Diamanda Argentum

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Diamanda Argentum
2018-12-04 - Diamanda - Castrum Oriens 02.png
Diamanda jen Argentum
Gender Female
Race Garlean/Hyur Hybrid
Clan None
Citizenship Garlean
Place of Birth Garlemald
Guardian Byregot, the Builder
Nameday 4th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
(Age: 25)
Occupation Sky Pirate
Pronunciation "ˈdi.əˈmændə arˈɡen.tum"
This young sky pirate seeks a life of freedom and adventure in the untamed skies.

Born a half-breed "bas" in the imperial capital of Garlemald, Diamanda Argentum attended the Magitek Academy and, upon graduating, became a "jen" in the XIVth Imperial Legion. Gifted at working with magitek from a young age, she was an exceptional young engineer who was overlooked in favor of her pureblood peers. Horrified by the ramifications of Garlemald's "Meteor Project," Diamanda defected from the imperial army and joined Garlond Ironworks throughout the Seventh Umbral Era.

Towards the end of the Seventh Umbral Era, she left the Ironworks' employ and became an adventurer, eventually joining the Immortal Flames and taking part in Operation Archon. She had some success as a treasure hunter in the Diadem, exploring the Sea of Clouds on her manacutter airship the Delphinus. Through this, she earned the label "sky pirate." More recently, she aided the Eorzean Alliance throughout Rhalgr's Beacon and has recently been seen on the warfront at the Ghimlyt Dark.


The Garlond Ironworks symbol is tattooed on Diamanda's right thigh.

Small of build and stature, Diamanda Argentum is an unimposing Midlander woman who stands at five-fulms-and-four-ilms tall and weighs no more than 120 ponze. While she has some tone to her arm and back muscles from years of archery and engineering, her skin is mostly smooth and soft. Her most distinguishing feature is a long scar drawn across the bridge of her nose, which she received during her time in the imperial army. She also has a tattoo of a gyrodrive wreathed in flames—the Garlond Ironworks symbol—emblazoned upon her right thigh.

Because of her work, her clothing and face can sometimes become stained with grease. While she's typically very clean, the smell of machinery and ceruleum tends to hang around her. For the sake of ease, she doesn't wear a lot of makeup, just some eyeliner and lip gloss that can be quickly reapplied if smudged. A spiky mess of straight, platinum blonde hair sits atop Diamanda's head. A spiky fringe frames the right side of her face, covering her right eye slightly.


Sky Pirate's Armor of Aiming:

Crafted for Diamanda during her time in the Sea of Clouds, this outfit features a sleeveless vest and pair of shorts woven from cloud cotton. The garments are affixed with an amphiptere leather belt and baldric, adorned with titanium buckles and a matching choker and armbands. Sturdy pterodactyl leather gloves and boots adorn her hands, the boots inlaid with softer amphiptere hide and the gloves with silk. A stylish leather beret completes the ensemble, as well as a matching pair of silver earrings. Diamanda typically carries a cobalt-barreled carbine rifle with this outfit.

Ironworks Engineer Uniform:

The attire of the Garlond Ironworks includes an black engineer's doublet with white trimmings worn over a long-sleeved, blue shirt, a pair of black slops, black thighboots with white plating from the knee down, a pair of fingerless gloves, and welder's goggles. It's designed for ease of movement and functionality so as not to hinder the engineer's work.

Ironworks Armor of Aiming:

