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PLEASE NOTE: This Wiki is constantly changing and updating. Last update made: April, 2017. Review at your own risk, this wiki does contain spoilers that are for OOC purposes only. Yes, I am back roleplaying Deirdre, if you would like to get in contact add me on Discord! (Deirdre#4365)

Garlemald Flag.jpg Deirdre Ta'ea
"Know only this… life is not worth squandering. Make it yours, make it more. Love so immensely, care so tenderly, breathe so deeply and see keenly. Do not let it slip through your fingers as I have, you will only find regret. Love… and never cease. Never stop wondering how tall the sky is."
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Garlean
Religion Halone, the Fury
Age 35
Nameday 3rd Sun of the 1st Astral Moon, 1549
Height/Weight 5 fulms 10 ilms, 145 ponz
Occupation Venator
Server Balmung

Deirdre Ta'ea is a stunning Wildwood Elezen specializing in archery and the use of concealed, deadly weapons, most often daggers. While beautiful, lithe and agile she is by no means innocent. Cold, calculated and deadly she comes off to many people as unstable and violent. Though she is highly misunderstood and can be calm and warm under the right circumstances, her habits of aggression beget caution. After spending several years in Eorzea as a spy for the Garlean Empire, she returned to her homeland for an unknown purpose. Now, she travels to Eorzea only for business, and always leaves a little bit bloodier.



(Art By CJ)
Given Name: Deirdre Ta'ea '[Dear-Dray Tah-Eh]': Her first name comes from an old tale of a woman who dies of a broken heart. Her last name comes from a long line of blacksmiths, her father's line, even though she has no talent for the craft and is the last of the name's lineage.
Aliases/Nicknames: Snow: The codename Deirdre has been given on missions in her past, some know her only by this nickname and nothing else. This name was also used as her alias within the Pearl, and was the only name given to her patrons. Deir: The shortened version of her full name, this is used by close friends only and she will disapprove if used by strangers or people she does not trust.
Current Residence: Garlemald, specifics unknown.
Marital Status: Dating Navei Asumiere
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Religion: Private follower of The Twelve, generally not religious.
IC Journal Pre-ARR:
Post-ARR IC Journal: <-- *Last Entry: May 1st, 2013*


Height: 5 fulms, 10 ilms - for an Elezen she is fairly short helping her blend among the Hyur races, but stand out uniquely for her own kin. She usually stands slightly shorter than a tall male Midlander.
(Art By CJ)
Weight: 133 ponz - Thin-boned yet curvy, she has a round bottom and a handful of breast. Most of Deirdre’s weight is in her muscle, a toned stomach and arms, but most of the power actually resides in long, toned legs.
Body: Even though she is very thin-framed Deirdre is by no means skinny. Round hips, perky chest and toned muscles, she is flexible and lithe. While more power resides in her legs from training and a gap remains between her thighs, her skill in archery also allows her arms a decent bulk of muscle. Despite having children, her stomach remains flat and toned due to her obsession with exercise and power. Her single, subtle structural flaw is improperly healed ribs on her left side, causing a bump in naked flesh, only noticeable by a keen eye, or intimate interactions. Though a seasoned warrior, she strangely bares no scars.
Complexion: Pale, smooth, flawless skin shimmers in the light and glows in the dark. Deirdre is notorious for keeping her skin perfect, going to great lengths to rid herself of scars from her profession as a warrior. The only marks she bears are the beauty mark below her right eye and a diamond-shaped burn mark on the bottom of her right foot, a Garlean brand.
Face: Thin, fine features and accented high cheekbones give Deirdre a very fair look. Sharp, icy-blue eyes are more than attentive, her vision keener than the average, rimmed with thick, heavy black eyelashes. Her nose is tiny, her chin is narrow and small, plump lips full and pouted, making her appear younger than her cycles.
Hair: Azure strands weave and twist wildly when loose, hair as untamed as the woman. Her hair is usually only down when she is comfortable, or during an intimate moment. Otherwise, she keeps the long, unyielding locks of hair bound tightly on top of her head or braided, so it stays out of her way as she fights. Even still, her hair finds ways to escape the bonds and flirt about her cheeks. When wet, strands will curl all about thickly. Deirdre has not cut her hair in many, many cycles, making it uncontrollably lengthy. Secretly, she enjoys brushing and braiding her hair, and considers it a very intimate action if another does it for her.
Fashion: Preferring more revealing clothes than most, Deirdre often sticks with high boots, tiny skirts or shorts and low-cut shirts for her normal dress, anything to draw attention to her curvaceous form. When in battle she dons more frequently tight leathers over her chest and arms, tight armoured leather boots. When needed, she will don simple clothes to blend in. If alone and relaxing, she is most often found wearing underwear and a loose, baggy shirt, or occasionally a loose cotton dress. Her preferred fabrics are leather or cotton.


