Emreg Belthen

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Emreg Belthen

"Time to bloody toss the dice!"

   Martial Prowess
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Brutally honest would be the best way to describe this playful mercenary. With a grin on his lips and a twinkle in his eye Emreg Belthen lives for the finer things that this world has to offer. Em can often be found in the taverns of the world, laughing and dicing, drinking and pulling a nice lass into his lap, unflinching as he tells you exactly what he thinks, good or bad.

Yet deep beneath the facade of this teasing, playful and fun-loving man lies a path of broken promises, dark secrets and disastrous events.

Only a select few have and will ever learn of the broken man that lies deep within the soul of the Ishgardian mercenary.


Appearance & Personality

Glass-lips.png Appearance & Personality

Nature & Demeanor

Nature & Demeanor

Demeanor: ''Impulsive - Emreg believes that life is simply to short to sit doing the one thing for any amount of time, his work as a mercenary takes him all over Eorzea and allows him to meet new people and try new things, which suits the tall Midlander perfectly. He will always do the unexpected and try the unimaginable, allowing the ebb and flow of life to dictate his actions and plans.

Nature: Brutally Honest - He will always tell the truth when directly asked or when he feels like it is needed, this attitude often turns would-be friends against Emreg and has angered many of the women that have come and went in his life. He just doesn't believe in lying, truly thinking that his one saving grace is his devout willingness to always tell it how it is, no matter who may be offended or who it may effect.

Habits: The obvious habit Emreg has fallen into would be telling the truth, yet despite that one saving grace the Midlander mercenary is plagued by bad habits which include;

* Gambling - Emreg is a heavy gambler and often dices and throws his coin away in the many taverns of Eorzea, yet he does seem to have an unusual amount of luck around him more often than not.

* Drinking - This goes hand in hand with his gambling and often results in heavy loss of coin.

* Repetitive Cursing - A few of Emreg's very favorite curses are 'Bloody', 'Fucking', and 'Damned' he can often be heard repeating these in any given sentence and any given time which can prove rather awkward sometimes.

Notable Features

Notable Features

Common Appearance: Emreg is a tall, lean man with a hard and toned physique due to his years working the spear as a mercenary. His body is hard and well looked after, though that very well may simple be down to the amount of traveling and training the man does. With a messy crop of hair the color of mud, the mercenary could be called ruggedly handsome, his boyish face mixing curiously with the few scars he has earned over the years, the most noticeable being a large, faded wound stretching from his left eye towards his left ear, as well as the scar slanting down from right to left on the side of his neck. A ready grin and a mirthful twinkle in his hazel eyes will always greet you meet the handsome Hyur.

Scars & Markings: He holds no tattoos or markings, other than the markings of battle. His body is a maze of scars and old wounds, none truly causing him pain and each one telling a different tale. His back in particular his littered with both large and small scars. His chest carries a vertical scar which stretches from under his right nipple towards halfway down his torso. The afore mentioned scars are the most notable however.

Voice: A rough casual voice, often carried in a playful and teasing tone greets you as you pluck up the courage to converse with the mercenary, his voice often switching from the street slang of his childhood to a more proper manner which has come with the more high class of client he works for these days.

Clothing: His clothing is of clearly good make, even if it looks slept in most of the time. The tall Hyur abstains for wearing armors though and will most likely always be found wearing shirts, jerkins and coats of fine, yet simple craft. Emreg is very rarely seen without his trusty straw hat, for whatever reason he has a strong bond with that hat. If anyone would take it from him, it would most likely cause him to freak out.





  • Whiskey
  • Dancing
  • Spears
  • Miqo'te girls
  • Gambling
  • Chocobos


  • Lying and liars
  • Wine
  • Mages
  • Rudeness
  • Needless killing
  • Looking weak
  • Losing friends


  • Food: Steak
  • Drink: Apple cider
  • Area: Hidden Falls
  • Color: Blue
  • Flirting
  • Casual encounters
  • Genuine and honest emotion
  • Teaching the spear


  • Mages: It was from magic and by a Mage's hand that Emreg's first ever love and childhood sweetheart was taken from him. This traumatic event has cause Emreg to develop a hate for mages and a fear for destructive magic.
  • Miqo'te: Most of Emreg's lovers have been Miqo'te and this has caused him to show a keen interest in most Miqo'te women that he comes across.
  • Dragons: Being from Ishgard, Emreg shares the hate and bias against dragons in general, he believes they are evil and only seek to destroy.
  • Blondes: Emreg has a clear like for blonde Hyur women, this is due to his first love being of blonde hair, the love has carried over as a preference to hair colors in his partners.


