Adolar Stone

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Adolar Stone
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 20
Nameday 25th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Place of Birth Unknown
Profession Adventurer, Privateer
Guardian Llymlaen, the Navigator
Server Gilgamesh

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Basic Info

Adolar Stone is a young Miqo'te who just recently set foot outside of his home city-state of Limsa Lominsa. Adopted by a rather large family of Highlanders, he quickly learned the value of strength, reslience, and survival. Entranced by his parent's stories as wandering adventurers, Adolar has chosen to set out in search of his own quests and stories to share. Wanderlust isn't all that drives the young man, however. Many questions about Adolar's origins and the whereabouts of his biological family continue to plague his mind and he feels it's finally time to search for answers.

Personality & Behavior

Adolar isn't one to openly express his emotions and may even appear to be very cold towards others, but that is very far from the truth. He cares deeply for his friends and family and may at times become a little too worried for their well-being. Leaving his only home was very hard for Adolar because of this. His conflicting desire to explore the world on one end, and to watch over his parents on the other, weighed on his mind for months. With his parent's encouragement however, he finally managed to take his first steps out of the city gates.

Growing up in a large and rowdy family, Adolar has gotten used to being around large groups of people and sometimes even enjoys it. Despite that, he's far more cautious and reserved, preferring the quiet of night rather than the bustle of the city during the day. It's no surprise that he had few friends while growing up, only joining large gatherings and parties when it was required of him. To complement his introverted nature, he was also rather timid as a child and rarely had the ability to stand up for himself. His brother, Lance, would oftentimes jump into fights to defend Adolar from anyone that attempted to bully him. As an adult, he is able to stand on his own much more easily, thanks to his training in combat. Still, he may tend to feel helpless when pressured into a corner.

Though a Keeper of the Moon, his nocturnal behaviors are much more subdued due to his upbringing. He doesn't sleep through the entire day but he does take many naps every few hours. The majority of his nights are spent reading or adventuring out in the wilderness.

Since traveling to Gridania and the Black Shroud, Adolar has taken a liking to the serene nature of the forest and spends hours exploring its depths and observing the wildlife. The Black Shroud is a home away from home, though he still misses the cool ocean breeze of Limsa Lominsa.


Height: 5 fulms 5 ilms

Weight: 130 ponz

Hair: Neatly combed back

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Body: Toned, lightly muscled

Adolar appears a little older than his actual age but besides that, he doesn't stand out much from any other Miqo'te. Not being very picky about his wardrobe, Adolar prefers wearing whatever is comfortable for him, or whatever armor that offers the most protection. He does try to keep his hair neat, however. A scar could be seen on his left cheek, caused by a past scuffle from his younger years. He's never seen without his bow and arrows at his side.

Family & Relations


Halvdan Stone (51)

Adolar's stepfather and the one responsible for bringing the Miqo'te into the family all those years ago. A very stoic and practical man, he raises his kids with strict discipline and has trained each of them in some form of combat as children. Despite that, he is still a very loving and supportive father who cares greatly for each of his sons and wife.

Halvdan was originally a wandering mercenary who traveled across Eorzea in search of work to support his family. Nowadays, he has managed to settle in Limsa Lominsa as a blacksmith (a valuable tradeskill he learned from his own father) and opened a weapons shop. His business has been rather successful, giving his family a somewhat comfortable lifestyle. Even with these new luxuries, he tries to ensure that his kids never forget the value of hard work and to always look out for themselves.

Originally, Halvdan planned to train Adolar in the use of two-handed weapons like the rest of his sons, but upon noticing the Miqo'te's keen eyesight, he figured that a bow would be a better suited weapon for the boy. His predictions proved to be accurate as Adolar's precise aim pierced through dozens of targets during each training session.

Carrie Stone (48)

Halvdan's wife and Adolar's stepmother. Starting to near 50, she's still as beautiful as ever. She is a very tough and boisterous woman which has been very useful in keeping her sons in line. No one, not even Halvdan, leaves the house until they have eaten all of their breakfast and she enforces that rule with an iron fist.

