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===<div style="padding:0px 15px; border-style: solid; border-width: 1px 1px 1px; border-color:#808080; border-radius:10px;background: #DCDCDC;font-size:14px;">OOC Notes</div>===
I'm still relatively new to the whole RP scene so I take every RP encouter as a learning experience. Also I can't write paragraphs at a time, even with my extensive backstory for my character, it took alot of editing and proofreading to get the story you see on the wiki. I'm not good at world building/world desrciptive writing so I prefer to RP in game. As some may have created avatars for their RP I decided to turn my main in my RP some I might not always be available to RP. I apologize in advance for this if its an inconvenience to anyone.  I do believe in arcs so I'm comfortable in dying in story if you like just gives a heads up so I don't accidently meta-game or something along that line. If you need to send a msg I'll leave my discord here or msg me in game. Thank you for checking out my OC's wiki.
I'm still relatively new to the whole RP scene so I take every RP encouter as a learning experience. Also I can't write paragraphs at a time, even with my extensive backstory for my character, it took alot of editing and proofreading to get the story you see on the wiki. I'm not good at world building/world desrciptive writing so I prefer to RP in game. I might not always be available to RP. I apologize in advance for this if its an inconvenience to anyone.  I like doing arcs so I'm comfortable in dying in story if you like, just gives a heads up so I don't accidentally meta-game or something along that line. If you need to send a msg I'll leave my discord here or msg me in game. Thank you for checking out my OC's wiki.
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: This page uses the [[Easily Read Template]], created by [[Khita Atropah]] and inspired by [[Bancroft Gairn]].
: This page uses the [[Easily Read Template]], created by [[Khita Atropah]] and inspired by [[Bancroft Gairn]].

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 Sebastian Qerel
[[Image:Sebastian Screenshot(3).jpg|150px]]
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Unknown
Server Lamia
Nameday 24th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Age 24
Orientation Azim Steppe
Guardian Halone, The Fury
Alias Koghun (known by tribe), Sebastian (known by most)
Marital Status Single
Sebastian Qerel

((WIP)) Sebastian Qerel is a cold, wrathful and confidential Dark Knight who travels Eorzea serving as a nomadic mercenary/hit-man with a war panther cub named Khal Bar. This Xaela's past is a mystery before his arrival to Coerthas at the age of eighteen. At this time, Sebastian suffered hardships uncommon for someone his age. A foreigner in a foreign land, He was falsely accused for a crime left to the mercy of an Inquisitor named Grebix Brausin, a skillful paladin and Noblemen. Then was saved by a Dark Knight woman named Alfane. With no home or people to call his own, he offered himself to serve under this great knight but instead she took Sebastian in. For two years, Sebastian served as Alfane's protege and the while Sebastian learned about his mentor's and the secrets of the Dark Knight power, the Abyss and of its dangers. Tragically, Sebastian's mentor sacrificed herself to save him in an ambush by Grebix. Just before her death, she passed on her soulstone to him. Though he learned under Alfane, his attempts to use her soulstone ended in failure was unable to unlock her abilities. This, along with the loss of Alfane and his past began to build resentment and anger towards the world and himself until he became consumed by hatred. Then finally, in the depths of his hatred, the soulstone revealed its power and Sebastian was able to unlock its abilities, fueling them with resentment. He sworn to kill Grebix and avenge his mentor. Later on, In a small town Sebastian would get the revenge he'd hoped for. Though successful, the cost for his narrow-minded goal were the lives of innocents, branded a murderer and betrayed the teachings of his mentor and left a stain on her memory. The events of that day dubbed him as "The Voidsent Knight". Ashamed of what he wrought, Sebastian left Coerthas, never to return. Becoming a man with nothing to live for, nothing to fight for, and nothing to die for. (theme 1 is for reading his backstory. theme 2 is what I believe best describes him at this current time.)



  • Traveling
  • The Azim Steppe
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Cold Weather
  • Cats


  • Self rightous people
  • Hot Climates
  • Gedan
  • Vegtables


Foods: Azim Cuisine, Beef Stew, steaks
Drinks: Ale, Sake, water, Hot Chocolate (can not turn down hot chocolate)
Colors: Unknown


  • Traveling
  • Training


Hair/Fur: Black
Skin: Snow white
Eyes: White with bright Purple Limbal Ring
Height: 7' 0"
Weight: 220 (PONZ)
Build: Athletic built

The thing that sticks out the most are his eyes. The combination of his dark bags, snow white face, emotionless/ serious expressions, and the color of his eyes gives him a terrifying appearance. His very gaze can make the weak hearted faint. When he stares at you is as though being toss into the abyss. He wears all black Armour with a necklace tied on his right horn. His apathetic expression can tell a faint story about his past. His horns have metal plating on their sides and a scar on his right cheek scale of his face. His hair his medium length and is in braided tail. His bangs cover the right side of his face. He also has a War panther cub named Khar Bar accompanying him.


  • Alignment

    Currently Chaotic Neutral.
  • Motivation

    No motivation.
  • Disposition

    Calm, apathetic, cold and reserved [in battle meriless, unrelenting]
  • Outlook

  • Positive personality traits

    Strong willed, confident, focused
  • Negative personality traits

    confidential, solitary, wrathful, distrust, selfish
  • Miscellaneous quirks

    Experienced Lancer & Hunter.
  • Current Events


  • Life In the Azim Steppe

Born in the Borlaaq tribe, His birth mother gave him up in the first month of his birth instead the traditional year. He was abandoned in the Azim wilderness, away from any migrating paths, wrapped in a blanket and left out in the wilderness. He was then found by a male huntsman from the Qerel tribe. Barachin, who barely recused the baby from the beasts of the Steppe. Barachin brought the newborn back to his tribe, wife with three daughters and adopted him into his family. Barachin give him a name, Koghun. Barachin was an honorable, wise and strong huntsmen/lancer that everyone respected. He was also known for his over-the-top stories. At age 10, he showed talent with a spear, Barachin began to train Koghun as a lancer and hunter. Koghun looked up to his father and wanted to grow-up to be just like him. His mother was gentle and sweet, always coddling Koghun as he was the youngest. His sisters were as energetic as him and he enjoyed playing with them. Some of the adults did not approve of Barachin bringing Koghun to the tribe and will often treated as an outcast. Due to this, the children of those adults treated Koghun same and tease him and would end in fights, but his sisters will always come to his aid. Koghun felt displaced but trained hard to become the best lancer/huntsman like Barachin and earn the respect of his tribe. Barachin would on occasion, tell the story of the day that he found Koghun, Although, the story will always change, from the number of beasts, to the size of each beast
Barachin "What’s stood between me and this newborn was 10...no 20 gedans!! With drool and blud drippin from them mouth."
Barachin "What’s stood between me and this newborn was 30...no 50 gedans!! With black goo and blud AND POISON drippin off from them rows of sharp teeth them had!!"
Barachin "What’s stood between me and this newborn was 1000...no 20000 demons!! With POISON and blud and elemental aether drippin from them mouth."