Glass-sword.png Abilities


  1. Spear skill: One of Emreg's most noticeable strengths is his ability with the spear, quick hands and a steady thrust are but few of the skills that the agile warrior obtains.
  2. Agile: Quick and agile would easily describe Emreg, both of these traits are noticeably mixed into his combat styles.
  3. Street Smart: Emreg has been around town long enough to recognize many dangers and traps that can easily be avoided with a bit of wit and common sense.
  4. Resourceful: His past experiences in life have taught him to think on his feet and be ready for whatever life may throw at you in any given situation.
  5. Loyal: Loyal almost to a fault, once you earn this man's trust or respect and he will do anything in his power to aid you in whatever you might need, the fierce loyalty he shows to his friends, partners and lovers is unrivaled


  1. Fear of Magic: Emreg's fear of magic can be crippling in some situations and can usually only be overcome by his survival instinct or his hate of Mages.
  2. Honesty: While it may be seen as a strength by some, this trait that Emreg posses more often than not drops him into trouble.
  3. Women: Not many people know that Emreg's one actual weakness is hurting women, he will face them if need be and will hate himself for it. He is VERY reluctant to kill women of all Races.
  4. His past: The very mention of anything concerning his past by someone he doesn't trust or doesn't know is enough to invoke paranoia in the man and eventually flare his anger.


With his youth spent in Ishgard Emreg trained long hours with the spear from a young age, first starting with the quarter-staff until he grasped his bearings of pole-arms before he moved onto his spear. Emreg is quick, agile and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to combat, his acrobatic form very rarely is ever used though as Emreg isn't one for showing off or boasting, he will only resort to such a form if his life were truly in danger. Unlike most Lancers, Emreg has incorporated the use of throwing knives and daggers into his combat technique and is fond of a suppress and rush technique when it comes to facing enemies.

People & Places

Glass-people.png People & Places
Romantic Attraction Attraction Platonic Love Family Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure

Relations (NPC)

Relations (NPC)
Elayne ( ) - The First Love
Elayne - : The first woman that Emreg ever truly loved, she was his childhood sweetheart who worked in one of the taverns in Ishgard. They had known one another since a young age and eventually Emreg persuaded Elayne to run off with him to get married in the southern lands. They had alone been gone from home three months though when Emreg was thrust into a confrontation with a Black Mage as he attempted to help a new friend and Elayne was killed in the crossfire. He buried her in under a large tree in the Shroud. Unable to summon the courage to tell her parents of her death. He still blames himself to this day for her death and she is one of the reasons why he is so unstable.

Relations (PC)

