic Info


"What is a dream?"

A female miqo'te of the Keepers of the Moon clan, she appears to be on her late teens and has absolutely no clue about her own identity or past. She is really quiet, and it actually takes some effort to get her to talk at all, especially the first few times. Although silent, she shows great curiosity for the world surrounding her, often analyzing every aspect of it, while keeping an overall emotionless expression, often causing very awkward interactions.

Her expression is often soulless, but not blank. She doesn't act like you don't exist, but rather stare intently at you. The main issue is that it's almost impossible to tell what she's thinking while doing so. She has a tall and slim built, showing no training in the arts of battle.

Her voice is quiet, sweet and low, hinting that she may not have been using it much prior losing her memory either. Her manners are polite, once she learns what falls in the polite field. If she's told to not do something, she will usually comply unless she feels she cannot do otherwise or doesn't understand the instructions. She doesn't keep a cat-like demeanor as some of the miqo'te seem to, and seems to not be able to understand when being compared to one. This could possibly be a consequence of her amnesia: having lost the concept of her own identity, Blue also fails to consider the concept of races or clans, possibly even genders; all the creatures will be the same to her, and she will question the differences between each individual. She also seems to struggle to show "key emotions", such as joy or sadness, and perhaps this is attributable to some trauma of her past. Overall, she seems to not know anything at all about the world she sees around her.

Whether she came from the past or lived in Eorzea for the past five years is unknown to her, as it is to others: nobody seems to have seen her before around Limsa Lominsa, and the place looks entirely new to her. She also doesn't seem to acknowledge dominant lore of Eorzea, such as the worship of the Twelve, the Echo, Aether and magic over all. If inquired about it, she'll be honest and say she doesn't know what they are. That is after reaching a certain degree of familiarity with her... If you didn't, prepare to receive an awkwardly quiet indecipherable stare.

Her story begins when awakening on a shore, in front of the puzzled face of Blade Belisaire.



Height: Very tall for a Miqo'te. ((Slightly over 5.3 fulms))

Weight: Slim and undernourished.

Complexion: Slightly tanned. ((Row 23, Column 4))

Hair: Dark blue with lighter highlights, long and tied in a ponytail, with two bangs framing her face. ( (Base Row 20, Column 8; Highlights Row 20, Column 5))

Eyes: Round ((Type 4)), with large ice blue irids. ((Row 19, Column 5))

Particular Traits:

A teardrop tattoo on her forehead.

  • Her hands show small calluses and light marks that could have been very old scars.

Voice: Quiet, very sweet and lacking high pitch. She has the voice of who isn't used to yell. ((Type 2))

Clothing Style: Until she'll be able to be independent, she'll have to make do with whatever Blade will offer her as clothes.. at her own unawareness and risk.

Laterality: Apparently right-handed.




  • Following Blade around.


  • Unknown.


  • Unknown.


  • Color: Unknown.
  • Food: Unknown.
  • Drinks: Unknown.
  • Scent: Unknown.
  • Place: Unknown.
  • Festival: Unknown.


  • To find her identity.
  • To help, as an adventurer.


She currently doesn't even know what a god is, so she isn't worshipping any entity.


In her current conditions, Blue couldn't be more Neutral as she is now.



As a person, Blue is a confused young woman. She will often questions her feelings, or lack thereof. She is easily confused and misunderstood early in the plot because of her lack of knowledge, not only of herself, but of Eorzea as a whole. However, as Blue learns more about herself, she becomes more assertive and determined. Once she learns her true past, she is insecure about her future and questions if she can live freely as who she is. In the end, Blue is brave and willing to fight for what she knows is right, wanting to help make the world a better place.


Nothing is known yet.


  • The way she expresses her curiosity and confusion is very awkward.


Nothing is known yet.


Nothing is known yet.


She is a very fast learner.


Final Fantasy Characters: Terra Branford (FFVI).

