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NOTE: Adelaide has been retired. She was killed by the members of <LUXE>, and her schemes have finally been put to rest.

Thank you for all the stories that you have helped me tell. Adelaide was the most fun I've ever had writing a villain!






PRONUNCIATION: Ahd-ul-ayd Le-vin-sin.

NICKNAMES: Addie, Knight, Doll-Eyes.

RACE & CLAN: Hyur, Midlander in appearance.

GENDER: Female.

AGE: Forty-two (42).

NAMEDAY: 25th Sun of the Second Umbral Moon.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5 Fulms 10 Ilms, 130Ponz. Slim, but toned.



BIRTHPLACE: Garlemald. Among nobility.

RESIDENCE: Lily Hills Apartment.

GENERAL HEATH: Healthy, physically and mostly mentally.

OCCUPATION: Magitek engineer. General nuisance.


ALIGNMENT: Neutral Evil.


SERVER: Balmung (NA Legacy).

Adelaide Levenson, known to few as Ade, was born on the 25th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon. Adelaide was raised under a noble roof in Garlemald, and though she never had much of a chance to use it when she was young, she always had an interest in magic. Only being half-Garlean, however, allowed her to have some limited magical capabilities. She would train incredibly hard with a shocking amount of discipline in order to use magic to the best of her ability. While she never made it higher than a Legionarius, her skills with magic were certainly noticed, and she left home to join the ranks of the Magitek Knights.



Eyes Hair Skin Body Type Voice
Glowing magitek blue. Golden platinum blonde with blue tips. Immaculate. Deep mocha, heavily scarred, except for her face. Slim, lightly toned. Heavy Garlean accent; harsh and unkind.
Laterality Scars Tattoos & Piercings Style
Right when writing. Left otherwise. Plenty. None. Formal, dark clothing. Looks like she has money.

Adelaide is a decently attractive Hyur; she doesn't look a day over 22, and she attributes this to the implants that are in her body. Her eyes are her most notable feature; eerily glowing a distinct Magitek blue, dead and soulless. Under her left eye is a small beauty mark. She has a more oblong jaw and thick, pink lips. Her nose is pronounced and sharp, upturned both naturally and at everyone around her. The skin on her face is eerily smooth, and lacks any blemish or scar, unlike the rest of her body.

Adelaide is a thinner woman; not particularly curvaceous, though she does have a thin waist for being as tall as she is. However, there are crystal fragments embedded in her body to help amplify her magic; some of these fragments are a bit closer to the skin than intended, and thus, some of it seems strangely uneven. This is really only noticeable on her calves and inner thighs, however, and thus most will not notice. Even so, she usually tries to cover the areas up more than other parts of her body. Most notably, the backs of her legs are horribly burned beyond any sort of repair; it's as if someone had taken a flamethrower to her. Her body is extremely scarred, and many are fresh. She seems to be more scar than skin from the shoulders down; it's a miracle she even lives.

A deceptively sweet tone always seems to be carried on the Hyur's tongue, though the second she finds herself alone with someone, all semblance of kindness is dropped. Venom is all that remains in her words, and the harsh accent of a Garlean is ever-present on her tongue.

The scent of blood and roses lingers on the Knight, though its origin is never quite clear.



Cunning. Manipulative. Venomous. A master of manipulation, Adelaide is undoubtedly horrible through and through; her times in Eorzea have done nothing to save her from going down a dark path. Any claims to love, kindness, or anything of the sort are all lies; hardly a word of truth drips from the viper's maw. There is nothing Adelaide wouldn't do to gain power or full submission to her. Those around her are only toys to use and discard when they've outlived their usefulness.

The Knight's demeanor never truly changes; something has altered her in a way that cannot be reversed. The only thing the woman seeks is a soul - one perfect specimen to make her truly feel human again. Many have been tried and tested, and none meet her standards. One is left to wonder if anything ever will sate her, or if she is doomed to fade away like a doll...


Melodrama. Simplicity isn't something Adelaide knows. Every action must be calculated to a perfect show.

Magic. The surge of power is exhilirating, and she seeks more and more power with each day.

Tattoos. She'd never get one, but she does find them fascinating.


Emotions. Emotions get in the way of things. She simply doesn't let them.

Nobility. Quite bigoted, considering she came from a noble family, but she can't stand them very much.

Defiance. Submit to her, or face her wrath.


Willpower. Nothing could break her. Every attempt to do so since the operation has failed, after all.

Cunning. Knowing how not to let emotions get in the way is perfect for getting others to do what you want through them.

Knowledgeable with Magitek. Comes with the job. Adelaide is up to speed on the latest advancements back home, at least up until a few months ago.


Narcissistic. Adelaide believes she is the best. She knows she's great and isn't afraid to flaunt it. Everyone else is below her, in her eyes.

Sadist. The screams of those in pain are the most beautiful sound, and hearing agony is her vice.

