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Personal Data
Real Name: T'ahlia Chelewae
Known Aliases: Tal, Taly
Race: Keeper/Seeker mix
Age: 28
Name Day: 12th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Occupation: Freelance Scout/Entertainer
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Voice Claim: Taylor Swift


Height: 5'
Weight: 100 ponz
Build: Toned
Alignment: Lawful Good
Guardian: Halone

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Taly's Journal

T'ahlia Chelewae is a Seeker/Keeper mix miqo'te who favors her mother's Keeper ancestry. If she had more money, she might be considered a dilettante, as she has picked up many skills over the years while not mastering any of them. Her skill with both a bow and a song, however, is most impressive.

T'ahlia is about average height for a miqo'te, with dark skin which sets off her white hair and fur in a striking manner. She is lean and wiry for the most part, but if you happen to see her when not in armor or heavy robes she is curvier than you might have guessed. Her eyes are large and light blue, and her emotions tend to be clearly visible in them.

T'ahlia is almost always in one sort of armor or another, or heavy magical robes, though on occasion she resorts to fighting with fists and feet only, as she learned growing up in Ul'dah, and on those occasions wears as little as possible for freedom of movement. On rarer occasions, when not found afield, you may find her dressed up in more elegant or provocative attire. She spends a great deal of time exploring and adventuring, and therefore dresses sensibly for her activity, favoring pants over skirts most of the time. Still, it may surprise you to learn that she really enjoys those opportunities when she is in a town to dress less practically. That said, T'ahlia is comfortable in just about anything she puts on.

Aspects That Stand Out:
T'ahlia's laugh tends to be a bit too loud. As she is aware of it, she will often laugh loudly, and then stop suddenly while looking embarrassed.
T'ahlia's eyes will almost seem to flash when she gets angry.
T'ahlia is extremely light on her feet and not above leaping up on a chair to get a better view of something.


In 1550 of the 6th Astral Era, T'ahlia was born in the capitol city of Ul'dah. Her mother was a young Keeper of the Moon who was part of a band of Coeurlclaw bandits. It happened that these bandits had waylaid a caravan traveling through the South Shroud from the Sagolii Desert. The bandits took hostages, among them a young Seeker male who had been working for the caravan master. T'ahlia's mother was put in charge of tending to the hostages while waiting for ransom to come through, but the bandits did not foresee that she would develop feelings for the young Seeker. They had a brief fling, but when the caravan master refused to pay the ransom, she helped the hostages escape. The Coeurlclaw almost killed her for this act of kindness, but instead cast her out. She made her way out of the forest and into Thanalan, but never saw the young Seeker again. Her feet took her to the city, and there she found herself penniless and with child. When she gave birth to a baby girl, she named her T'ahlia as a sort of tribute to the father she would never know.

From the time of her birth until she was about 5, T’ahlia was cared for during the day by a kindly neighborhood woman while T’ahlia’s mother worked a variety of jobs to make ends meet. Usually, her mother had more than one job at a time, yet they still barely managed to get by as it was menial labor. Upon reaching the age of 5, however, the neighborhood woman would check on T’ahlia, but otherwise left her to her own devices. Thus, from that point forward, T'ahlia grew up in the streets of Ul'dah, fighting for her place amongst the neighborhood urchins. But as is so often the way with children, she never looked at what she didn't have, instead finding adventure around every corner. Her quick speed and wiry frame gave pause to the street bullies who might otherwise have tried to pick on her. This was especially true once she turned 6 and started sneaking in to pugilist bouts and gladiatorial contests, of which she became an avid watcher, learning much from her observation. Her mother, concerned she would end up just another street tough, started putting every book she could lay her hands on in front of her. T'ahlia's favorites were the exotic stories of distant lands, places she hoped one day to visit.

When T’ahlia turned 7, around the time the Garleans captured Ala Mhigo, she found a damaged guitar which someone had discarded and took it home. She found a local street musician to help her repair it and began teaching herself to play. Within a year, T’ahlia had begun organizing little plays with other children, often adapting legends and histories she had read into grand, epic battles with wooden swords. When she turned 9, however, she began to take on odd jobs around town whenever she could find them to help her mother with finances. Still, she never lost her interest either in the arts, whether fine or martial. For some years, life continued for T’ahlia in this manner. However, when she turned 13, her mother’s health began to fail, mostly as a result of overwork. T’ahlia tried to take on even more work to afford her mother time to rest. A year later, when returning home from one such job, something happened. When T’ahlia arrived at home, she was bruised, her clothing was torn, and her eyes were dull. She refused to answer any of her mother’s questions regarding the incident, and was unnaturally withdrawn for some time. It may have been the worry and guilt her mother felt that caused her health to diminish further, and at the end of 1564 her mother passed away. T’ahlia sold virtually everything they owned, with the exception of her guitar, in order to make sure she was given a decent burial.