Other Game Characters: Avril Vent Fleur (Wild Arms 5)

Anime Characters: Kikyo (Inu Yasha), Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist)

TV Tropes

Abilities and Skills



She seems to have a particularly developed eyesight in the darkness. As a downside, she is sensible to the sunlight.


No one.


No one.


No one.

Family and Relationships


All what is written here bears absolutely no OOC feelings, and may be subject to change as the story develops. If your name doesn't appear in this list, I have probably forgotten, or Blue just doesn't remember you. Please do not use these information to affect you ICly or mess with Blue's feelings. Use of OOC information will be flagged as god-moding and I will not react to it ICly if I feel this is what you're doing.




Blade Belisaire: She meets him when she opens her eyes on a shore near Limsa Lominsa, amnesic and lost. Since then, she will costantly stalk him for apparently no reason. He is the one who names her Blue, probably due to the dark blue hue of her hair.

Clive StarkClive is one of the adventurers Blue found herself teamed with in several weird occasions, mostly festivals. The man often snarks in her direction and makes comment about her body that she does not understand, but for some reason whenever she attempts to interact with him, he seems to be trying to ignore her or right out push her away. He seems to be always in Kara's company. Recently, Blue learned to be "friend" with him (by X'elo), and this renewed her unnecessary affection and care for the man.

Erik Mynhier: Blue met the captain of the Red Wings at the Carline Canopy. His pragmatism and collected strength convinced her that he would make a wonderful friend for Blade, and maybe even give him hope, with Marshallow's help. The man has so far always demonstrated himself kind and tolerant towards the girl's quirks and awkward interactions.

Kara AshdaleBlue wasn't present when Kara and Blade first met, a time during which the young highlander promptly snatched the man's goods away from him. She and Kara first met during a very messy Guildhest, along with Blade and Valeria, who both attempted to arrest the little rogue. Only through later experiences Kara began to show some affection to Blue, though very awkwardly and extremely carefully. Like most of people, she seems afraid of the Miqo'te's gaze.

Silke Klassen: Blue trusts Silke, and actually likes her a lot. While others may think this is caused by the Highlander's carefree and sometimes dumb behavior, the truth is Blue thinks Silke is a lot like Blade. The hair color, the eyes, and the built make Blade and Silke look very similar to Blue's simple-minded point of view. Thankfully, Silke seems to not be taking any advantage of the situation, treating Blue with care and kindness, sometimes almost like a baby, or a puppy.

Valeria Idavoll: When Blue met this stern Highlander woman, she was still only a private in the Maelstrom's ranks. Valeria has a strong demeanor, and in many ways reminds Blue of Blade, with how stalwartly she stands on the front, protecting everyone and taking the lead. Valeria is one of those less affected by Blue's strange behavior, and though she will openly comment of her awkwardness, she seems to never be overly puzzled by Blue, accepting her quirks with tolerance and patience. 

Vincent Laucent: An Elezen conjurer, of a couple years younger than Blue. Vincent's age hasn't stopped him from becoming a sort of mentor for Blue. The two had the chance to talk often times when Blue would visit the Acorn Orchard, the playgroup for the orphans that Vincent often visits to take care of. Perhaps seeing her just as one of the many children, the boy has taken Blue under a metaphorical nurturing wing, often offering advice and never acting confused or extrained by her answers or questions. Thanks to him, Blue has joined the Conjurers' guild, in an attempt to exploit her apparent talent into healing magick, to help Blade and the others.

X'elo Maimhov: This strange, appariscent Miqo'te claims to be Blade's sworn rival. He often appears out of nowhere to spar (mostly with words, rather than weapons) with Blade in strange bickering and putting up several shows with his songs and poetry. With Blue however, he is mostly kind, almost reverish, and will give her many compliments that Blue almost never understands. The girl always has kind words for X'elo. Then again, she has them for everyone...


