Aedwen Tyrer

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Gridania-transparent.png Aedwen Tyrer/Petillia Jen Cittinius
"No wise man ever, thought that a Traitor should be trusted."
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan N/A
Citizenship Gridania
Server Balmung
Age (28)
Guardian Nophica
Namesday 32nd Sun of the Sixth Astral Moon


♦ General

Born a only child to two loving parents, within a small village in the shroud, Aedwen was gifted with a 'easy' life by most accounts. Her mother a locally assigned conjurer, and her father a working botanist, she had a bit of privilege for the small village. Enjoying freedom from most tasks that plague children, such as tending to the animals, or helping in hunts, her family coasted mainly from the resources provided to her mother in exchange for healing. Come her twelfth namesday she sought membership with the conjurer's guild, to follow in the footsteps of her beloved mother. Fortunate for her, she was accepted on account of a natural affinity to the art, and soon on her thirteenth namesday it was discovered that she was blessed with the gift to hear the whispers of the elements.

Quickly, she was brought under the care of a local Hearer, whom attempted to teach her to manage that gift and to show her how to properly heed the will of the Elementals. Unfortunatly, close to her sixteenth Namesday, her mother fell ill with a terrible sickness. When additional care, and pleads for medicine was leveled not only to the guild, but to her mother as well, they were turned away. Much akin to how the Elementals forsook the refugees of Ala Mhigo, her mother was denied the care needed to survive. In an act of rebellion almost, Aedwen instead sought the supplies from unofficial means, and began to treat her mother with medicine from foreign traders. Unfortunately, she lacked the discretion needed, and soon her instructor discovered her act of defiance.

He stayed true to his training, and reported his student. Soon enough, the medicine was confiscated, and a guard placed to ensure the will of the Elementals was adhered to. In the end, her mother was left to pass away from the illness, due to little more than the whims of a voice that whispered in Aedwen's ears. The scenario ate at her, and in her grief an older, more blonde man whom had recently came to the city state, began to offer her council. He showed to her sympathy, just as many others had... But he gave word to her anger. He showed her, the injustice that had befallen her for no good reason. Unlike her teacher whom preached acceptance and subservience, he talked to her of vengeance, and retribution. At first, she wanted to deny the thoughts, but soon she was left in no place to deny them.

Near her seventeenth Namesday, her father, the last of her blood relatives, was killed by a rampaging Treant. The forest had cried out against some local poachers, and in retaliation, the Treant had struck her village. The elder man, siezed upon this opportunity, and in her grief and despair, sold her to the ideal he had worked her towards for so long... And so soon after his death, she renounced her membership of the conjurer's guild, and her training with her mentor, and departed supposedly for her home. Instead though, the elder man met her, and brought her through back paths to the Garlean held territory of Ala Mhigo. It was here, she swore loyalty to the Legions. It was -here- she had forsaken the works of her mother and father.

It was here, she would find the resources to deliver her people from their slavery to the Elementals. It was here, she would find her allies to make it so that never again, would a person have to watch others suffer over the whims of the elements. Where no crazed forest would destroy homes and families. For ten years, she served upon the wall, adopting the name Petillia Jen Cittinius. Her duty for all that time, was simple. To listen to the forest, and to provide council to those that entered the forest should they desire it. For years, she served, even idolizing Gaius Van Baelsar. She saw his ambitions fail, she listened to the civil war in the path she chose, and then one fateful night, she lost her duty station. During the Restiance's first attack upon Baelsar's wall, her medical station was overwhelmed. Gleeful resistance members whom had been so oppressed, were fine to gut any they could find. Armed, injured, or unarmed. So instead of remaining... She fled. Back, into Eorzea. Into the whispers of the Elementals. Into the lands she had forsaken.

♦ Appearance

Aedwen is a -terribly- short hyur, standing at only five fulms tall. Her face and body all around are rather plain, with the only thing to be of any note was her lack of 'feminine' assets for the most part. Aside from these basic details, she sports very pale skin, freckles upon her cheeks, and deep blue eyes... Well, her right eye is still the deep blue. Her left, is almost milky and faded in color, with a scar reaching from her eye socket back to her ear. The result of a musket shot that nearly took her life during an adventure in Limsa. Her hair, is pitch black, and kept short for the most part... Though she does have a deep love for wigs.

♦ Behaviour

Aedwen has calmed some since her younger days, and no longer holds that greatly defiant and burning wildfire of hatred for the Elementals. Instead, she is often calm and collected, or well more often in social situations, awkward and nervous. Surprisingly years of military service do not make her the best at interacting, and often she finds herself confused or nervous of what to do or say, more so in large groups. But as for her general disposition... She is a caring soul. Not denying a single individual the healing they need, no matter how they had treated her, or what she currently thought of them. She is fearful as well... Operating back in her homelands now, she is nervous often, of the fate to come should her treason be known.


Echo Power

Echo Power:
Doesn't have one. Unless you count being a Hearer.

Description: She can hear the whispers of the Elementals?

★ Recent RP events ★




Cream Ale
Books on Sociology
Model Airships


Ala Mhigan Resistance Fighters
Garlean Scientists
Gridanian Politics
Healers who complain about being weak and do nothing to rectify it


Building model airships!
Making outfits, and matching them with wigs... Then making up a story and persona for the outfit, that she takes to her grave.


Favourite Food/Drink: Coffee, and Spicy Sausages.
Favourite Place: The Crytal structures in Eastern Thanalan

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What? Rumors on this sweet totally not a spy child? Noooooooooooooo... Though people do speculate on -where- she was for those years since she had left the city...

Player Character Rumours

Go for it. Have fun with it!

♦ Footnotes

Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Theme song: