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Hear ye, hear ye! The daughter of sir Skywright, part of Ul'dahn's nobility and owner of an airship company, is a fine and noble lady of the most stellar character - at least this is what her parents think. Little do they know that their precious little girl evolved into a more ruthless than noble woman, leaving no remedy untried to achieve her goals and acquire forbidden knowledge.
Ah, yes, forbidden knowledge. One could say she is almost obsessed with it after she first stumbled upon the experiments of the man that has been her mentor ever since. A'zaza is not fascinated by it just because it is forbidden and she wants to be rebellious but because something that people are too afraid of to research must be amazing!
Power? She does not want it.
Wealth? Her father is a rich noble.
The one thing that motivates her the most is knowledge itself - to know more than others, to learn about the true nature of things others have no access to. She is not careless, though, and does all of her researches in secret while avoiding to lose herself when it comes to dangerous topics like the void. A'zaza knows about the dangers when dealing with these subjects and she also knows she could lose her sanity as a result but that does not scare her. To be clueless is what truly scares her.
Be prepared, forbidden secrets of this world!

Race: Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun
Age: 21
Name Day: 18.04
Deity: Rhalgr
Citizenship: Ul'dahn
Occupation: Noblewoman/Researcher
Hair colour: Purple
Eye colour: Light green
Marks: Only the ones in her face
Alignment: Neutral
Orientation: Straight
Marital status: Single


The Void: "That fool did not manage to summon another Voidsent even after all this time. Guess I have to look elsewhere for information."
Sharlayan's secrets: "This will be tough but I have time."
Black magic: "I should become a Black Mage myself, first."
The Undead: "No clue at the moment but maybe I could try to study "living" examples."
Magitek: "I made the acquintance of quite the gentleman who could tell me a lot about Magitek and firearms - but not the more hidden topics yet."
Other matters people try to hide: "Maybe I will stumble over something interesting."


None: There are none yet.


None: There are none yet.


A'zaza's parents are not really her biological parents - they are Midlanders, after all, and A'zaza is clearly not a Hyur. She was adopted - because they could not have own children - when she was too little to remember anything and there is nothing known about her real parents. Unlike others who would want to know who they are A'zaza does not care and never spared a thought about them - her family are the Skywrights who raised her with great care. A'zaza herself is not sure if she keeps everything secret from them because she doesn not want to be found out or because she does not want to disappoint them. They may not be her real parents but she still loves them like they were.
Her childhood as a noble's daughter was quite peaceful and she had everything normal kids could ever wish for. Her own big room, a garden to play around in, a library and all the other facilities of their mansion while the servants of the house did everything she wanted - even if she could be a bit mean towards them sometimes but if her parents appeared she was the kind little daughter they always knew. She was an expert in being an innocent lamb when her parents were around and they rarely scolded her.

One day, she was only 14 at the time, she was the only one who discovered an unusual book in the library - although it was hard to spot - and pulled it. Not to her surprise, a hidden entrance opened up which kind of disappointed her.
Really? Who is still using such an old trick?
After entering a secret laboratory she caught an Elezen man in his act of performing a dark ritual - summoning a Voidsent for an experiment. He was quite shocked when he saw A'zaza and even thought about killing her to shut her up - before A'zaza stopped him on the spot with a lie. She claimed that she already had someone waiting in the library to call for the guards if something should happen to A'zaza - an easy to see through lie because if that would be case then why didn't the servant come down here instead of A'zaza? The man was too shocked, though, and did not think about this possibility. He was already prepared to meet his maker and was even more surprised when A'zaza did not rat him out but instead wanted to be his student. She was absolutely fascinated by this strange creature he summoned and was it even more after looking around the man's laboratory. All these strange drawings, instruments and the all around atmosphere captured her immediately. It took some time to convince him but he eventually gave in and accepted her as his student - under the condition that she kept quit about it but that was obvious for her.
This was the beginning of her researcher career and the two of them became "Seekers of the Forbidden".
Of course, she also nagged him to change the book to a less conspicious one.