Eva Ianeira: Blue first meets Eva at Camp Bronze Lake. At that time, Blue is unable to understand most of what the woman says, and spends most of the time staring fascinated at the Elezen's ears, as well as her swollen belly. Later, Blue will tell Blade that she wonders if Eva is keeping many "happy dead fish" in her tummy. Disturbed, the man forbids Blue from further inquiring on the subject.

Guhts Swarskapfwyn: The Sea Wolf woman that saved Blade from choking on a piece of meat, although rather brutally so. Blue doesn't know anything about her, but she finds her very interesting, especially in how familiar her way of talking is with Blade's.

Jay Ironshield: A very awkward, overly hyped midlander boy who never seems able to keep calm. Blue is maybe the only one in the group that isn't weirded out by his excited speech, and she'll usually be the least bothered from him, tranquilly answering his questions without losing her temper. Not like she has a temper to be lost.

Shadow Nigenasai: The first Miqo'te Blue managed to observe closely. He has been rather harsh to her, and at some, he may have even made her experience some sadness, but Blue is still too oblivious to those emotions to pay it any mind.

Sigberta: Blue hasn't had a chance to really talk with this person yet, though they have encountered a couple times. She is a friend of Vincent Laucent, and seems to often follow him around. She has also helped Blade during a time of inward struggle.

Snider Falarm: This man didn't really say enough words to give Blue any real impression, but he claimed to be some great hero. Would that be true?

Ul'teah Frostheart: More than the man himself, Blue is particularly curious about the little fairy always following him around. The scholar has always shown a polite, kind behavior when addressing to her, which somehow makes her think he might be different from the other male Miqo'te she has previously met.

Winglade Neferdryk: While Blue is grateful to this woman for teaching her some new things, certain comments of her confused her, such as the talk about spirits and of how tables bear no feelings. That is a reality Blue has yet to conceive, and it will take some time for her to accept it. Blue doesn't consider her a bad person, but her cigarettes are really stinky.



The Adventurers' Guild


Blue joins the Adventurers' Guild under Blade's insistance. Becoming an adventurer seems to set her on a very specific mindset when she learns what adventurers do: help the people. When questioned about it, Blue admits that she isn't sure she helps people because she likes to (she's still struggling to understand the meaning of "liking" and "disliking" something or someone), but that rather she does so because it's what adventurers do, and she is an adventurer.

The Arcanists' Guild


Blade initially takes Blue to this guild, figuring that if she really is unable to lift any weapon, she could at the very least handle a book. Only after signing her up he realizes that the girl cannot read nor write. Disheartened, he takes most of the burden when it comes to their trials, letting Blue follow him around, helpless with her pointless grimoire.

The Conjurers' Guild


It is under Vincent Laucent's suggestion that Blue joins this guild upon arriving to Gridania. The boy believes she has a great potential for conjury, and offers her his aid in her training in return of some knowledge on the arcanima. Blue has just begun her trials as a conjurer, and while she refuses to summon any offensive power on her enemies, she was very quick on developing a whole new magick to heal wounds, differing from Physicks in power and speed.

Music Themes


Note: Vocal Songs are attributed themes in which the lyrics seem to relate or partially relate to the character. They don't mean to resemble the character's voice. The instrumental themes are meant to give an idea of the atmosphere around the character. Songs with character names (example: "Tidus's Theme") are NOT meant to indicate that the character is like the theme owner. I just find the instruments and melody fitting, not the character the song was originally addressed to.

General Themes

Blue's Theme #1: General Theme

Blue's Theme #2: Traveling (A Whole New World)

History-Related Themes

Blue's History #1: The Awakening

Friends and Foes Themes

Blue and Blade #1: Blade to Blue



There are currently no rumors about this character.



Name and Lifestyle

Name Etimology

"Blue" is how Blade eventually ends up calling her, since he needs a way to call her. This is probably a reference to either her hair or eye color.


