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Garlemald Flag.jpg Diamanda Argentum
Diamanda Profile.png
Diamanda jen Argentum
Gender Female
Race Garlean/Hyur Hybrid
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Garlemald
Place of Birth Garlemald
Guardian Byregot, the Builder
Nameday 4th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
(Age: 25)
Occupation Treasure Hunter
Magitek Engineer
Airship Pilot
Pronunciation "ˈdi.əˈmændə arˈɡen.tum"

Born a "cen" in the imperial capital of Garlemald to parents who supported the empire, Diamanda Argentum attended the Magitek Academy and, upon graduating, became a "jen" in the XIVth Imperial Legion. Gifted at working with magitek from a young age, she was an exceptional young engineer who looked up to Cid nan Garlond as her idol. Horrified by the ramifications proposed by Garlemald's "Meteor Project," Diamanda defected from the imperial army and contacted Garlond Ironworks in 1572 of the Sixth Astral Era.

Since the Calamity, she has come to look up to Jessie Jaye as a mentor figure, learning much from the interim leader of the Ironworks as an engineer over the five years of Cid's absence. It was with help from Jessie that she crafted a set of magitek-augmented gear as well as a magitek repeater akin to those crafted by her mentor for Rowena's House of Splendors. Due to her skill as a gunner, Diamanda often seeks to lend her aid to the realm not only as an engineer, but as a combatant on the side of Eorzea.


"A bloody genius, I am. And not half bad looking." —Diamanda Argentum

The Ironworks symbol is tattooed on Diamanda's right arm.

Small of build and stature, Diamanda Argentum is an unimposing Midlander woman who stands at five-fulms-and-four-ilms tall and weighs no more than 120 ponze. While she has some tone to her arm and back muscles from years of archery and engineering, her skin is mostly smooth and soft. Her most distinguishing feature is a long scar drawn across the bridge of her nose, which she received during her time in the imperial army. She also has a tattoo of a gyrodrive wreathed in flames—the Garlond Ironworks symbol—emblazoned upon her right arm.

Wearing a bright smile and filled with a youthful enthusiasm obvious from one look into her deep, blue eyes, Diamanda often has a skip in her step. Because of her work, her clothing and face can sometimes become stained with grease. While she's typically very clean, the smell of machinery and ceruleum tends to hang around her. For the sake of ease, she doesn't wear a lot of makeup, just some eyeliner and lip gloss that can be quickly reapplied if smudged.

A spiky mess of straight, platinum blonde hair sits atop Diamanda's head. The majority is spiked backwards save for the hair at the nape of her neck, which is brushed down. A spiky fringe frames the right side of her face, covering her right eye slightly. Her hair is typically clean, as she washes it often, but it can sometimes become greasy if she neglects to wash up. She keeps any other body hair shaved using a special tool of her own invention.

Because she works with her hands, Diamanda sometimes suffers blisters on her fingers and keeps her nails cut short. She paints them occasionally, but the nail polish tends to chip off soon after. She tends to wear very little jewelry, despite being a skilled goldsmith, but is fond of leather necklaces with feathers attached.


Casual Wear:

For everyday wear, Diamanda prefers to wear items made of Garlean fabrics not often seen outside of imperially-annexed provinces. One of her more common outfits is a sleeveless, plum purple sweater that zips up to the neck worn over a sleeveless, snow white vest fastened at the waist with brown leather. Her pair of loam brown shorts covers very little of her legs, and the bark brown skirt with an acorn brown belt only covers about the first quarter of her thighs.
An elbow-length sleeve covers Diamanda's lower left arm, and a pair of leather bands decorates her upper right arm. Both her hands are protected by a pair of fingerless, Othard blue leather gloves with golden knuckles and pair of black boots are strapped to her feet. Lastly, a rose-colored satchel sits on her left thigh, wrapped around her waist, and a glowing, magitek shoulderguard of Diamanda's own design decorates her left shoulder.

Expeditioner's Outfit:

Adamantia wears a thick, long-sleeved antique leather tabard over her chest. Buckled at her waist, the brown garments tuck into the pair of matching gloves covering her hands. Various necklaces decorate the opening of her collar, the most noticeable one set with a blue feather.
The outfit cuts off at her thighs, revealing part of her matching pantalettes, with frilled cloth adorning its right side. She usually keeps her binoculars and canteen attached to the tabard. Antique leather thighboots, Diamanda's favored footwear, reveal only the barest of her inner thighs.

Ironworks Engineer Uniform:

The attire of the Garlond Ironworks includes an black engineer's doublet with white trimmings worn over a long-sleeved, blue shirt, a pair of black slops, black thighboots with white plating from the knee down, a pair of fingerless gloves, and welder's goggles. It's designed for ease of movement and functionality so as not to hinder the engineer's work. Its made to be practical whether on the battlefield or in the workshop.

