A'khebica Ginwa

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png A'khebica Ginwa
Researcher of Theoretical Aetheric Physics
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Server Balmung
Place of Birth Thanalan, bordering the Shroud
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Nameday 16th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
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"You don't really meet Khebi. Khebi just kind of happens to you."

Basic Information

Khebi's fairly young as adventurers go, having been about 13 when the Calamity occurred. She received her Arcanist accreditation surprisingly early, though not to the degree that policy had to be sidestepped. She just showed a remarkable brilliance when it came to arcanisty and the higher maths. Unfortunately, her genius did not extend to things like more worldly matters. Or general coordination (she has a tendency to fall down stairs if she's not paying attention).

But she's a sweet girl, always willing to help out and always looking for the good in others. Most of her peers are willing to accept that she's just got her mind on multidimensional computations instead of things like "walking without running into things."

Physical Description


First off, Khebi is teeny. She's short (about 4 fulm 10 ilm when in shoes) and kind of scrawny, like she sometimes forgets to eat enough. She keeps her blond hair short (or it just ends up that way after trimming off the scorched bits), has freckles, and sometimes remembers she needs glasses for distance. She can frequently be found with ink stains on her everything.

Aetheric Description

While she has a delightfully active aura, Khebi's actual aetheric activity levels aren't much higher than your average civilian, basically just enough to give her a bit of an aetheric sense. No bonfire of magic here, practically all of her arcanistry is based on natural aetheric interactions and geometries.


Simply put, Khebi's got a somewhat ludicrous IQ when it comes to things like higher maths and theoretical concepts.
Unfortunately, Khebi's mind is more often on SCIENCE and less on where she's putting her feet. Anyone that spends any time with her will quickly learn that she has a tendency to trip, run into things, and similar such behavior. Also sometimes forgets to make sure her shirt's on the right way around before going outside...
Poorly Socialized
Having been largely raised by the Arcanists' Guild (a bunch of nerds for the most part), Khebi is distinctly lacking in many of the standard social graces. Quite frequently things that most people would catch on to instinctively go sailing serenely over her head.

Official Titles

  • Arcanist of Mealvaan’s Gate
  • Cultural Anthropologist with focus on the Beast Tribes of Eorzea
  • Honorary Second Storm Lieutenant (note that this is not a field rank)
  • Researcher of Computational Mystical Calculus
  • Researcher of Theoretical Aetheric Physics

Recent Activities

Sociocultural Anthropology
Annoying the various beast tribes with questions about everything.
High-energy Aetheric Experiments
Making bright lights full of science that sometimes explode.
Archaeological Surveys
Clambering around all manner of ruins searching for relics to study. She seems particularly interested in the Nymian and Amdapori civilizations.
In the interests of operational security, the Arcanists' Guild in joint action with the Maelstrom Navy (and by extension the Eorzean Alliance) is field-testing some new method of keeping sensitive communications secret from eavesdroppers, known only as ENIGMA.

Rumors and Hearsay

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  • Khebi is frequently in the area of Camp Bronze Lake, examining the Nymian ruins there.
    • Sometimes she manages to get a sufficient expedition together to go poking about near the Floating City, though this is much higher risk and frequently ends with her clinging to the back of some Big Strong Lad as they flee from golems or the like.
    • Less frequently she's been spotted in the Black Shroud poking about various Amdapori ruins, though again this is usually in the company of Strapping Young Adventurers to dissuade local wildlife from interfering.
  • She has a lab of sorts within the Arcanist Guild, where she conducts experiments and research.
    • This lab is rumored to have some sort of emergency system to launch troublesome experiments (or irritating lab assistants/Carbuncles) out over Limsa Bay.
    • Just what she's researching is both highly technical (we're talking 500gil words here) and pretty obscure. Even some of the other arcanists seem unsure just what she's after.
    • She's come out with some marvelous theories in regards to aetheric associations and behavior, though. A few have even resulted in things like increased energy efficiency within aethernet transit networks!

RP Hooks

Arcanist Guild
Khebi's been part of the Guild since her arrival in Limsa in the aftermath of the Calamity. First as a kind of adoptive daughter, then as a student, and these days as a full member with a lab and everything.
Limsa Lominsa
Khebi's lived here since the Calamity, and can often be spotted pattering around the city and surrounding environs on various errands.
Khebi has a bit of a gift for language and has a tendency to converse with the various Beast Tribes in their native tongues. She's by no means perfectly fluent in everything, but it's rare to find a language that she doesn't have at least a few words (or at least "where is the bathroom please").
Khebi's something of a field-medic, though she's only rarely formally employed as such. More often this comes up via her tending ouches on her assistants and helpers.
Though few folk are likely to recognize her from back then, Khebi's home before the Fall of Meteor was in Eastern Thanalan, basically where the Burning Wall is now.
If your character pays attention to High Fallutin' Science Talk, you might have heard of Khebi!
Though it's not really advertised, Khebi's done extensive research into the lost civilization of Nym and has unearthed quite a lot of lore in regards to their fabled Scholars. Most folks that spot her with the faeries around pass it off as "weird arcanist stuff," but someone that knows better might take note.