Voice: Smooth and seductive, her words are enunciated particularly, her speech holding a light touch of Northern accent. If she is focusing or distracted, this accent will thicken.
Demeanor: Towards other people Deirdre will often come about as rude and hostile. She is very protective and tends not to allow people close to her. She will often remain silent but attentive, usually coming off as offensive. To people she knows, Deirdre is less guarded but tends to be more on the icy side. Yet, when they get to know her and she opens up, Deirdre becomes an entirely different person. When this happens she is very docile and shy, and when truly relaxed and comfortable she is a happy woman, smiling more often. Though this takes an immense amount of patience and time, as it is not something that comes naturally to her, unlike her icy mask.
Quirks: Deirdre is used to always having a knife on her, and if permitted one she will clutch on to it and refuse to let go. She is ambidextrous with weapons, but will only ever write with her right hand. Deirdre gets grumpier in the heat, and more docile in the cold. She will bite on her lower lip when aroused, thinking, or holding something back. She is racist towards Duskwight Elezen and Lalafell, and has no problem making that known. She is also very visual, and will believe what her eyes see over most anything else.
Intelligence: Deirdre is fairly uneducated in basic schooling, as she never received much of a formal education. Any knowledge she possesses she learned either on her travels, from particular missions or undercover roles. She excels more in street and battlefield knowledge and knows little beyond the basics of crafts or literature, over what she needs to survive. She can speak, write and read Eorzean well, but there are often occasions she uses incorrect words, or simply ignores or pass off comments if she does not understand the words being used. She has a particularly difficult time understanding individuals with heavy accents or slang. She has no patience for scholar studies, seeing them as less important than the skill of battle. More recently Deirdre has become obsessed with books, and has a secret love for tomes in the categories of history and religion. Though she will not readily admit this, she adores diving in to vast tomes of unknown information, but sometimes will require help with Eorzean words she does not recognize.
(Art By Mtoto - Deirdre portrayed as Halone, The Fury)



(Art By Siobhain)
Style: Deirdre is a very offensive fighter and prefers quick, deadly attacks than slower, stronger ones. She will usually hit for something vital quickly, and in failing that trying to flurry her opponents in to submission. With her skills in archery though she is the opposite, preferring to be as far away as possible when she fires, with her angle, position, or velocity mattering little. Though her tactics vary with the opponent, she is very observatory and will adapt herself to the situation.
Specialization: Ranged attacks with a bow and arrow from great or close distances, close up encounters with a lightweight dagger never longer than her forearm, range with a spear (and only one with some kind of cross-guard), light forms of magic usually in the element of ice and distraction/diversion methods. More recently, Deirdre has begun showing the ability to create weapons from her icy aetheric energy.
Strengths: Extremely close combat or surprise attacks. Deirdre is startlingly good at taking her opponents off guard with precise blows and an endless pool of energy. She is also excellent with intensely ranged attacks, assisted by the keen eyes of her kin and a finely tuned longbow.
Weaknesses: Deirdre is very weak against heavily armoured attackers with big weapons, though she will try to use her speed to counter this. She is durable, but not overly so, so one or two big hits could end most of her ability to fight. Her ears are also one of her weaknesses, she does not have good hearing to begin with unless she truly focuses on listening, but even still she relies more on her eyes. It is also easy to put Deir in a blooded frenzy, making her more careless than usual. She is not hard to rile up in most situations, which is why she is easily provoked and ends up attacking people randomly.
Armour: Her armour varies on her state, but most often she is clad in leathers and usually nothing heavier than scale. She prefers high leather boots with a minimal amount of plating or cloth strapped in leather guarding. Her gloves are usually thin and tight, a tiny bit of metal plating hidden underneath to guard her wrists and forearms from damage. If preparing for a particularly difficult battle, she will sometimes wear light chain beneath her leathers.