Ironworks Armor of Aiming:

Diamanda Ironworks Aiming.png
Forged of wootz steel and wolfram and based on the brilliant designs of Jessie Jaye often found available for sale in Revenant's Toll, Diamanda forged this suit of Ironworks Aiming armor herself. Every individual piece was painstakingly built in an effort to emulate her idol's handiwork, and her own skill is displayed in every lovingly-crafted ilm of the outfit.
The mask, designed with an interface that allows an easier field of vision in dark locations, rises from the eyes with a touch to the earpiece. It's made in such a way that having linkshells installed for communication is simple and convenient. The mask also protects from bright flashes and braces the neck and jaw in case of sudden assaults.
Adorning the body is the corselet, spun with Garlean fibers and reinforced with wootz and wolfram plates. The black, white, and blue colors match the typical motifs of Garlond Ironworks, and the spiked shoulder guard is emblazoned with its emblem. The soft fabrics and flared skirt ending make the corselet comfortable to wear.
Leather brais cover the legs of the armor, crafted with saurian and chimerical kirimu leathers. Two, blue belt cross at the waist and the outfit's crotch is designed in such a way that it doesn't restrict movement. However, it can cause a bit of a draft due to how it exposes parts of the front and back of the thighs.
The vambraces and leg guards are forged in an identical style to the rest of the outfit. The gloves are mostly metal with a leather under-layer, while the boots are primarily leather with metal adorning the feet and knees. The thighboots also amplify the wearer's natural abilities, allowing her to jump and run faster than normal.
The pièce de résistance of the set is the Ironworks Magitek Repeater. Formed of interconnecting parts of wolfram and wootz, the repeater is a collapsible scoped rifle enhanced by the aetheroransformer invented by Stephanivien de Haillenarte. This device converts the wielder's mana into lightning-aspected energy to power her special ammunition and other innovations of the Skysteel Manufactory. An integrated gauss barrel is included in the weapon's three-pronged design.
Basic Info
Date of Birth: 4th Sun of the Fourth Astral Moon, Year 1552, Sixth Astral Era
Height: Average (5'4")
Weight: Slender (120 ponze)
Complexion: Fair-skinned
Hair: Short, Spiky and Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Particular Traits: Scar along nose bridge.
Voice: Mezzo-soprano
Clothing Style: Garlean fabrics with boots.
Laterality: Right-Handed


Tinkering with magitek.
Flying airships.
Collecting beetles.
Playing Triple Triad.
Forgekin and Mammets.
Sleeping for long periods.
Performing trick shots with her rifle.
Tall, snowy mountains and floating islands.
Lost Allagan technology.
Traveling and exploring new locations.
Treasure hunting.
Being bossed around.
Malfunctioning machinery.
People who attack civilians.
Liars, cheaters, and thieves.
Food: Rolanberry Shaved Ice
Drink: Pineapple Juice
Color: Storm Blue
Place: Idyllshire
Festival: The Rising
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Vices: Laziness
Religion: None.
Goal: To live freely and become an engineer of Cid's caliber.


Being captured by Garlemald.
Airship crashes.
Loss of limb.
Skilled magitek engineer.
Excellent markswoman.
Ace airship pilot.
Action Girl
Beetle Maniac
Brilliant, but Lazy
Cool Airship
Ditzy Genius
Firing One-Handed
Improbable Aiming Skills
Wrench Wench
Diamanda is highly intelligent. As a child, she taught herself much about magitek through her father. Years of decadence in Garlemald have given her an aversion to hard work, at least without proper motivation. While she builds for the good of the realm under the Ironworks, she's generally happier to spend the day sleeping, playing Triple Triad, fiddling with her own inventions, or flying in her manacutter.
Despite her intelligence, Diamanda can lack common sense in some regards. Her knowledge of Eorzea is limited at best, knowing the most about Mor Dhona, Ishgard, and Thanalan than any other locations on the map, and only where relevant to her interests. She has poor social skills due to having few meaningful relationships in her early life and can come off as something of a loner until she's comfortable with a person.
Final Fantasy Characters: Edgar Roni Figaro (FFVI)
Other Game Characters: Vyse (Skies of Arcadia), Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)
Anime Characters: Winry Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Abilities and Skills

Excellent eyesight and precise aim.
Detail-oriented with an excellent long-term memory.
Good problem-solving skills.
Magitek-Augmented Weaponry

Family and Relationships


Friends and Acquaintances

Jessie Jaye (Mentor)


Garlean Empire


Garlond Ironworks

Skysteel Manufactory

Highwind Skyways


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Childhood in Garlemald

Diamanda grew up under the Garlean Empire.

Born into the imperial capital in the 30th year of the Imperial calendar, Diamanda Argentum was born into wealth.