At age 14, Koghun and the other teens embarked on the Qerel rite of passage. To kill their first steppe tiger with their own hands. They were given five day to complete the task and bring their price back to camp. Koghun’s sisters and mother wished him good luck, Barachin stopped Koghun before he headed off; Barachin: "Koghun, no matter where you came from, where you go or what others will call you, you will always be Koghun, of the Qerel Tribe. Son of Barachin of the Qerel Tribe. Now Come back to us alive you hear; you don't want to make your mother cry now do ya?" Over time, the other participants returned with their price, Koghun’s mother and sisters began worry for him, some of the adults predicted that he failed and got himself eaten. Koghun searched in the vast steppe for his prey but to no avail. On the fourth night, A large tiger crept out from the dark. Koghun froze in fear at the creature's size but stood his ground. Koghun let out a loud war-cry and the beast let out a mighty roar and the two clashed. Koghun returned from his trial in triumph with the large dead tiger in tow. His tribesmen were at awe at the size of beast and for the first time Koghun was accepted as a true member of the Qerel tribe. The tribe hosted a celebration that night in honor of the new adults’ success. Unfortunately, the proud moment was shortly lived for the tribe were caught off guard by a surprise night raid. Koghun readied himself for battle but Barachin ordered Koghun to take his mother and sisters away. At first Koghun argued but Barachin wouldn’t take no for answer. Koghun and the other young adults took the young and weak away from the chaos to safety. When the group got to a safe enough distance, Koghun ran back to aid in the fight. Koghun naively rushed into the fray, He managed to kill a few raiders but was caught off-guard and was injured. Before the raider can deliver the final blow Barachin rushed in, saving Koghun. The Qerel were victorious but Barachin was fatally wounded from protecting Koghun. As he bled out, Barachin passed his lance onto Koghun before dying in his arms. Koghun was devastated, he felt solely responsible for his death. Filled with anguish and guilt He swore that he’ll become a strong warrior like his father to atone for his weakness. Several days later he left the tribe to roam the Steppe. He went far as the Othard's mountainous eastern reaches lost and starving, there he came across small farm village. At nightfall, he sneaked into the village and stole some food but was discovered by the chieftain’s daughter. She screamed and alerted the villagers. The villagers chased Koghun, damaging some coops and fences but Koghun was caught and locked up. The next morning, Koghun was brought forth before the village chief for judgment. Many of the villagers called for him to be tied up and left for dead but before the chieftain can decide, his daughter spoke in Koghun’s defense, her name was Ayumi. Ayumi convinced her father to have Koghun repair all the damages he done during the chase. Ayumi was placed in charge of him until his tasks were completed. Ayumi was a kind, beautiful and curious girl who believed that there is good in everyone. When Koghun asked her why she'd defended him Ayumi: “Because I believe that you’re not a bad person. You may look bad given your rough appearance but there’s good in you.” Ayumi was curious about the Xaela and asked Koghun about his life and the Steppe for she never left the village but longed to know what’s beyond her humble, peaceful life. In vise versa Koghun asked about hers, all while performing his task and they eventually became friends. When Koghun completed his task, Ayumi persuaded Koghun to stay awhile and he did. They spent most of their time talking and learning about each other culture. Although he enjoyed his time with Ayumi, the memory of his father weighed heavy on Koghun’s mind and decided he stayed long enough. He said his goodbyes to Ayumi, though a bit sadden she wished him luck. Koghun promised Ayumi that he’ll come back and visit. He then gave her a hand-crafted necklace and headed out back into the Steppe. Weeks later Koghun met a lone Xaela named Burilgi while hunting. They were hunting the same game and ruined their hunt. The two fought over it until they grew tired and realized that they prey ran-off. With a mutual goal, they formed a temporary truce to complete their hunt. After they decided to travel together for a little while longer. Burilgi was the same age as Koghun, he was ambitious, headstrong and loved the trill of battle. They traveled and trained together. After some time, they both made a pact to aid each other in their goal. Burilgi “From here on, we’ll aid each other in becoming the strongest warriors and rule the Steppe. All will come to know the Axe and Spear of the Mighty War Brothers Burilgi and Koghun.” Burilgi and Koghun formed a war-band and became War Brothers, symbolizing a brotherly bond between comrades. From ages 15-18, Koghun and Burilgi roam the steppe with their War-band, warring with other tribes and sneaking away to visit Ayumi. Their war-band grew in number and strength and the two war brothers grew stronger and skilled with every battle. They became well-known across the Azim Steppe. Eventually Koghun and Ayumi fell in love. Koghun began to grow distance from the war-band. His times away gradually increased in time hence less involved in their skirmishes. Burilgi noticed this trend and grew concerned over Koghun. One day he confronted Koghun about it. Burilgi warned Koghun to stay away from Ayumi. That he’d become weak and cowardly like her kind and the two argued furiously. Burilgi threaten Koghun by attacking Ayumi’s village to make him stay away. This angered Koghun and led to the two war-brothers into a nasty fist fight. Koghun won and threaten Burilgi that he’s leaving the war-band. Koghun rode to Ayumi’s village, not knowing that he’d been followed by Burilgi’s war-band. Koghun arrived at Ayumi’s village during the night. He arrived just as Ayumi reached the outskirts. She told Koghun that she’s leaving the village to see the world. ‘’’Ayumi: “If I were to leave my village, would you go with me? would you leave behind Burilgi, the war-band, The Azim Steppe… for me? Because I can’t bear the thought of never seeing you again.” ’’’ Koghun promised that he’d always be beside her and they both shared a tender embrace. Shortly after, they spotted a luminous glow in the background. The village was set ablaze and attacked by Burilgi's war-band. Koghun and Ayumi made haste to stop the attack but were overwhelmed and captured. The two were pinned down to the floor across from another. Burilgi: "Koghun, You have become weak and weakness will not be tolerated! but I will not kill YOU brother. No, For the source of your weakness lies across from you. You may have forgotten our pact, but I haven’t! You will learn to be strong again and suffering will be your teacher. " Koghun then slit Burilgi's throat and violently plunged his lance into his chest and repeatedly stabs into him so savagely that his lifeless body slightly lifted off the ground whenever Koghun pulled his lance out. The other members of the war-band looked in horror as they witnessed the violent scene and fled. Koghun, covered in blood, Overcame by overwhelming sorrow at sight of his beloved severed head and Burilgi's betrayal. Koghun let out a loud cry over Ayumi's body as her village burned to the ground. He took Ayumi's necklace, tied to his left horn and buried her, covering the grave with flowers and left Burilgi’s body where it laid with his lance still in his chest. For the second time he had failed, first his father, now Ayumi. Filled with aguish and defeat, leaves the Azim Steppe on the behalf of Ayumi’s wish to travel the world.