The Wealthy


Playing the harp/singing
Hand-to-hand combat


Favourite Food/Drink: Wild berries and tea
Favourite Creatures: Chocobo's
Least Favourite Food: Raw Fish/Meat
Least Favourite Creature: Primals



Father: Nichiel Ta'ea - (Deceased) - Her father was her role model, an accomplished blacksmith who made finery for chocobos specifically, among other things. He was the one always encouraging Deirdre to be a free spirit and passed his unruly nature on to her, along with her azure locks. As a youth he belonged to a rebellious gang in the cities, known to many as a talented thief who would hang around with scum. It was not until his father died from a tragic accident that he inherited the family farm and changed his ways, becoming an outstanding citizen. Before Deirdre was born, Nichiel took in a young Miqo'te boy as his apprentice, inducting Ban as part of the family. Nichiel passed on when their village was attacked, slain while attempting to protect his families escape.
Mother: Raien Ta'ea - (Deceased) - Deirdre's mother hated her most of her life, teaching her a hard lesson; that you cannot trust even those most close to you. She often received physical and mental abuse from the woman, causing Deirdre's extreme introversion. Raien was a woman from the cities who married her first love, a bad-boy from a gang who promised her all the jewels and dresses she could want. This, of course, did not come true, and after her husband inherited his father's farmland and she was forced to become a country-wife. Quickly, she grew bitter towards her life and often took this out on her daughter. She only had one live child after miscarrying a son. After the village was destroyed Raien found she had a second chance at the life she always wanted and sold her daughter so she could have the gil to return to the socialite life she lived before marrying Nichiel. Cycles later she seeks Deirdre out in Ul'dah, desperate to marry her off in to a rich family to continue her gluttonous ways. She ends up slaughtered in an alley, killed by her daughter's brutal and unforgiving hand, having threatened to sell Deirdre's children like she had done to her daughter many cycles before.
Brother: Bancroft Gairn – (38 Cycles) – A dark haired Moonkeeper Miqo'te and Deirdre's adopted older brother, seven cycles her senior. Ban was taken in by her father as a smithing apprentice and lived with their family her whole childhood. Deirdre looked up to Ban, and the two were inseparable, the young girl often choosing to sleep with her older brother than in her own bed. She had thought him to be dead alongside her father, though he was not present when the village was attacked and ultimately destroyed. Deirdre regards Ban as one of the only men she ever loved beside her father, and is extremely loyal to him.
Son: Crane Ta'ea - (11 Cycles) - The older of Deirdre's twin boys. Crane and his brother were born in Garlemald, before Deirdre came over to Eorzea. Their father was an Elezen Imperial Guard named Bonnric Kaa, who found his way in to Deirdre's bed; they never spoke. The truth behind their conception seems rather buried. Personality wise, Crane is the more adventurous of the two. He has short raven black hair and icy blue eyes. Showing an affinity for heavy weapons, Crane is currently in the initial stages of training. He currently lives in Garlemald with his brothers.
Son: Cygnus Ta'ea - (11 Cycles) - The younger of Deirdre's twins, Cygnus is the quieter of the two boys. He has long raven hair usually tied back, and blood red irises. Skilled in magic, he studies in secrecy in black magic and scholarly endeavors. He currently lives in Garlemald with his brothers.
Son: Falke Ta'ea - (9 Cycles) - Deirdre's youngest son. Falke's father is her previous lover Shurin Mizune. Falke's hair is azure like his mothers but short, his eyes also her icy hue. Falke follows after his brothers, and has adopted a very adventurous personality. Though young, he has become skilled in smithing and firing Garlean-style firearms and is apprenticed to a local smith. He currently lives in Garlemald with his brothers.

