A'kuri Kota

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 A'Kuri Kota
A'Kuri 2.png
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Unaffiliated
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During her early life she lived with her mother as outcasts among a small Seekers of the Sun tribe. Her mother was from the Keepers of the Moon tribe, which is why they were branded as outcasts. After her mother's death the newly self appointed Nunh took her in as his personal slave and made it his goal to make her life miserable. Though she once showed signs of being a talented arcanist, the shock of her mothers death left her incapable of using her powers. Through years of abuse her powers built up until they reached the breaking point, allowing A'Kuri a chance at freedom.


Small for her race she stands at 4'10". At the beginning of ARR she will have just passed her 17th birthday. Under nourished, her body is thin and weak making her easily fatigued. Although her mother was a Keeper of the Moon, A'Kuri has a more tanned skin tone, similar to a Keeper of the Suns skin color. A majority of her hair is pink however the tips of her hair turn a shade of blue in color. Her eyes match her hair, her left one pink and the right blue. She sports a pair of scars on her face, one on the nose and the other on her left cheek.


As a girl she was full of curiosity about the world around her, always sticking her nose into her mothers books, attempting to figure out the arcane text hidden within. Since her mothers death that curiosity was beaten out of her by the hands of the Nunh, or so he believed. Deep down she is still just as curious about the world as before, though now she keeps it well hidden. She was always quick to comply with the Nunh's wishes, a trait that follows her even after her escape. Whenever she is nervous, scared or emotionally or mentally unbalanced she has an intense urge to eat and snack on things.



After years of servitude to the cruel Nunh she is both excited and fearful of her newly found freedom. A'Kuri had become so used to following the whims and orders of the Nunh that she has forgotten how to think for herself. She wishes to explore the world and find a place for herself in it, but she believes she is too weak to do so.



  • She has a fondness for eating and has developed an interest in cooking
  • A'Kuri wishes to start her own garden, much like the one her mother had when she was a child
  • She enjoys listening to music and imagining the stories held within them


  • She dislikes being yelled at
  • Making choices is something she would prefer not to do
  • Letting people down was ingrained into her as being something she should avoid doing, she believes it to be true


  • She has a habit of collecting random things
  • She enjoys spending her time reading
  • She is skilled with a thread and needle


  • She constantly and needlessly apologizes for everything/ anything
  • She has a case of Androphobia (the fear of men)
  • She often mumbles when she speaks



Mother: Ohki Rushtala, a traveling "service woman" who became pregnant during her travels. Deceased.


A'Bhen Nunh: Seeker of the Sun Nunh. Took her mother in when she was pregnant and let her stay with his clan. Made sure they both had a decent time living despite the displeasure of his clan. Deceased.


The Bastard Nunh: The man who "took her in" after her mother was killed. Forced her to act as his slave and routinely abused her.


Common Rumors

  • Was often called "Whore's daughter" "Witch's daughter"
  • "She probably has the mind of a whore just like her mother! Just look at her body, she must be full of slutty thoughts."
  • "Your mother was a witch and so are you! You gods damned monster!"

Moderate Rumors

  • "I bet she used her black magic on our Nunh just like her mother did to the last Nunh."
  • "You barely eat anything but your chest is so big, a true sign of a whore."
  • "Your eyes and hair are both such odd colors, that must be a sign of the witches blood in you."

Rare Rumors

  • "Her eyes, are actually kind pretty if you can get over the oddness of them."

PC Rumors


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