A'murr Reha

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A'murr Reha - WIP
Sex: Female | Age: 25 | Pansexual | Race: Miqo'te - Seeker of the Sun
Occupation: Intel/Trade & Delivery | Birth Place: Ala Ghiri/The Last Forest


A'murr is a former tribal Seeker of the Sun born and raised in a nomad tribe who was best known for her mischievous personality. She is never prone to sticking in one location for too long. She is very headstrong and likes to try and be sly to worm her way out of responsibilities. Her former tribe had lovingly bestowed her the nickname 'small fox' for her disappearing acts. In present time, she is primarily bound to Limsa Lominsa and La Noscea due to her status as a 'slave'. She knows very little of her actual buyer other than great mercy and freedom they've given her. She is still very leery of the other races she encounters having had no contact with any others outside of her tribe. She holds a soft spot for small children and a great love for flowers, specifically Lupin flowers.

When she's not working for her owner, she spends her time in the Limsa harbors and shipyards and works to pick up tricks from passing pirates and patrons alike. She is partial to hand to hand combat and has trained with both pugilists and thieves. A'murr can act a bit unhinged at times due to past trauma with slave traders and often doesn't know when to stop when it comes to fighting, it usually takes an act of strength/force to get to submit and calm down or more effectively another woman providing comfort. She actively seeks information from the docking ships as well and will sometimes come into contact with others like her still bound to the ships. A'murr can vary when it comes to her personality, she tries to act confident but under intimidation she'll crack a bit. She can be sly when it comes to conversations or getting herself out of situations she doesn't find an interest in. It isn't beneath her to start a ruckus to divert attention away from herself. Most of the time, she can be found among the flower stands purchasing flowers and playing with the local children.


A'murr is most known for her bright coral colored eyes, a hereditary trait passed down from her father's lineage. Her hair is a deep purple and lies past her midback if left down and always has some triage of flowers woven into it. Traditionally she adorns a braided woven ponytail and has tattooed indigo eyeshadow markings around her eyes; a common staple of her tribes customs for desirable females of age. She stands at 5'1" and has a lean but fit physique. A'murr has no blemishes on her face however carries a plethora of scars both stark and feint on her back and inner thighs due to her time with slave traders. She has a long slash scar and bullet scar on her left shoulder down to her shoulder-blade that has caused her arm to have limited range of movement and stamina due to improper healing.

Likes: The Ocean, lupin flowers/flowers, Warm Bread, Street children, Sun Bathing, Sparing, Learning new fighting techniques
Dislikes: Spicy foods, the rich, Fire, Guns, Pirates
Fears: Windowless rooms, never achieving her goal, being sold back into trade


A'murr comes from a nomad Seeker of the Sun nomad tribe, a branch of the Antelope tribe that separated into Ala Ghiri. Her tribe was very seclusive and avoided all contact with outsiders, forbidding any contact that would expose their livelihood and location. A'murr was the youngest and last daughter of the acting Nuhn who was no longer able to provide his mates with sires. A'murr's own brother, A'kyshe as well as her lover A'shyn, a prime Tia whom was best friends with her brother, both vied to be next in succession. Their rapport with one another was in perceived good standing as the two were like rivals and brothers. A'murr was very free spirited and often snuck out of her tribe to explore the forest late at night, as well as slink out of duties/responsibilities. She was most often caught by her brother or A'shyn, however her lover did little to dissuade her so much as accompany her instead, often disappearing himself. Upon the succession of her brother as the next Nuhn and a bitter defeat from A'shyn, the Tia disappeared. A fortnight later Garlean troops invaded the tribe, wiping out the nomads.

A'murr having been away during the invasion had come into contact with A'shyn, assuming of his "deception" (wearing a Garlean soldier uniform). However he was not able to subdue her and she ran home, only to return to the horrors of what was taking place, her brother nowhere to be found. Deception was laid out from both of the males however A'murr was never aware of this and only assumed A'shyn sold them out. The Tia managed to get the Garleans to spare her, however at the cost of her being severely injured. He managed to smuggle her out of the area where she fell into slave trader hands. She went MIA from the two Tia's for over 2 years before she was purchased by an unknown patron. Unknown to A'murr, it was none other than her brother who purchased her, but he remains scarce, never revealing himself to her.

Parents: A’reha Nuhn (Father), A’thsyia Reha (Mother) - Deceased
Siblings: A’kyshe Tia (Brother) - MIA unconfirmed as deceased
Lover: (Past) A’shyn Tia - MIA
Other: (unknown) A'kyshe - the owner who purchased her from traders
Pets: A temperamental but trained hunting hawk
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