Aegir Stonesblood

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"I am the eye of this Storm. You shall not move me."

Aegir "Sentinel" Stonesblood is a sergeant, first class in The Maelstrom. A Highlander possessed with a grim demeanour and curt manner of speech, there are few that find themselves caring for him. His experience on the field of battle and his sound tactical acumen has earned him the respect of those under his command.

 Aegir Stonesblood
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Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Lominsan
Age 41
Height 6 fulm
Weight 180 ponz
Profession Marauder
Patron Deity Thaliak, the Scholar
Marital Status Single



For the entirety of his adult life, Aegir has lived in service of The Maelstrom. With his sharp axe and sharper senses, he climbed the ranks from private to Sergeant, First Class. Eschewing the hyper-aggressive traditions of the Marauder's Guild, Aegir built his skills carefully around the values of his patron deity; patience and caution over ire and brashness. These decisions shaped his career, pushing him from strength to strength, and as a result his commanding officer has never denied him a promotion.


The son of a Midlander and a Highlander, Aegir stands at above average height for the former, and below average for the latter. His physique shows all the strength and discipline of his mother's heritage, with muscles rippling across every inch of his body. His complexion shows irrefutable Midlander traits, with soft skin that has endured both the rigours of military service and the cruelty of middle age.

On duty, one will find the Sentinel wearing his almost iconic ice blue armour, covered from head to toe. He favours a labrys over the more traditional, brutish axes of his peers. Preferring a Maelstrom uniform off duty, Aegir carries himself with strict airs regardless of mood or occasion. Straight-backed, square-shouldered, almost eternally furrowed brow, he cuts a grim figure even at the most joyous of occasions.


Aegir is the consummate leader. Taciturn, focussed, and dedicated to the crimson standards of the Maelstrom, few have seen the man with an expression other than one of carven stone. His reputation paints him as a harsh man, one who tolerates nothing but the highest standards in all things.













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