Adelheidis Dachera

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Adelheidis "Addie" Dachera
The Jovial Researcher and Businesslady
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Namesday 31st Sun of the Fifth Umbral Moon
Height 5'3"
Likes New interesting experiences, reading, the ocean, breakfast, secret love of fine whiskey
Dislikes Anything from the Void, red wine, food with weird textures.


Addie is of middling height for a Midlander woman, about five fulms three ilms. Her hair is shoulder length and a dark red, often with a braid or two running through for style. Her red hair is rather striking against her dark skin. Addie's eyes are grey behind her favorite rimless spectacles.


Addie is outgoing and friendly, jovial but refined in keeping with her upbringing. She is curious and a voracious reader, constantly reading new books about anything and everything from difficult mathematics and arcanistry to fluffy romance and adventure novels. While her engaging personality is honest, it also belies her underlying resolve and sadness from her past.


Addie grew up the daughter of a moderately wealthy family in Ul'dah. Her father ran a mid-sized trading company, her mother several small but popular boutique stores in the major cities of Eorzea. A few years prior to The Calamity, her father's business won a bid from the sultanate to provide supplies to the military. The huge boon to Dachera Trading pushed the company and Addie's father into the political arena, a seat on the Syndicate within sight. It also earned the ire of rival companies with their eyes on seats of their own. One night, thugs hired by her father's greatest rival broke into her family's house and burned it to the ground with all inside, save Addie who had fortunately left a day early for her studies in Arcanistry in Limsa Lominsa. Her teacher and mentor at Melvaan's Gate knew if Addie returned to Ul'dah and made her accusations, she would immediately be dealt with, and so hid her in Limsa Lominsa under her tutelage.

But the uncontrollable emotions of a fourteen year old girl are powerful, and in anger and sadness Addie tried to lash out at her enemies. A passing familiarity with Black Magic from some months of lessons in Ul'dah and a deft hand pinching a key to the locked library at Melvaan's Gate gained her a tome for summoning foul things from the Void. Intent on unleashing these fell things on those that murdered her family, she managed to summon a lesser demon, but in the end could not control it. The creature mocked her as it disappeared back to its own realm in a gout of voidal flame, burning her across the entire right side of her face and body. After awakening from a long coma, her burns had healed not into scars, but into tattoo-like sigils and arcane patterns.

This severe lesson, and years of study of the order to be found in Arcanistry and the peace to be found in Conjury calmed Addie's stormy heart. She finds satisfaction in her work, both in her small private trading business and her work as an inspector and investigator for Melvaan's gate. However, thoughts of bringing her wrongdoers to justice, reclaiming her rightful inheritance, and destroying the Demon that disfigured her are never far from her mind.