(Art By Xenedra - Nichiel)
(Art By Xenedra - Deirdre with her children Falke (left), Crane (center), and Cygnus (right))
(Art By Deirdre - Deirdre and Bancroft)

Player Character Standings

Please note: The below list constantly changes. Character names will appear on the list if Deirdre has some regard of them, and they may move in categories. If Deirdre does not think much of a character or has forgotten they existed, the character's name will be removed from the list.
Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing

Do Not Stab List

Bancroft Gairn - Deirdre's adopted older brother. Though she believed him to be dead, the two have been reunited after sixteen cycles of separation. Shy and scared of the man, Deirdre is fighting mentally over if she should tell him all that has happened to her. She is very attached to the Miqo'te, and harbours a growing brother complex. Bancroft is one of the only men Deirdre has truly loved.
Endricane Feltaro - A lover from Deirdre's past come back again. Initially falling in to his bed when she was just fifteen, Deirdre clung to the Highlander as a sort of stability during her years as a foot soldier for the Empire. Deirdre did care for him, though her feelings were never fully realized because of her instability at the time.
Felix Drake - A Highlander Deirdre met while staying with OS&R. Deirdre and Felix are close companions, and seem to share some secrets between them.
Gospel Gestalt - Deirdre and Gospel met after a chance encounter in one of Deirdre's less lucid moments. After awkward conversation, fixing her dislocated arm and lending her a tome, Deirdre has decided she enjoys Gospel's company and although he may not enjoy it, continues to seek his company out. He is also accidentally responsible for her on again off again drug addiction.
Lyriah Karnelle - Still suspicious of Lyriah after assaulting her during her final battle with Shurin, Deirdre is slowly getting to know Lyriah. Though the two were long at odds over Shurin, Navei has brought them together in high hopes of repairing the damage. Lyriah has also spent some time with Deirdre's youngest son Falke, the two quickly becoming fast friends.
Mtoto Wamoto - The previous Commander of the Eorzean Guard. While Deirdre does not fully agree with Mtoto on most occasions, she still greatly respects and admires her.
Navei Asumiere - A Hyur Deirdre is very fond of, and has harboured as a fugitive from others. She would not hesitate to protect him or kill for him. After their first meeting in Aleport and several encounters afterward, the pair always seemed drawn to one another, but were never able to act on their feelings. Having returned from Garlemald and reconnecting with Navei, the two have begun a deeper relationship of their own.
Quarimar Baenund - A Duskwight Elezen Deirdre has met on multiple occasions. Well, not really met, more like forced her way in to his life, in the hopes he would decode a book she found. They communicate poorly, but even if they are fighting, neither one seems to talk bad or wish ill of the other.
Selene Artemis - After a chance encounter with Selene, and learning how to fold paper boats from the woman, Deirdre initially believed she was a figment of her imagination.
Tim'a Fei - A Moonkeeper Miqo'te Deirdre met while buying goods in the Black Market. As a result of their tense interactions, Deirdre regards him fondly.

