Adya Himaa

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 Adya Himaa
Adya Himaa 2018-11-23 15-54-19.png
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 24
Orientation Bisexual
Alignment True Neutral



One could be forgiven for not knowing a single thing about Adya. As a matter of fact, she'd be most surprised in the rare event someone actually had heard of her before she had them. No grand accomplishments or renowned feats to speak of, the Xaela was by and large just another one of the common rabble. She frankly preferred it that way, usually quite happy to bleed into the background outside of the rare occurrences where it suited her; those occurrences namely but not entirely consisting of the scant, but not exactly rare, times in which she may or may not end up completely inebriated.


Not too much of note stood out about Adya, outside of her generally rugged looks. She was a tad on the tall side, but in spite of her lank nature, her lightly toned muscles prevented her from appearing overly frail. By no means a powerhouse in any sense of the word, when clad in her normal apparel the full extent of her physique was hardly even discernible. Cloth or leather, either option remained equally stingy when it came to what, and how much, was was put on display. More than likely, the best look one would get of her pale complexion was from her face, though even that was hidden behind her short bangs and, more often than not, the liberal paint bisecting her visage.


A bit blunt at times and terse at others, even though she may frequently look to be a being driven by base instincts, there does exist a part of her with depths that go beyond such. Her crude demeanor is one brought about by choice more so than any lack of being capable of otherwise; given the need or desire, a bit of refinement isn't beyond her abilities.



  • Drinking, gambling and other assorted hedonism.
  • Small talk. Jobs get boring, yeah?
  • Occasional, harmless antagonizing (of others)


  • Arrogance
  • Sticklers
  • Goody Two-Shoes