XIVth Imperial Legion

Diamanda Argentum served in the XIVth Imperial Legion.

The following year saw her truly enter Eorzea to support the VIIth Legion's efforts against the Eorzean Alliance.

1572 was to be the end of the Sixth Astral Era. Adamantiia jen Argentum spent her time helping to construct Castrum Novum (later known as Castrum Centri) in Mor Dhona, and tuning its various warmachina. Diamanda also noticed the growing insanity within the VIIth Legion, as their soldiers appeared fanatically devoted to Legatus Nael van Darnus and the Meteor Project. The staggering death toll proposed by the Legatus's ambitions appalled and disgusted her, and she found herself unable to turn a blind eye to the empire's actions any longer.

It didn't take long for Diamanda to plan her escape. In her time with the XIVth she'd made two allies, an older man from her homeland named Randell whose support throughout her time as a soldier of the XIVth helped her survive among the infantry, and an Ala Mhigan named Raminas who harbored resentment for the empire for his nation's fall.

With the aid of Randell and Aldous, Diamanda created a diversionary explosion within Castrum Novum and commandeered three magitek reapers. Using the reapers' artillery, the three escaped the Castrum with imperial pursuers hot on their trail. The Immortal Flames found them near Raubahn's Push, routing the imperials and arresting the three.

Garlond Ironworks

Diamanda, Randell, and Aldous did not spend much time incarcerated. After explaining themselves as defectors seeking Garlond Ironworks, they were eventually met by Cid Garlond himself and taken on as employees. While Randell and Raminas took up mercantile responsibilities, Diamanda was entrusted with the upkeep of airships produced for Highwind Skyways, which had suspended its flights due to the selfsame attacks she helped carry out.

Diamanda joined the Garlond Ironworks after defecting from the imperial army.

Her talents caught the eye of Jessie Jaye, who instructed her in the finer points of airship design, construction, and maintenance. In but a few moons, she learned more about engineering among the Ironworks than she had in her entire life. Eventually, she was constructing airships alongside the other Ironworks members, rather than merely maintaining them. For the first time in her life, she truly began to feel at home.

Following the Calamity and the disappearance of Cid Garlond, Diamanda continued to work for the Ironworks. While she may not have been the most diligent worker, her knowledge and problem-solving skills helped both the Ironworks and Highwind Skyways in the Seventh Umbral Era. She began to study Jessie's designs and even helped tutor young Eorzeans who joined the Ironworks in the intervening years.

Cid returned to his workshop five years after the Calamity. In those years, Diamanda's respect for Jessie, who kept them afloat for half a decade, only increased. She successfully replicated the designs Jessie drew up for Rowena's House of Splendors, crafting herself a suit of magitek armor and a magitek repeater. Despite her lack of physical strength, Diamanda was determined to take part in the coming battle with the Garlean XIVth Legion.

During Operation Archon, Diamanda served as a sapper. Armed with her new rifle and armor, she took to northern Thanalan and assaulted the XIVth Legion through sabotage. When the Immortal Flames assaulted Castrum Meridianum, she fought alongside soldiers, adventurers, and Cid by assaulting their magitek operating systems. She even hijacked a magitek reaper for use against imperial reinforcements while the Warrior of Light and his group braved the Praetorium to destroy the Ultima Weapon.

Seventh Astral Era

Stephanivien de Haillenarte entrusted Diamanda with a Machinist's Soul Crystal.

Following the defeat of the Ultima Weapon, Diamanda returned to Revenant's Toll where, between shifts at the workshop, she salvaged any magitek parts she could from engagements with Castrum Centri. Apart from more frequent airship travel and the newly-opened Gold Saucer, life returned largely to normal until the Warrior of Light was accused of conspiracy against Nanamo Ul Namo. After that, Diamanda decided to accompany Cid to Ishgard, where the Warrior of Light had taken refuge.

Shortly after arriving in the Holy See, Diamanda introduced herself to Stephanivien de Haillenarte and offered her (somewhat unreliable) magitek expertise to the Skysteel Manufactory and his house's forces in the Sea of Clouds. She found commonality with the lowborn of Ishgard, whose lives, while better than her own, reminded her of her childhood in Dalmasca. That Stephanivien sought to arm them against the Dravanian Horde using magitek inspired her to help.

Armed with an aetherotransformer and autoturrets, as well as the Soul Crystal gifted to her by the Manufactory chief, she became a machinist and left for the Sea of Clouds to assist the Rose Knights. She later assisted in battle against hostile Vanu. Since the end of the Dragonsong War, she's frequently been seen taking on exploratory missions in the Sea of Clouds.

Other Information

Name Etymology

Diamanda: Derived from the Latin "adamas," meaning "unconquerable, invincible".

Argentum: Latin word meaning "silver".


Current Residence