Diamanda Ironworks Aiming.png
Forged of wootz steel and wolfram and based on the brilliant designs of Jessie Jaye often found available for sale in Revenant's Toll, Diamanda forged this suit of Ironworks Aiming armor herself. Every individual piece was painstakingly built in an effort to emulate her idol's handiwork, and her own skill is displayed in every lovingly-crafted ilm of the outfit.
The mask, designed with an interface that allows an easier field of vision in dark locations, rises from the eyes with a touch to the earpiece. It's made in such a way that having linkshells installed for communication is simple and convenient. The mask also protects from bright flashes and braces the neck and jaw in case of sudden assaults.
Adorning the body is the corselet, spun with Garlean fibers and reinforced with wootz and wolfram plates. The black, white, and blue colors match the typical motifs of Garlond Ironworks, and the spiked shoulder guard is emblazoned with its emblem. The soft fabrics and flared skirt ending make the corselet comfortable to wear.
Leather brais cover the legs of the armor, crafted with saurian and chimerical kirimu leathers. Two, blue belt cross at the waist and the outfit's crotch is designed in such a way that it doesn't restrict movement. However, it can cause a bit of a draft due to how it exposes parts of the front and back of the thighs.
The vambraces and leg guards are forged in an identical style to the rest of the outfit. The gloves are mostly metal with a leather under-layer, while the boots are primarily leather with metal adorning the feet and knees. The thighboots also amplify the wearer's natural abilities, allowing her to jump and run faster than normal.
The pièce de résistance of the set is the Ironworks Magitek Repeater. Formed of interconnecting parts of wolfram and wootz, the repeater is a collapsible scoped rifle enhanced by the aetheroransformer invented by Stephanivien de Haillenarte. This device converts the wielder's mana into lightning-aspected energy to power her special ammunition and other innovations of the Skysteel Manufactory. An integrated gauss barrel is included in the weapon's three-pronged design.
Basic Info
Date of Birth: 4th Sun of the Fourth Astral Moon, Year 1552, Sixth Astral Era
Height: Average (5'4")
Weight: Slender (120 ponze)
Complexion: Fair-skinned
Hair: Short, Spiky and Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Particular Traits: Scar along nose bridge.
Voice: Mezzo-soprano
Clothing Style: Garlean fabrics with boots.
Laterality: Right-Handed


Tinkering with magitek.
Vehicles such as airships and her motorcycle.
Games such as Lord of Verminion and Triple Triad.
Forgekin and Mammets.
Taking long naps.
Performing trick shots with her rifle.
Working with lost Allagan technology.
Traveling and exploring new locations.
Treasure hunting.
Being bossed around.
Malfunctioning machinery.
People who attack civilians.
Liars, cheaters, and thieves.
Having to meet deadlines.
Food: Rolanberry Shaved Ice
Drink: Pineapple Juice
Colors: Storm Blue, Silver, and Jet Black
Place: Idyllshire
Festival: The Rising
Alignment: Neutral Good
Vices: Procrastination
Religion: None
Goal: To live freely and become an engineer of Cid's caliber.


Being captured by Garlemald.
Airship crashes.
Loss of limb.
Skilled magitek engineer.
Excellent markswoman.
Ace airship pilot.
Diamanda is highly intelligent. As a child, she taught herself much about magitek through her father. Years of decadence in Garlemald have given her an aversion to hard work, at least without proper motivation. While she builds for the good of the realm under the Ironworks, she's generally happier to spend the day sleeping, playing Triple Triad, fiddling with her own inventions, or flying in her manacutter.
Despite her intelligence, Diamanda can lack common sense in some regards. Her knowledge of Eorzea is limited at best, knowing the most about Mor Dhona, Ishgard, and Thanalan than any other locations on the map, and only where relevant to her interests. She has poor social skills due to having few meaningful relationships in her early life and can come off as something of a loner until she's comfortable with a person.
Final Fantasy Characters: Edgar Roni Figaro (FFVI)
Other Game Characters: Vyse (Skies of Arcadia), Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)
Anime Characters: Winry Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Abilities and Skills

Excellent eyesight and precise aim.
Detail-oriented with an excellent long-term memory.
Good problem-solving skills.
Machinist's Arms
Gunbreaker's Arms

Family and Relationships


Albinus cen Argentum (Father)

Julia bas Argentum (Mother)

Friends and Acquaintances

Jessie Jaye (Mentor)


Garlean Empire


Garlond Ironworks

Skysteel Manufactory

Highwind Skyways


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Childhood in Garlemald

Garlemald Flag.jpg

Diamanda Argentum was born to a Garlean man and a Hyuran woman. Though her father, Albinus cen Argentum, was born into wealth, his pureblood family never accepted his wife. As a result, he eloped with his beloved Julia and was summarily disowned by his family and denied his inheritance. Albinus toiled for much of his life in an imperial manufactory to provide for his daughter, and the discarded scrapped parts he often brought home to his daughter first sparked her interest in machina. Even at a young age, Diamanda loved to show off what she could build to her parents, and this eventually saw her accepted into the imperial Magitek Academy.

Despite being admitted to the Academy, Diamanda was never truly accepted by her tutors and peers. As a half-breed, she was treated in a manner akin to a non-native citizen, and her talents were ignored in favor of the inventions of her "purer" peers. This came to a head when one of her inventions, a lightweight Heirsbane-model gunblade optimized for firing speed and firepower, was denied recognition in favor of one of a pureblood classmate's version despite being a faster, more accurate weapon. That her variation of the weapon sees use in the imperial military to this day is proof of her expertise, and yet she still received no accolades.