Relations (PC)
Sashana Star ( ) - The Misunderstood Love
Sashana:Emreg met this Keeper over a year ago when he first joined the Ironworks, at first he had thought she was crazy due to her attacking and constant fighting with his then girlfriend. At the time Star was seeing Emreg's friend, Ignee so Emreg thought it best to keep his distance, though after Emreg returned from his journey north he struck up an interesting relationship with Star. Teasing and flirting lead to a lustful night and from there they built a friendship on trust and honesty. Emreg soon came to realize how misunderstood Star is after learning a bit about her pas, which only made him care for her more. He often struggles with seeing her as a strong, independent woman and seeing her as someone he needs to protect from those who would take advantage of her, even if he does realize that she can take care of herself. She is the only woman to have captured his heart ever since Elayne died which scares him to no end. Update 27/10/2016 - Emreg's feelings and adoration for the woman have only grown with the moons they have been together, long talks, lewd behavior and dates with friends have added to his opinion that Star is the nicest and most genuine person he has ever met. The man trusts her unconditionally.
Ignee Flametongue ( ) - The Old Friend
Ignee: Emreg met the man in Ul'Dah as they diced at a table together. The game of dice soon turned ugly as the pair of men they were playing with accused Emreg of cheating. Ignee helped Emreg fend off the pair and soon they struck up a friendship, Emreg even introducing Ignee to his lover at the time, Elayne. The three set off for adventure and travels though were soon followed and attacked within a few weeks of leaving Ul'Dah by a mage who was hunting Ignee. Emreg helped Ignee fight the man, only for Elayne to die by mistake. Ignee helped Emreg bury Elayne and remains his best friend today.
Neiva Maimhov ( ) - Distraction From Grief
Neiva: This blue little Miqo'te first came into Emreg's life when he met her sitting on a bench in the Roost, waiting for an airship. Emreg had only recently buried Elayne and so the Miqo'te's obvious sadness and discomfort caught his attention so he decided to approach her. After speaking for a while, Emreg learned that Neiva had only recently gone traveling into the world and was nervous about being alone. Emreg wasn't one to randomly help strangers only after just meeting them, yet fresh from the grief he decided to take Neiva with him on his travels and they soon became good friends and occasional lovers. Emreg has saved Neiva on a few occasions now, the most recent coming when he speared a raptor that was chasing her in the Shroud. They have gone their separate ways now, yet Em still sees her in Ul'Dah from time to time.
Deli D'sara ( ) - The Eternal Dreamer
Deli: Emreg and Deli first crossed paths in the mansion of his new Free Company and they immediately hit it off, at first Emreg was simply trying to bed Deli yet the more he spoke to her the more he began to realize that she wasn't just some random lightskirt, she was a girl who had a rather complicated and hard time with men in the past. Emreg began to slowly take pity on the woman and even felt guilty that men like him had caused he so much grief in the past. To his confusion and disgust he learned that Deli had also slept with Star's Mate, Ronin. He soon looked past that and the pair struck up a friendship and even engaged in a casual relationship. The relationship soon ended when Emreg was forced to head back north, leaving the woman with nothing to tell her where he had gone and this still causes him guilt to this day. Deli is apparently not too fond of Emreg these days, as she believes he lied to her and believes he is going to break Star with his unstableness.
Sha'rein Greydaughter ( ) - A Drunken Sailor
Sha'rein: A member of Emreg's Company and a good friend of his. This Roe just knows what he likes in terms of drinks and chat, her straightforward nature suits his own just fine even if she can be even more crude that him, he would never demand that she change for his sake. The pair often enjoy a good laugh and a chat about all too inappropriate subjects. Emreg recently loaned her money to buy furnishing for her new room which she repaid him with in whiskey... which she drank!
Nailah Quill ( ) - A lost friend
Nailah: An ally of one of Emreg's current employers, Nailah brings up a lot of confused and mixed feelings for Emreg. He first met her while working for his Company in the Shroud and she tagged along to lend her aid. After the job was complete Emreg teasingly offered Nailah to get a drink sometime and eventually he did end up running into her in the Quicksand. They struck up a conversation and ended up heading out of the City to converse more. Emreg soon learned that Nailah was Star's previous employer and they have a lot of distasteful history with one another. Stories they both told clashed and out of his feelings for Star, the man eventually sabotaged his friendship with the woman. Arguments and heated words have been exchanged since and after a chance meeting in Thanalan, Emreg no longer holds any affection for Nailah.
Sasha Rochester ( ) - The Mysterious Employer
Sasha: Emreg met the interesting woman in the Ul'Dah while he was resting at one of the fountains. She seemed to take a keen interest in him from the off... no doubt due to his stunning good looks! They struck up a flirty and teasing conversation which eventually turned into Sasha offering Emreg a chance to come and work for her as a bodyguard. He accepted and with a grin and a wink and the pair parted for a while. Emreg recently traveled into the Shroud with the woman for some business and what he experienced that evening both terrified and concerned him about the woman. He wants to like the woman, yet for now sees her as a source of flirting and coin. No doubt he'll do some research on her in the future to see what he can unearth. Update: 27/10/2016 - Emreg doesn't see as much of Sasha as he would like these days, but heard she recently got married to X'elo. Emreg and Star attended a date night with the pair and their friends, despite some tension near the end his opinion of the woman has rose greatly.
L'nessa Kasah ( ) - The Tantalizing Healer
Nessa: Met by a chance encounter in the Quicksand this little Miqo'te was quick to take advantage of Emreg's offer of his services and soon employed the man to aid her in... picking flowers in the Shroud. While it wasn't Em's typical work he found it quite amusing and 'saved' the woman from a rampaging boar. He soon walked her back to her Clan's house and they struck up a friendship. The woman is always on hand to heal Emreg of his wounds and offer him an ear when he wishes to vent about life. He sees her as a close friend now and trusts her completely.
Kaede Nolan ( ) - The Uncertain Acquaintance
Kaede: Emreg met this frustrating and mysterious woman in Thanalan while he was out there with Star, sitting with her two... friends (shadows) the woman seemed deeply unhappy, so Emreg attempted to cheer her up. While their initial interaction was fun and flirty, they soon began to 'playfully' insult and take digs at one another, much to Emreg's distaste and annoyance in truth. Recently however they have had a rare chance to speak alone and Emreg's thoughts on the woman have changed significantly, while he does believe that he may come to like perhaps befriend Karde, he is still deeply unsettled by her and feels that she has too many secrets. He is yet to trust her and she currently remains as something he uses to amuse himself and annoy with flirting and teasing.



