A'rhaqa Tia

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png A'rhaqa Tia
A'rhaqa Tia
Gender Cisgender male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seekers of the Sun
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Server Coeurl

Basic Info

A'rhaqa Tia is a friendly, extroverted young miqo'te born within his tribe's territory in Thanalan, who in adulthood has gone on to become a proficient archer and a perhaps unexpectedly skilled artisan.


A'rhaqa is and has always been an outgoing personality, though perhaps not exactly the best example of what a Seeker should be. From a young age he displayed little interest in replacing his tribe's Nunh, nor in other methods of contributing, such as claiming territory for the tribe, instead preferring to stay at home and partake in artistic ventures or just generally slacking off. Furthermore, when he grew closer to adulthood, it became clear to him (and likely others) that he was not at all interested in women, which made the likelihood of forming his own harem or inheriting his Nunh's vanishingly small.

Fearful of repercussions coming from his perceived notion of failing to correctly "perform the role" of a Tia (let alone a Nunh), A'rhaqa made a dramatic exit from the tribe's territory, flouncing off while blaming the rest of his family and friends there of forcing him to this point and forcing their tradition and expectations on him-- though of course he hadn't sought advice or even just a listening ear, and hadn't considered the possibility that he could be accepted as he was.


Ever one for theatrics and excitement, A'rhaqa is the life of any party-- sometimes bringing a little bit too much life, as he often drinks to excess, swinging between amorous advances and weeping at the end of a long, boozy night. That said, if damages (to property or person) are done, he's quick to make reparations to the best of his ability, not wanting to be the cause of an unpleasant taste in anyone's mouth or a sore spot in their coin purse.

Despite his outgoing and genuinely friendly nature, A'rhaqa is possessed of few close friends, and has only once committed himself to a lover (though he's very much wont to spend nights with all manner of men); it could easily be surmised that for better or worse (or, rationally or irrationally), his personal struggles with the culture he grew up in has contributed somewhat to this maladjustment, and he won't often be found speaking openly about his fears or insecurities-- though they do exist, and in quite plentiful number.


Guilds: Weaving, Leatherworking, Archery

Other Notes

I have, essentially, divergent canons for A'rhaqa depending on the setting-- whether he's the WoL, there are multiple player-character WoLs, or if he never became a WoL. I'm happy to give further details on each divergence, so please ask if you're curious!