XIVth Imperial Legion

After Diamanda graduated the Academy, she still found herself unable to find work as a researcher or engineer in the imperial capital. After a brief stint with the Strife Delivery Service, she decided to enter the imperial military to elevate her family through the Garlean meritocracy. Enlisted as an Architectus, she joined the XIVth Imperial Legion in 1570 of the Sixth Astral Era as Diamanda jen Argentum. Stationed in Ala Mhigo, she operated as an engineer in several installations including Castrum Abania, Specula Imperatoris, Castellum Velodyna, and Castrum Oriens. Throughout her two years of service, she was constantly disgusted and disillusioned by the mistreatment of aan by imperial soldiers.

When Nael van Darnus returned from the eastern theater, Diamanda was assigned to aid the VIIth Imperial Legion in the reconstruction of the lunar transmitter housed in Castrum Novum as well as help seize control of the local ceruleum refineries in Bluefog. As she witnessed the Seventh Umbral Calamity, she fully understood the scope of destruction of which the Empire was capable. Amid the confusion following the devastation, Diamanda took the opportunity to defect entirely from the XIVth Legion and fled in a stolen magitek reaper. She ran out of fuel in Thanalan, where she was arrested and thrown in the Marasaja Pit in Ul'dah.

Garlond Ironworks


Diamanda's pending sentence was halted by the miraculous arrival of Jessie Jaye, acting president of the Garlond Ironworks, who came to Ul'dah to negotiate with Highwind Skyways and overheard news of an imperial prisoner. After getting a chance to speak with Jessie, she agreed to work off her sentence under the employ of the Ironworks, forswearing her allegiance to the Empire to work for the defense of Eorzea. For the next half a decade of her life, she was instructed in the finer points of the design, construction, and maintenance of machina. Within but a few moons, she gained recognition for her sleek, efficient designs.

Not only did she advance the skills she'd built in the Academy by working with the Ironworks, Diamanda also began to feel at home for the first time in years. While not the most diligent worker, her knowledge and problem-solving skills served the Ironworks throughout the era. She successfully recreated the armor, weapon, and airship designs created by her mentor, and even helped tutor novice Eorzean engineers during the latter half of the Seventh Umbral Era. Because of the latter, she was able to form close ties with Highwind Skyways and Skysteel Manufactory, assisting both with small yet helpful innovations on existing schematics.

The agreed upon period of labor came to an end in the fifth year of the Seventh Umbral Era, and Diamanda, having watched the movements of the XIVth Legion closely throughout her time in the Ironworks, decided to leave its employ to enlist as an adventurer and take a more direct role in aiding the realm. Using her skill with a firearm, she was able to make a decent living, and was invited to join the Free Brigade of the Immortal Flames. She agreed, and used her knowledge of the XIVth's tactics to the Alliance's benefit during Operation Archon, where she took part in the Flames' assault on Castrum Meridianum.

Seventh Astral Era

Soul of the Machinist.jpg

As the Seventh Astral Era dawned on the realm, Diamanda turned her attentions back to Ishgard when its gates opened to adventurers. The Ironworks' newest invention, the manacutter, piqued her interest. To save on money, she purchased the parts herself and, in exchange for her helping Skysteel Manufactory, she was allowed to avail herself their workshop to construct the airship. Stephanivien de Haillenarte also entrusted her with the aetherotransformer and soul crystal she continues to use to this day. After a few weeks of work—assisting House Haillenarte in the Sea of Clouds during her spare time—she completed her manacutter Delphinus.

For the next few moons, while the Dragonsong War came to its climax, Diamanda undertook exploratory missions in the Diadem. She returned to the front after the Eorzean Alliance turned its eyes to the east, fighting alongside the Immortal Flames to take Castrum Oriens. Much of her time in Gyr Abania was spent as a craftswoman, taking part in supply and provisioning missions and helping reconstruct magitek equipment for the Alliance and Resistance. She did, however, take part in the liberation of Ala Mhigo. Recent news of the slayings of Populares in imperial territories have pushed her to return to the battlefield at the Ghimlyt Dark.

Other Information

Name Etymology

Diamanda: Derived from the Latin "adamas," meaning "unconquerable, invincible".

Argentum: Latin word meaning "silver".



Current Residence