Adravin Zikhov

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 Adravin Zikhov
Gender male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Mixed tribe
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Nameday 32nd sun of the first astral moon
Age 22
Relationship Status single
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Upon first glancing at him, one might notice that Adravin is on the tall side for a Miqo'te. Those familiar with the differences between Keepers and Seekers might his affiliation rather difficult to pinpoint. His skin is pale, for a seeker, but has warm tones that would be unusual for a keeper. His canines are sharp and longer than a hyur's, but still rather stubby. His pupils typically are somewhat wider and rounder than most seekers', and on occasion dilate wide enough to resemble keepers' eyes. Adravin nearly always keeps his throat covered, either by wearing high-collared robes and shorts, or with choker of some variety. He is almost never seen without at least one large tome on his person, and typically has at least three.


Adravin spent the first few years of his life traveling the world with his parents. After his mother's death when he was 10 years old, he and his father returned to live with his father's Seeker of the Sun tribe, a branch of the Wolf tribe, located outside of Eorzea. When he was 19, his tribe was destroyed by the Garlean Empire. He was taken prisoner, and regained his freedom during an altercation between his captors and the Maelstrom. He has since been traveling through Eorzea, both to pursue his studies and try to find a place in the world.


Adravin tends to be studious, curious, and polite. He is a scholar at his core, with his primary interests being in aether, medicine, and culture. He can be quite talkative and sociable, but often hesitates to insert himself into a conversation until addressed.


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