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When A'raha Nunh defeated the former in combat the once isolated Antelope Tribe of Doma's plains saw themselves brought to the forefront of the Resistance as per the shifting leadership. A'yenja Dhol, a Huntress, served as the primary consort for a time before producing twins named A'ielia and A'onane. Raised beside others they proved free spirited, prone to wanderlust, precocious, stubborn, and eager to experience whatever the world threw at them with an unchecked fearlessness.

A'ielia took up the arts of magic and utilized a peculiar to foster her talent: she possessed the Echo and some of its abilities. Gifted with Aetheric Sight, Linguistic Comprehension, and Clairvoyance to some degree, she proved able to see through camouflage and spells; but also to identify nearby energies and blend them into spells. Tempered by in her teenage years by the loss of her sister to the Garleans that assaulted them, she raged in her adulthood and joined the Resistance as a way to avenge A'onane.

With help from allies newly found and some brought together, A'ielia saw the liberation of her people and those too within the Doman Borders; but Ala Mhigo also needed aid and as such? She left with the blessings of her Tribe and journeyed to fight back against the Garleans there. As the fighting came to a strange place of peace and than not, she took what time she could to traverse the lands of Eorzea now open to her and to even see the strange lands of the First.

Now left to wander in the wake of the war, she acts in an almost mercenary fashion: collecting what she can to assist others; but always keen of learning.


Slender as she seems, A'ielia is someone whose body contains a decent amount of leaner muscle and overall athleticism. Be it running or swimming long distances, or even staying long in the fight- she seems to have both durability and endurance cut into into her as well. This however does not take away from the fact that she fairly small among her people and stands at below the average for most Miqo'te. Feminine with more subtle curves to her, she often seems tomboyish in appearance and this is only aided by the youthfulness in her vivid green eyes and dewy complexion. Unlike other Seekers who came from the deserts or tropical regions, A'ielia came from the plains of Doma and therefor has some notable differences in how she appears and what her features are. Like many Seekers she has vertically slit pupils, but her fangs are slightly less pronounced in length and her claws seem a bit sharper and longer naturally. Her tail is also long and easily touches the ground but a majority of it's bulk is a thick fur coating, and as with her tail- her ears are larger with an elongated tip and stiffly postured on the top of her head. Thicker 'furred' she has a secondary downy layer of fur in her hair and it gives her a strange look as it puffs her hair ever so slightly.
Aspects That Stand Out:
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Green
Height: 5 fulm, 4 ilm
Weight: 100 Ponz
Build: Athletic & Lean
Markings: Freckles on the face/shoulders
Scars: Burn mark, left shoulder.


To the eye and upon meeting her, one might accuse her of being grouchy at best or depressed at worst given her almost pessimistic nature and dark humor; but to anyone who can see through the vain attempts to make herself feel better- she's a caring individual with a deep sense of empathy and compassion for her fellows who uses the rough edges to keep herself from getting hurt. Tempered and patient, she has an almost maternal quality to how she makes cares about her friends and has little issue with mediating fights or squabbles when they happen. Though she has a soured view on the war and the Garleans, it's more recognizable that her hatred of them comes from pain and anguish... from loss. Duty and conviction bind her, and she serves as best she can to help and fight for others, but at times she has trouble getting passed her stubbornness and pride to realize that she herself might need help.


Tea. Doman brews especially, with more savory flavors.
Fishing. When able, and often on a boat.
Spicy Food. Anything pickled, fermented, and HOT.
Cloud Watching. Is it a fish? A bird? An airship?!
Good Conversation. All topics, warts and all.


'Needless Suffering'. Kill them and get it over with, torture and pain are the tools of weaker individuals.
Disloyalty. Betrayal is a deeper cut than one can know.
Overly Sweet Food. Too much sugar rots your teeth and crashes you.


Weaving. Knitting too, anything with string and yarn.
Aetheric Study. The Aether is a thing to be understood.
Brewing. Fermentation is an art, and good beer is hard to find.


The Echo. Like many, A'ielia heard the call of something greater than herself and was blessed by it's gift. Able to utilize minor clairvoyance to see the future or glimpse into the past she also found that no matter the language, she could comprehend and speak it back with ease. This was all culminated however to her oddly unique ability: Aetheric Sight. A'ielia herself is actually blind but the Echo gave her the ability to see colors, patterns, and the whole of the worlds as they are in their energy. For some this is troublesome as she can pinpoint Garleans and their technology without fail, and certain other facets stand out as well: forbidden and voidal things that would kill her for seeing them.
Heightened Abilities. Due to her natural blindness A'ielia developed a stronger sense of smell, taste, hearing, and touch: thus she has an easier time picking up vibrations and movements; but more importantly it's nigh impossible to sneak up on her due to how strong her senses are.


