Aanzo Dinzo

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Aanzo Dinzo
"A walking Barrel"
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Primarily Plainsfolk
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age Old
Nameday Unknown
Occupation Small time Smith, Part time Voidsent Basher
Birthplace The Far East



A rough reference for a rough lalafell.

The lalafell is taller than your average small folk, blessed with uncommon height for his race. Aanzo stands proud and confident with a muscular and worn build fitting of someone who's spent most of their life in hard labour . Tanned skin painted with scars from top to bottom, carrying that general battered and weathered look. Which serves as a reason to why his body is often covered from head to toe in leather and cloth.

Aanzo's face is nothing too special. Small, exhausted little dull purple pupils. His mouth seems to either always curl up into a smirk, ready to flash a toothy grin that has became a staple gesture, or show a grimace of pure disinterest and irritation.

Scruffy gray hair resting on top of his scalp. Cut in a short fashion, he keeps it washed and clean but outside of that the lalafell does little with it anymore. Where in the past he would find time to dye it back to the brown shade of his younger cycles, nowadays he simply can't be arsed. His facial hair varies, depending on how he's feeling within the moon there could be naught but stubble resting along his chin and upper lip, or a fully grown out mustache and beard proudly sitting along his features.

Behavior / Personality

The lalafell comes across as a carefree and cheeky bugger. A rough and gravelly voice carrying words in a pirate-like dialect, one fitting a uneducated ruffian. However, during the more recent cycles he has managed to speak with clear clarity to his words when he feels like speaking slowly. Perhaps he's found a great tutor, or maybe it was a mask all along.

Often appearing laid back and relaxed even in extreme circumstances. A snarky little shit, as many have labelled him before. Though some claim this to all be yet another mask, a complete ruse, a general jape, a total rigmarole, as there have been many sightings of the creature showing an extremely serious and professional demeanor.

Tending to take his sweet time in accepting folks and opening up. Aanzo isn't all that trusting of people in general, a trait picked up from years in the wrong line of work. Owner of a caring heart, he simply opts out of wearing it on his sleeve. The jaded fella is willing to do (almost) anything for those that have earned his trust.



Years of getting rough and rowdy has turned Aanzo into a capable fighter. Not born an expert in war, yet able to keep himself alive through pure dedication and training. You don't survive more than 10 summers on a pirate ship by being bad at head bashing after all.

Focusing on perfecting the use of close quarter weaponry partnered with a deal of hand and footwork. The cretin is always willing to use the environment to his advantage, he isn't above using dirty tactics if the situation calls for it. For reasons unknown, he lacks the ability to control and manipulate aether to the same level as most, though he makes up for it with his sheer endurance and pain tolerance, alongside his physical martial prowess.

If all else fails, Aanzo will forever have the secret technique of running away super fast. Which serves as the most perfect distraction. Hoping to provide him with enough time to think of an -actual- plan that wont get him killed.



  • His wife and family.
  • Sleeping.
  • His band of merry men.
  • Blacksmithing.
  • Alcohol.
  • Generally everything else he doesn't dislike.




  • Has a canny knack for persevering through dire times just to piss someone off.
  • Can balance a spoon on his nose for two seconds.



  • Mimifa Mifa: - His moon and stars, Aanzo thinks the world of Mimifa. The one pure and innocent soul who's managed to make the hardened scumbag feel like a young lad again. Aanzo is completely devoted to his wife, and it's safe to say she's turned his life around for the better. Even his grossed out friends would probably agree.
  • Ninisa Nisa: - A young creature nearly as curious as Aanzo. Mimifa was adamant that they care for (read: adopt) this small lalafellin child after saving her from a series of extremely tragic events, and who was Aanzo to say no? A few more suns turned into a moon, and a moon turned into forever, as she's secured her spot in their household, and Aanzo quite happily considers her family.

Friends and Company

It takes quite a lot of run-ins for Aanzo to consider someone his ally or friend, he's extremely picky. The lalafell's got himself a fine bunch of mates so far though, and always has at least something to say about those he values higher than the rest.

  • Igniting Dusk: - The years difference between Aanzo and Igniting Dusk seems to mean very little to the lalafell. Having known the roegadyn for what feels like forever, he is without a doubt Aanzo's bro-in-arms and the one he can always rely on. If it wasn't for this Stalwart Mountain of a man, Aanzo would have met his grisly end more than a handful of times by now.
  • Qhas'ir Mujuuk: - The old accountant, none can rival the glare that follows his furrowed brow. The crease which, at this point, is probably used to hold gil coins as he works. Aanzo has known Qhas'ir for many cycles, and even if they're near complete opposites, they've managed to forge an extremely strong bond. Also he helps Aanzo out with taxes so that's nice of him.
  • Mustafa Steel: - An old stinking highlander muscle-man, one who fully encourages and appreciates the hobo life that he leads. And for that, Aanzo respects him. Finding solace in the fact even in the most dire of situations, he'll have a old homeless man to turn to. Fantastic.
  • John Spiegel: - Aanzo holds nothing but respect for this tall and intimidating highlander, clad in black and wielding weapons that could fell giants in a few swings. If Aanzo had met him during his younger years, he'd most likely have thought him to be an aspect of the Reaper himself.
  • Kinono Kino: - A weird history has settled itself inbetween these two, and Aanzo would have most likely tried to kick her teeth in once or twice by now, if it wasn't for the fact she's Mimifa's friend.

"The Aanzo Trivia", quotes and other random important rumours.

  • "Aanzo is so hot right now" - Claims of a random faceless Citizen.
  • "Little shit." - Most of Trident.
  • "He will sometimes put his shirt on inside out. Tis quite silly." - Mimifa Mifa.


Aanzo and Mimifa, checking over their respective tools for the job. (Art done by the fantastic Nuclear Wasabi.)
Local lalafell pick a fight with a big boy.(Art done by the fantastic Nuclear Wasabi.)