A'rahn Iahe

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 A'rahn Iahe
A'rahn Iahe
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Antelope, trivial connection
Citizenship Little Ala Mhigo
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Advisory Notice: Intended for mature audiences. Plot points include NSFW forms of assault. Character isn't likely to overly use adult language but may on occasion.

Age: 28

Profession: Alchemist, Uldah adventurer

Affiliations: None


A'rahn Iahe, pink eyed and dark haired; a Miqo'te on the taller end of the spectrum. Her smile and warm presence are the most immediately noticeable things about her, next to her attire- which can range from a yellow suit of soft fabric, to dark clothing layered with straps and belts. The only thing one might note beside her otherwise harmless looking demeanor is the complete lack of any visible scaring or tattoos- besides the basic face paint most Miqo'te carry. You may or may not find that odd, particularly the lack of scaring- considering the events of the last five years.


Generally, A'rahn is upbeat and polite. She takes pride in her ability to turn a dark mood bright, a tense room calm, and is otherwise generally "hard to stay mad at". Despite the.. cheeriness of her character she is not by any means unaware, or otherwise unintelligent. She is verbose, attentive, and empathetic. She cares, deeply, for the people around her and close to her, and she makes it her task to see them fit and happy- a mothering instinct that is almost, but not quite, overbearing. Nothing escapes her attention, and her over-analytic nature is something you might not notice about her unless you are trained to do so.



A'rahn uses a mix of martial arts and knife-play. Her previous life and training led her to be an exceptional stealth fighter, and a few secrets.. obtained from various sources, has given her a touch of black magic in her fighting. Subtle, but present. Otherwise her focus is often less on hitting hard, and more on poisons, and quiet, painless kills.



  • Plants.
  • Night skies.
  • Exploring.


  • Unnecessary cruelty or meanness, to those who aren't deserving.
  • Slobs and or uncouth individuals.
  • Giant toads.


  • Experimenting with plants.
  • Star gazing.
  • Finding new places.


  • Training.
  • Gathering information.
  • Intelligent conversation.



None left after the calamity.


J'rohri Tsunhe


The Empire, otherwise none yet. Careful steps are rewarding.


Common Rumors

  • She used to be a mother, or is- and hides her children well.
  • She has a dark past, though so does everyone else because the Calamity and all.
  • She's not into men.

Moderate Rumors

  • She is allergic to toads.
  • She has a large amount of gil.
  • She is an Alchemist.

Rare Rumors

  • She deals in poisons.
  • She's trained in unconventional combat.
  • She's killed a person before.

PC Rumors

  • NA
  • NA
  • NA


A'rahn's family come from a long line of tragedy, mistakes, betrayal, and faith. Originating from the Antelope tribe, her family discovered their faith in Rhalgr, becoming monks of the Fist of Rhalgr. Not truly accepted by their clan, they left in hopes of finding a home among the monks of Ala Mhigo. They were not accepted there though, either, and soon found themselves living in the lands surrounding the city. Taking up the path of mercenary work, and assassination, they soon become a darker, more violent version of what they could have become. They became a quiet, underground, and not-well-known family of Assassins that earned a reputation in Ala Mhigo of subterfuge and murder. One hundred and nine years ago, her family partook in the Ala Mhigo invasion of the Twelveswood as quietly participating assassins. That particular war only lasted one year, but the failure was enough for them to lose any hope of joining the Hyur city. Taking up their old culture as members of the Antelope tribe, they blended back into the society of Thanalan for nearly twenty years until they could quietly gather closer to Ala Mhigo and work once again with what they consider a promised land. Keeping the disguise as members of the Antelope tribe on pilgrimage, they slowly built up communications and an underground repertoire with the Fist of Rhalgr, becoming assassins for their God of Destruction once again. Soon Theodorac would lead his war against the Fist, and it didn't take long for the monks to call into employment the assassins. At first they were to simply assassinate the monarch, but it was essentially impossible to get close to him, and the issue of staying undetected from even the general populace made it an exorcise in futility. They instead moved to providing safe passage to the few monks they were able to save. The numbers were utterly dismal, and their failure was another blow to the family's pride that they nearly couldn't recover from.

Exiling themselves from Ala Mhigo, her family nevertheless held onto their culture as followers of Rhalgr, and their connection to the Antelope tribe- though that was primarily for the convenience of a disguise. A'rahn herself was trained in the same way all members of her family have been. Trained to stay quiet, to kill, and to devote her life to recovering her family's pride, and making the Iahe name a name to fear and respect. Five years before the Calamity, when A'rahn became an adult, she 'finished' her training and got her first job. She was to kill a known rapist and murderer. She was prepared well, and had the skills to get the job done. Unfortunately, her control of her emotions was not complete, and she botched the job. The man ended up raping her and getting her pregnant, before running off and falling off the radar of the Iahe family. She gave birth to her son, who she dearly loved. She continued to train and do jobs, but most of her time was spent raising her son. Five years later, the Calamity struck and she lost both her son, and the relatives she had contact with.

Since then, she spent her time meandering. Doing a job her and there, either as an Iahe, or as just an Adventurer. Her sorrow over the loss of all she knew had her bent low for many years, and is still an open wound on her heart today. Still, she has made some friends in Uldah, and has become at least functional as a person once more. She is well-known, and generally liked by those she's chosen to get close to. Her mothering personality, a painful shadow of her time before the Calamity, has earned her a few admirers, though mainly people just think of her as just that- a kind of young, loving mother.


I'm new, open to criticism and all that. The followers of Rhalgr thing and, well, really her whole history is obviously something I've put together by looking at what I could. I recognize that it's very possible there is lore I'm missing that might negate this story as possible, and am willing to change it if so. If you wish to inform me of any mistakes I made, please feel free to do so. You can contact me in-game through mail or whisper. Thank you for taking the time to read my page :)

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