Sensitivity to Brightness. Her Aetheric Sight has a cost, A'ielia is prone to migraines and headaches, and can easily be blinded for seconds or minutes by a violent and strong enough clash of Aether.
Alcoholism. Drinking to kill the pain has made it so that she has developed an addiction that has physical consequences, pushing herself too far makes it obvious that she may only be as strong as she is because she's too stubborn to be seen otherwise.


'For Hearth, Home, and Family'. The world is cold and does not care about those within it, it will cannibalize itself if nature pleases; but A'ielia cares and finds herself dedicated to the cause of peace and unity. This keeps her active and out in the world, trying always to secure a better future for her people and those around her.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
A'yenja Dhol, Mother. () - Patience is a Virtue
Character's Thoughts: "I have never seen her angered, sans once, but that was it and never again."
A'dhol Nunh died before his last brood of children was born, the eldest among them was A'yenja- and she saw her siblings and tribe nearly destroyed in the Garlean attack and capture of the plains. Biding her time and waiting to strike, she managed to bring together the Antelope Tribe before it's complete fall and saw the rise of O'raha Tia to becoming A'raha Nunh through adoption and challenge. Loving and caring, she was remains the primary huntress and matriarch of the tribe.
A'raha Nunh, Father. () - For Peace, War
Character's Thoughts: "He brought us out of hiding, and look at us now. We're fighting."
Born to the larger Mole Tribe bordering on the border of Othard and the Plains, O'Raha Tia was found by the Antelope Tribe Huntress A'yenja Dhol. Seeing opportunity to escape his own isolated tribe and life, he earned his spot as the Nunh and established himself to leadership further as a way to get them to join the Doman and later, Ala Mhigan Resistances against the Garleans.
A'onane Raha, Sister. (♥ ✝) - The Key and Tapestry
Character's Thoughts: "She died, she's gone. I live with that; but I will keep her memory alive."
Twin and close companion, A'onane was slain in a Garlean onslaught and A'ielia survived because of her sister; but the loss spurned her into action and now... she fights for something greater than herself- honoring the promises they made.
Sif Aurora, Friend and Confidant. () - A Lost Soul.
Character's Thoughts: "Sif found me; but I was looking for her long ago."
The Leader and Founder of the Heaven's Piercers Company, Sif stumbled upon A'ielia during her adventures through the world beyond Doma. Excited to see one another, for some reason or another, they bonded quickly and spent countless hours together. The world couldn't have offered an explanation why, but something in them was the same and that string had finally pulled them together: family, lost and now found.
Jihnn Nat'ahn, Friend and Confidant. () - Glory and Honor.
Character's Thoughts: "Exile he might be, but- he's got a tribe with us."
Fellow Captain of the Heaven's Piercers, Jihnn was an exile of his people and quickly helped A'ielia become integrated culturally around the new world of Eorzea. A close companion and keener partner in battle, the pair served to keep each other alive when the times were hardest.
Kiki Jinh, Friend and Confidant. () - Curiosity and Questions.
Character's Thoughts: "Kiki and I came from the same place, but our worlds were different. She... is like a sister to me."
Kiki was born in Kugane and never belonged to a tribe, thus when A'ielia and Kiki met it was an odd stand off at first; but the pair blossomed and with help from Sif and Jihnn, they quickly came to bond and trust one another. Fighting by each others side, they turned their acrobatics and gifts into ways to confuse and disrupt the enemy; but a slow rivalry remained at who was stronger.
Andrew Lockhart, Friend and Confidant. () - Captain o' Captain.
Character's Thoughts: "The last of the Captains to be named, but the strongest of us all."
Gifted with power at an early age, Andrew struggled his whole life with the voidal tether that he had unknowingly connected to through his Mhachian blood. Sif, Aielia, Jihnn, and Kiki found him early on while they were together: quickly rescuing him from the Succubus trying to harm him and dragging him back to their home to help him. Prone to fits and mostly quiet, he and A'ielia bonded over her willingness to heal and help him, and the fact that she treated him like a person.
Matthew Ackerman, Friend. () - Shield of the People.
Character's Thoughts: "He takes his job seriously, and well- his job is protecting people."
Recruited by Sif into the forming company, Matthew turned his skills as a Paladin into things to protect and serve- to guide and educate. Constantly battling his own demons and those in the world around him, he and A'ielia sometimes serve as bastion and mender: a team.
Akimoto Kazuma, Friend. () - A Mad Dog's Howl.
Character's Thoughts: "I recruited him, yeah. 'Dunno if I regret it yet."
A Raen Warrior and student of Aetherical Histories, Akimoto was eccentric and prone to grandiose displays of power. Trusting his 'instincts' he often appears as unpredictable and chaotic; but for all his bad, he gets his work done and puts his all into it.
Kasumi Wiloh, Friend. () - The Sincerest Form of Flattery.
Character's Thoughts: "If I were Padjal, and younger: that would be me. It makes me hesitant to be near her."
A close working relationship was something A'ielia didn't expect; but when the Hyur raised Padjal was recruited by Kiki... she soon found herself taking the girl as a student. Though the Seedseers tried to force Kasumi into getting taught by them, the whole of the company has taken to backing Kasumi and her decision to stay with them: for better or worse.
Khai Qestir, Friend. () - For Heart and Home.
Character's Thoughts: "No matter what Khai wants to be or who they are, I know I can trust them."
Recruited directly by A'ielia, she met Khai when the Xaela was being exiled from his tribe. Quick to offer him a place, A'ielia learned that the reason for the exile was as simple as the fact that Khai was not born a Xaela and was not even a male truly. Fantasia after fantasia, they had simply begun changing as they pleased and imitating whatever they wanted to best suit their desires in the moment. Acceptance came easy, and trust was given: the pair of them nearly inseparable.
Arya Schillton, Friend. () - Size is NOT a Factor.
Character's Thoughts: "Small lalafell, big axe."
The last official combat recruit of the Company, A'ielia brought Arya into the fold after finding her in Ul'dah. A Lalafell Marauder raised by Highlanders and taught the art of war... little can be said of them; but they seem close and trust one another.
Sparky Z, Friend. () - Scales of Fashion.
Character's Thoughts: "She's a clothing designer, uh... kind eccentric but good people."
Perhaps the most mysterious of the company, Sparky Z is the alias of Xaela Fashion Designer and Doman Celebrity: Chega Dazkar. A charismatic and eager personality with a high amount of energy, she signed on without being recruited after seeing the group together: immediately setting to work to make sure their clothing was as stylish and ferocious as their battles.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Trade her good beer and she'll hunt for mice on your ship, if you know what I mean." - Pirates in Limsa Lominsa
"A'ielia?! She drank the entire Guard under the table." - Any Kugane citizen
"Lost a sister to the Garleans, heard she'll kill them for free." - Doman Resistance Fighters
"Someone spread a rumor that her and Jihnn were a couple once, it was kinda funny watching them panic about it." - Sif Aurora
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"She speaks the language of the Xaela Tribes with ease: even the non-talking ones." - Doman Resistance Fighters