(Art By CJ)
(Art By CJ)

Stab List

K'anko Tia - A Seeker who Deirdre has had conflicting feelings over. The two fought briefly in Limsa Lominsa, and after trading wounds she made off with his pendant, which was eventually returned. She enjoys becoming violent around the man, and they seem to have a strange relationship. She bounces between wanting to kill him, and wanting to be closer to him.
Kale Aideron - A Highlander man Deirdre continues to be conflicted by. While he acts pushy and stubborn, his arrogance and rude comments push Deirdre away, making her think he is just a small child someone forgot to beat.
Oskar Helvig - Previously lovers, these two are always at odds. Deirdre tricked him in to thinking he was the father of Falke when Shurin had left her to pursue his past and duty, so she could cling to some stability and have a safe place during her pregnancy. Before this, Deirdre and Oskar often fought to the point of scrapping, breaking bones and causing serious injury. Currently, Deirdre hardly thinks of the man, and he is one of the contributing factor to her racism towards Duskwight Elezen. She has been told he is dead.
Shurin Mizune - Deirdre's former lover and the father of one of her children. The two had been together for quite a while, having met in the forests of the Black Shroud during a Sanctus Refero meeting that Deirdre accidentally walked in on. Shurin saved her from a man pursuing her and gave her shelter for the night, little knowing she was hiding her infant sons. From then they spent little time apart, adventuring through Eorzea from Sanctus Refero to the Eorzean Guard. Due to conflicts in their relationship, a great rift grew between the two. Having originally thought he was dead after an incident at the Mavanix Gala, Deirdre sees Shurin alive one last time before she is swept away in aether. After finding out he was truly dead she went through many lengths to contact him, and ended up trying to kill herself on his blade. Nearly succeeding and left to die by Shurin, Navei saves her. She promised to begin letting go of Shurin, and vowed never to seek him out again. A great hatred for him has formed in her heart, but she has kept true to that promise.
Yssen Van - Deirdre and Yssen have met on several occasions. Deirdre does not trust him and is extremely wary. He is one of the contributing factors to her racism towards Duskwight Elezen. After kidnapping and selling him to a strange woman who approached her, Deirdre came in to enough money to prevent her from whoring. Yssen does not know this however, and attacked Deirdre after escaping his captors. The two are again mortal enemies despite various positive and negative interactions.

(Deirdre and Yssen - Art By Xenedra)
(Deirdrre and Kanko


(Art By CJ)
Common Rumours (Easily overheard)
"Pretty 'lil thing, that one, n'costs a fair bit 'o gil too. I wonder if it's true that they call 'er 'Snow' because she'll melt in yer hand? - Aged Highlander
"Always down for doin' a sailin' man a favour, she is. Begs me to tell her stories of the sea each time, cheap price to pay from what I 'ere." - Seawolf Pirate
"I heard she was born like in one of those fairy tales! Her mum wanted a child, so a sorceress carved her one out of ice n' that girl came inta bein'! That’s what the men be sayin’!" - Gossiping Lalafell Housewife

Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Saw her down by the docks with them pirates… you think she’s one of ‘em?" - Curious Highlander
"Doesn’t she look expensive? I wonder where she keeps all that gil…” - Jumpy Wildwood
"There’s something foreign about her… I think I saw her glaring at us earlier…” – Cross Duskwight
Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"The night she came here she was all ragged and dirty, blood all over her, we had to scrub it out of her flesh and hair. She won't speak about what happened or why she joined us, in fact she hardly speaks to any of us at all. She was the only one of us without debts, and then she just up and left!”- Gossipy Seeker Courtesan
"Snow? She’s gone now, and business has never been slower! If ye see ‘er, drag her back here will ye?" - Frowning Hellsguard Guard
"Just give the package to her and shut your mouth. Don't look her in the eye, either!" - Paranoid Ul'dahn Guard
PC Rumours (Rumours written by other Player Characters. If you wish to write a rumour, just go ahead and do so, make sure it's IC!)
"She once led a man on for quite a while to protect herself and her children. Can't say I really blame her, and that bastard deserved it, if you ask me." - Xenedra Ambreaus
"She tried to stab me when we first met. She is clearly crazy. I have a soft spot when it comes to crazy though. Go figure." - Yssen Van
"Blue ain't the type to back down, even from me. That doesn't say much for her smarts, but she's a brave little thing. Not bad on the eyes, either." - Klarimel Surtsthalsyn
"I pray to the Twelve that she finds peace. That woman needs it more than most..." - Alothia Starkwood
"She is precious sister with much love. Could not protect once before but will not be failing again. Cannot lose her, may never see again.." - Bancroft Gairn
"Her eyes. Her eyes pierce your soul. Those icy coloured... Gah. I shudder just thinking about it." - Paradyme Capellago
"Aye, it's unfortunate I didn't get to know her well while we were both in OS&R. She was truly beautiful, inside and out." - Aerostein Epitaph
"A woman who's deserved much more than she's been granted. She's more like to put a dagger between my ribs than accept so, but I'll show her yet a world worthy of all she's done." - Felix Drake
Things You Can't Possibly Know (But I want you to know OOCly)
Deirdre's mental condition can be labeled as Schizoaffective Disorder
She is afraid of getting her hair cut.
She is very attracted to Highlander males.
She is shy around Miqo'te males, but more attracted to them than Highlanders, but only Keepers.
She is a poor swimmer.
(Art By Mosskat)


1549 - 1570

(Art By Jennifer Healey)

(1549) 0 Cycles

Born in a small town populated with Wildwood Elezen.

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(1554) 5 Cycles

Fell from a tree, breaking three right ribs. This event turned her from a tom-boy to a girl.

Show text

(1555) 6 Cycles

Began showing a talent for dance and began to learn the art. Her brother is stillborn.

Show text

Her mother begins to abuse her. She meets a Highlander Hyur named Cade Alun.

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(Art By CJ)

(1557) 8 Cycles

First trip out of the village with her father.

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(1558) 9 Cycles

Taught disciplines of a woman. Learns how to read, write and sew.

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(1559) 10 Cycles

A visit of soldiers to her village who are subsequently turned away. Her dance instructor teaches her to speak properly, and she begins to lose her country accent.

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(1560) 11 Cycles

'Borrows' a chocobo from her father's stable and goes joy-riding. Participates in a 'coming of age' ceremony.

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(1561) 12 Cycles

Village attacked and taken over by returning soldiers. Deirdre and her mother flee and escape the lands from caravan to caravan. Exposed to all other races through this travel. Soon after her mother sells her in order to begin a new, lavish lifestyle.

Show text

(1562) 13 Cycles


Life with her abusive owner and subsequent escape. Travels back to her homelands, joining the same army that destroyed her village. Her hair is cut and she is branded. Training begins.

Show text

(1563) 14 Cycles

Training continues, she begins being noticed by soldiers for her womanly virtues, and works her way from charming front line men to officers.

(1564) 15 Cycles

Spends time in Ala Mhigo, occupied by field missions. Here she meets and is under the command of Endricane Feltaro.

(1565) 16 Cycles

Begins killing the officers trying to sleep with her secretly, making it look like accidents.

(1565 - 1570) 16-21 Cycles

Gets caught killing officers and subsequently flees before they can put her to death for the crime. She is then caught and brought before judges, sentenced to death, but instead passed off to train as a Venator. Anyone she previously associated with is made to think she was executed.

(1570) 21 Cycles

Impregnated. Arrives in Eorzea with her twins and wanders endlessly through the twisting Shroud before meeting up with a random group of strangers. This is where her journey begins...

1571 - 1572

Cycle One - 1571

In the beginning days of her time in Eorzea, Deirdre wanders aimlessly throughout The Shroud, scavenging for food and hiding from creatures in the trees. This whole time she travels with her infant sons, doing well to avoid any offensive confrontations, as she is completely without supply and unarmed. Luckily within a few weeks, she meets up with Sanctus Refero, a small group of adventurers at the time, as well as Shurin Mizune, a man of significant importance in her story. She also begins learning new skills, specifically with the spear. All the while concealing her children, Deirdre worked with Sanctus Refero, saving gil to get off the streets, keeping her true heritage and intentions sealed. Once she was more comfortable Deirdre left Sanctus Refero after an argument with Alona, the leader of the little band.

