A'yun Tia

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png A'yun Tia
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Limsan
Age 23
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Occupation Dog of the Maelstroms (Serviced under the Rogue Guild)
Height/Weight 5'4"/160 lbs
Orientation Homosexual
  • A'yule Tia (Younger Brother)
  • A'yukki Tia (Youngest Brother)

Place Holder

Basic Info

Yun is a Miqo'te male from the Seeker of the Sun tribe, specifically under the name of the Antelope tribe. Though he does not consider himself to be deeply connected to his tribal ancestry he never felt the need to change his name as it was and still is his own. He does however prefer to be called Yun for the most part unless the other if in case it is another seeker finds it disrespectful to refer to another seeker by nothing less than their full name. He's 23 years old with his name day falling on the 24th sun of the First Astral Moon [1/24]. He mainly aligns himself towards the city-state of Limsa Lominsa though has found his home within the region of Thanalan having a small apartment in the Goblet as it was not only the cheapest to afford it also works a bit in his favor as his jobs mainly have him traveling between the island nation and the gem of the desert. Yun is a rouge by trade picking up skills from the Doman's who had worked together with those of the Rogue guild, learning the basics of Ninjutsu from them but being far from being able to call himself a master of the art. Through commission of the Maelstrom, Yun works primarily for the grand company taking on missions and occasionally leading his own squadron of adventurers who all but recently joined the company on 4 man assignments ranging for escorting military goods to camps and bases across the island to hunting down potentially dangerous beasts the roam the land.


Any place Hot and Sunny
Conversations [ He loves to have long talk sessions with people]
Explorations and seeing the world!
Hot springs [he can't help but just want to soak in a springs for hours]


Cold places
Anything bitter [Mainly referring to drinks and foods]
Greedy/Rude People


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Vice(s): His biggest shortcoming is his thrill seeking places himself and others around him in danger.
Favorite Food: Tempura Platter [1]
Favorite Drink: Anything Sweet and Refreshing!
Favorite Color: Black

Appearance & Personality

A'yun is a bit on the shorter side of Seekers sitting at a few inches over 5 fulms(ft). He's rather lean but physically toned having to keep to his morning routines to keep his physique which he's developed over his time as a member of the Rouge's guild as well as an active officer within the Maelstroms. His hair and fur a bright snowy white, their glow only shining more thanks to his sun-kissed complexion which gives him quite the contrast. His features topped with Crimson pairs, the color of his eyes a vibrant and deep red. He generally prefers to dress light feeling that stiff and thick clothe would slow him down on top of being unbearably uncomfortably to wear seeing as he mainly travels between the Thanalan region and the island of Vylbrand neither of suited for something heavy to wear. His preference mainly falling onto short or sleeveless shirts or chest wraps leaving his skin room to breath a plenty. He'll occasionally wear a pair of boots he picked up along his one trip up north but his main go to would be any of his open toe sandals. He takes a bit of pride in his physique so he may have thought why need to hide it.
Yun is generally always in a happy mood for the most part, he enjoys his times in Limsa and Ul'dah due to the abundance of people the roam the streets on a daily basis. He prefers to be around others if given the chance to, but there are occasions where he might seek a bit of time to himself, even if the crowds give him energy there's only so much you can expend before needing a break to recharge. Yun generally tries to speak to others with a area of respect but he can't help sometimes throwing in a joke here and there, an occasional or two to those he personally knows or if he's just looking to have a little fun of his own. However turn his tease on it's heels and use it against him to tease in return and he'd become a rather flustered mess, as much as he'd try to hold face it becomes a bit to obvious to see that he's easily embarrassed and though he tries to avoid going red deep down he likes the teasing even if just a bit. As joyous as he normally is, his eyes would gleam at the mention of an adventure. He's a thrill seeker, his hunger for the unknown fuels him and he'd jump at the opportunity without a moment's notice. Though this desire for thrills and the unknown has placed him in rather dangerous situations, if not him but the others around him. He has become a bit more self-conscious of his shortcoming but he'll still need a bit of time to be able to properly make sound judgments not fueled by his own appetite for danger.


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Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing
T'lhos Tia : A'yun had posted a job listing seeking help for a job of his own, T'lhos taking up the offer to sate his own curiosity at the vaguely described offer. During the two weeks they were on duty overseeing excavations, as well as going on their own personal adventure through the Sunken Temple of Qarn, Yun had developed a romantic interest in the older seeker. Across the two weeks of their first meeting his interest grew into a crush for T'lhos, where when the two went their separate ways he'd think on what the man was doing and looking forward to when next they could meet as the two shared an interest in exploring and learning of the past. Upon their next meeting in Upper La Noscea, a personal adventure to explore the lake bed spire of Wanderer's Palace the two confessed their feelings to the other, answering the others feelings with their own now as mates.



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