A'rihnn Tia

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 A'rihnn Tia
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 29
Height 5' 8"
Occupation Adventurer
Alignment Neutral Good
Nameday 26th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Class Lancer
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A'rihnn is 5 feet, 8 inches tall. He has an athletic build, lined with lean muscle due to his frequent adventuring, training, and exercising. His body is well-defined, especially his legs. His skin is tanned due to frequent sun exposure. His eyes shine a bright gold, and a smile or grin is usually on his face. His hair is brown, and often stylishly unkempt- almost fluffy in appearance. He has some scruff of facial hair on his chin.

He is most often seen wearing a green shirt, loosely buttoned so to display his chest and with grey sleeves, grey pants, green fingerless gloves, and tall green boots. He can use a variety of weapons, but is most often seen with a tall, multi-pronged spear. The inside of his shirt hosts a multitude of pockets; he has these pockets sewn in so that he can carry more items (usually flasks of water, food, bandages, and other practical things).

He has many scars across his body; most prevalent are the crossed slashes on his left cheek, a gash down his right eye, and another small cut on his right cheek. He also has a claw mark on the right side of his upper back, various minor cuts and scars on his arms (most of which are combat wounds), a diagonal cut down his back (starting around the right shoulderblade), a diagonal slash on his right pectoral, a vertical slash down the left pectoral, a vertical gash down his left thigh, and a small vertical wound on his abdomen. Tiny marks, cuts, and the like litter his arms and legs, as well.


Early Life/Pre-Calamity

Not much is known about A'rihnn's early life, other than he was part of the A tribe. He did not follow the tribe's rules very closely, often taking solitary trips outside of the area the tribe was currently in. These little adventures were the spark to his current life as a professional adventurer. During his time in the tribe, he picked up the way of the spear; it was rare that he was seen without a polearm of his own creation.


After the Calamity, A'rihnn realized that the world was in need of aid and heroes, and formally departed from the tribe in order to enlist in the Adventurer's and Lancers' Guilds. His dedicated himself very strongly to his training, perfecting his skills with the spear. Eventually, he learned all there was to learn from the Lancers' Guild, and started to venture out into the world.

A'rihnn took jobs all around the realm. He could be found in nearly any place at any given time; while he initially stuck very close to the Adventurer's Guild's instructions, he eventually became more and more interested in exploring. He often spends his time exploring the world, regardless of borders or claim, though he often finds himself in the Twelveswood and La Noscea.

In current times, he can be found exploring Ishgard and Dravania as well as the other parts of the realm, trying to find adventure in all things and ways of life. Oftentimes, however, he finds himself back in the Black Shroud.


A'rihnn is, by and large, a positive person. More often than not, he has a spring in his step and a grin on his face, and he approaches almost every situation with optimism and wit. He is not easily perturbed; very little sets him off-balance, and he usually has a comment or remark about every situation and person he encounters. In addition, he is not afraid to express these opinions- be it wise or otherwise. He has a seemingly endless reserve of energy, very rarely stopping and inclined to wander away from something that fails to keep his interest. He can also be quite the flirt- however, he respects boundaries and does not want to make people uncomfortable, and will immediately cut off an action or words if the subject expresses disapproval.

As an active person, he is very much inclined to taking physical action to a problem, though he is not particularly quick to anger to start a fight. He will usually try to resolve (or escalate) a situation with words, then take to action if the situation demands. He will try to end conflicts quickly, and is often quick to forgive and forget; there are remarkably few people he considers enemies as a result. Most insults or comments to him are not taken seriously, and he will brush off all but the most offensive of remarks. However, insult or make a pass at his friends, and he'll leap to their defense.

When left to his own devices, however, A'rihnn can get very introspective and harsh on himself. He does not view himself as anything greater than an average person, and will deflect assertions to the contrary with humor or casual dismissal. Though he does not have self-destructive tendencies, he can dip into low, dark moods- instantly attempting to cover it up, should another see him in one. He also struggles very much with connections and feelings, as he has only had a tiny handful of friends who he has known for any extended period- this causes him to expect people to eventually leave. He loves and cares deeply, regardless- which can help and hurt him.

A'rihnn frequently makes nicknames for people. These are usually based off of dominant personality traits, physical appearance, or connections.


A'rihnn is primarily a lance-wielder. His style can be described as both wild and fluid; upon seeing him in combat, it is plain that the lance is an extension of his own body, not just a weapon. Though he is not a Dragoon, nor does he have training with them, he incorporates jumping skills into his lancework- his jumps tend to be more horizontal than vertical, and are used to close the gap or deal a vicious wound.

In addition, A'rihnn is trained in the use of daggers, fist weapons/hand-to-hand combat, the bow, and firearms. If he is at range, he is far more likely to use a gun than a bow, as he has more practice with firearms. He has limited training in the use of single-handed swords and axes; he will only use these as a last resort.

A'rihnn has no obvious magical talent. He can use basic spells like Teleport and Return, but has no training in and no apparent ability to utilize conjury, thaumaturgy, arcanima, or any other magical styles of combat.


During his time as an adventurer, A'rihnn has made many contacts and friends. Unfortunately, due to his wandering nature and issues with personal communication, many of these connections end up fading or falling out. Nevertheless, he tries to make friends wherever he goes.

Dusk Wolves: A crew of treasure hunters led by Rhen and Shofie Mahowyn. A'rihnn works for them, especially as a part of The Coeurl's Whisker- a tavern run by the company. Originally, A'rihnn hung around, making comments on the events that took place within the tavern, but he now functions as the tavern's kitchen-keeper and cook. Rhen's nickname: Boss.

Lorelei Syren: A Miqo'te bard A'rihnn met during his time in Gridania. He considers Lorelei an extremely close friend, and pokes and teases her in a good-natured (though often flirty) way. They have grown incredibly close, and are currently romantic partners- much to A'rihnn's constant amazement, as he has always struggled with romantic feelings. Nickname: Red.

U'ratuo Caedis: Another member of the Dusk Wolves. Though they don't speak much outside of work, he considers U'ratuo a solid friend, and goes out of his way to support her both on-the-job and those rare times they see each other outside of it. Nickname: Daisy.

Kokone Kone: Co-worker at the Whisker. They haven't interacted much, and he's yet to fully get an idea about her. Nickname: Specs.

Upa Zuvhe: A Keeper-raised-Seeker, and one of his very close friends. They have a good rapport, despite their differences in personality and goals. It was recently discovered that he and Upa share blood through the A tribe- though it's distant- and that he knew her when he was younger. Nickname: Spark.

R'khena Xhati: A Seeker who he met at the Coeurl's Whisker one night. Their initial confrontation was a bit awkward, but they quickly grew to be fast friends and partners due to their many similarities. Nickname: Wildling.

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