A'molsi Rihll

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Ul'dah-transparent.png A'molsi Rihll
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Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age Eighteen
Marital Status Single
Occupation Wandering miqo'te
Height/Weight 5'3" / 110 lbs
Orientation Straight
  • A'mari (Brother)

A'molsi Rihll is a young miqo'te from Ul'dah. In between looking for rare books and searching for her elder brother, A'molsi has managed to eke out a life for herself outside of her tribe. While she isn't exactly the most adventurous or brave miqo'te in the world, she does her best to support those she is close to - both in combat and in civilian life.

Basic Info


New books
Sweets (not that she'd admit to it)
Early morning
Her brother


Bitter foods
Pushy people


Can sometimes be too serious
Bad at making friends
Oversensitive to insults

Appearance & Personality

A'molsi is neither exceptionally beautiful or horrifically ugly. She seems to settle down around 'average'. Her auburn hair is cut in such a way that it frames her face and somehow adds to her childish appearance. Despite wanting to cut it in order to be taken more seriously, A'molsi mysteriously hasn't gotten around to it. She sports a pair of wire-framed glasses that she seems to constantly be fiddling with - cleaning them, adjusting them, or sometimes removing them to rub at her eyes. When nervous or upset, these habits seem to increase. From behind the glasses peer a pair of eyes that are both violet in color with one being lighter than the other. A small scar across the bridge of her nose completes the look. A'molsi's body is in surprisingly good shape - having been honed from her habits of walking and running to various destinations.
Despite her youthful appearance making her seem foolish, A'molsi is anything but. She possesses a sharp mind and an even sharper tongue and seems to have no qualms about calling things as she sees them. This miqo'te has been known to snap at people who she deems too rude or pushy, sometimes doing it in such a way that people are left stunned that such a small and seemingly polite person could muster such fury. A'molsi has a ravenous hunger for knowledge with the ability to go through whole libraries in a fortnight. Due to this particular need for knowledge and her own skill at fact retention, A'molsi is often quite confident in her own intelligence. This often leads to her downfall in the realms of forging bonds - she's quick to correct people if she believes them to be wrong, which in turn gives people the impression that she is being rude.
In private, A'molsi is a particularly sensitive girl who is able to read the moods of others well. If it were not for her strangely self-imposed set of etiquette or the air of awkwardness that seems to hang around her from time to time, she might even be called 'affectionate' with her friends.


A'molsi was born to two miqo'te parents in the sunswept sands of Thanalan. Her tribe was one of the nomadic persuasion, acquainting A'molsi with the world at a very early age. Physical strength and hunting prowess were coveted and encouraged. It was A'molsi's curse that she possessed neither. Rather than bear the embarrassment of such a disappointing child, A'molsi's parents abandoned her to die a slow death of exposure and starvation. It was her luck, then, that her elder brother decided to step in and take care of her.
When A'molsi's parents did not feed her, A'mari was there with a filling meal. When she did not have a place to sleep, A'mari was there to offer her a place beside him. When she got bullied by the other children, A'mari was there to run them off. Eight years her elder, A'mari had proven himself competent enough to avoid being shunned by the tribe. It was A'mari who raised A'molsi singlehandedly - answering her questions with patience and chasing off anyone who spoke ill of her and tried to hurt her. He was a constant presence in her life and the source of most of her childhood joy.
For a time, their lives could have been called happy. Not normal, but happy. By the time A'molsi had reached the age of fourteen, though, things began to change.
Nearly a month past her fourteenth nameday, A'molsi's relatively happy life came crashing down. A'mari left the tribe suddenly in the dead of night, leaving behind A'molsi and a note nestled between the pages of one of her favorite books. The message was simple: "I'll come back for you. I promise." When she questioned other members of their tribe, she was either ignored or quickly hushed. For two years, she endured this treatment by her fellow miqo'te along with cruel whisperings about her 'traitor' of a brother.
By the time she was seventeen, A'molsi found that she could no longer endure such cruelties. In much the same way her brother left, A'molsi slipped away from the tribe in the dead of night. She carried very little with her - a few days' worth of food and water, a few changes of clothing, and the precious book her brother had left behind. His note, pressed between those pages, was her only link to him. If A'mari wouldn't come back, then she would simply have to find him instead.


For now, A'molsi has taken to traveling Eorzea in search of her elder brother. She never seems to stay in one place for too long - preferring to move on in case her brother is at her next destination. Despite having no job and no source of income, A'molsi does her best to try to lead a respectable life. She's been known to take on odd jobs for the various bookstores she's visited in her time. Her impeccable manners and softspoken (for the most part) ways seem to have won over the hearts of these merchants, providing her with employment should she seek it out.



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"That girl always seems to read no matter where she is! It's kinda dull, don't you think?" -- Ul'dah tavern patron
"She's so quiet. It's a little unsettling, the way she just stares at you!" -- Gridania flower merchant
"Her? She's always prompt and always pays her bills on time." -- Jeweler
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Haven't you heard? She's supposedly looking for her elder brother. If it's taken this long, maybe he doesn't want to be found." -- Tavern owner
"Well, I heard that her brother left their tribe in disgrace and life was made so miserable for her that she up and left, too!" -- Miqo'te gossiper
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Eerie, she is. Like she's got somethin' to hide and she's not lettin' go of it without a fight." -- Limsa Lominsa guard
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing
A'mari Tia : A'molsi's elder brother. He disappeared some time ago, leading her to worry about him and leave their tribe to search for him. While she hasn't seen him yet, she somehow feels as if she'll be reunited with him again soon despite all evidence to the contrary.



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