A'lyhhia Celah

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 A'lyhhia Celah
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): Monk
Main Tradeskill: n/a
Preferred Role: dps
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Reputation: n/a
Occupation: n/a
Education: Homeschooled
Marital Status: Mated
Sexuality: Straight
Guardian: Nymeia, The spinner
Free Company
Items Carried
Race: Miqo'te
Clan: Seeker of the Sun
Age: 26
Height: 4'10"
Weight: Average
Eyes: One green, the other golden
Hair: Golden
Complexion: Tanned
Physical Build: Lean
Notable Features: She has a pair of scratches in her face, one going right across her nose, the other blends in nicely with the marks on her left cheek.
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

(Character is being changed)

• Overview •

Lyhhia is a nomadic seeker of the sun and a fierce little kitten.

• Appearance •

• Physical Appearance •

Lyhhia is a bit on the short side, and by that we ofcourse mean that she's an utter shorty, reaching just to a 4'10". Beneath her thick, blond strands of hair are two pair of bright, disparately colored eyes with vertically aligned slits. One some shade of greenish and the other a golden color. She's quite a beauty, near fair skin, plump lips, she's just hiding behind the visor of her bandana these days.

• Clothing choice •

Lyhhia doesn't really have a clothing choice so far, more like a armor choice! Roughly made leather, with spikes and clasps, even bits of plate, but still feminine.

• Personality •

• Quirks/Facts •

  • Secretly a sucker for scratches behind the ears and on the base of her tail.

• Likes/Dislikes •


  • Tea.
  • Her Chocobo, Aki.
  • Enjoys her training.
  • But also lazying around.
  • Traveling


  • Cold

• Talents •

  • Unarmed combat.
  • Is taking punches a talent?

• Fears •

  • Thunder

• Flaws •

  • Can be violent during spars/training.

• Background •

• Childhood •

• Teen-years •

• Recently •

• Contacts/relationships •