A'mida Khudo

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Ul'dah-transparent.png A'mida Khudo
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 24
Place of Birth Western Thanalan


General Information

Height: 4 fulms 11 ilms

Weight: 97 ponz

Occupation: Goldsmith, Mammet tinkerer, Researcher


Light auburn hair with creamy, alabaster skin, A'mida makes a striking first impression. Bright green eyes peer around her with a clever spark, a small mischievous smile often curling lush lips. She is never without a piece of fine jewelry, or several, and her clothing is of very good make, though her hair usually tied high and out of her face, hinting at more practicality than not. Delicate fingers and small hands seem deft and nimble, used to subtle work.


A'mida is generally cheerful and friendly, and she's not afraid to take risks, even delighting in the challenge and the thrill of excitement it might bring. A confident optimist, at least in her own capabilities, she's almost always sure that she'll succeed one way or another, though some say she can lack tact, or even be somewhat condescending to those she doesn't deem worth her time. But to people she finds interesting and delightful, A'mida is a bright and lively companion, willing to talk openly about nearly anything.


Early Childhood


Mida was born to the Antelope Tribe of Western Thanalan; the first child of her mother Yara, and fifth daughter of A'khudo Nunh. Her early life was pleasant enough, and typical of most tribal Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te. She began to learn how to hunt at an early age, and when her sister, Nima, was born the two were nearly inseparable. At age six, however, their mother decided to leave the tribe in pursuit of something better for her daughters, taking A'mida and A'nima, to start a new life in Ul'dah.

City Life


The first years in the big city were the roughest for the small family. Money was hard to come by, and the streets dangerous to anyone unprepared. A'mida's mother made ends meet by selling simple bone and feather jewelry, with which both she and her sister helped to make and sell, and Mida found she had a talent for the delicate work, and quite enjoyed creating and designing the jewelry for her mother's customers.

She was soon instilled with a deep work ethic, and much to her mother's slight worry, an insatiable love for gil, all the while practicing her techniques for the craft, and while in her early years she simply helped her mother make small little kitsch necklaces and earrings, when she'd made enough money, the small Miqo'te bought a bit of gold wire, painstakingly cutting and bending it to make her very first gold bracelet.

From then on, A'mida was determined to one day become a member of the Goldsmith's Guild, and to have a shop of her own, one that would be frequented by only the richest of Ul'dah. And with much insisting, Mida's mother was able to buy a very small shop near the Sapphire Avenue Exchange. A'mida for her part, helped her mother with all she could, along with her sister; Running the front of the store, making and designing the jewelry, and keeping the books, but with whatever free time she could eke out she would work on creating the piece that would allow her entrance into Goldsmith's Guild.

After months and months of work, A'mida finally completed her project, and offered it for consideration to the Guild; a lovely hair pin made with delicate silver work, inlaid with lapis lazuli and set with pristine white hawk feathers. The piece was accepted, and Mida herself gained membership into Ul'dah's guild of Goldsmith's, all culminating from years of dreaming and hard work. She trained hard under their tutelage, gaining and perfecting the skills of her craft. She began to take commissions through the guild, as well as boosting the business for her mother's shop, proud to have finally reached her goal.



A'mida now, for all intents and purposes, owns her mother's old shop, though both A'yara and A'nima both still work there. She's done very well in growing the business, and has many higher class clients, though more merchant class than the nobles and royalty she had hoped for, but it does little to diminish her cheer. The mammets that assist the Goldsmiths delight her, and she's taken to tinkering, and researching them in her spare time, even going as far as to make a few of her own.

Some however, say A'mida hasn't gotten to where she is with only hard work and luck, insinuating that the young Miqo'te has used thugs and rogues to intimidate and sabotage rivals, going to all lengths in making sure she gets exactly what she wants, and no practice is too underhanded to employ.


◢ Common Rumours (Easily overheard)
“She's a jewelry maker. A pretty good one. Has a shop down near the Exchange.”
“A member of the Goldsmith's Guild, right? She takes commissions too, and for decent prices.”
“A'mida is a pretty sort, but doesn't really give anyone the time of day.”
◢ Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear)
“I heard she's obsessed with carbuncles... her room is filled with the things.”
“She works on mammets sometimes. Lots of tinkering, but I'm not sure what she's trying to do with them.”
◢ Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
“They say she has some shady friends... The type that like to hang around Pearl Lane. She's involved in some unscrupulous business practices, if you ask me.”