Common Rumors

  • "Did you see that fella with the straw hat and the spear getting tossed out of the Quicksand last night!? Using weighted dice so he was!"
  • "The man is a complete slut. He will flirt with and grope anything with tits."
  • "There is some Midlander asking around, throwing his name around saying that he is a private mercenary for hire.. ha! Probably one of em bandits."
  • "Fella once claimed that he slew a dragon, bloody boastful twat."
  • "I saw him throwing himself out a window to get away from one of them rich merchants. Probably slept with his wife... what a pig."

Rare Rumors

  • "Emreg Belthen? Oh aye I'm remember him. He ran away from home to marry some lass."
  • "His Father is one of them Dragoon soldiers."
  • "I was there when his old girlfriend stuck an arrow in his leg and pushed him from a cliff... a bit harsh."
  • "Saw him in Limsa Lominsa once, got arrested for fighting with some white haired Miqo'te fella with an axe."

PC Rumors

  • "That guy? Yeah.. I'd stay away. He's rather two-faced and prone to changing his mind. Self-absorbed, y'know?" - Nailah Quill
  • "The Peasant? His hat sure suit him. If only he could behave a tad more and stop making himself more cretinous than he is already, I'm sure he could be a pretty decent guy. But that's only an if." - Simeon Sibaruse
  • "Emreg's a good guy! I hang around with him, talk about all sorts of things. It's really nice. He's a bit blunt and offensive sometimes though, so you may have to tease him with it if you wanna befriend him." - L'nessa Kasah
  • "I hear he has a terrible habit of getting himself slapped by not knowing when to keep his hands to himself." - Kaede Nolan


Glass-hourglass.png History
Early Life - Emreg grew up in Ishgard, raised by his mother, Layla who was a Lady's Maid for one of the more prosperous families of the city. Emreg's father, Tamlin was very rarely around due to his work as a soldier often keeping him busy. Despite neither of his parents often having time for him Emreg was a happy child who would often run the streets with those from the Brume, people mistook him for a street urchin despite his rather middle-class background. He would soon follow in his father's footsteps and begin his training as a soldier for Ishgard.

Leaving Home - After the Calamity crippled Eorzea Emreg finally decided that life was too short to remain in Ishgard and live his life waging war as his father and people had done. So he deserted his duty and with his childhood sweetheart he finally set out into the world, running off with her with nothing but a change of clothes and his spear on his back. Emreg and Elayne traveled South towards Gridania where they spent a month exploring and living off the land. These were the happiest days Emreg had ever spent outside of Ishgard, though most things usually do have to come to an end and they traveled onto Thanalan and Ul'Dah where they encountered Ignee Flametongue and his barrage of problems. Again they set forth for adventure, this time accompanied by their new friend.