As the new year began and desperate to leave the city behind, T’ahlia lied about her age and was able to secure a job scouting for a caravan headed out of Ul’dah. They offered her no gil, only her keep since she was untested, though her ability to best the scoutmaster in a pugilist bout impressed upon him that she was not to be underestimated. She proved apt to the work, her Miqote nature making her naturally stealthy, and her nighttime eyesight remarkable. It was not long before she was being paid an actual salary as caravans were anxious to have her among their scouts. During this time, she learned to fish, and it became a passion between caravan runs or when off-duty. A year later, a caravan T’ahlia was guiding arrived in Gridania. Enraptured by the archers she saw there, she convinced one of them to train her in the art, leaving the caravan to take up residence there. To pay her way, she offered to work as a scout for the local authorities whenever they needed extra help, and her help was more in demand as she became increasingly adept with the bow. When she was satisfied that she had learned what she could from her tutor, she once again began to scout for merchant caravans and travel far and wide throughout Eorzea, though she came to think of the inn in Gridania as her “home.” It was around this time that T'ahlia exacted a terrible revenge a number of people who she felt had wronged her or her mother . . . acts which have haunted and shamed her ever since.

By the time the Empire began once again their assault on Eorzea, T’ahlia had become formidable indeed. She found there was always work for one with her skills. Her mother's insistence on her learning paid off as well, for being both clever and well-read led her to positions of greater responsibility and command. Still, while she had accumulated much knowledge and many skills for someone of her age, it was not clear that she has mastered any of them besides the bow. She began to describe herself as a “cat of all trades, master of none,” choosing to embrace the biologically incorrect term often applied to Miqo'te). When the Eorzean Alliance was reformed in 1572, T’ahlia eagerly went to work scouting out Imperial forces. When the Battle of Carteneau occurred, she was not allowed to participate, however, as she was merely a freelancer. Though she was bitter at the time (and remains so to this day, as many she was fond of perished), this no doubt saved her life when the Calamity occurred. Following this event, she did what she could to help in the rebuilding effort, though she had no great aptitude for construction, traveling for work and out of personal desire for adventure when she could.

At this time, T'ahlia has been on her own for years now, and one of the unintended side effects of all the traveling to and fro, and dabbling in this or that, is that at the moment she has no close friends. People find her friendly, often silly in fact, but few think to invite her out for a drink, or to a party. It isn't vindictive . . . they just don't know her well, since she is never in one place for long. In the hopes of changing her circumstances, she started to work with the Hydaelyn Protectors, and joined up with the Wayfarers of Eorzea, hoping to find the connections her life has lacked for so long. This brought her to new friendships and connections, relationships which have continued despite the fact that in time both groups disbanded. Still, sometimes, you can see a hint of sadness (loneliness?) behind the laughter in her eyes. And sometimes, if you follow her when she is near Ul'dah, you may see her visit the lichyard at the Church of St. Adama and say a short prayer at the grave of her mother.


T'ahlia is good-natured and has a dizzy sense of humor. She has been known to make groan-inducing jokes at the most unlikely of times. She is dependable, and while she looks out for herself, she does like helping those who need it. She has a goofy effervescence to her that you can feel. Her posture seems almost dainty, even when standing in the aftermath of a skirmish.


Trusty weapon
Helping other outsiders
Reading, especially adventure stories


Rude people
Letting people down




High alcohol tolerance


Feelings easily hurt


Making the world better for children
Defeating the Empire
Finding her father's family

Combat Technique/Weapons

T'ahlia is a stealthy fighter who blends in easily to the environment, especially at night. She moves both quickly and silently in combat, rarely staying in one place long, and leaping about acrobatically as needed.
Weapon: She has trained with many weapons, but favors archery in combat
Weapons of Choice
Any kind of bow
Fists and feet


Here will be links to songs related to T'ahlia. Some songs will be those that T'ahlia would like or draw inspiration from, and some will be those that connect to her history in some way.

[Me and a Gun]
Artist: Tori Amos (Relates to events in Ul'dah)---
[Empty Chairs at Empty Tables]
Artist: Lea Salonga (How she felt after the Calamity)---
[Link Here Title]
Artist: ---



Most of these rumors have some basis in fact, but may not be what they seem.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"T'ahlia's usually a goofball, but if you hear her say "Grr" . . . yeah, that's not a joke"
"Did you hear? Chelewae joined up with the Wayfarers."
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"You brought up the Coeurlclaw around Chelewae? Idiot! Now we have to either get her drunk or find her someone to hit." - Leih Aliapoh
"She may be small, but don't ever try to out-drink her. Just . . . don't."