  • The Days in Coerthas

Koghun made his way to Eorzea, where he traveled with no set destination. His aimless travelings took him north where he reached the Coerthas Regions. He wandered around the frozen plains before getting lost in a blizzard. A small passing Xaelic caravan rescued him from an icy death and brought him in. Koghun traveled with the caravan, though he was grateful for their intervention he didn’t express it for the tragedies of the Steppe weighed heavily in his heart. He earned a living by working in mines and blacksmith in a small town. During his time with the caravan he learned about the City of Ishgard, the Orthodox Church, The Temple Knights, and The Dragonsong War. A few months passes and he began to interact and made friends within the caravan and with the miners. One day, Koghun was returning from the mines with a few Ishgardian miners when they were attacked by a roaming Aevis. It began to devour the miners; Armed with just a pickaxe Koghun tried to save one miner for a gruesome fate. Koghun struck at the beast’s head but the Aevis’s hide proved impossible to damage. He ran fast as he could but couldn’t outrun the beast. The Aevis dove down from the sky and slammed into the ground before him. Mere seconds from death the Aevis was stunned by a ball of purple energy, while the creature was stunned Koghun bolted. In the white out of the blizzard, a dark figure emerged. It holstered a claymore on its shoulder, clad in black armor and wore a strange purple stone around its neck. Walking towards the Aevis as Koghun ran past it. Koghun turned around and witnessed the mysterious warrior clashed with the Aevis. Koghun has never seen anything like this, a warrior facing off a creature like that and is able to hold their ground, with such power. He didn’t stay long and continued to run to safety. Koghun made it back to town and told the caravan what happened. After hearing Koghun’s story, they told him and others to never speak of it again, fearing the possibility of the Inquisition condemning them for the unfortunate situation. Several murders/disappearances were occurring within the last couple of days around the town ever since Koghun’s brush with the Aevis and drew the attention of the Inquisition and an Inquisitor was sent to investigate.   The inquisitor’s investigation yielded a suspect and apprehended someone from Koghun’s caravan but begged to hear their plea. The next day, a squadron of temple knights appeared in town looking for the caravan. Led by Grébix Brausin, a young knight, Inquisitor, heir to the Brausin House. He had a great disdain for heretics and those who He or the church deemed evil. He was also known for being hardhearted and giving merciless sentences to all, man, woman, child, Ishgardian or not. He’s a faithful believer of Halone though due to his personal experience doesn’t believe in redemption for all you stray from Halone’s “divine path”. Grébix announced that someone in the caravan is accused of murder and dark art practices. The suspected Xaela framed Koghun for the murders and disappearances. Koghun tried to speak out against the claims but was pulled from the caravan and beaten. The caravan stood silent, not a word was uttered in Koghun’s defense. Grébix decided the verdict and sentenced Koghun to death but decided to take him to Ishgard instead. Grebix planned to take Koghun to Ishgard to but before they arrived, Koghun attempted an escape at the dead of night. He grabbed his lance and slain two knights before losing the squad but Grébix pursued him. Grébix was furious, for the two knights Koghun slain were close allies of his and sworn to avenge their deaths. The two clashed but Koghun was easily defeated by the skilled knight, severely beaten and covered in his own blood. Grébix loomed over Koghun.  