Nearly immediately after leaving SR, Deirdre is recruited in to The Eorzean Guard, under Mtoto Wamoto. Here her skills truly begin to show, the group often on military style initiatives. Keeping mostly to herself she begins to learn Eorzean ways and customs, studying people. She hones her own skills even further, The Guard being the perfect environment for fostering her abilities.
Deirdre - by Lilith.jpg

Once more comfortable in the company of her new companions, Deirdre begins to lead several events, including sparring and storytelling, for those within the company and outside. These are truly her golden days in Eorzea, for she is sane, level headed, and happy. It is because of this she ascends the ranks, and eventually is charged with training new recruits, albeit with unorthodox ways.

While still in The Guard, her world slowly begins to crumble, as her lover Shurin leaves for what he calls his 'duty'. Losing her stability she begins a downhill journey from here, becoming tense and prickly and going so far as to assault other members of the organization. Soon afterwards the Guard is disbanded suddenly on the disappearance of their Commander Mtoto, and Deirdre resorts to wandering aimlessly.

Having little else to do in ways of making gil, Deirdre finds herself within the ranks of The Everwatch under Oskar Helvig, trusted with protecting The Shroud that she once wandered with her children. She also finds training in the elements, previously unexposed to her own magical affinities. Around this time, her true heritage is revealed and up until that point, she had been reporting Eorzean initiatives to The Empire. She is wildly criticized for this, losing her trust with almost everyone. Despite that, she rises through the ranks of The Everwatch, again involved in training initiatives. During this time on one of Shurin's brief returns, Deirdre becomes pregnant with his son. After finding out she is pregnant with Shurin nowhere to be found, Deirdre sparks up a more involved relationship with Oskar Helvig, afraid if she did not that she would be even more vulnerable while carrying the child. Their relationship, extremely negative and explosive, only festers her deteriorating hold on normal life.

Cycle Two - 1572

After Falke is born, Deirdre reveals to Oskar that it is not his child, leaving him and subsequently the Everwatch. In doing so, she also abandons many who had grown to be her friends.

In the time after, Deirdre chooses to live a life of seclusion to raise her children. Training avidly but never venturing out on jobs, she becomes more recluse and paranoid. Shurin occasionally visits, and although their relationship is very fractured, he is the only light making her walk forward in her otherwise dark world. It is because of Shurin's desire to protect her and the children that she accepted his terms, and took to living in Falcon's Nest. During her time as a stay at home mother, Deirdre forms an intense desire to read and learn from books of lore, acquiring them mainly from travelling caravans or other villagers, wherever she could. Her beliefs in The Twelve also intensify in her need to occupy her mind with something other than her situation, not the type of person to remain locked away tending to a family, despite wide criticism from others.

As the red moon begins to descend, Deirdre and her brood abandon waiting for Shurin to return as well as their home, hiding away in an unknown location for a period of time, staying near a group of devote Twelve worshippers.

Uncomfortable with remaining on the sidelines for the decent of Dalamund, Deirdre returns alone, aiming to find a way to stop the catastrophe, much calmer than when she had left. Soon after being mixed in to the current events and reuniting with Shurin, her world is turned upside down when he tried to kidnap Falke, their infant son. Deirdre prevents this, nearly killing Shurin in the process, and rejecting him outright. She adopts Navei's way of thinking, and now believes Dalamund is descending to purge the lands, and herself.

Rather rapidly her mental health begins deteriorating, becoming more prone to random fits of violence and hallucinations. This is not only due to her situation, but her lucid dreams bleeding over in to reality. She will go on tirades and sprees of blood-lust with barely any instigation, desperately seeking something to calm her mind, wandering alone. At this point a chance encounter with a man named Gospel Gestalt allows her refuge, and the alchemist supplies her with a drug to focus her mind. She is now addicted.