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"She's got something valuable in her belt pouch, I'm tellin' you! 'Bout the size of my hand, squarish, and wrapped up all careful-like."


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors -
"Place Rumor here " — Rumormonger.
"She's the best friend one could ask for... I'm lucky to have her friendship." — Serenity Maescia.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Serenity Maescia, Best Friend. () - Fellow Wayfarer.
Character's Thoughts: "Serenity and I met at the Rest. She needed help learning archery, and when we started talking, we realized how much we had in common. I've never had a best friend before, but I feel like she is, and hope she feels the same. She is very shy, but very smart. I hope our friendship will last."
Fast bond over similar past histories.

Kazukata Go, Mentor. () - Wayfarer/Protector.
Character's Thoughts: "The first time I visited the Hydaelyn Protector's headquarters, Kazukata turned up as well. We have sparred together, and he has been a patient trainer. He has more years than I, and I respect the experience he has accumulated in them, as well as the man himself."
Fair teacher for a willing learner.
Alyria Winchester, Friend. () - Superior Officer.
Character's Thoughts: "Alyria is a fearsome and passionate warrior. In some ways, we are so very different. Where she is bold, I am cautious. But she values loyalty as I do, and has always leant a helping hand to me--or a strong drink, when necessary!"
Comrade in Arms.
Haruka Forrester, Friend. () - Superior Officer.
Character's Thoughts: "Haruka is an enigma to me. So in control of herself! I respect that so much, struggling with it myself. She cares deeply about the Wayfarers, and I sense that she feels responsible for us all. From our early conversations, it seems she and I may have some common ground in our pasts. As a troubadour, it baffles me that I cannot read her better, but she inspires my loyalty."
Comrade in Arms.

Lydia Lightfoot, Friend. () - Fellow Adventurer.
Character's Thoughts: "My first memory of Lydia was of her casually dispatching a voidsent as if she were tying her laces. She has traveled to so many places on her treasure hunting expeditions, that I feel her excitement at discovering new vistas is at least equal to my own, though our motivations are different. She is so confident and at home in her skin, something which I envy her for. Yet, despite my awkwardness, she has always been kind to me, even complimentary on occasion. Her good opinion means a great deal to me."
Companion in Exploration.
Ailerana Galanadel, Friend. () - Fellow Wayfarer.
Character's Thoughts: "I would never have thought Ailerana would be my friend. She is boisterous, blunt, and talks of bedroom activities without a hint of a blush! I've known such people amongst the other scouts and caravan crew I've with whom I've worked, of course, but never been close to any of them. Yet behind this bluster, I have learned there is a sensitive soul, and one who would do anything for those she loves. Though we may be different in how we each present ourselves, I hope to be worthy of her affection and loyalty as well, for she has earned mine."
Comrade in Arms.
Deahfel Pharasma, Friend. () - Fellow Protector.
Character's Thoughts: "I met Deahfel outside the Carline Canopy upon returning from a scouting job. In conversation, she told me about the Hydaelyn Protectors group she founded, whose mission struck a chord with me. Though I travel a great deal, I have tried to contribute when I can. She has been very supportive, and it is good to have a friendship which lasts longer than a single mission."
Fast friends with many common goals.
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Place Holder.. ( ) - Place Holder.
Character's Thoughts: "Place Holder."
Place Holder.



Player Note
The way T'ahlia reacts IC does not necessarily reflect how I feel OOC. If she has an issue with your character (e.g. if you are a lawbreaker), it does not mean that I have a personal issue with you.
Personal RP Limits
As far as rp goes, I am primarily interested in stories--stories which T'ahlia can be a part of, and advancing her own personal story. As long as I feel something helps do this in some manner, I am likely to be agreeable to it.
I will play Anything that advances T'ahlia as a character and makes sense for her.
I won't play T'ahlia's death; criminal activities, unless as a person trying to stop you; non "fade to black" erp (sex and romance are not the same to T'ahlia, who has limited experience with either).
Little Tidbits.
I come from a primarily PVE background, so let me know OOC if I am violating any rp rules.
T'ahlia will be wary about any relationships do to her trust issues. Her bond with new friends will need time to grow.


Potential Plot Hooks
These are some ideas for walk-up rp that might be helpful when meeting T'ahlia.
■ She is a fairly well-know freelance scout in Gridania. Perhaps you need to hire one.
■ She occasionally sings and plays guitar in public--did you see her sing in a tavern?
■ You might have seen her fishing in various places throughout Eorzea. Is there a common interest, or do you need information?
■ She has been asking a lot of questions lately about caravans passing through Gridania in the past. Maybe you have knowledge of them.



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