Blue may as well be a nickname, but it's really all she has now.

Current Residence


Before Dalamud's Fall

Birth and childhood (0-14)

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After Dalamud's Fall

Teen years (14-19)

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A Realm Reborn

5th Year, Seventh Umbral Era (19)


The girl wakes up on the seashore of Costa del Sol after Blade finds her during one of his trips for a fishing spot. Immediately she displays inability to talk, and a rather awkward behavior, ignoring most of what the man says and seemingly lost in her own world (she even checks Blade's back for a tail multiple times).

After realizing there's nothing he can do for her, and a little annoyed, Blade addresses her to the sanctuary and turns to leave. However the girl, after an attempt to follow him, falls down and seems not willing to move another step. Regretfully, Blade picks her up and carries her to a nearby shack on the beach, where he asks the owner to let him use the fireplace to make a soup for the girl and himself.
The day after, Blade tries to inquire about the girl's identity around the beach, but nobody seems to have seen her before. She follows him around, despite showing clear signs that she didn't sleep during the night. After seeing her waste a cooked fish he had specifically bought for her by throwing it in the sea, Blade is fed up, and turns to go home. The girl tries to follow him, but he turns at her and yells at her with various epitaphs, telling her that he doesn't want her around and to leave him alone.

His attempts to chase her away though seem to no avail, as the girl still keeps following him, despite being left with almost no energy. Ignoring Blade's attempts to direct her on her own way, the girl ultimately collapses while following him through the Oakwood.


The girl regains consciousness and finds herself in a wooden house full of books. It is not long before Blade appears with some food for her, and tells her to eat as he sits back to stare at her in annoyance. He explains that the house they're in was found abandoned by Blade some time ago, but that he has no idea if it will stay as such for much longer, and that the girl shouldn't count on staying there with him.

After eating half of the food she was given, the girl watches Blade pick up a fishing rod and leave the house. It is not long before she gets up to follow him, even though not adopting the most conventional way to leave the house (she jumps out of the window from the upper floor, but thankfully her fall is softened by water below). Blade can do nothing but sigh and let her follow him along, although he warns her about the dangerous surroundings.

After a not very fruitful day fishing nothing but river crabs, the two go back to the Hermit's Hovel, and Blade passes out, exhausted, while sitting at his desk. Shortly after that, the girl randomly decides to retrieve the pillow and blanket from the bed, and puts them on Blade to give him a more comfortable sleep.


The day after, after Blade wakes up and cooks some food for both, Blue surprises him by speaking her very first words, after he comments about how he can't explain why she'd choose to follow him.

"Because I feel I don't belong to this place."

This seems to disturb Blade, if only briefly, and he gets up to check something behind the girl's neck, but seems to not find what he expected. Without further explanation, he gets up and makes himself a new fishing rod, to then take off without a word, not inviting the girl to follow him, but not surprised when she does.

Perhaps feeling more comfortable with him, the girl speaks again, although usually only when Blade questions her. She reveals to not know her name, nor her past. Even, she seems to not know the concept of different races and clans, as she questions Blade about his ears being smaller, and seems to not even know how to spell the words "Miqo'te" or "Hyur" correctly.

As Blade stops to fish in Western La Noscea, the girl also says that she remembers Blade, that he had seen him "screaming at the sky". As Blade further inquires on this 'memory' of the girl, she describes something that sounds familiar to him as well, though he denies to be the man the girl saw screaming. Ultimately, he thinks she just had a dream, but seems unsettled by how similar the dream is to a vision he had himself.

At the end of the day, the two stop in Aleport to sleep at the sailors' barracks. Blade explains that the girl must sleep to the womens' side of the room, while he'll sleep at the mens' side.


Sleeping only until the sun is down as usual, the girl wakes up and spends the rest of the night staring at Blade. Unable to find any other comfortable place where to sit, she decides to do so while laying in the same bed next to him. This seems to shock Blade a lot when he awakens the following morning, and after some awkward exchange, he pushes her out of the barracks and follows outside, leaving Aleport in a rush.