Desperate to replace the hole left by leaving her children in another's care, far away from the impact zone of Dalamud, Deirdre takes on the job of protecting Gerik Aston, a Highlander caught up in the events around them. Almost obsessively, Deirdre will watch and keep guard over the man, overly hostile to anyone who dare wander near.

The Last Stand - 1572

It is the night of the Gala that turns everything upside-down for Deirdre. The event was meant to find a way to stop the moon, until a fragment of it falls from the sky and in to the gathering. In the chaos and confusion, the ground splits and aether seeps from it, disrupting the natural flow and causing many who attempt to teleport away, to simply evaporate in to fragments of bone and ash. During the fighting, Deirdre's lover Shurin pushes her from the incoming aether, seeping from the ground and making people vanish, and becoming absorbed himself. Distraught with grief and agony, she is pulled away from the battlefield screaming, and taken to safety despite multiple attempts to return to the place her love vanished.

For suns she is bedridden from emotion, locking herself away with only the Highlander Gerik as company, who is equally as distraught from his own loss. It takes much time for either of them to speak, or leave their refuge.

Soon after, the cities are attacked by monsters and Imperials causing Deirdre and Gerik to flee to the Isles of Umbra, where she builds a makeshift grave for Shurin. The two prepare for the final fight nearing, and Deirdre trains Gerik in the basics of archery and hand-to-hand combat. But, thinking him unfit for the battle, Deirdre ties Gerik to a Roegaydn named Wu on an outbound ship from Limsa in order to keep him safe before leaving for Cartenau Flats, and the final battle. The moon is getting closer, and time is running out.

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1573 - Current

(Art By Xenedra)

Cycle One - 1573

  • Calamity.
  • Wanders from Mor Dhona to Thanalan, picked up in a caravan and taken to Ul'dah.
  • Lives on the streets as a beggar.
  • Enforces self promise to never kill again.
  • Does not travel outside of Ul'dah.
  • Meets Sevryn Sha, travelling at his side

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Cycle Two - 1574

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Cycle Three - 1575

  • Escapes prison.
  • Flees to La Noscea.
  • Scuffles with a band of scouting Imperials and kills again.
  • Imprisons herself within the walls of a brothel called 'The Pearl'.

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Cycle Four - 1576

  • Working as a courtesan within The Pearl.
  • Meets Paradyme Capellago.
  • Meets Aatrix, spends much time exclusively with him.

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Other Fan Art

(Art By Remi)

(Art By Abaigeal) (Art By Selene Artemis) (Art By Rhostel) (Deirdre - 18 Cycles) (Art By Jennifer Healey) (Art By Vee) Dd2.png (Art By Remi) (Kerr and Deirdre - Art By Deirdre) (Endricane and Deirdre - Art By Xenedra) (Art By Kerr) (Art By Ship) (Art By Deirdre) (Art By Kerr) (Art by Gerik) (Art By Aysun Demiir) (Art By Remi) (Art By drawbrah) (Art By Deirdre - Gospel and Deirdre)


Template credit goes to Bancroft Gairn <3
Deirdre's name is actually from a Celtic story.
The Stabby Lists are created based of the OOC nickname for the violent Deirdre, and do not mean you will actually be stabbed. In truth, Deirdre has not actually stabbed more than a handful of other player characters. The friend's lists and any other information contained in this wiki if for OOC purposes only, and should not be taken ICly without expressed permission with exception of the rumours list.
Deirdre's personality can be characterized by the Myer's Briggs as ISTJ.
Deirdre's singing voice is taken from the lead singer in Blackmore's Night, Candice Night.
The actress who would play Deirdre is Jacqueline Macinnes Wood
Kohrae Crimsonscale is my alt.