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"A'ielia once opened up about birth. I didn't know she was blind." - Doman Resistance Captains
"After taking direct fire from Garlean Magitek, she popped a shield and exploded it into pieces to skewer the thing. What kind of magic is that!?" - Resistance Arcanists
"Watched her get cut down in battle once, she died; but she got back up. That has to be the power of the Echo." - Mercenaries and Pirates


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.



Player Note
Due to time constraints I often roleplay randomly in game very minimally and plan ahead using Discord to make sure I'm around when people are interested. Often my preferred method is over Discord or on Docs as I can have more time to be around or reply.
Personal RP Limits
By far and large I have little limitations but feel free to ask ahead of time if you think it might be an issue.
I will play darker scenes involving heavy gore, psychological torture, and/or other topics that some may be averse to but I always require communication first to discuss limits. And yes, I will erp on the occasion though I usually require story.
I won't play things that go against my own limits. I do not involve myself with rape/molestation, ageplay or anything involving child characters or players, toilet or vomit introduction, and generally anything necro/beast geared in terms of erp.
Little Tidbits.
I absolutely will not roleplay anything at all with someone below the age of 18.


Potential Plot Hooks
A'ielia is one of the few Doman Antelope Tribe members, and is always interested in seeing other Miqo'te either form her home or elsewhere.
If you fought in or with the Doman or Ala Mhigan Resistance, there is a chance she healed you or helped defend you.
Due to her Echo she often seeks out others like her- she may've sought you out if you also possessed the Echo or do.
Strange Aether? She probably talked to you, because she can see it.
As a Doman citizen and accomplished Weaver, she sometimes sells clothing in Kugane.
Character Lore Adherence
Yoshi-P said that we have freedom, therefore while I adhere to some minor lore? Go ham. I generally follow the concept of multiple Warriors of Light and the idea that the MSQ is just based on a singular person but anyone could be that person: even A'ielia at times references herself as a Warrior of Light or Darkness.
No changes required.

Name - A'ielia Raha
Race - Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun
Age - 27
Name Day - 2nd Sun of the First Umbral Moon
Deity - Menphina

Alias: Lia, Fangs for Hire, Mallow
Citizenship: Doman
Occupation: Mercenary and Captain of the Heaven's Piercers Company
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Green
Complexion: Light Tan
Piercings: None
Marks or tattoos: Scars
Alignment: Lawful Good
Key Items: Grimoires and Tomes
Favorite Food: Fermented Vegetables
Favorite Drink: Tea
Favorite Color: Teal, Blue, and Gold
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