Ochimi Akiudo

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Full Name: Ochimi Akiudo. Akiudo No Ochimi.

Known Alias/Nicknames:The Orphan of Akiudo, The Forest Orphan, Ghost Skin, The Pale Dragon of Akiudo, White Thorn, Lady Akiudo.

Place of Birth: Yanxia. Doman province, Othard.

Degrees/Highest Education: Auri Tongue, Little knowledge Of Xaelic Tribes. Doman Honor. a faint Understanding Of the Art of War. Reading, Writing, Calligraphy.

Hobbies: Roaming around with Her newly adopted family. Drawing. Learning about History and Unexplainable Anomalies. (Spirits Monsters Otherworldly beings Voidsent Etc)

Alignment: Lawful Good.


Mental State: Stable.

Sexuality: None. (TBD.)

Favorite Music Genre: Uplifting and Catchy Tavern Music. Doman Instrumentals being played.

Likes: Sagiso(her Custodian), Doman sweets and food, Roaming an Orchard, Tea Houses, Green tea. Doman/Hingashian Architecture. Abnormal vegetation. distinctive landscape. platonic affection.

Dislikes: Anything Cursed (Although a Tolerance Of sorts is Built up), Fire Or anything arbitrary In the Aspect Of fire. Heated Coals, Xenophobia/Racism, Ruins Or Buildings. Pungent Scent Of Noxious Substances (if Weak is scent Indifference Occurs). Corrupt Nobles/High Ranking Garleans. Degradation Towards herself Or ones she cares about.

Phobias: Fear of being Abandoned by ones she cares about. long Periods Of Isolation. Lord Moggykins First of his name Getting KIA/MIA. Thunderstorms/Inclement weather.

PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: No notable Scars(unscathed) Her Pastel skin would most likely distinguish slightly In the Late hours Of eve, If not covered By Her custodian imbued armor/Equipment. If She is Compromised/Threatened Enough an Dark Purple ectoplasm Protrudes from her Pastel White Body.

Age: Eighteen cycles.

Height: 4’8” 4'9" With Apparition Ward Armor.

Weight: 90 Ponze, 100 ponze with Apparition Armament.

Build: Supple Mesomorph.

Complexation: Pastel ivory.

Hair Color: Dark Sand with natural Sakura white hues.

Hair Style: Well groomed long and elegant.

Eye Color: Amber.

Race/Ethnicity: High-Born Raen.


The fair-skinned Auri huffed as she hit the bed of rice, a splash fueled the already rain-consumed evening, adding to her already drenched clothing. Her equally as damp white hair briefly obstructed her face; suddenly a grip yanked her upwards and she was forcefully rose to her knees and directed her mint lime gaze to her parents. Soon enough, a loud click came from the Garlean standard-issue handgun and a rather inhuman tone erupted from the to-be assailant:

“Alright unlike yer sorry excuse of kindred, you have a chance of living! Now! I want you to repeat these words and spare me the emotions, lass. I deal with you shites..on a regular basis..its tiresome.” A brief pause that seemed to last a lifetime. Her bloodline, her only friends looked at the now emotionally torn child; a sense of horrific silence consumed the scene.

Her father seemed to be whispering some sort of inaudible incantation, his lips unreadable. clearly the Doman samurai seem to have one last trick up his gauntlet. A fiery look to his ocean blue eyes and his features showed emptiness almost mimicking the ocean. Her mother, on the other hand, had tears streaming down her face - a more solemn ‘Greek theater’ play seemed to be in motion.

The metallic faces of Garlemald were clearly unmoved by the scene that the two insurrectionists were causing: “Ochimi was it? Right Ochimi, repeat after me: ‘I, Akiudo No Ochimi, denounce my bloodline and forsake any given titles that derive me and my kindred and next of kin, and will contribute accordingly to the Garlean Empire as needed.”

Much to her surprise her torn features flattened, deflated rather quickly; tears ceased and in a monotoned dulled tone, she began the denouncement of her parents; “I, Akiudo No Ochimi, Do not denounce my bloodline and keep my given titles that derive me and my kindred and next of kin…Down with the Garleans!”

She went dead silent, a deep regret formed on her face. Her kin eyed her with a slight pride; a faint smile crossed her father’s face and nodded something never seen in the Doman descendant. Her mother formed a understanding smile as well, As the two embraced their fate.

The two Garleans briefly glanced to their superior and a nod could be made out in the thundering night sky; an artificial thunder flashed from the two Garlean issued guns. Delayed shots rang out cutting both of her parents down with sickening precision, A resentful grumble came from the superior: “Right then. Had yer chance lass, and you tossed it away… but I’m sure you’d rather much join them than join us.”

To the highborn's surprise the shot meant for her didn't connect with its intended placement; Sagito! Her familiar hit the gun meant to deliver the lethal shot up in the air with the blade with a uncanny precision the bullet went straight threw the superior's helmet killing him instantly, A fight shortly broke out by two remaining garleans. Sparks seemed to scatter with the clashing mixing with the rain soaked night, only the fight they knew so well faded from them one by one with brutal yet elegant swordplay from her familiar, After the fight was done the purple figure rested its Expressionless and Concealed face on Ochimi and a soothing reverberating tone emitted from the creature and approached the rather frightened child: ”There is a unfinished fire within you. Live, child of Yoshikazu and Tsuru of Akiudo. Let there be a purple flame in the dark, it will calm the beast that resides within you.” From the darkness came light, from the light came hope. The orphan was made anew.