Blade quickly gives up on trying to explain the girl the concept of separate genders and sense of decency, and as irritated as usual, he proceeds on finding themselves breakfast, ultimately picking some puk eggs to fry. As they eat, the girl startles him by asking about "Dalamud", saying that Blade had often mentioned that name in his sleep. This seems only to irritate Blade further, who closes himself in a rueful silence as they finish their meal.

At the Swiftperch, Blade approaches a Yellow Jacket, and convinces him to take care of Blue. Maybe the authorities will be able to find about her in Limsa Lominsa. The girl seems to accept the offer, and stays with the patrol, as she watches Blade leave. When she decides she has stayed with the guard long enough though, she miqo'te tracks Blade down, who is startled and angry to see her on his heels again. After ranting at her, he decides to drop the matter and goes back on his search of a fishing spot, ignoring her.

It is not much later that they run into camp Bronze Lake. There, after an awkward exchange at the spa, they stop to spend the night…


The day after, Blade's sour mood for the recent discussion with the girl are broken off by the arrival of Eva, a friend of his that seems to know a lot about a certain event taking place five years ago to which Blade had taken place. The girl, unable to understand most of it, just listens in silence to their conversation, interrupting from time to time to give awkward comments completely out of place. When Eva asks her why she keeps following Blade, the girl's answer is:

"He was alone, and I am alone, so I thought we could be alone together."

While this answer makes absolutely no sense to Blade, Eva says the girl reveals to be very perceptive and clever. She even implies that the girl may be a gift sent from the Twelve for Blade. When Blade asks the Elezen for advice, she ultimately says Blade should let the girl stay by his side as long as she wants to, and for now, the man seems like he will follow the suggestion, however regretfully.

As the two proceed on exploring the surrounding waters for fishing spots, Blade stays in deep thought, being mostly silent. At the end, as they prepare to go back to the camp for the night, he informs the girl that her name will be 'Blue', that he made up for her. She seems to accept that important decision with enthusiasm, to the point of smiling, although Blade misses the moment.
The day after, Blue follows Blade as he tries the shallows of the Bronze Lake with a new lure he bought. However, once again, river crabs are all he manages to catch. After a bad fishing session, and a commotion caused by Blue when the man tries to sell his catches to a merchant, the two turn to go back to the Hermit's Hovel.

On their way back home, they gaze upon the stronghold of the Kobold, an ominous city rising from the steam of a big canyon full of geysers in Outer La Noscea. The two have to sneak past the little, ferocious beastmen to get to the Long Climb safely, not without some tension.

At the Hovel, they find Blade's goobbue, relaxing in the warm spring next to the house. Blade is quick to chase the beast away, yelling at it for filling the pool of water with moss. He then storms into the house muttering to himself, to sleep. Blue takes her time outside, curiously examining the hotspring, struck by a sudden idea…


When Blue is finally done cleaning the pool of all the moss, the sun is already starting to rise. The girl walks back in the house, wearing only her underwear, and takes a look around. As she explores the room, she begins very slowly to tide it up, putting every book she sees in the shelves, not really bothered by the chaos, but just because she feels that is their right place. Among the books, she eyes one with a particularly different smell. This is the book of memories that Blade was given, and as she tries to put it on a shelf far above her head, Blue trips and falls with the step ladder, waking Blade up abruptly. After giving her a quick scold for touching his book, Blade eyes a steaming bowl on the table, filled with strange-looking greens.

It is too late when Blue, watching Blade tasting and chewing on the greens, informs him that the bowl is where she had gathered the moss that the goobbue had spread in the springs the day before, and that she had collected them there because she had heard Blade say he "didn't want the moss in there". Blue watches Blade storming out to vomit, and she quietly follows him, confused by the reaction. Blade is visibly irritated at her, but he seem unable to really blame her: he should've asked what those greens were before eating.