Obsessive. She fixates on one task until it's complete. There is no stopping something once it's started.




Adelaide Levenson was born into Garlean nobility, but she was not born of a loving union. A father figure was absent in her life due to this, and her mother was often out of the house, among other nobles. From a young age, Adelaide longed for acceptance from her Pureblood mother, though she knew this would be incredibly unlikely. The Ala Mhigan that 'stained' her blood was seen as incredibly unfavorable in her mother's eyes, and it leaves her feeling as though she has a foot in two worlds to this day.

The Noble

For eighteen cycles, Adelaide lived among nobility, though her mixed blood caused her to grow incredibly insecure. Disowning the girl would cause quite a bit of talk, though, and so to keep up appearances, Adelaide was kept around the family's large home for her early life, most often out in the gardens. She was bright, though, and had an affinity for magic despite her low aether levels. Nevertheless, Adelaide tried to keep up with her studies, as she dreamed of becoming a powerful mage someday.

Adelaide's insecurity of her blood was still present during her teen years, and perhaps showed most then. The deep mocha of her skin was certainly not a Garlean trait, and as a result of her insecurity about it, she became obsessed with anything and everything superficial. Adelaide wished only for the finest clothes and to look as beautiful as she could - something that is carried to a lesser extent as an adult - and it worked in her favor. Even with her mixed blood, many came after her as a teenager, and this resulted in quite the inflated ego - another trait that has remained - and led to her being incredibly narcissistic due to being coupled with a noble upbringing. Even during all of this, though, she managed to find time to continue her studies into magic, and now weaponry. At age 18, she got a sudden reality check after a particularly rude awakening from a friend, and left her noble life to become a soldier as a result, hoping that this would have her mother accept her.

The Knight

Adelaide served as an extremely loyal and intelligent soldier during her time, though due to her mixed blood never made it past the rank of Legionarius. However, at age 21, there was word of an experimental battalion known as the Magitek Knights recruiting again. Four cycles prior, there was an error among the programming - or so she heard - of one particular Knight, and they had been working rigorously to keep the newer generations of Knights in check. Adelaide volunteered to join the Knights, in hopes this was one final step in acceptance.

She never got it.

To this day, she knows not the extent of every modification made to her body, but that mattered little to the naive 21-year-old who had made the impulse decision to join. As a result, her eyes were taken and replaced with magitek. There was a chip implanted in her brain to ensure that she was compliant and able to receive orders at any time. Crystals were implanted into her body to make up for her lack of aether due to Garlean blood. As her first test as a Knight, she was sent into trial by combat; in this trial, a life was taken - that of a longtime friend - and she cannot help but feel guilt about it, even now.

The Nuisance

As a Knight, Adelaide was often sent to other bases as a magitek engineer as well as fighting alongside other Knights on the battlefield. On one such journey, she was sent to a base, and upon her arrival, found it destroyed. The familiar figure of a Knight she'd only heard in whispers was seen, alongside a Lalafell and a Miqo'te. Soon after, Adelaide blacked out.

She knows not what broke the chains, but when she awoke, she felt free for the first time, to some extent. It was then she realized what she needed to do.

Find the other Knight.





Arcanima. As one of the leaders of the bio-magic division of the Magitek Knights, Adelaide is adept with an odd sort of Arcanima. Her magic is capable of taking control of bodies, and she uses this to inflict pain from the inside out, preferring to use her abilities to meddle with the body's functions rather than doing direct damage. This comes at a drawback; she cannot control bodies without the use of her Grimoire Wing, and she can only do this for short periods of time. Otherwise, she can cast spells like a normal Arcanist.

Magitek Enhancements. Her eyes are the most notable magitek feature about her, capable of scans and whatnot, but there are other enhancements throughout her body that allow for further dexterity, stamina, and overall health. They are part of why she has aged so gracefully.

Crystal Fragments. Throughout Adelaide's body are many crystal fragments embedded inside her. These can be drawn from to empower attacks being used from aetheric reserves she might not otherwise have, or however else she chooses. These crystals can be 'recharged' by visiting a place with high aetheric concentration, but it still takes a fair amount of time.

Weaponry and Armor

Grimoire Wing. Her primary weapon. It is never seen not at her side. An impressive work of magitek, Adelaide constructed it herself. It is a small and portable 'database' of all the the geometries and whatnot that she may require at a given time. It is, essentially, a collection of her magical knowledge, available at the flip of a switch.

Machete. A good soldier never leaves the base without at least two weapons. Adelaide is capable with a simple blade, but she isn't particularly impressive with it. Average at best, she uses it only if necessary if an opponent gets too close to be effective with a spell.

Reinforced Robes. Adelaide has all robes and coats she wears custom made to be reinforced with leathers so that she is not completely helpless if someone gets too close. She will, naturally, attempt to keep her distance, but if necessary, these will ensure she can take a few hits.