Grébix: “I gave you mercy boy, To take you to Ishgard in hopes to reveal the true evil that lurked in Halone's shadow, but it seems evil played as a fool. Once again, my mercy, is repaid with my comrade's blood! Now burn in the pits of Hell!” Before Grébix can deliver the final blow, he was struck by a ball of purple energy. Koghun recognized it, the same magic ball from before and the same warrior that fought off the Aevis appeared, the middle-aged Dark Knight named Alfane. Grébix recovered from the surprise attack and noticed the Dark Knight approaching. She readied her Claymore and Grébix charged straight towards her. She fought off Grébix and got Koghun to safety. She tended to his wounds in an abandoned house in Western Coerthas. Alfane asked why he was arrested, Koghun told her all that transpired after and she can feel the anger, sadness and betrayal in Koghun's tale. Koghun felt indebted to Alfane for saving his life twice and he offered to serve under her. At first Alfane refused but thought . Alfane decided to test Koghun and challenged him to a sparring match. Though Koghun lost the match, Alfane was impressed that he was able to hold his own. She allowed Koghun to accompany her and they traveled to Tail feather. Alfane trained Koghun by sparring with him to better hone his skills and she began to care for Koghun. Alfane was a serious, wise, patient woman but approachable and kind to the people of Tail feather and those who asked for her aid. She was a strict, and positive role model for Koghun. If they weren't training, they often be at a tavern in Tail feather. Koghun would sit there keeping to himself and watched Alfane get drunk and rabble with anyone, she would often embarrass Koghun as well. Trying to get him to flirt with the women in the tavern. Several weeks passes by and Alfane noticed that Koghun held much resentment and rage, this concerned her as she feared that it could be his undoing. Alfane tried to instill some wisdom while training him but the day will come to see if her teachings had any effect on Koghun. One day, during training she tries asking Koghun directly but Koghun would not answer them. A few days later Koghun finally answered her questions, telling her about his past and his frustration of his own limitations and his desire to become stronger. Alfane tried to instill some wisdom while training him but the day will come to see if her teachings had any effect on Koghun. Alfane consoled him and told him of her past. About the loss of both her son and husband to Grébix.  Alfane: “I understand the rage that dwells in you, an impossible anger strangling the grief, until the memory of your loved ones become poison in your veins. And, one day you catch yourself wishing the people you loved had never existed, so you’d be spared your pain.” From then on, Alfane and Koghun grew a strong platonic bond and Alfane told Koghun about the stone she wore around her neck, the Dark Knight soulstone. She slowly began to teach Koghun about the Dark Knight abilities and a bit of the history behind the Dark Knights in Coerthas.
'Alfane "You see this stone? This stone holds aether, experiences and memories of those who had it before me. With it, I can learn from their memories and apply them to battle but there are one person’s memories that I enjoy seeing from time to time."
Koghun "And Whose memories are those?"
'Alfane: My husband’s... There’s only one way to obtain a soul stone, and that's through death. Justice and vengeance share the same dimmed path. Unclear when one’s pursuit for justice becomes a tortuous crusade of vengeance and violence. Anger can give one great power young Koghun. But, if let it, it will destroy you… As it did my husband." " The day came when Alfane will see if Koghun has grown or not. They we asked by a family of Xaela to help them leave Coerthas, this family was from the same caravan that condemned Koghun. At first Koghun refused but Alfane accepted their plea and he wasn't happy about it. He was openly hostile to them for the journey, when confronted by the father. Koghun lashed out, reminding them of what happened. The father regrets what happened but he told Koghun that he couldn't risk the lives of his family to be falsely accused like he was. Koghun couldn't say a thing back for he found reasoning in the father's confession and remained silent and distance for the remainder of the journey. During the final stretch of the journey, they were attacked by a roaming adolescent Mylodon. The beast went straight for the father but surprisely Koghun was the first to jump in and save him. Alfane and Koghun fought the beast off, the small family sincerely thanked Koghun for his deeds, especially the father. For once Koghun was praised, for once Koghun saved a life and he felt good about it, like as if a great weight was lifted. He turned his head to the side to hide his flushed face. Alfane was proud to see that Koghun has the capacity to forgive and let go. To see that her teachings stuck on Koghun.