Shortly after, Blade inquires back on the broken sandal that had caused the girl to fall off the step ladder. Giving himself a chance to look at the girl's attire, the Hyur realizes of how torn her clothes are, to an unacceptable level for someone who seems to be willing to stick by his side for so long. Blade then gathers a few raw materials and an unused old dalmatica of his property, and adjusts it for Blue, along with a new pair of shoes, protective wristbands and a leather calot to not get too wet when it's raining.

After that, the man points out that Blue can't just keep mooching food and clothes off of him, and that if she wants to stay around, she needs to make herself useful. Completely clueless on whatever ability she might've had in the past, Blue complies, and follows Blade as he tries to figure out what to have her do.

The man takes her to the back of the house, where he reveals to be keeping the equipment of his past as a warrior. Reluctant, he hands her a great axe, in the hope that maybe the girl could make herself useful in what he can't do anymore. Unfortunately, the mere weight of the smaller great axe he has is enough to drag Blue down into the pond behind her. The Miqo'te doesn't seem to have any muscles, or fighting instincts for that matter.

Blade is disheartened at that result, and with the renewed grief of his lost power as a fighter, he gets sour and decides to get to crafting to distract himself, ignoring Blue for the rest of the day.
That night, Blue sees Blade waking up, at an unusual hour for him. The man is holding his arm in pain, and he looks for something in the drawers of the desk, causing one to slip out and produce a loud crash, to which e curses and swears. He sits down with a red gemstone in his hand, and before Blue has a chance to understand what it is, he tells her to stay in the house, and then heads off, out of Blue's sight.


About a week passes, during which Blue just keeps observing Blade as he researches through his books, mostly ignoring the girl. After watching him talk in the linkpearl with Eva, Blue is asked if she would like to see a city. After being told what a city is, she complies, and the two set off to Limsa Lominsa.

A downpour hits the city-state soon after their arrival in the middle of the night, and the two are forced to find shelter at the Drowning Wench. There, among some mishaps and miscommunication, they meet Guhts Swarskapfwyn, a Sea Wolf woman, and Silke Klassen, and Highlander, prosperous young girl. After a little argument with the Roegadyn caused by Blue, Blade finds himself saved from choking by the very same woman, when he gets a piece of meat stuck in his throat at the sight of Silke's well-showing cleavage. Blue seems almost oblivious of the whole scene, focusing her attention on a male Miqo'te that had approached them for food, surprised to finally see someone like her. This is Shadow, who displays some of his aggressive attitude and leaves with one of Blade's cooked Miqo'bobs, leaving the man, and three females to talk briefly. After that, Blade decides it's time to rest for the night, and finds for himself and Blue a lone corner around the Mizzenmast.

Blue watches Blade fall asleep, before getting up and wandering near the square for a little. There, she finds Silke, who talks to her with lovingly gentleness. She teaches her what 'to be close' means, and after Blue finally gets more familiar with her, she decides to go back to sleep near Blade.


The day after, Blade takes Blue to Balderon, who runs the Adventurers' Guild in Limsa Lominsa, after asking the man if he ever saw the girl's face before, Blade decides to sign Blue up to become an adventurer, so that she might have an easier time traveling and maybe eventually find her own place. Not really understanding the meaning of being an adventurer, Blue complies, and follows Blade on a tour to the city and its structures.

She seems rather reluctant to attune to the Aetheryte, but with Blade's assistance, the Miqo'te at last accepts to get in contact with the solidification of Hydaelyn's Lifestream. Blue is briefly explained by a nearby Yellowjacket what the Aether is, and about the ability to Teleport and Return to the Aetherytes. Against Blade's expectations, the girl seems to understand the process on the first go, or so she claims.