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Color Key
In A Relationship: Adelaide is involved in some form of committed relationship with this character.
Romantic Attraction: Adelaide is romantically attracted to this character.
Sexual Attraction Adelaide is physically attracted to this character.

Platonic Love/Family: Adelaide considers this person family.
Friend: Adelaide considers this person to be a friend.
Friendly Acquaintance: Adelaide considers this person to be mostly friendly, or as a casual ally.

🔒 Trusted: Adelaide trusts this character with her life, and would willingly lay her own down for them.
🔒 Distrusted: Adelaide's trust in this character has been shaken, though her loyalty to them remains unaffected.
🔒 Betrayed:Adelaide's trust in this character has been completely broken, and is irreparable.

Good Standing: This character left a good impression.
Neutral: Adelaide has no specific feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: This character left a bad impression.

Dislike: Adelaide doesn't consider this person a friend and will only interact if needed.
Wary: Adelaide has became leery of this character. Conflict can happen.
Hate: Adelaide considers this person an annoyance and will try to avoid them, otherwise conflict is almost certain.
Fear: Adelaide is terrified by this character and will try to avoid them at all cost.
Rivalry: Adelaide considers this person a rival and will try to initiate conflict every time she gets to meet them.

Family Member: This character is related by blood to Adelaide.
Business: This character is either Adelaide's employer, employee, or coworker.
Deceased: This character has passed away.
🔃 Unsure: Adelaide is unsure how she feels about this character because of certain actions the character makes.
Name (Placeholder - Placeholder
Katrina Levenson ( 🔒 ) - Mother
Ansgar Bearsblood ( 🔒 ) - Father
Rhaya Matoi ( 🔒 ) - The Naive Hope

"...I want to protect you. I want to keep you safe. Why?"

Adelaide met Rhaya with the intention of messing with Rihxo and her friends, but it turned out that Rhaya just had the misfortune of running into her over and over again. The two ended up becoming an odd sort of friends, though Adelaide can't help but feel protective over the young Miqo'te. She sees her as a naive, hopeless romantic little girl. Perhaps there is more to their bond?




Some of these rumors are untrue or are exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the PC category!
◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
“Her eyes are so striking! It's like they can see through you... it's so creepy...”
– Gridanian Local
“She used to come around here a lot. Not so much anymore. Weird lady, but nice enough.”
– Botanist's Guild Veteran
“She's supplied a lot of magitek arms and parts to us. We're lucky that she's around!”
– Flame Recruit
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
“She's ordering up so many magitek parts, I can barely keep them in stock!”
– Grumpy Gridanian Merchant
“Fuckin' bitch. Wus just bein' nice an' all, and gave me one look an' said I wasn't good enough for 'er! 'Not an intellectual', she said. Pff...”
– Quicksand Regular
“She's quite the... oooh, I can't just go saying that to people! Why, I was nothing but kind to her, but it was like I just wasn't worth her time. Hmph.”
– Flustered Elezen Female
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
“She's always watching over this young, purple-haired Miqo'te. What did her name start with again? R?”
– Guards in the Cities
“I saw her in combat once. The life came back to her eyes as the blood shed... like she loved the pain...” <shudder>
– Former Serpent Soldier
“DON'T SPEAK OF HER HERE! S-She'll come for us again...!”
– Young Hyur in Pearl Lane


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

"She thinks I'm inept? I'm not inept! Okay, maybe with certain things. Still... she's so weird." - Rihxo Matoi

"Doll-Eyes and Rihxo have more in common than either of them realize, or would probably like to admit. She’s hurting inside... why can’t anyone else see it?" - Feine

"She's been a great help to me. I'd go as far to even consider her a friend. However, I know there's still something she's not telling me." - Valen Stalhart

"I hate her, what else is there t'fuckin say?" - Kanako Moonweaver

"She's a little scary at first, but I can tell that she just has a hard time dealing with emotions. Addie's so good to me, even though I know she wouldn't like to admit it" - Rhaya Matoi.

"Lies and slander go here." - Culprit's Character Name Here.



Songs to set the mood and reflect Adelaide! The following links will take you to Youtube. Please mind your speakers.

White Sanctuary
Artist: Mysterium
Context: Character theme.
Spider Dance
Artist: Adriana Figueroa
Context: "Struggling is futile, so get tangled up in me. 'cause to survive, I think you're gonna have to pay a little fee."
Artist: Bravely Default OST
Context: Melodramatic, militaristic.
Strained Time
Artist: Bravely Default OST
Context: Time runs short for her...
Silence of the Forest
Artist: Bravely Default OST
Context: A younger Adelaide.
Wherever I Go
Artist: OneRepublic
Context: Adelaide and Rhaya...?
Artist: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 OST
Context: Character theme.
Wicked Battle
Artist: Bravely Default OST
Context: Combat theme.
Dear Doppelganger
Artist: Mafumafu
Context: Character theme.



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I Will Not

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