A year later Koghun continued to accompany Alfane on her duties, helping those in need or escorting people out of Coerthas. On one expedition, they were escorting a group of refugees when they were ambush by Grébix and his squadron. One of the refugees tipped off Grebix in return for forgiveness and amnesty. Alfane and Koghun held off the knights as the refugees fled then Grébix joins the fight and attacked Alfane as the knights kept Koghun at bay. Koghun managed to break through them and rushed to support Alfane. The two fought against Grébix in union but eventually Grébix gains the upper hand by slashing Koghun’s back after breaking his lance. Alfane casted an Unmend to save him, stunning Grébix for a bit. When the other knights try to intervene, Grébix ordered them to stay back. Koghun slowly began to get up as Alfane kept Grébix at bay but just when Koghun finally rose to his feet, Grébix inflicted a fatal blow to Alfane then shield bashed her back into Koghun. The two fell to the ground, Alfane tightly hold onto her wound to stop the bleeding. Grebix began to walks towards them then Koghun spotted the spear point of his lance and quickly threw it into the knight's leg, halting his advancement. Alfane looks at her wound as blood flows heavily from it her death is inevitable. Knowing this, she ordered Koghun to run but refused, Alfane would not take a no for an answer. Koghun: No! I'm not leaving you here! We're going to make out together! Alfane: Koghun listen to me! There's no sense of us both d-dying. I'll keep them at b-bay long enough. I-I'm ordering you...GO! I-I'll be right... behind you." She gave her soulstone to him and pushed him away Alfane: Now go... Koghun ran into the whiteout as Aflane kept Grebix and his men at bay. When Koghun got to safety he waited for Alfane to return but as seconds began minutes and minutes into hours the blizzard subsided and there was no sign of Alfane. Koghun went out to search for her. He went back where they encouter Grebix but him and his men were not there. Only the corpses of the battle, Alfane laid among them. An overwhelming grief sweapt over Koghun as he mourned beside her cold body. That day, As Koghun buried his master & mentor he sworn that he will do whatever it takes to avenge her death and to carry on her duties.