Loss and despair - The events that followed their leaving of Ul'Dah broke and crippled Emreg both mentally and emotionally. A Mage hunting Ignee revealed himself to the group and Emreg agreed to aid Ignee in defeating him, yet when Elayne had followed to try talking them out of their foolish attempt, she was struck several times during the battle and eventually died of her wounds. Emreg buried his sweetheart under a tree where they had first made love in the Shroud, the broken man vowing to himself to aid Ignee in bringing down the group who were hunting him, seeking to avenge Elayne's death. He decided to split with Ignee for the time being, his intentions were to head back to Ishgard to tell Elayne's parents of her death, yet his nerve forsook him and instead he took a bright little Miqo'te under his wing and traveled the lands with her until they reached Limsa Lominsa.

Fresh Horizons - Now in Limsa Lominsa, Emreg set forth on his own to forge ahead and grow stronger as a person, attempting to put the dreadful events of the past behind him. He soon joined up with a group of treasure hunters in Limsa Lominsa after meeting them in a tavern. Emreg took a particular liking to a Miqo'te Seeker in the group, Thalia. Though it was simply a friendship at first it soon blossomed into a more physical relationship, Emreg used the woman help him forget about Elayne. With his new group Emreg was finally happy and aided in many jobs and adventures as they collected treasure from all over La Noscea, his happiness ended when he got too attached to his casual partner and found out that she was cheating on him with another Miqo'te outside of the group. With his feelings crushed, he went to confront her about it which ended in Emreg being attacked by the woman and her boyfriend, eventually leading to him being shot in the leg and tossed from a small cliff. The head healer of the group, Tara Lawrence was swift to find Emreg though, taking him with her to heal him of his injuries and offered that he instead went to Ul'Dah, rather than face more conflict and drama as part of the group. Before Emreg left though, he drugged Thalia and left her on a boat heading for unknown parts. He had thought about confronting her boyfriend again, yet decided to take Tara's advice and leave.

Back in Ul'Dah - Emreg returned to Ul'Dah full of optimism for the future, pushing his feelings of anger and resentment down for Thalia he moved on and began to hire himself around as a sellsword in the city. Most of his work consisted of escorting trade caravans and merchants to other lands, protecting them from whatever dangers may lay in wait on the road. This suited Emreg just fin as he had always a streak of wanderlust about him. After months of working like this he eventually found his way to a Free Company where he was hired to aid in contracts and the odd job every now and again. The leader's daughter, Glaive took a liking to Emreg right away, finding his straightforward and flirty manner more than appealing. Though Emreg was hesitant about the woman at first, he eventually pushed his instincts down and the pair began a rough and passionate affair while the woman's husband was away on jobs. As the relationship grew, so did the Midlander woman's streak of jealousy and blackmail of Emreg. He had told her too much about his past and she had often threatened to reveal everything to her husband and father about Elayne and how he had deserted Ishgard. After months of this, Glaive eventually told Emreg that she was done with him and wanted no more to do with him. She hinted that she had already told her husband everything about him and the very notion of this betrayal sent him into a fiery rage which resulted in Emreg drowning his ex-lover in her own bath. He fled the manse soon after this, most assuming that Glaive had gotten drunk and slipped into the bath. Her father has always believed Emreg truly did kill her and still hunts him to this day, this is Emreg's darkest secret.

Present Day - Emreg's experiences with women and with life in general since leaving home have left him very closed off and very wary of relationships, yet he is slowly recovering and is now employed by Aldernard Leveworks. He has made many friends in the form of other members, as well as those he has met via work and his drinking in the Quicksand tavern. Star in particular has captured his attentions these days and has restored a bit of his faith in women and relationships in general, as strange as that does seem to him. He currently resides in the Company mansion and uses that as his base of operations for his private sellsword business. He has also developed a reputation as a terrible heart-breaker and ladies man around Ul'Dah and Limsa Lominsa, instead substituting proper relationships for meaningless casual encounters.

OOC Information

Glass-heartlock.png OOC Information

Hooks & RP Favorites

Hooks & RP Favorites
* Anyone who grew up in and around the Brume may know of or know Emreg.
  • Are you a bounty hunter or mercenary? You may have been hired to try and capture Emreg for the leader of his previous Free Company.
  • Looking to hire someone to do a job for you? Emreg Belthen is well known as a private sellsword.
  • See that rugged mercenary sitting at the bar? Come say hi, he doesn't bite... much.
  • Teaching others how to fight with a lance.
  • Meet him out on the road, he often travels around.

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