A'zaza fullbody.jpg
As the offspring of a noble house it should be obvious that she is always trying to look as refined as possible. A nicely cut (and hella expensive) dress, finely braid hair and smooth skin are natural for her. Of course, her boots and gloves are of equal quality. And that is almost it. She does not have clothings like pants and shirts and always wears long dresses, even in the summer, although she has a secondary outfit of a black mage (which I still have to get in the game, so there is no image of that yet) that she uses when she needs to conceal her identity or to interact ss Seeker of the Forbidden. The only kind of clothing she likes are the ones that cover her whole body (except her head when she appears as a noble) and she is really picky about her appearance but not in a narcissistic way.



A'zaza ordering around.jpg
One thing is clear - she has two completely different sides that differ greatly. The first one which people see the most is as the very curious but also pretty weird noblewoman. A'zaza can be quite social and likes to learn about new things - she is not just obsessed with forbidden research but also extremely interested in a lot of other kinds of subjects and she can never learn enough, in her eyes. She is so curious that she can come off as a bit blunt because she peeks her nose into matters that should not concern her. This curiousity can also be quite dangerous because she does not have many fears and would head into a dangerous area just because she thinks it is interesting. Then, there is also her weirdness which depends on the situation. There are times when she says the strangest things and it becomes very clear she did not leave her mansion often - she is very clueless about a lot of things. On the other hand, she also has some mean sides to her - like treating lowly commoners with no respect and being arrogant around them - which her servants also had to endure. She also does not value the life of other beings - this does not mean that she hates people but just that she does not care about others dying or her killing monsters for training or research. Zaza can be quite ruthless in that case but she is still pleasant and sometimes even fun to be around with if she likes someone. (If you can look past her weidness.)

Her other side is that as a Seeker of the Forbidden and where she wears a mask to conceal her face. She becomes even more ruthless in this persona and can sometimes even be sinister, laughing about others and belittling cowards. I did not get to play her in this state yet, so there are a lot of things still open about it.


To research and technology (who would have thought that)
(Purple) dresses
Seeing people she dislikes die
Silly hats/glasses (she would not wear them herself, though)
Bad/Stupid/Dad jokes and dark humour
Chocobo fledglings
Senor Cactuar (she really adores him and is always happy when he is around)


Research restraints
People that do not cover themselves (like being almost naked - just having the chest open or something similar is fine)
Lowly commonfolk that has the nerve to talk to her
Primitive tribes and barbarians (she would still research them, though)


Internally rages if she sees someone who shows way too much skin
Always wears full clothing, no matter the circumstances (would even do that on the beach)
Would even laugh in inappropriate situations
If something is just TOO funny for her there is the small possibility for her to get the giggles and have a laughing fit
Has absolutely no clues about flirting whatsoever (and never had a relationship before)
Likes to use servants as chairs (or tables)
Always speaks in a formal way and loves to use words like "quite", "intriguing", "Why, ...", "indeed" and so on
Can be pretty weird


Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unknown
A'zaza curious.jpg
Person Name, relationship. () - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Sir Skywright (first name not specified), adoptive father. () - Nobleman and airship company owner
Character's Thoughts: "I am still father's little girl in his eyes. Some things never change."
They have a warm-hearted relationship.
Lady Skywright (first name not specified), adoptive mother. () - Noblewoman
Character's Thoughts: "I should not worry mother - I could not bear to ashame her."
They have a warm-hearted relationship.
(Gets a name soon), mentor. () - Researcher
Character's Thoughts: "It is hard to tell how I could manage to endure this foolish man all this time. Well, as long as he is useful he can continue to teach me."
Their relationship is very hard to tell by others - sometimes it seems like they hate each other but there actually emerged some kind of bond between them that is hard to break.
Rona Wolfsblood, new acquintances. (●) - Airship captain
Character's Thoughts: "Quite the interesting woman, indeed. I hope traveling with her airship will be as exciting as it sounds!"
It seems that A'zaza already weirded Rona out - but at least she puts up with her.



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