  • The Path

Koghun roamed The Coerthas Western Highlands alone. For yet again, he was unable to save someone close to him. As the months passes by, the mourning dark knight continued in his mentor’s place, aiding those in need from power abusing nobles and the Inquisition but slowly distanced himself to the point of no longer intervening. Realizing if he was unable to protect those close to him, how can he protect total strangers. He then began having night terrors of his past and began hearing whispers. He fought Mylodons, Yetis and other beasts of Coerthas to sharpen his claymore skills but was unable to muster up the same strength or abilities that Alfane had but the whispers became more clear and took on a familiar voice every passing day. Koghun grew bitter and infuriated at the whispers and his inability to use the stone. He began to doubt the stone and believed that Alfane lied to him. In a haze of rage he cast the stone out and cursed Alfane's name. Soon after, the stone began to glow red and then Abyss manifested an entity and took on the appearance of Burilgi, his former comrade. The entity informed Koghun if he wished to unlock the abilities of the dark knight soul stone he must surrender to the darkness within him. Koghun refused, he was frighten in disbelief at the sight of the entity but it persisted, Esteem: “I know your desire, I understand your plight and I am aware of your fears. I know you better than anyone for I've always been with you. You survived because you are strong yet cursed with the ludicrous sense for protecting the weak and burden yourself of their deaths and look where it got you. You came all this way for power and all that power you seek has appeared before you. I can mediate your suffering, turn your agony and rage into strength that beyond Alfane's... beyond anybody's. Surrender, Embrace the Abyss and be nullified of your pain, grow in strength.” Koghun accepted the Esteem and was enveloped by a faint crimson fog . The entity gave Koghun a warning that he will never forget Esteem: “If you were to falter, if your heart was ever to weaken, know that I will be your ruin.” Stories about Grébix's heroic victory against an dark magic-wielding heathen spread through the towns and villages in Coerthas and filled Koghun with disdain, growing more impatient until he was unable to bare it any longer and decided to bring Grébix's demise to him and set out to find him. One night during a snowstorm, He come across footprints in the snow that lead him to a middle aged Elezen man, surrounded by some ruffians. Koghun saved the man and recognizing the black armor and claymore he heard of from recent stories, the man asked if Koghun was the mysterious knight he heard of. The man revealed himself as a noble and plead for Koghun to aid him in taking his family out of Coerthas. He told his story about his troubles with a young noble. The man told him of how the nobleman demanded for his daughter hand, but the man refused him. The noblemen threaten them with imprisonment and death. The man revealed that the noblemen was a member of the Brausin house with connections high up in the Inquisition and feared that the noble will make good on his threat. Koghun first refused the man's plea, the man fell to his knees and begged Koghun at his feet to at least take his daughter away. Koghun heard the name Brausin then thought about Alfane and accepted the man plea, not to aid the old man but to fianlly have his revenge. The man wept in happiness and they continued into town. The man invited him into his home for the night to show his gratitude but Koghun turned down his invitation. The man then asks him for his name. It was there Koghun gave him the name of one of the Ishgardian miners he once worked with, to conceal his identity.  

Koghun: "You may call me Sebastian"

Then man's family comes out, hugging him, giving thanks to Halone for his safe return. The man told them that Sebastian saved him but when he turned around, Sebastian wasn't anywhere in sight. Two days later Sebastian returns to the same town and noticed a gathering. It was a hanging, among them was the same man from two nights ago and his family standing on the gallows. A group of temple knights surround the accused as one of them read the charges with noblemen standing beside him. Sebastian stood at the edge of the crowd, looking around for Grebix not concerning himself with the family who were at death's door. He waited and waited and but Grebix did not appear so Sebastian would make him appear. Sebastian made his way the end of the gallows, He drew his claymore and the blade becomes engulfed in a dark aura that crept onto Sebastian emitting a dark red aura around him and slew the first knight he saw. Sebastian shouted for Grebix as the crowd disbursed then fighting begun, Sebastian cut down the first two knight that came at him and fought off the remaining unitl Grébix appeared. Grébix unsheathed his sword and pointed it at Sebastian, signaling his men to attack. The knights rushed Sebastian all at once, he drove his claymore into the floor and performed Unleash, impaling the knights around him. In the sight of all the slaughter the Noblemen ran off in fear but Grébix steadfast at the sight. Grébix: "I see you're still alive, I'm glad. For Halone has blessed me with the opportunity to redeem myself for my blasphemous mistake. Hearken to me Fiend! I will smite thee back down from the vile crevice you crawled from, just as I did with that heretic woman! " Sebastian lunges at Grébix and the two face off in a fierce fight. Their weapons clashed against one another, both giving their all as they exchange blows and minor cuts at one another. Sebastian letting rage and anger fuel him. They exchange blows and minor cuts at one another. With every swing, Sebastian brought his unrelenting wrath upon Grébix and Grébix began to waver over Sebastian's power. Sebastian stroke Grébix, inflicting a heavy gash on his shoulder. Grébix backed off as blood ran down his arm as it shook and went limb. Grebix can barely hold his sword but wasn't going to let up. He firmly gripped his hand with the another and charged Sebastian. Sebastian charged him as well, cutting off the Paladin's right arm and thrust the claymore straight through Grébix. Grébix exhales pained groans as Sebastian continues to push his claymore deeper in with hate and anger. :Grébix: "No, *coughs* Not, yet!! *coughs* Auldelle *coughs* Ifrelle *coughs* Irene… F-for-g-give me, My loves... I've failed you.” Sebastian then rips the claymore throughout Grébix’s side. Sebastian focus his attention the the noblemen as he flees from the horrors he witnessed. Sebastian shoots a Unmend at the Noblemen. The Noblemen falls down from the impact, panicked he unsheathed his knife and charged at Sebastian. Sebastian punched the Noblemen, knocked him to the ground. The Noblemen began to crawl away until Sebastian slashed his shoulder. The Noblemen began to curse at Sebastian, barraging him with insults. He then rolled on his back and witnessed Sebastian stood over him. He begged and promised him with amnesty and riches but to no avail. He gave his final words hoping to prolong the inevitable but Sebastian impales him and continues to repeatedly unrelenting. When he finally stopped, he noticed the townspeople expression of horror on their faces, they were terrified by the sight of dead knights that surrounded the black armored Xaela. Sebastian gazed at the carnage with a blank expression until he looked upon the gallows to see the middle aged Elezen dangle lifelessly from the ropes, along with his family. Sebastian looked around at the carnage he brought, he didn’t feel any sense of accomplishment and remembered Alfane's words of caution. He understood what she meant, this wasn’t justice but unbridled violence and the deaths of innocents. He bowed his head in regret and shame as he walked out of town, the people ran in terror from him. "It's a demon! Stay away from it! Monster!!, Its gonna kill us all!"He thought if Alfane was here, she too will call him a monster. Till this day, the people of Ishgard were convinced that a Void-sent attacked their town and Sebastian will be referred to as "The Void-Sent Knight". Some people believed that it’s all a hoax. Following the events that brought the end of The Dragonsong War, No one has seen him since but a high bounty has been placed for his capture. Eventually Sebastian and the events that transpired fell into stories. Grébix, the valiant knight, killed by a foul man known as The Voidsent Knight. He's currently traveling around the land of Erozea, taking on mercenary work of all kind.


