Adelaide Avila

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Adelaide Avila
Adelaide Headshot.png
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"I earn what I desire, no matter who or what it may be."
Adelaide Avila: Prideful Prodigy
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Server Balmung
Strength 10 (0)
Dexterity 16 (+3)
Constitution 10 (0)
Intelligence 16 (+3)
Wisdom 10 (0)
Charisma 12 (+1)
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Basic Info/Abilities

If in need of choosing a single title, Adelaide Avila would find some struggle: she is both adventurer and scholar, researcher and marksman, caster and fighter. Adelaide is a Hyurian woman of only 20 years of age, having found quite a bit of success in her rather short time alive so far. Through extensive research and experimentation, Adelaide has crafted a new art of combat: by infusing her own bow (which she is already rather skilled in using) with the aether of casted magicks, Adelaide can charge her arrows with the elements and powers of a caster. Whether it be a flaming arrow that bursts upon impact, a frosted shot that freezes an opponent in place, or even arrows that dissipate to make way for a shot of pure curative energy for allies, Adelaide has learned how to use aetheric infusion to store magick within objects. Along with these abilities, Adelaide is adept in utilizing other similar artifacts, such as a dagger charged with flames that she can unsheathe at a moment's notice. Adelaide may spend a majority of her free time on research and scholary work, but her martial prowess is adept enough to save her and others from rather dangerous situations when needed. Of course, this martial skill is not all that defines Adelaide: her passion for her research is almost all-consuming at times. She truly believes that her work with infusing aether and magicks into objects, weapons, and even potentially into people can and will save lives one day, and will stop at nothing to place herself in the annals of scholary history as the one to perfect such an art.


Adelaide grew up with rather well-to-do parents in Ul'dah who pushed her towards her studies, and due to this (and some excellent latent intellect) Adelaide excelled at a young age when learning of the ways of magic in the world. Unfortunately, she was a sort of master-of-none: while she understands the intricacies of thaumaturgy, conjury, and arcanima, she finds that her best efforts leave her falling short on the causing of explosions or summoning of elementals primarily due to the lack of movement when casting. This was discouraging until she found a dagger by chance: one that, with a thaumaturgic charge, could ignite into flames. The idea was eye-opening: objects and weapons that combine elemental strength with martial prowess! So, she studied how to replicate such results and left her cushy life of libraries and lectures, instead doggedly seeking artifacts and objects of power that worked on the same concept. Adelaide essentially works as a sort of archaeologist now, heading into ruins and digging up valuables to study. Those that weren't useful or run out of usefulness were often sold to whoever is willing to buy... that is, until she began a partnership with the Sable Company. Adelaide now completes her studies as an employee of the Sable Company, earning pay and fueling her research all at once.


On the surface, Adelaide oozes confidence, sex appeal, and pride a bit too much. She sees her studies as revolutionary, and can't help but occasionally brag about her abilities and findings. When not going into detail on her own impressive work, she often flaunts other aspects of herself, whether they be physical, mental, or moral. On the other side of that coin is a touch of brattiness: a childhood of attention from the servants of her home left her accustomed to being paid attention to, so she can be a bit pouty when denied what she wants. However, beneath the occasional prideful brag, attention-seeking flirt, or huffy pout, Adelaide is ultimately sweet to those she finds kinship with. She has her moments, both good and bad, and at the end of the day she's got a kind and giving heart that would rather help than harm.


Adelaide currently works for the Sable Company, a magick shop with which she once stocked the shelves with her findings during research expeditions. Now, she does just a bit more: along with gathering artifacts for sale, Adelaide also identifies and tests them for quality, use, and safety. Along with her work at Sable, Adelaide is a continued student of the Arcanist's Guild, where she conducts her own research and studies for review while aiding the guild when she can. This is not her first tenure in a magick-focused guild, but this is indeed her most extensive and work-focused. Her time with both the conjurer's and thaumaturge's guild involved a lot of reading, a bit of field work, and the inevitable realization that Adelaide is far too restless to sit in one spot and focus to cast her spells constantly. Due to this, she has no direct contacts in either guild, although she is not for lack of knowledge on either's practices... far from it, even!

Photo Album

Everyday Photos -

Adelaide on a normal day in the Shroud, pondering to herself.
Adelaide enjoying some time alone, watching the stars while resting on a bridge. She doesn't rest often, but everyone needs to take a break some time!
Here, Adelaide is making a visit to Ishgard for one of her many research expeditions. It turns out she is not a fan of such cold weather.
Adelaide enjoying some time on the beach, a place she finds far more comfortable than up north!
Adelaide stretching on the beach, to the possible enjoyment of any onlookers.

Private Photos (If Adelaide finds out you've seen these, she'll freak out!) -

Adelaide trying on a bunny suit on a dare during a rather wild Moonfire Faire. She was rather bashful at first...
Adelaide trying on a bunny suit on a dare during a rather wild Moonfire Faire. She eventually started enjoying the outfit.