Aartur Nelhah

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Gridania-transparent.png Aartur Nelhah
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Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Gridania
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Aartur Nelhah is a timid arcanist residing and studying in Gridania. He was previously the apprentice to a more elder arcanist, but the man unfortunately disappeared, leaving Aartur to take up his studies in solitude. Though talented in arcanima, Aartur is often more concerned with learning that practical use, leading to financial struggles. He has skill in offensive magic, but prefers to use words as a first line of defense, gaining a small reputation in Gridania as an able mediator of disputes. Also notable is, despite his even temperament, Aartur tends to be quite vain, as well.


Aartur stands tall on the upper end of average Keeper height, and possesses a physique befitting his scholarly tendencies; that is to say, he appears slight and lacking well-toned muscles, though not to the point of appearing unfit. His hair is brown and carefully fixed every morning, with patches of blue mixed in (from his mother's side of the family). His eyes are mismatched blue and green and his lips are often pursed slightly, especially when in thought.

His long tail does swish around, but it often curls around things when he's standing or sitting still, almost like a security blanket for him. When standing, it often wraps itself around his leg, or when sitting, either the leg of his chair or curled like a cobra in his lap. On occasion, it accidentally wraps around other people's legs, as well. Aartur's ears tend to be rather expressive, as well, sitting flat on his head when in thought or embarrassed, while perking up when surprised or curious. When not doing anything else, his ears often flick for seemingly no reason.


Aartur is a bookworm, an aspiring scholar. More often than not, he's seen with his nose in a book, reportedly reading at least a full, normal-sized book each day. Every morning, he jogs while reading, having memorized his route and people learning to avoid him while running. When not reading, he can normally be found in a tavern, drinking tea and having his carbuncle, "Kyubey," keep him company. The Miqo'te fully realizes that Kyubey is not sentient, of course, but still converses with the little creature, as he sees that as more constructinve and "less odd" than talking to himself.

Perhaps his defining trait, Aartur is horridly timid, even by male Keeper standards. Prone to stuttering and extremely prone to blushing, Aartur is not what most would call a socialite. This is not newly exhibited behavior, he has been shy since childhood, despite prodding to be more outgoing from his older sister. However, once he left home, he got worse. Now with no one to push him into social situations, Aartur began to avoid other people altogether, even when visiting taverns.

Despite his timidity, Aartur is an able speaker when it becomes absolutely necessary. Why his often diplomatic and indirect answers are not always appreciated when in social situations, they serve him well when conflict arises or threatens to arise. Slow to anger, Aartur keeps a cool head unless flustered (usually by women).

Aartur's tail and ears are both rather sensitive, more so his tail than his ears, however. He is easily subdued initially by grabbing at his tail, and can be kept subdued for some time by keeping a grip on the tail or by rubbing it. The case is similar for his ears, though to a lesser degree.



Aartur is an arcanist, and as such, relies mainly on Kyubey when faced with violent situations. More often than not, he attempts to defuse the conflict before it reaches violence, but when faced with no better choice, he will not hesitate.



  • Sugar. Lots and lots of sugar.
  • Politeness.
  • Books.
  • Looking nice.


  • Purring in public. (Considers it embarrassing)
  • Needless violence.
  • Rude or mean people.
  • Being teased.


  • Studying Arcanima and other magics.
  • Reading. So much reading.
  • Can jog and read simultaneously.
  • Math.


  • Favorite Food: Anything with fish, really.
  • Favorite Drink: Breakfast Tea with extra extra sugar.
  • Books: Reference books, poetry, short stories, long stories, romance novels (though he will vehemently deny it).



Coming Soooooooooon!


Coming Soooooooooon!


None, really.


Common Rumors

  • Aartur is gay. He tends to not care the colour of his clothing, as long as it looks nice, which leads him to often wear pinks and purples. Obviously not the most assertive or masculine male, it has been suggested that he is homosexual. (He is not, of course, but that is the rumor.)

Moderate Rumors

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Rare Rumors

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PC Rumors

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