In the Markets, Blue is introduced to the stalls of Hawker Alley, and Arianne Pepper, Blade's retainer. Much like with everybody else, the Miqo'te leaves a very awkward first impression on the woman, and then is lead by a more and more frustrated Blade to the Fishing Guild, where the man hopes to get Blue hired so that she can finally learn something useful. Unfortunately, Blue is rather quick to make herself known in the guild, suddenly deciding that the in-door vivarium would be a perfect place for a well-earned bath. Flustered, the Hyur drags her away, after convincing her to put her clothes back on.

During a fishing trip to Aleport, Blade decides that the only option left for Blue seems to be joining the Arcanists' Guild, and says that will be where the two will be going the day after.


The day after, the two find the Arcanists' Guild. There, Blade tries to get Blue enlisted, but because of miscommunication with the girl at the counter, he ends up being listed in the guild too. The man tries to protest, luring the attention of one of the arcanists in the room. Ul'teah Frostheart, but doesn't seem to manage to fix the situation. Blue seems oblivious to all of what is taking place, and after being dragged away from Ul'teah's fairy, which had attracted her with her particular appearance, she follows Blade to the guildmaster's representative. The two are given each a grimoire, and the man decides to go find some clothes better fit to battle.

Blue seems pretty confused at the standard miqo'te gear that she's given, and has some struggle figuring out how to wear it. Thankfully, after causing some commotion at the Drowning Wench by walking out of the changing room half-naked, Blue is assisted by Silke, who teaches her another new word, 'squirm', and takes her back to the changing room to wear the clothes the right way.


Later, the two return at the guild, and are instructed to partake a trial to be officially recognized as Arcanists.

Blade takes Blue out to Tempest Gate, and the two are quick to find their first targets: wharf rats and ladybugs. Unfortunately, Blue doesn't even know how to read her grimoire, and she just watches as Blade gives up on figuring out arcanima magic, savagely assaulting the pests with the book, swinging it much like an axe. Blade gets angry at her, frustrated by her complete lack of fighting spirit, as well as both their incapacity to use arcanima. He storms off of the gate, towards La Noscea, saying that to go to Limsa Lominsa had been a bad plan and that he plans to go home, with or without Blue, who keeps pointing out that Baderon had asked them to help the people in town.

As they stop in the middle of night to sleep on a cliff, rain starts falling on them, and Blade wakes Blue to move under a shelter. She moves in a daze, slowly, and looking tired. Turns out the weather and long journey have finally caught up to her, making her catch a cold. Blade only finds out the morning after, as he tries to get her to stand up to leave. Annoyed at their poor luck, he tells Blue to wait there as he goes to look for some food.

Blue waits, although in her usual style, and after a few minutes stands up and tracks down Blade's scent to find him. Before she can do that though, she is found by a dodo, who charges her, sensing its eggs in a bush nearby are being threatened. In her weakened daze, Blue can only manage to dodge a couple times, but is promptly rescued by Blade, who pressured by the dangerous situation manages to evoke Ruin from his Grimoire, blasting the dodo, if only slightly, and turning its attention to him.

More dodos charge the two, but Blade's goobbue's timely arrival gives them a safe escape. Relieved that Blue is okay, Blade then takes her back to Limsa Lominsa, also testing his new spell against a few auerliae to finish the trial the arcanists had given them.
The day after, Blue seems to be feeling better, and she points out some curious decorations at Blade. The man seems shocked at that, and suddenly displays a behavior that Blue had never seen before. Rather roughly he drags her, and an oblivious passing-by Silke to dress some clothes that he calls "fire resistant gear" and then off to Costa del Sol, where the group first stumbles on Ul'teah, and then in a chaotic battle against the king of bombards, appeared to bring burning devastation in Eorzea, or so Blade claims.

Blue stands back, confused and lost at all the chaotic bustle as the other three charge the monster all day, until the sun finally sets…

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Kara and Blue with one of their unicorns as white mages.
Blue sitting at the docks.