Abel Wheeler

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Gridania-transparent.png Abel Wheeler
Abel Wheeler 2019 render.png
Vengeful Necromancer
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridania
Nameday 28th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Family Deceased
Status Alive
Server Coeurl
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Basic Info

Once a kind and gentle soul, Abel's heart has now become as dark as the forbidden magick he uses to drag the fallen from their eternal slumber.


Growing up in Gridania, Abel natural latency towards magick drew his to the Conjurer's Guild. As he grew older, his attention soon fell upon a Keeper of the Moon named A'vett. While the two quickly became friends, Abel's family was less than receptive to the budding friendship, viewing A'vett as his family as beneath them and unworthy of Abel's company.

As tensions built between the two families, A'vett and Abel grew closer together. Sensing that they may one day be forced to fight for their right to see each other, Abel began to teach A'vett magick in secret, though their spiteful families often saw to it to keep the two apart whenever possible. Unfortunately, the constant interruptions of Abel's lessons brought about irreversible consequences.

One day, Abel learned that A'vett and his family had been out in the Black Shroud when they were attacked by a roaming group of bandits. While the rest of the Miqo'te family escaped, A'vett was mortally wounded, and died shortly before conjurers could tend to him. Devastated by the loss of his lover, Abel blamed both his and A'vett's family for his death, and vowed they would pay for taking A'vett from him. A few days later, when A'vett's family were found massacred in their home, the Wood Wailers were quickly dispatched to the Wheeler residence, only to find the home in flames. While most of the bodies were accounted for, all that was left was a charred skeleton of what appeared to be Abel, having taken his own life as well as the others.

Shortly after the incident, however, several corpses were found in the Black Shroud, their descriptions matching those of the bandits that had killed A'vett. Then, days later, A'vett's embalmed corpse was stolen from its final resting place. The Wood Wailers and the Order of the Twin Adder began to suspect Abel had not died in the fire, though before an investigation could be fully launched, another incident had been reported of a man carrying a large sack of unknown contents into Coerthas. When stopped by the Wailers, the man unleashed hellish magick upon them, killing most of them, and severely injuring the others.

Abel had indeed faked his own death, and was making his way towards Dravania, where the Great Gubal Library resided. Admist the seal tomes and spellbooks, he knew he would discover a way to bring back A'vett. The two would be together, and no one was going to stop him.


Prior to A'vett's, Abel was quite sociable, and eager to learn conjuring magick to become a chirurgeon. When the two were kept from seeing each other, he began to become distant and withdrawn, and would lash out at his family, or even those who he was acquainted with. While he was kind and caring with A'vett, he was prone to letting his anger towards their families show from time to time.

Upon learning of A'vett's demise, his discontent and resentment turned to rage and hatred towards his own family for denying him to see his lover, and A'vett's family for allowing him to die. In oder to move freely, Abel donned a suit of black armor and a thick robe, complete with a helm to obscure his face. However, those who do encounter him are met with warnings, if not outright death threats to leave him be. Some sources have even claimed him to be in the company of voidsent, though such reports tend to lack sufficent details to confirm this allegation.



Other Notes

Abel's Lodestone profile can be viewed here.