A'rhyz Tia

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 A’rhyz Tia
Rhyz panel.png
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship La Noscea
Age 20
Marital Status Single
Occupation Wandering farm hand
Orientation Bisexual

Basic Info


A'rhyz was born to the antelope tribe however left when he was seventeen when the nunh of his tribe started showing signs of old age and his fellow Tias started sizing each other up, making threats to anyone deemed a challenge to their ascension. Although Rhyz had no desire to become Nunh and was one of the physically and socially weaker Tias he still received some threats and attacks against him. Deciding to leave the growing tensions in his tribe behind him, he began wandering Eorzea, accepting shelter and work where he could find it. To support his lifestyle he begun working on farms along his journey for a few weeks to a few months at a time. He quickly fell in love with farming as it appealed to his nurturing side and passion for all things natural. He particularly loves animal handling although he does carry a few scars from his more difficult charges.

Because he’s never really been in one place for too long and is more comfortable around animals than people, A’rhyz is shy, awkward, skittish, anxious, and finds it difficult to build relationships with other people. His responses to people are more akin to a small woodland creature than a person. He approaches others with wariness and caution and will either run or snap should he consider something a threat. Temporarily abandoning his wandering farmhand lifestyle, A'rhyz settled in Limsa Lominsa and started life as an adventurer in order to challenge himself to interact with people and improve his social skills and is steadily improving although it is a long journey.


■ I will play Mature content involving violence, drugs/alcohol, and/or sex. Temporary injury or imprisonment okay. Please discuss beforehand and ask for Rhyz's limits. I prefer group RP but 1-on-1 is more than welcome too. So far, I only RP Rhyz in game but am open to discord RP.


Interacting with nature and animals
Chocobo! Chocobo racing, breeding, training. Everything chocobo
Strong personalities


Cold climates
Crowds and forced socialisation (although he is trying to face this fear)
Seeker males
The Ishgardian proving grounds (chocobo fighting? No thank you)


Being left behind
Permanent loss of freedom (temporary is good *wink wonk*)


Favorite Food: Fruit, fish, acorn cookies, rolanberry cheesecake
Favorite Drink: Pineapple juice
Favorite Color: green and yellow

Appearance & Personality

Although only 5 fulms and 3 ilms tall, Rhyz has a toned, athletic body from years of labouring as a farmhand. His short stature and thin body are evidence of years of undernourishment when food was hard to come by. His hair is long and auburn, occasionally decorated with a small braid or clip. Rhyz uses his hair as one of his shields, a curtain to hide his face behind, and rarely ties it back unless he's working outdoors and alone.

Scars & Markings: Having a great love for sunlight, Rhyz's entire body is covered in freckles. Multiple small scars litter his skin from working with animals of various temperaments. In particular, A'rhyz has a deep scar across his right cheek which is often hidden by his hair, and four large claw marks across his right hip.

Voice: A'rhyz speaks with a soft, unsteady voice. He has little experience talking to other people, thus he often mumbles, stutters, and trails off his sentences. With little social skills, he frequently finds himself apologising over minor things or nothing at all.

Clothing: Preferring loose-fitting clothes and various leathers suitable for farm work, Rhyz dresses modestly around others but will shed his clothes to soak in the sunlight should he be alone. His clothes are often slightly weathered.



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Romantic Interest 🖤 It's Complicated 💛 Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing
💛 [[Roderik Foster] : A dear friend who has assisted A’rhyz is developing his social skills, manners, and behaviour.



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