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Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC Rumors! Instructions on how: Show text

Commonly heard

"The Void-sent Knight? I heard the stories but remembered them vaguely" - Ishgardian resident
"Oh I heard of him, well of the fight from a friend, of a friend, of a friend who knew someone that witnessed it all." - Ishgardian resident
"It was a void-sent summoned by some witch as a means of reprisal against the Church" - Holy See Priest
"I heard that it drains the blood of its victims, In order to gain more power."- Tavern Worker
"Its all a hoax I tell ya, There's no way someone like that is walking around "- Tavern Keeper

Occasionally heard

"If this whatever its called is truly real and is still roaming around, it won't be long until it feels the sting of Ishgardian steel. " - Temple Knight
"You mean to tell me, that some man with powers came into a town, killed dozen knight and Grebix himself and then poof. Vanished into thin air? What a load of bullshit haha! " - Drunken Temple Knight
"It's said the he wields a claymore that was covered with a dark magic, That alone shows that he is involved in some unholy practices. " - Temple Soldier

Rarely heard

"I would greatly reward whomever slays this monster, in my son's name. " - Ishgardian Noblemen.

PC Rumors (written by other players)


RP Hooks

  • He's a mercenary, so he'll do any job for the right amount of gil.
  • He's wanted the in the Coerthas Provinces, for all you bounty hunters out there.
  • Romance?? It needs to happen naturally but not appose to it.
  • Looking for a villain? Happy to play that role, not afraid of taking injuries (tell me any ideas ok :) )
  • Fellow member of his tribe, totally up for it.
  • Story-driven RPs, would seb fit your story?


OOC Notes

I'm still relatively new to the whole RP scene so I take every RP encouter as a learning experience. Also I can't write paragraphs at a time, even with my extensive backstory for my character, it took alot of editing and proofreading to get the story you see on the wiki. I'm not good at world building/world desrciptive writing so I prefer to RP in game. I might not always be available to RP. I apologize in advance for this if its an inconvenience to anyone. I like doing arcs so I'm comfortable in dying in story if you like, just gives a heads up so I don't accidentally meta-game or something along that line. If you need to send a msg I'll leave my discord here or msg me in game. Thank you for checking out my OC's wiki. Chan-Chan#7527


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