Carrie's younger years were anything but dull. "The Deadly Seductress" is what they called her. She terrorized the open seas with her unmatched skills in sword-fighting, as well as her ability to charm her way out of any man's grasp. One of these men was Halvdan, a mercenary tasked to kill her for a hefty sum of gil. Absolutely taken by her beauty, Halvdan nearly let his guard down just before Carrie attempted to skewer him with her cutlass. What followed was hours of endless fighting, with neither side letting up. Finally, with the sun setting and the two collapsing in utter exhaustion, Carrie invited Halvdan to the local pub for a drink. In no time at all, the two became married with Carrie already pregnant with their first son.

Carrie adores Adolar and tends to spoil him quite a bit. She's relieved that he's not as hyperactive as the rest of her sons, but is concerned about his cautious and indecisive attitude.

Lance Stone (21)

Lance is the youngest biological son out of the three and is only one year older than Adolar. He is a very adventurous and risk-seeking individual who prefers to act now and question later. He also has a bit of a rebellious streak, often skipping on his studies or training sessions to wander the city. Sometimes he even sneaks past the city gates alone to explore the windmills and sea cliffs. Of course, this doesn't go unnoticed by his furious parents (particularly his father).

Being born only one year apart, it was natural that Lance and Adolar became very close as children. The two brothers would often be seen exploring the markets together or getting involved in some sort of mischief (usually at Lance's insistence). Even bedtime rarely swayed the young boy's restless nature, preferring to sneak out of his room and drag Adolar with him on another midnight city adventure.

Now as an adult, Lance has set out for Thanalan and possibly the city-state of Ul'dah. Adolar isn't completely sure of Lance's motivations for leaving the home but he hopes they will cross paths during their travels someday.

Wilkin Stone (24)

The second oldest brother in the family. Wilkin is a very confident and self-assured man who always knows what he wants. Unfortunately, this confidence also comes in the form of arrogance. He will often become very demanding towards other people and may not be very accepting of others viewpoints.

His personality has often clashed with his younger brother, Lance, which inevitably leads to violent fights full of bruises and gashes and a messy living room. Lance finds Wilkin's arrogance absolutely infuriating while Wilkin can't stand Lance's immaturity. To this day, the two brothers have yet to come to any sort of truce.

Wilkin doesn't pay much attention to Adolar and doesn't really hold any strong opinions of him since Adolar usually tries to keep out of his way. Wilkin does have a slight resent for his reserved nature however. He thinks Adolar is wasting time by being so cautious and uncertain.

Wilkin left Limsa Lominsa a couple years ago and headed to Ul'dah, hoping to make a fortune among the wealthy merchants in the desert city-state.

Aldus Stone (26)

The oldest brother in the family. Aldus left Limsa Lominsa during the early part of Adolar's teen years so he doesn't remember too much about him. As a child, Adolar recalls Aldus being the more level-headed out of the three brothers and would usually be the one breaking up fights between Lance and Wilkin when their parents weren't around. He was also a very powerful warrior who originally planned to join Limsa Lominsa's naval squad. One day, however, he met a beautiful woman who he declared will become his wife. Plans changed and soon he was booking a voyage out of Eorzea at his wife's request. Before setting off, Aldus spoke to Adolar about becoming the "new man of the house", meaning, it was now his turn to babysit the two brothers. Adolar hasn't performed this responsibility reasonably well.




Adolar has absolutely no knowledge of where he was born or who his biological parents were. All he knows is the story his stepfather, told him. 20 years ago, Halvdan traveled to Gridania in search of work as a hired sword. As he reached the edge of the Black Shroud however, he heard a distressing cry somewhere off the main road. He immediately darted in the direction of the sound and was shocked to find a lone Miqo'te baby writhing and sobbing in a tattered blanket. Had he arrived any later, the child would have become food to a wandering predator, or simply starved to death. Halvdan wrapped the boy in his coat and headed to Gridania to have him fed and clothed. From there, he headed back to Limsa Lominsa where he and Carrie named the Miqo'te orphan Adolar.

As an additional note, Adolar obviously does not know his true nameday. His current nameday is actually the day Halvdan discovered him in the Black Shroud.



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